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Madison sat reading the book that her husband orderedfor her online a few weeks ago for the second time.She sat on the living room sofa dressed in blacklingerie that Ted bought her along with her favoritefluffy slippers. The book was about the subject ofcuckoldry. A subject that Madison just learned aboutduring a discussion recently with her husband Ted.
The book was written by a married woman who practicedthe lifestyle and went into great detail about hermarriage and how she enjoys living a lifestyle sheonly dreamed about in the past. The first chaptersexplained about the woman’s marriage about how thislifestyle enhanced both her and her husband’s outlookon life. She explained how she was reluctant to get ininvolved in what she first described as a sick kind oflifestyle devoted to sexual perverts.
The book goes into detail about how her and herhusband went from a typical bored suburban marriedcouple to a happily married couple who enjoy a littlespice in their life. That is, how the woman enjoys thespice in her life! Madison read the paragraph overagain where she wrote about how many women become moreconfident and more assertive and have better self-esteem once they become involved in this lifestyle.
Madison found one particular paragraph mostinteresting as the author interviewed a real housewifewho described how her frequent black lover gave hercompliments about her appearance and performance inbed. She got to a point where her self-esteem andconfidence grew each time she had sex with the man.She would dress to impress and found doing so shewould take better care of her body. Daily workouts andeating a better diet. She transformed from a plan shyhousewife to a woman known as a HotWife. Not only didshe learn more about pleasing her man during sex butalso how to enjoy every aspect on how it felt for her.Multiple orgasms were the norm for this HotWife andlearning new skills she used on all her black loversincluding the art of deep throat.
She soon learned that learning these new sexual skillsweren’t all that important on practicing on herhusband. He encouraged her to use them on her blackmen while he watched. The more sophisticated she gotin the art of performing sex with another man for herhusband’s enjoyment the more excited he got. He’d goshopping with her and help her pick out dresses andother attire for her to wear. Their marriage bonded ina much different prospective.

No longer did she feel the need to curb her real truefeelings about sex with other men. She could now talkintimately and candidly with her husband. She wouldtell him about certain techniques a black lover woulduse with her. She could share her excitement aboutgetting together with certain man with her husbandnow.
Her husband encouraged her and even made suggestionsthat might enhance her evening out.
The wife went on to actually say that her husband washer best friend. He was a good provider, a very lovingand passionate man who took good care of her and madesure all her sexual needs were satisfied. It was likehaving a relationship with her best female friend! Thecuck will soon know his place in their marriage andrelationship. The HotWife will have her sexual needsfulfilled by the black man known as ‘The Bull.’
A handsome, well-built and very skilled Black Bull isselected by the HotWife. Her Bull will definitely havebetter sexual stamina than her cuck ever had. She willlook forward to having sex with a Black Bull knowingthat he can outperform and satisfy her more than hercuck ever could. The HotWife will select her Bull onboth appearance and endowment. Many wives prefer thather Bull be much more endowed than her cuck. She mayalso prefer that his skin be dark, almost black. Thecontrast of his skin compared with hers adds to theexcitement and rush she may get perhaps watching hiscock sliding in and out between her pale pink pussylips.
The author pointed out that couples in this lifestyleare all different. You have wives who might insist onhaving sex with their black men only. The husband maywatch or only hear about a date when his wife returnshome from an evening out. Other husbands will havesecondary sex with their wives perhaps getting sloppyseconds as a special treat. It’s up to the wife atthat point how she wants to interact with her husband.
This may sound nasty or humiliating but the authorassured that many husbands preferred this practicealong with the practice of cleaning up.
Techniques a HotWife used with her husband known asthe cuckold were covered in another chapter. Madisonremembered reading about a HotWife who experimentedwith different ideas and finally found somethingsuitable she could use with her cuckold. Her cuckoldwould treat her like a queen, pampering her with hisaffection once she mastered the correct techniquesthey agreed upon in their relationship.
Sometimes the cuckold insisted on being what wascalled, neutered. His ability to have sex with hiswife was curbed by her verbal training and evenenhanced with the use of many chastity devices thatwere available now on the market. The devices came inmany shapes and sizes and made from different types ofmaterial depending on the lifestyle of the couple.Cuckolds that travel frequently on business preferredwearing the plastic devices which would go undetectedthrough airport security in most cases. Others worethe stainless steel models that are available whichgive better security.
These type models come in various sizes. Some arebuilt with a curve so the cuckold cannot obtain astraight forward erection. Depending on the size ofhis dick and how frequent the HotWife wishes to allowhis freedom. Her main concern for locking him up is toassure that he always stays faithful to his HotWife.
The HotWife will insist on his complete devotion toher including his encouragement on seeing that hisHotWife is always sexually fulfilled.
Wives that are in submissive relationships with ablack bull might allow her bull to have total controlover her and her cuck. This might mean that her bullhas possession of the key that locks the chastitydevice. Being a submissive HotWife doesn’t necessarilymean she is being abused in any way. She might actsubmissively toward her Bull and allow him to controltheir sex. The HotWife may get a rush from beingcontrolled by her dominant black bull. Having her hairpulled or ass slapped during a heated passionate sexsession may drive her over the edge in excitement.
The author highly recommends that only couples whohave rock solid relationships even consider this kindof lifestyle. She also mentions that couples get intothe lifestyle at different degrees. Some live totallyby the lifestyle on an everyday basis while someonly practice on weekends or perhaps once a month orso. Then you have the diehard hardcore couples thattake the lifestyle to a new level of experience.
These are couples that go further than allowing theirsexual emotions to be involved. She talked about whitewives who fell in love with a Bull and are nowinvolved in what she considers a complicatedrelationship. This means they remain married and inlove with their Cuck but bring the Bull into therelationship in some manner that may seem a bitextreme.
What she meant by extreme might be something simplelike exclusively dating a certain Bull. The HotWifebecomes his woman and he’s certainly not into sharingher with any other man including the Cuck. Underextreme circumstances the Bull may move in with theHotWife and her Cuck. He may take over the masterbedroom depending on the arrangement they may have inplace. This may shock most people but in fact, theCuck may be at his happiest point in situations likethis.
Last but not least is the ultimate scenario in acuckold HotWife relations. That’s when the Cuck allowshis HotWife to interbreed with a Black Bull. Yes, thisactually happens in real life although in most casesit’s just fantasy. Perhaps a HotWife will use the termBlack Breeding as a tool to help enhance herrelationship with her Cuck. She may even use it toexcite her Bull during sex. What better way to excitea Black Bull while he’s pumping away at her tightwhite married pussy than to hearing a white wifescreaming out, ‘Breed Me! I Want Your Black BabyInside Me!’
Yes, there many white wives who willingly allowedthemselves to be black bred with their cuckoldsblessing. It’s considered the ultimate rush for thesehardcore couples. Again, this is only recommended bycarrying and loving couples who are able to care forthese interracial children both financially andemotionally. For the Cuck, this might be the totallyhumiliation experience for him once his wife’s bellybegins to grow with the Black Bull’s baby inside. Oncethe baby or babies are born the Cuck will accept it asif it’s his own child. How many times have you seenwhite couples at the mall with interracial childrentagging along. Ever wonder how that happens besidesadoption?
Madison had no desire to start pumping out interracialbabies anytime soon but the idea of having a cuckoldrelationship started to intrigue her curiosity nowthat she had read the book. Madison couldn’t rememberthe exact time the subject of bringing another maninto their relationship all started but she did knowthere have been dozens of conversations over the pastfew months on the subject. That’s when Ted found thebook and bought it for her as a birthday gift.
Madison put the book down on the end table and spreadher legs down along the sofa. She felt sexy todaywearing her new black transparent negligee. It was cutshort exposing most of her creamy white thighs. Itcame with a tiny matching thong that Ted thought wasso adorable on her. Madison gently slid her hand underthe tight elastic of the thong edging her hand alongher lower tummy until the tip of her fingers came incontact with her clit.
Her pussy mound felt so smooth. Ted has been insistingon helping her shave it these past few weeks andMadison allowed him to help. Ted often fantasizedverbally as he carefully used the shaver on her pussymound. He’s get all excited talking about how nicesmooth it felt. Once he’d get her completely shavenhe’d head for the drawer where they kept the littletoy he bought for Madison. It was a lifelike blackcock. It vibrated and squirmed around.
Ted wasn’t fooling Madison when he bought her the toy.She wasn’t that naive and fully knew he just wanted tosee how she reacted playing with it. Naturally sheliked the gift he’d bought her. Ted enjoyed laying onthe bed right next to her while she played with itinside her pussy. He’d lay there jerking his cockwatching every single move Madison made with the toy.Madison played along with Ted on most occasionsgetting her mind set and would close her eyes andpretend she was making out with a real Bull. Madisoncould make herself cum with the toy and did many timeswith Ted and when he wasn’t around.
Unfortunately, Ted was getting to a point where all hewanted to do was bring out the toy and make himselfcum watching her play with it now. Once he came he hada hard time getting a hard-on again unless Madisonstarted to talk dirty to him. The other night aftermaking herself cum on the toy cock she looked over andsaw Ted wiping the cum off his pajama’s. His dick waslimp and red from making himself cum. So she took thematter into her own hands and started stroking hiscock as she asked him questions.
Madison asked him things like, ‘Did you see me fuckhim?’ Or, ‘He came inside me deep!’ Ted would get hardas a rock again but before she could climb on top he’dshot a second load all over his legs from listening toher voice talking about fucking another man. It wasfrustrating for her to say the least but at least Tedseemed to be satisfied.
Madison found herself moving her fingers along herpussy lips feeling a tad wet. She removed her handfrom inside her thong and hooked her fingers of bothhands onto the thong pulling it down past her kneesand kicked the tiny thing onto the floor below. Shespread her legs felling herself getting more wet asshe inserted a finger inside her pussy and beganrubbing her clit. Felt so good she thought to herself.She looked around the room as she toyed with her clitmaking it so hard to the touch.
Closing her eyes now she tried to imagine a scenario.Another man hovering over her body touching her titswith his hands as she spread her legs open. Her fingerworked on her clit as she tried to imagine another manabout to take her. She could see the image of a blackman in her mind. He was big, very well built withbroad shoulders. Madison pulled her legs back andjackknifed her legs in preparation for her imaginaryblack lover.
She kept massaging her clit with her index fingerfaster and faster as she arched her hips up. Her pussygrew wetter as she worked her finger on her clit.Madison could feel it coming. She felt her bodytighten up and kept working her finger on her clit.Then it hit her all at once. She let out a loud moanas the first wave of her orgasm hit her. She keptrubbing her clit as she came. She straightened herlegs out along the sofa as she came very strong. Shekept massaging her mound rubbing her fingers aroundher clit as she caught her breath. Finally. She feltrelaxed again.
She looked at the time. Ted would be home soon. Shereached down and picked up the thong than turnedaround and grabbed her book. She hurried off to thebedroom and took a quick shower before Ted got home.It was Friday night and he promised to take her out todinner tonight. Ted said something about taking her tothat new dance club in the city tonight. She laid outthe new dress Ted bought for her on her birthday andquickly headed into the shower.