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Many years ago I had an intense one night stand with agorgeous ebony male stripper. A girlfriend and I hadgone to see the Chippendale Review which was in town fora few shows. I remember being captivated by this onehandsome black stripper and how, following the show, hemanaged to get me to his hotel room for the best nightof sex of my life. He touched me in ways both externallyand internally that I have never experienced since.
My husband was unaware of my fling and I have never leton over the years. Yet, since that one beautiful nightas a young wife I have had a constant desire andfantasies to be ravished, yet again, by a black lover.
My window of opportunity opened several years ago whenmy adult daughter privately revealed to me that she hada black boyfriend. She wanted to keep this quiet fromher father, not knowing how he would react.
Her boyfriend was a few years older than her, an issuethat was of little concern to anyone. Not long after mydaughter told me of her boyfriend my husband had an out-of-town business trip over a long holiday weekend. Sincethis was an annual event, I just anticipated stayinghome for a quiet holiday alone.
The first day after my husband left, my daughtermentioned to me that she was planning a night out ofdancing with her boyfriend. She also mentioned that herboyfriend had an older cousin if I might be up for anight out. I loved to dance, and since my husband neverdid, the invitation sounded like a great opportunity toget out of the house and enjoy myself. I went out andbought some sexy stockings and an outfit I could showoff on the dance floor.
The evening started with the boyfriend and his cousintaking my daughter and I to a popular local restaurantfor dinner. Afterwards we went to a local dancenightclub that emphasized old disco and high energymusic. The sparsely lit dance floor offered me a greatchance to hide my rusty dance techniques and to get toknow my ebony dance partner, Jerome. As he also hadchance to get to know me, Jerome became more engagingand familiar with his dancing and relating to me.
It was wonderful as we moved to the rhythm and foundourselves falling into sync with each other. Iespecially remember one dance number where I was dancingwith my back to my partner when he sensuously bent overand placed a tender light kiss on the back of my neck.It sent an electric charge of excitement from my toes tomy head.
At that point I became acutely aware of my partner’severy touch and stare. I could feel an attractiongrowing which finally culminated in an evening-endingslow dance. My dark dance partner pulled me close andtight to him as our bodies moved to the music in unison.As we slowly enjoyed our mutual embrace I could feel himsliding his hand lower down to back in a way to pressour lower anatomy together. As he did, I could feel hismanhood growing and pressing against me. As he did, helooked me straight in the eye and then planted the mosttender of kisses.
My already sensuous feelings were now close to erupting.But, I had to restrain myself. I was a married woman andwas also in the company of my daughter.
When we left the nightclub the four of us rode togetherin my daughter’s boyfriend’s car. Jerome and I rode inthe back seat. As we drove off, Jerome leaned over to meand planted the most sensuous kiss on my lips that Iever received. Reluctantly, I received his affection buttried to restrain my response. As our lips remainedlocked Jerome slowly increased his intensity, graduallyinserting his tongue in my mouth while holding my evermore tightly.
Within moments we were passionately making out in theback seat. My desires for Jerome started going wild whenI felt him reach my lap and begin caressing my innerthighs. Without even thinking I was stroking his manhoodthrough his pants. I knew I had to stop but I was puttyin Jerome’s grasp.
The men asked my daughter and I back to the boyfriend’sapartment to enjoy a little wine and music. I knew thatI was about to have a lot more than wine and music, but.
When we entered the apartment, Jerome couldn’t getenough of me. His hands grabbed my ass as he directed metoward the bedroom. By this time my daughter and herboyfriend were in similar embrace. After closing thebedroom door Jerome lit a single romantic candle thatwould serve as our love beacon for the rest of thenight.
An experienced lover, Jerome took his time with memaking sure that I was an eager participant every stepof the way. As we undressed each other I found myselfeager to drop to my knees and orally please my man ofthe evening. I remembered the growing feel of Jerome’scock on the dance floor as he pressed against me, but Icouldn’t believe how beautiful and hard it was until Igot it in my mouth.
With every sucking thrust of Jerome’s beautiful blackcock in my mouth I could feel an uncontrollable wetnessin my vagina. Suddenly, Jerome pulled me up and pushedme on the bed. He wasted no time in returning the oralpleasure to me that I had just performed on him. Histongue and fingers probed my bottom as no man ever hadand within no time I could feel my body spasm intoorgasm.
All thoughts of being a married woman were long gone asI experienced one pleasurable wave after another. I wasin such passion that I forgot to ask Jerome to use acondom. As I writhed in desire Jerome slowly insertedhis beautiful black rod inside me. It was thick and hardwith many protruding veins on the shaft.
As he had been with the dancing earlier in the evening,Jerome knew how to move in perfect rhythm with my body.No man had ever felt so good inside me. I felt my secondorgasm and then a third within minutes of feeling Jeromepenetrate me. I was hooked as a black cock slut and Iwas doing it as my daughter enjoyed her ebony lover inthe next room.
I knew that Jerome was about to own me. I had neverknown such intensity and desire.
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