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Some years ago, I dated a cute girl in her late teensnamed Angie. She was of average height, with shoulder-length dark hair. And although she was a littleheavier than some, she remained a very pretty girl.Her best feature however was her big, saggy, breasts.
Angie grew up with very conservative values. I’m surethat before we met, she would never have dreamed shewould one day end up baring her entire body naked forstrangers at my request.
There were a few incidents early in our relationshipwhere I ‘dared’ her to show off to strangers inpublic. You know the kind of harmless flashing thatgirls’ do. I would coax her into flashing her tits aswe drove in my car. All this was very exciting, but Ihad never shown her off to anyone I knew personally.
I really got off on showing off Angie’s big tits. Iused to watch when my friends came over how many timesthey stole a glance at my girlfriend’s big chest.
One time, my friend Jeff and I were watching TV at mygirlfriend’s apartment. Angie was in the kitchen. Shecalled out to us, “You guys want something to drink?”

“Sure, great!” we replied.
Jeff joked, “This is great service.” That gave me anidea. I went into the kitchen where Angie waspreparing a couple of drinks for us. I came up behindher and started kissing her neck. She got into it andbefore she knew what was happening, I had her shirtalmost pulled off.
“What are you doing?” she said in protest. “Jeff’shere!”
“Don’t worry,” I said. “He can’t see!” With that Ipulled her shirt over her head and completely off. Idropped it on the floor and went back to kissing her.This time she was quite aware that I was undoing the 3bra clasps behind her back.
“He could walk in any second!” Angie protested.
“I know what I’m doing,” I assured her.
I undid her bra and slipped it off her, releasing hertremendous soft D-cup tits to the cool air of thekitchen. Her nipples immediately swelled. I playedwith them with my fingers for a moment. Angie moanedsoftly as I cupped her left breast in my hand andstuffed her nipple into my mouth.
I pointed to the 2 glasses on the counter. Angieturned and picked them up. She extended the glasses tome to take them. I quickly moved behind her and pushedher towards the living room door.
Angie jammed on the breaks. “What do you think you’redoing?!” she demanded.
“You’re my slave girl today and you’re going to serveus,” I replied, taking advantage of our roleplaying inbed that we’ve done before.
“Not like this I’m not!” she said and franticallysearched the floor with her eyes for her shirt. Shelurched forward as I gave her another push. The joltmade her big orbs jiggle. She crossed her arms as bestshe could while still holding the drinks.
I took her head in my hands and planted a long kiss onher lips and told her how Jeff had confessed that hesecretly longed to see her naked tits. I told her whatan amazing turn on it would be for me to see mygirlfriend topless in front of my friend. “Andbesides,” I told her, “he’s my best friend! Hewouldn’t tell a soul.”
She stood motionless considering this. I took hershoulders and turned her around to face the livingroom entrance again. I heard her say ‘I can’t believeI’m doing this’. It took only a little force this timeto push her up to the door and through it.
As we walked I watched over her shoulder as Jeff cameinto view. His eyes bugged out of his head at thesight of my girlfriend wearing only a pair of shorts.
“Angie has something for you,” I said. I quickly satdown in on the couch and looked over my half-nakedgirlfriend standing before us. Her face was turning alovely shade of red as she stood there holding 2glasses. She was holding them so as to cover – or tryto cover her breasts.
Jeff got his first glance at her big, pink nipple asshe extended her arm to hand him a drink. She had tolean forward to pass him his glass which had the extrabenefit of letting her big, round tit hang away fromher body. Jeff smiled approvingly. Angie’s face was SOred. The humiliation must have been intense.
The moment Jeff had his drink, Angie slapped her freehand over her chest and managed to cover most of herbare tits with one arm while she handed me my drink.
“Now THIS is what I call service!” Jeff said.
“Basically Jeff,” I said, “Angie is my girlfriend andher body is my property. If I want to show it off,it’s my call.” The logic seemed appropriate at thetime. Angie bought it anyway.
After Angie handed me my drink she quickly covered herbig tits with both her arms. She turned to leave.
“Stop,” I said. Angie stopped. “Whose tits are those?”I asked pointing to her pale white breasts.
Angie thought for a moment. All she wanted to do wasscurry back into the kitchen and end this humiliation.But at the same time, I could tell she was gettingturned on by all this attention. “Yours,” she saidquietly. She was looking anywhere but at Jeff or me.
“And why did you serve us drinks topless?” I asked.
Angie shifted one arm to cover both breasts andcovered her face with her other hand. Even though shewas facing us, she couldn’t bear to look at us. Theembarrassment was killing her. “Because you told meto,” she said.
“That’s right. Now take your arm down,” I said.
Angie took her hand off her face and covered her chestwith it again. She looked away.
“Did you hear me, Angie? Take your hands away fromyour chest completely. In fact put them behind yourback.”
Reluctantly, Angie put one hand behind her backleaving her arm across her boobs. She knew what wasnext.
“Whose tits are those?” I asked her again.
“Yours,” she said. She closed her eyes. Her cheekswere almost bright red.
I looked over at Jeff. His eyes were locked on Angie’schest.
“Take your arm and put it behind your back,” I saidcalmly. A moment passed. This was the moment of truth.She froze deciding what to do.
“You wanna see ’em?” Angie asked. “Here!” And withthat, she dropped her arm and placed both hands on herhips. For the first time in her life, Angie wasexposing herself to two men at the same time.
Jeff and I gazed at Angie’s fully exposed, over-sizedtits. Not a detail of her jugs could be missed in theharsh light of the living room. Her shoulder-lengthdark hair contrasted the pale-white of her fleshyboobs. Her pink nipples were like rocks.
After a moment had passed, I said, “See, now thatwasn’t so bad! How do you feel?”
“How the fuck do you think I feel?” she said in mock-sarcasm. “I’m standing here half-naked in front ofyour friend!”
I decided to push my luck. “Put your hands behind yourhead so Jeff can see you in all your glory,” I toldher.
She rolled her eyes but raised her arms and placedthem behind her head. This had the effect oftightening her tits a little and making her feel evenmore like she was on display.
“Can I go now?” she asked.
I could tell she was secretly loving it, but I decidedI had had enough fun for the moment and I let her go.
Jeff and I talked for a while. We talked about Angie,and her body. We talked about his girlfriend, and howshe had much smaller tits. I asked him if hisgirlfriend ever shaved her pussy. He said that she dida bit, but only in the summer to wear bikinis.
I called Angie back into the room. When she returned,I noticed she had put her t-shirt back on.
“Did I say you could put that back on?” I said.
This time, with only a loud sigh as protest, Angiepulled the shirt up and over her head, re-exposing herbreasts to us.
“Give me the shirt, ’cause you won’t be needing itanytime soon,” I said.
Angie handed me the shirt and this time, she put herhands in her pockets, not bothering to try to coverherself. I could tell she had more confidence now. Isuspected she had been listening to our conversation,and was a little more eager now to do my bidding.
“Tell Jeff what we did last night,” I said.
Angie looked at Jeff and said, “We took a bathtogether.”
“And what did I shave?” I asked.
Angie’s eyes grew big. She shot me a look. “What doyou mean?” she asked.
“You can tell him, or showing him would even bebetter,” I said.
Angie thought for a moment. “He shaved me,” she saidmumbled.
“Pardon?” said Jeff, getting in on the act.
Angie looked away. The redness returned to her face.“He shaved my pussy!” she said shouted.
“Come here,” I told her.
Angie slowly walked over to me. She stood in front ofme, between the couch and the coffee table. I reachedup to unfasten her white shorts. She immediatelygrabbed at my hands. I looked up at her with a blankexpression. She looked back at me and slowly… veryslowly, dropped her hands.
“Fine,” she said, “You want to see me panties? Goahead!” She knew damn well what I had in mind. But shetried to save some face by pretending I wasn’t aboutto show off her naked cunt.
I continued to unzip the fly on her shorts and letthem drop to the floor. Angie was now standing beforeme wearing nothing but a pair of white panties with alittle embroidered pink flower as they’re onlydecoration.
“These are nice,” I said snapping the elasticwaistband, “Are these new?”
Angie didn’t answer.
I took her hips and turned her to face Jeff who wassitting at the other end of the couch, eyes wide.Then, I took Angie’s hands and placed them on thewaistband of her panties and sat back.
“Take them off,” I said. “Show Jeff what a nice job Idid shaving your bush and how sweet it looks!”
Angie didn’t move. I moved my legs so they rested onthe coffee table with Angie between them, preventingher from leaving.
“No way,” she said. “I am NOT going to stand herenaked in front of you two!”
But she didn’t move. We waited.
She knew that if she did this – if she stripped nudefor us she could never undo it. Jeff would always knowexactly what she looked like naked. Angie’s fingersfidgeted in the elastic of her panties. Slowly, veryslowly, Angie pulled the elastic waistband downexposing her ass to me. Then she pulled them back up.
“I’m not doing this,” she said.
I said nothing. A few moments passed.
Angie agonized over the decision, then finally, peeledher white panties down over her ass, over her hips,and continued to bend over, slowly pulling them downuntil they reached her knees. Her big nude tits hungaway from her body in an almost pornographic pose. Shereleased her panties and let them drop to the floor.She stood up covering her box with her hands. Her eyeswere shut tight. I reached out and gently pulled herhands away from her pussy.
Jeff’s jaw dropped. His eyes danced all over my now-naked girlfriend standing before us. I dropped my legsso Jeff could get a full view of my naked girlfriend.Her pussy was indeed shaved. There was only a smallstrip about 2 inches wide of dark-brown pubic hairabove her smooth pussy-lips.
No one spoke. I could hear Angie’s breathing. It wasvery hard. I noticed her hand was shaking – ever soslightly. Her head was turned away. She wasn’tsmiling. She was completely humiliated.
“Nice!” Jeff said, breaking the silence. Angie didn’tsmile. I began to touch Angie’s naked body. I toldJeff how I decided how much hair to trim. As I spoke,I traced my finger over her pussy, showing where herpubic triangle had previously ended. I took my time.
“Feel how smooth this is,” I said to Jeff running myfingers gently over the shaved area beside her smalltuft of curly pubic hair.
Jeff hesitated, and then reached out and stroked hisfingers over the shaved area. “Ya, smooth,” he said.
Finally, I looked up at my nervous girlfriend. “Areyou okay?” I asked.
“Ya,” she replied. Something had changed. She was morerelaxed now. She even smiled. “Are you guys done?” sheasked. It was as if something had snapped inside her.Like all of a sudden, she’d decided it didn’t matterthat she was standing there naked us. “Should I bothergetting dressed?” she asked in a sarcastic tone. Shelooked at Jeff.
“Uh, hey, whatever,” stammered Jeff.
And then she surprised the hell out of us both. Shelifted her leg and put her foot on the coffee table,spreading her legs for us.
“You never answered, Jeff. What do you think of mypussy?” she asked.
I was completely floored! Angie was now playing thegame. She reached up and cupped her big beautiful titssqueezing them together. “And my big tits? Do you likethem Jeff?” she asked.
“Uh, ya! They’re great!” Jeff said nervously. He hadno idea what was happening or why Angie’s personalityhad changed.
“I see you looking at them all the time,” she teased,looking him straight in the eye. “I’m glad you finallygot a chance to see them.”
I was dumbfounded. For the first time, I had nothingto say. Suddenly my sweet girlfriend whom I hadenjoyed manipulating was turning into a slut before myeyes!
Instead of grabbing her cloths and running from theroom as I expected, she sat down between us on thecouch and watched TV for a while. Eventually she leftthe room, but when she returned, she was stillcompletely naked!
From then on, things were different. It wasn’tuncommon for instance, when I had Jeff over, for Angieto walk through the living room after a shower wearingnothing but a towel on her head. One sunny afternoon,the 3 of us suntanned nude in my backyard.
That night I remember giving Angie the fucking of alifetime. It was wild. We were both so turned on. Ican still recall her whispers in my ear as I poundedher pussy.
“Did you like it when I showed my big tits to yourfriend? Do you like it that I spread my legs andshowed him my pussy? Do you think Jeff liked my cunt?Do you want me to fuck him next time? Or maybe stripfor him and suck your best friend’s cock? Would youlike to see that? Would you like to see me suckingJeff’s dick while you fuck me from behind? I will youknow. You can make me do anything.
“You can strip me in public if you want. Show off mybig fat tits. Or suck off every one of your friend’sdicks and swallow their cum! Maybe you want them tocum on my face instead? Ten guys shooting their loadson my face while I kneel before them, absolutelynaked. Mmmmmm… I love getting fucked… I loveknowing Jeff has seen me completely, absolutely, bare-ass naked. I bet he jerks-off thinking about my cunt.The cunt you’re fucking right now…”
Angie had taken the first step into becoming the slutI had always wanted her to be…
THE END, or the beginning?
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