Ebony Queen

Why did my wife’s flight to go visit her sick mother out
of the country have to be in the middle in the middle of
the forsaken night?!?
I sighed, my hands gripping the wheel tighter. I didn’t
necessarily hate driving at night, but I had my moments
of strong dislike for it.
Like when I’m driving down an eerily dark road back from
the airport. This was a main road, for goodness sake,
where were all the friggin’ streetlights?
There were no streetlights, no moon, no discernible
That was when it happened.
It was so dark out I never saw her until it was too
late. I was lucky I hadn’t killed her!
When I jumped out of my car I noticed the moon come out
from behind some thick clouds.
A full moon.
Not that I’m superstitious or anything mind you.
I went around to the front of the car. Even with the
headlights behind me now the moon shone brightly and the
figure lying in the road. It was an old Black woman.
Dressed like… a… gypsy?
I gently lifted her up and equally as gently laid her in
the back seat of my car.
I rushed her to the nearest hospital. As I drove she
seemed to have regained consciousness and began to
“You will pay for what you have done. I place this curse
upon you, now you will know the plight of the Black
man.” She spoke more words in what sounded like a
European tongue [Romanian?].
At the hospital, they said nothing was actually broken
as I waited for the police to come and question me.
They checked out my story and confirmed the incident
wasn’t my fault.
The streetlights WERE out all along the road where I had
hit her. They weren’t broken. And the electric company
confirmed there was nothing wrong with the streetlights
for them to be out.
That night, I didn’t sleep well. I dreamed about that
scene in The Wolfman when the old gypsy woman tells
Larry Talbot about the curse.
When I woke the next day I didn’t FEEL different.
When I looked in the bathroom mirror I didn’t look
different either.
I showered, dressed and left for work.
The day passed by as it ordinarily did. Nothing out of
the ordinary. That night I decided to go to bed early. I
stripped naked, threw on my robe but left it open as I
went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
After, passing through the darkened kitchen, I decided
to look out the window. It was something I always saw my
father doing growing up, never knew WHY he did it,
I could see right into the neighbor’s bathroom next
door. They were a Black family and the fifteen year old
daughter was in the bathroom, naked!
Her body wasn’t as bad as I had thought, her belly was a
tad big but I loved her large butt, thighs and massive
tits. She must’ve been a 42DDD at least!
I had never cheated on my wife of twenty years before.
Never even LOOKED at another woman. And here I was
staring at this young Black teen – and I’d never even
thought of Black women sexually ever – and I had never
felt this horny before.
I reached down to stroke my cock. I was already hard.
But something was wrong.
I turned on the kitchen light and nearly fainted.
My cock seemed to double in size! My normally 7″ cock
was now 13″ long! And like three times as thick!
Overcome by shock, I staggered to the bedroom and
collapsed on the bed. I lost consciousness.
When my alarm woke me in the morning I looked around in
a daze. Where was I? Oh, yeah… In bed.
But why was I laying ON TOP of the covers and why was I
still in my robe?
Then I remembered.
I looked down. My cock LOOKED normal. I took it in my
hand. I began to stroke it.
And it grew.
And grew.
And grew!
Shit, It hadn’t been a dream!
I began to laugh. So this was “the plight of the Black
man”, my “curse”? Didn’t seem like much of a curse to
me. Then I thought about trying to get it into my wife’s
pussy and that sobered me up quick.
I got up and showered. My cock had softened back to its
“normal” size. I dressed and went to work.
I decided to leave work early. I got home just in time
to see the girl next door come home from school. I knew
her parents worked until long after I normally got out
of work.
I had already made up my mind.
I headed next door and rang the doorbell. The girl
answered it.
“Hi, I’m your neighbor next door,” I said.
Recognition seemed to cross her pretty young face.
“Oh, yeah!” She smiled. “You’re, ummm… Mr. Geminelli,
right? Hi!”
“That’s me,” I smiled. “But you can call me Jim.”
“Hi, Jim. I’m Patrianna. But everyone calls me Patty.”
“Well, hi, Patty. I came by because I was wondering, my
wife is going to be away for a while and I could use
some help around the house.
Would you be interested, Patty?”
“Of course I’d pay you,” I added.
“It would be nice to have my own money,” She said, eyes
twinkling. “When do you need me to start?”
“How about now?” I asked. “Unless you have homework…”
“Nah! I finished that in Study Class last period,” Patty
said as she came out and closed the front door behind
She walked ahead of me talking as we went. I was staring
at her huge butt as it swayed in her obscenely tight
jeans like a pendulum sort of.
And my cock which had started hardening when she opened
her front door was now rock hard.
I had purposely wore a loose-fitting sweat suit, the
sweatshirt was extra long too. I had stuffed my cock in
my old jock strap to keep it straight. So when it
hardened, it pushed up past the waistband of the jock
strap and the elastic waistband of the sweatpants.
I pushed opened the front door and let Patty go in
“So what did you need me to do first?” She asked, back
still to me as I closed and locked the front door.
“This,” I said as I lifted the sweatshirt and pushed
down my sweatpants.
Patty turned and gasped, frozen to the spot.
“Oh, shit! I didn’t know White people had big dicks like
that!” She exclaimed.
Hell. Neither did I. Until yesterday.
“That’s what I need you to do,” I grinned. “Can you
handle it, Patty?”
“I sure hope so, Jim!” She purred, taking it in her
hand. “Damn, it really is real… It’s so warm and I can
feel it pulsing in my hand…”
Patty let go of my cock and began to undress. My cock
throbbed at the sight of seeing her naked close up.
She noticed. “You must really like my body, huh?” Patty
giggled, looking embarrassed but pleased.
“Hell yeah!” I gushed.
She giggled again.
Since I had said I needed her help around the house, I
decided to start by fucking her right there. I bent
Patty over and took her from behind.
She gasped as my massive cock entered her. She was hot
and wet but tight for my “new and improved” cock.
I leaned down and cupped her massive, heavy tits as I
began to pump in and out of her.
“Mmmm,” Patty moaned. “Love you huge dick…”
I kneaded her tits roughly as I fucked her faster and
harder. Patty came a lot. More than my wife. Though I
had been fucking my wife with a lot less.
The more Patty came, the wetter and more relaxed her
pussy became and I was able to fuck my teen twat deeper
and deeper, though I never got all of it in her.
Patty was gasping and groaning, her full-figured body
writhing and her pussy humping back around my cock
hornily. When she came she really knew how to clamp that
pussy around my shaft, damn! Patty held on to my cock
for dear life!
I straightened up, letting go of her amazing tits – I’d
have more time for them later – and grabbing her wide
hips. I slammed into her harder.
She shrieked loudly. “Abuse my Black pussy with that
monster White cock!” She screamed deliciously.
I was definitely in the mood to abuse her pussy. My wife
would never be into sex like this and I was enjoying
cutting loose, especially with a young girl like Patty.
I never lasted so long for my wife either. Some curse,
huh? I fucked Patty for about an hour when I finally
dumped a torrential amount of cum into her cunt.
I was far from done, though. I kept Patty there for at
least four hours, fucking her in every room and in every
position we could think of, I even tit-fucked her once.
Next time I’d have to try out her Black butt.
I handed her forty bucks, Patty thanked me for a great
afternoon and left.
Not long after she left my wife called.
“How are things over there?” She asked.
“Ehhh, you know, the usual,” I replied in a bored tone
[I hoped]. “How’s things over there?”
“Mom’s not doing too well,” My wife said. “I think it
helps though now that I’m here.”
“That’s good,” I said with all sincerity. “Take as long
as you need.”
“I will. Thank you for understanding.” We talked a few
more minutes then finally hung up.
I lay back, hands behind my head. So, what could I do to
pass the next month or possibly longer…? I grinned to
myself at the possibilities…