Cousin Jessica Joins the Sisters

Janette and Jennifer continued their monthly trips toAtlantic City under the pretense of visiting Heatherand Lisa. Once there, the encounters with Lisa andHeather were limited as Janette and Jenniferimmediately went to work for Devon. Several thingschanged for the four sisters.
Janette and Jennifer learned that after each weekendvisit the prudent thing to do was to stop at the HealthDepartment to be checked for sexually transmitteddiseases. Janette and Jennifer each had been treatedfor several things. Janette was infected with gonorrheathree or four times while Jennifer was treated forgonorrhea and syphilis. Janette pleaded with Devon tomake the men wear condom, but he refused.
The other changes for Janette and Jennifer werephysical. The sisters’ breasts responded to theconstant stimulation by increasing two sizes. Janettenow wore a 40D bra while Jennifer was into a 36C. Bothsisters noticed that they could not feel theirhusbands’ tiny dicks after being fucked by so manyenormous cocks.
In addition, their assholes, especially Janette’s whothe men love to fuck, were almost always slightlyopened. Janette and Jennifer paid to have their pubichair and ass hair permanently removed to avoid shaving.Finally, the only time Janette or Jennifer couldexperience orgasms was when they were whoring forDevon.
Heather worked exclusively for Jimmy. She was now aboutseven months pregnant and Jimmy made Heather continueworking. There were a large number of men who enjoyedfucking young, pregnant women and Jimmy was sellingHeather for twice as much as Devon got for eitherJanette or Jennifer.

Heather no longer enjoyed her role primarily becauseJimmy showed no interest in her except to use her towhore for him. Yet, the tattoo on Heather’s ass,“Jimmy’s Whore,” reminded her every day who shebelonged to and her job.
Lisa was the unhappiest. She delivered her baby boy twomonths earlier, which Devon promptly sold on the blackmarket. Within hours of her delivery, Lisa was requiredto begin pumping her breasts for the milk. Devon wasselling Lisa’s milk to the bitches that lived in therich part of town.
These women did not care where the “Mother’s milk” wasobtained and paid a premium for it as they believed itkept them young to drink it. Lisa was kept in a smallroom, well-fed to keep her weight up, and an electricbreast pump was attached to both of her breasts five orsix times a day around the clock. Devon would collectthe milk, then empty it into bottles to sell.
To further Lisa’s unhappiness, most times after Devoncollected her milk, she was forced to her hands andknees and fucked from behind like a dog, sometimes inboth holes. Devon would complain about how “loose”Lisa’s cunt was and shoved his dick without lubricationinto her ass.
In recent weeks, Devon not only sold Lisa’s milk, buthe began selling her mouth, ass, and cunt to moreclients. Lisa was confided in a small room and her lifeconsisted of being fed, milked, and fucked. Lisa’ssadness was compounded by the fact she voluntarilyelected to move in with Devon.
Devon and Jimmy were bored with the four sisters andwhen Janette and Jennifer arrived that weekend, the twomen pressured them into finding them “fresh meat.”Janette argued that it would be difficult and Devonthreatened the two sisters that if they did not bringthem “fresh meat” he would sell both of them to whiteslavers. Janette and Jennifer knew that Devon wouldfollow through on his threat.

About four months earlier one of Devon’s other girls,Mandy, just disappeared after she refused to service agroup of gang members who wanted to torture her.Janette reminded Jennifer that Mandy just disappeared.
Janette and Jennifer tried to change Devon and Jimmy’sminds by whoring with twice as many clients as usual.They brought in just about twice as much money. ButDevon informed the two that it wasn’t the money. Hecomplained that all four sisters were now just commonwhore with sloppy pussies and stretched asses. Devonwanted someone knew and he demanded that Janette andJennifer find someone.
“Maybe you got another sister,” Devon suggested as theJanette and Jennifer left to drive home.
On the way home, Jennifer mentioned their cousin,Jessica. Janette was initially opposed to the idea.Jessica was a newly wed and only 21 years old with longbrown hair. But Jennifer convinced Janette that Jessicawas their only choice and Janette finally agreed.
“After all,” Jennifer argued, “Jessica has begged to goto Atlantic City with us several times.”
With that in mind, the following month it was easy forJanette to convince Jessica to travel with them toAtlantic City. Since Janette and Jennifer alwayschanged at Devon’s hotel, Jessica never suspectedanything when she climbed into the back of the car.Janette noticed that Jessica’s long, brown hair waspulled back in a loose ponytail. Jessica wore a pair oftight fitting blue jeans and a blue, ribbed sweaterthat accented her 34C breasts.
Janette was stunned at the na�ve of Jessica on thedrive to Atlantic City. Although Janette and Jenniferdid not talk much, Jessica chattered away. MostlyJanette and Jennifer tried to hide the wetness thatalways formed between their legs as they got closer toAtlantic City.
Both sisters loved their secret life as whores and thepleasure it brought them and Devon was the key. Janetterationalized that it was them or Jessica in terms ofDevon and that the worst that would happen is thatJessica might learn a lot about sex.
As they arrived at the hotel, Jessica commented on the“low rent district,” but followed the sisters insideand upstairs to the same room they always used. Onentering the room Jessica saw all of the sexy clotheslying all over the floor and the assorted hi-heels andcollars. Janette thought she would bolt, but Jessicajust laughed and passed it off as a “girls’ night out.”
Jessica’s back was to the door with Devon and Jimmyentered. Devon looked at the young 21 year old in thetight blue jeans and sweater. Jimmy nudged Devon andpointed at Jessica’s panty line clearly visible underher jeans. Jessica was talking to Janette and Jenniferthrough the bathroom door unaware that the sisters weretransforming themselves into whores for the night.
“Hello, fresh meat,” Devon said to Jessica. Jessicaturned quickly around to face the large, black man.
“Who, who are you and get out of her,” Jessicastuttered then yelled to Janette and Jennifer to comeout quickly.
Janette looked at Jennifer and without a word beingsaid the sisters knew Devon and Jimmy were in the room.The sisters continued to apply their backup and triedto ignore the screaming coming from the bedroom.
Jessica tried to rush past Devon who wrapped her up inhis arms. Jessica kicked and struggled while Devon justlaughed and shoved her to Jimmy.
“Hold her,” Devon ordered Jimmy. Jimmy wrapped his armstightly around Jessica’s torso smashing her breasts.Jimmy held her so tight Jessica found it difficult tobreathe. She watched helplessly as Devon approached herand grabbed the tops of her jeans. When one jerk,Jessica’s jeans and panties were down around her knees.Devon raised his foot and pushed Jessica’s jeans andpanties down to her ankles. Jessica started screamingfor help and Devon placed his hand over her mouth andtook a knife out of his pocket.
“Listen, fresh meat, you keep the mouth shut untilwe’re ready to use it or I’ll gut you right her andfeed your remains to the rats,” Devon threatened.Jessica froze, terrified. Her mind whirl as Devonslowly removed his hand. Jessica was confused aboutJanette and Jennifer and why they were not helping her.
Jessica closed her eyes tight as Devon’s knife slicedthrough her blue sweater leaving her in a plain, whitebra. Jessica felt the knife blade on her chest andshoulders. As her bra fell away, she felt the cool airagainst her breasts and Jessica’s nipples immediatelyhardened. Jessica felt the man holding her loosen hisgrip and decided to make a break for it.
Even half-naked, if she could get to the door, Jessicafigured she could escape. She took and deep breath,wrested herself free from Jimmy’s grip and tried torun. Jessica forgot her pants and panties were aroundher ankles and basically hobbled her.
Jessica tried to grab for something as she fell forwardlanding on her chest. Jessica tried to kick her pantsand panties free from her ankles as the two men stoodabove her and laughed at her struggles. Devon lickedhis lips as Jessica’s firm ass bounce on the floor asshe struggled.
“Get the bitch up,” Devon ordered Jimmy and he pulledJessica up to her knees.
“Please don’t,” Jessica pleaded as she felt Devon pullher jeans and panties off leaving her naked except forher tennis shoes.
“Please don’t,” Devon mocked Jessica and kicked herlegs wide apart and knelt down behind her. “Now holdstill, bitch,” Devon commanded.
Jessica tensed when she felt the fingers at her vagina.She closed her eyes tightly as her assailant wormed twofingers into her and then opened them trying to stretchher. Jessica pleaded again and looked up at the man infront of her and screamed “No.”
Jimmy’s pants were unzipped and his hard cock wassticking straight out above Jessica’s head. Jimmyintended to shut her up while Devon worked on her cunt.He grabbed Jessica’s long hair and pulled her head up.Jessica closed her mouth tight and started to cry whenshe felt the hard tip of the cock trying to pushbetween her lips.
“Listen bitch, if you don’t want to hurt, open thatpretty little mouth and suck Jimmy’s cock,” Devon saidand accented his words by shoving a third finger intoJessica’s vagina. Jessica let out an involuntarily yelpand it was just the opening Jimmy needed. Jimmy quicklyslid about half his pole into her mouth.
Jessica and her husband were married only a brief time,and she had never sucked his or any man’s cock before.She gagged and simply held the cock in her mouth tryingnot to vomit at the odor coming from Jimmy.
“You better start sucking, bitch,” Jimmy ordered andpushed another inch into Jessica’s mouth and held hisopen hand at her face. Unsure of what to do, butknowing that Jimmy would surely slap her if she did notdo something, Jessica took a deep breath through hernose and started to suck the penis in her mouth like abottle. She ran her tongue over the end of Jimmy’s cockand heard him groan.
Tears streamed down Jessica’s face as she repeated hertongue movements. She suddenly felt the fingers in hervagina removed, but the tip of the penis of the manbehind her quickly replaced them. Jessica was wide-eyedand attempted to push her legs together as she felt theenormous penis parting her dry labia. Jessica felt eachinch of the man’s cock as it torn and rubbed its wayinto her vagina.
“This bitch is so dry Jimmy she’s rubbing me raw, andthis hair has got to go” Devon complained andpunctuated his remark with a slap to Jessica’s ass.Jessica tried to shut out his words and even protesteda little around the cock in her mouth. Jimmy heldJessica by her hair and was moving his hips rapidly.
“Come try this mouth, Devon, she’s nice and wet upher,” Jimmy laughed. Now Jessica knew the names of bothof her assailants as pain shot through her privateswhen Devon pulled his penis out of her vagina.
Jessica heard the door open and the voices of Janetteand Jennifer in the room. Jessica tried to strainaround and see her cousins, to plead for help, butwithout luck. Then Jessica heard something she couldnot believe.
“Jan, honey, come lick this dry hole for me and get itwet, she rubbing my cock raw,” Devon said to Janette.
Jessica tried to rise up as she sense Janette kneelingbetween her legs. Jimmy held Jessica tightly in placeand continued to drive his cock in and out of hermouth. Jessica fought to breathe as now Jimmy’s cockwas inching down her throat with each thrust. Jessicasaw movement to her left and looked up to see Jennifer,or at least it looked like her.
Jessica could see right up Jennifer’s very short dressand saw her cleanly shaved cunt and ass. Jessica couldmake out every outline of her cousin’s breasts throughthe knit tube top she wore. Jessica and Jessica thoughtshe could see some concern until she heard Jennifer’sadvise.
“Relax, Jessie and enjoy the fucking; you’ll enjoycumming even more,” Jennifer said.
Before Jessica could grunt a response she felt thepenis in her mouth enlarge and the first splatter ofsperm hitting the back of her throat. Jessica tried tospit the penis from her mouth and not swallow thesperm, but Jimmy’s grip was too tight and he continuedto pound her mouth. Jessica thought she was going tochoke with the amount of sperm Jimmy deposited in hermouth. As Jimmy pulled his dick out, Jessica spit thesperm onto the floor in front of her.
“Please, all of you, leave me alone, ahhhhhhhh,”Jessica wailed as she felt the sting of a belt acrossher buttocks.
“Shut the fuck up,” Devon yelled and hit Jessica again,“now wet the bitch,” Devon directed at Janette who hadjust missed getting struck in the back of the head withthe belt.
Jessica’s chest rose and fell in sobs and then shemoaned again when she felt Janette’s tongue strokingthe length of her vagina. Jessica’s head slowly felltoward the floor and she sighed as the touch ofJanette’s tongue send little sparks through her.Jessica closed her eyes again as Janette’s tongue foundthe bud of her clit.
Jessica slowly shook her head “no” as she felt her bodybetraying her. Janette’s tongue worked Jessica’s clituntil it became very hard and engorged. Janette couldfeel the wetness starting to grow in Jessica’s cunt. Asmall gasp escaped Jessica’s lips as she also feltherself growing wet. Jessica was trying to fight theurge to move her hips against the stimulation whenDevon jerked her head up.
“Ouucchhh,” Jessica cried and reached up with one handto grab Devon’s arm.
“Now listen, bitch, you are fresh meat and after I fuckyou we are going to put you to work. I don’t want tohear no fancy names for things, that’s your pussy beingeaten, this is my dick, and that is your asshole I’mgoing to fuck, now say it.” Devon ordered.
Jessica tried to shake her head in refusal and felt theopen palm of Devon across the side of her face. Janettekept the steady stimulation of Jessica’s clit and nowher cunt was pouring juices.
“I’ll give you one more chance, bitch, then I’m goingto beat your ass till it bleeds,” Devon threatened.
Jessica involuntarily was moving her hips to themovements of Janette’s tongue on her clit. Jessicaclosed her eyes and realized that her own cousinperforming oral sex was turning her on. Jessica decidedshe was already a whore and being beat was not worthit.
“Okay, okay,” Jessica said breathlessly trying to fightthe orgasm now building. Janette increased the movementof her tongue, circling Jessica’s clit, the taking herlips and gently sucking the engorged bud. “She eatingmy, my, pus–sy, that is your dick, you are going tofuck my asshole, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhh, my God, I’mcumming…” Jessica ended her sentence with a yell andher entire body shook in orgasm.
Janette sucked Jessica’s clit harder while Jessicaground her hips into Janette’s face. Jessica’s orgasmlasted for almost a minute and when it was over shecollapsed onto the floor.
“I bet the bitch is wet now,” Devon laughed and pulledJanette out of the way and grabbed Jessica’s hipspulling her back to her knees. When her legs spreadwide and her chest on the floor, Devon enjoyed a clearview of Jessica’s puckered asshole.
He reached into Jessica’s cunt and coated his fingerswhen her juices then pushed the wetness into Jessica’sass. Jessica just cried quietly and did not resist asDevon worked her own juices into her ass making itslick. Jessica’s resistance was gone, she realized shehad experienced an orgasm with another woman lickingher cunt, and worse, it was her cousin.
Devon worked his fingers in and out of Jessica’s assuntil it was loose and then placed the head of his cockat the nether opening. Jessica concentrated, trying torelax, realizing fighting would only bring more fight.Devon leaned forward and the incredible pressure at theopening of her asshole caused Jessica to moan in pain.Devon pushed harder and the tight ring parted admittingthe tip of his dick into the virgin hole.
Jessica brought her arms underneath her chest to restupon and brace herself. She bit her lower lip tryingnot to scream in pain. Devon pushed harder and about aninch of his dick slid into her ass spreading the tightring into a thin, red circle. Jessica threw her headback in pain, but made no sound. She saw Janette andJennifer as they walked out the door leaving her therewith the two men.
“Damn, she’s tight,” Devon commented to Jimmy. Devontook a long, deep breath and then thrust his hipsforward with all his weight. Devon’s dick slid downwarduntil his pelvis hit the fleshy globes of Jessica’s assand his balls bounce against her swollen cunt lips.Jessica was not prepared for the pain.
“God, you’re splitting me into, it hurt so bad, pleasetake it out, take it out, please, it burns, yourtearing me,” Jessica wailed over and over as Devon justrested in place. Devon waited into Jessica slumped oversilent then pulled his massive dick outward. Jessica’sbody jerked in pain, but she did not scream.
Devon pulled his dick out to the tip, then slammed ithome again. Jessica arched her back upward, beads ofsweat on her upper lip and forehead, a whisper of“please” was heard just as Devon rammed his dick homeagain.
Devon held Jessica’s hips and began a slow, forcefulfucking of her ass. The walls of her rectum were warmand clung to Devon’s cock with each stroke. AlthoughDevon prided himself on his staying power, thetightness of Jessica’s ass was the best he felt in along time and within moments he was depositing his seeddeep into her intestines. Devon’s orgasm was so intensehe did not notice that Jessica was moaning in one ofher own, her arms stretched out in front of her,fingers curled into fist from the intensity.
Jessica awoke to find herself naked on the floor. Shewas unsure how long she was asleep, but slowly rose toher feet feeling the pain in her asshole.
“Good you’re awake,” Devon said as he came into theroom from the bathroom, “time to get to work.” Devonthrew Jessica an overcoat which she quickly put on overher naked body.
“What do you mean?” Jessica asked hesitantlyremembering how she had seen Janette and Jennifer leavethe room.
“I promised a party that I would supply theentertainment and it’s you,” Devon said as he pushedJessica toward the door.
“No, I want do it,” Jessica said and jerked herselfaway.
“Show her the pictures,” Devon responded and Jimmyappeared holding a handful of Polaroid’s. Jessica’shand went to her mouth when she saw her face, full oflust and Devon dick half out of her ass. All of thephotos were of Jessica enjoying being sexually abusedincluding one of Janette’s face buried into Jessica’scunt and Jessica’s eyes closed and mouth open clearlyin the throngs of orgasm. “Guess your hubby would liketo see what kind of whore he married.”
“What’ll I have to do?” Jessica said, defeated.
“Just get fucked, in every hole until morning,” Jimmyinterjected with a laugh as Devon pulled Jessica outinto the hall and disappeared.
On the ride home Jessica was quiet. Jennifer andJanette chatted with each other as Jessica went overthe events of the night again and again. Devon left herat the party and Jessica was forced to remove theovercoat. There were at least twenty men there and theyall fucked Jessica’s cunt, ass, and mouth repeatedly.Her breasts displayed bite marks and bruises while hernipples were raw.
She swallowed so much cum that even now when Jessicaburped she tasted semen. Jessica took the mirror in herpurse out for the tenth time and looked at her face.She was not convinced she did not look different, shecertainly felt different.
“We’re going to the health clinic,” Janette finallysaid to Jessica, “you should join us.”
Numb, Jessica followed her cousins into the freeclinic. The exam was humiliating, but was nothingcompared to Jessica’s reaction when the nurse told hershe was infect with gonorrhea and chlamydia. Janetteand Jennifer could hear Jessica’s sobs while they werebeing treated for gonorrhea, again.
“You women should really use condoms,” the nurse saidwith distain to all three.
Jessica was silent in the car. She would never returnto Atlantic City and her husband would never know whathappened. Janette looked in her rear view mirror at hercousin and thought about the fact that this time sheasked Devon for the powder, just in case Jessica didnot want to return. Jessica saw Janette gaze and turnedher face away. Jessica could not believe her cousinswere whores, and now, she had joined them.