Fanny and Jeff’s Exotic Erotic Thing

My wife is a fantasy fuck, and she knows it. Droolingdrunks will tell her their fantasy. She’ll find a wayto make their fantasy come true, or do what she cando, and I have to find a way to deal with it. Shedoesn’t force dealing with it on me; in fact, shefeels badly that I must, but is thrilled that I do.
She will not look a gift dealer in the mouth, nor willshe make dealing any more difficult than she is sureit must be. She tries to be sensitive, but her callingcomes first; her career (exotic erotic dancing) comessecond; her marriage comes third.
She does see giving men sexual adventures a calling.She has a God-given gift, a God-given body to givethat gift, and the sex drive to make demanding giftgiving easy. She was not built to be a traditionalwife in a traditional marital role. Fidelity andfaithfulness were fine, but not for her. She neverpromised that she could be or would be, or evenattempt to be. She, in fact, promised she wouldn’t be,not even on the honeymoon if someone in need made hisneed known to her.
She told me this after hearing my proposal ofmarriage, then wanted me to sleep on my proposal andask again, unless I thought it over and realized howdifficult a marriage like that would be. She very muchwanted to be married, and she very much wanted tomarry me. We loved each other very much, but she feltshe had to be totally honest.
Fanny and I have known each other since early gradeschool, and we were a steady item from puberty on, butwe went separate ways after graduation, and she wenton the day we were to get married. She couldn’t gothrough with it and had to chase her dream, find herdream, find herself. She needed time and simply left.For two years, I had no idea where she was or what shefound, or if she was even alive.
When I met up with her again, she was a nude dancer ina seedy dive that had bikers as bouncers and cateredto cheap, redneck, beer drinkers who stuffed foldeddollar bills in pussy cracks. If the dancer wouldn’ttake it that way, and let him feel-up her legs and asswhile he took his sweet time, she didn’t get hisdollar bill. This was one of those anything-goes-clubsif the coast was clear. Whatever the dancer would do,the club would allow if the green light over the moosehead was on.
The green light was on more than off, and pretty muchstayed on from two until closing, which was four inthe morning, but that was just when they locked up andmade the place look closed. For twenty bucks, youcould stay after closing, but you were locked in untilsunrise with no guarantee you’d get anything. To getanything, cost something more, but for your twenty,you get to watch those who could afford something, orwatch two dancers get it on, or a dog fuck a dancer,or a dancer suck a dog, or every dick in the bar.You’d see something worth twenty bucks.
You just don’t get anything but old, used-up, white-trash whores working those places, which are sex clubsmore than strip bars, but there was Fanny looking likea thoroughbred race horse tied into a circular stringof sway-back plow nags at a carnival horsy ride.
Made no sense, plus Fanny showed more, tolerated more,and was one hell of an erotic dancer if you find crudeand vulgar erotic. In that club, to that crowd, thatwas the definition – had to be both, and if the crudeand vulgar act got disgusting, what you had was highlyerotic shit, man.
She was the only one who would masturbate in a widebeaver or fuck herself with a dildo while dancing. Shewould put her pussy in guy’s faces and let them lickaround a dildo. Other’s tried, but couldn’t get alicker. She drew big crowds, but Fanny started earlyand always left by midnight. They hired Fanny to makethe slow time (four in the afternoon till midnight) bea busy time, and she served as a great warm-up act tothe heavy, raunchy, sexual sideshows and sexual freakshows the club was noted for.
She was into performing her exotic erotic danceroutines. She wanted nothing to do with whoring andthe sex sideshow activity that the late shift gotinto.
I was in love with Fantasia Finney, my first and onlylove who I had always known as Fanny, who they billedas Princess Pussy, but most of the guys called Fuckin’Fantasia or Dildo Dolly. I was her junior high andhigh school sweetheart, her first love, first fuck,her first and only steady (which to her meant the guyshe steadily gave sloppy seconds to), her junior andsenior prom date. She left me at the altar to go findherself. Took me two years to find where she foundherself, and I stumbled onto her quite by accident.
I found her right where I lost her in the Houstonarea. I was sure she headed up to the Dallas/Ft. Wortharea. I knew she wanted to get into exotic dance, andI knew she wanted to try out for the Dallas CowboysCheerleaders. I knew she liked getting naked, and hada thing for masturbating for an audience, and she’dperform for any group that wanted to see her do IT.Everyone did – over, and over, and over again. No onecan do IT like my Fanny. That was her erotic thing.
I knew she liked dancing naked. That was another“thing” she was famous for – exotic dancing – herexotic thing. As a high school senior, she combinedher exotic thing and her erotic thing and her combinedexotic/erotic thing was a Fanny thing that you had tosee to believe. No other girl would dare try to do athing like Fanny’s exotic/erotic thing. Exhibitionistsluts would watch Fanny and go, “Fuck it! No fuckin’way, Jose’.”
I figured she wanted to find herself in a strip clubfar from home. Every chance I got, I ran up to Dallasand hit all the strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs, andtable dancing nightclubs that are popular up there. Ialso hit all the other big cities within a thousandmiles of Houston.
Never a sign of Fanny’s fanny – tits, ass, orunforgettable pussy – but her face always lookedfamiliar. She did have a classic, generic, prettyblonde girl face no one gave a close look to becausein the presence of Fanny, there was so much todistract a guy from face.
I also checked the Houston area, and checked often,but I never checked any of the waterfront dives orbiker owned bars. Places like those were a waste of mytime, but I was working a job right across from Legs RUs where you walk through a pair of spread female legswith a real Beaver (stuffed, dam-building Beaver) atthe apex to enter.
The day was hot, the job was rough, I was twenty-oneand thirsty, and I knew that place had to have beer.At four in the afternoon, you don’t see stripersworking, especially in a dumpy bar club. In mostraunchy sex clubs, the performing sluts don’t evencome in until midnight.
I walk in and there’s a buck naked stripper, doing aone-arm swing around a brass pole, fucking herselfwith a big rubber dick. She is fucking gorgeous littlething, I mean drop-dead-fucking …FANNY!
“Fanny? … What? … Where? … who… why? … Whatthe fuck are you doing here?”
I felt a huge hand grip my shoulder like a steelBeaver trap and a deep deep male voice say, “Do youwant I should toss him, Pussy.”
I thought, “Toss me pussy?”
Fanny says, “No. He’s a dear friend. Tell Jake I’mtaking an hour break.”
“No break, Pussy. You stay up till the first girl comein. Jake’s rules, Pussy.”
“Fine, tell Jake I quit.”
“I’d rather tell him you broke a rule and took ahour.”
While throwing on a short silk robe, she said, “Makeit two, and if I don’t get back, tell him I went homesick. I am feeling a bit ill. I will be back intomorrow unless I get hassled.”
“Ain’t nobody gonna hassle you, Pussy. Anybody hassleyou, point me at ’em. Don’t matter who – Jake, a cop,a grizzly bear, this cute pip squeak, don’t matter.”
“Thanks, Turk. Let’s go, Jeff.”
As we arrived at the legs, I stopped her and said, “Icame in to get a beer. I’m working the demolition jobacross the street. I don’t care that you work here,Fanny. If this is where you found yourself and you’rehappy here, I’m happy for you. I’m just glad I foundyou. We don’t need to go anywhere, but it would benice if we could sit and talk a bit while I get a fewwet ones down me.”
She seemed very surprised by my attitude consideringwhat I walked in on. I see this gorgeous babe comeswinging around the pole working a dildo up her twat.My eyes go right to that dildo and that stunning,captivating pussy that reminded so much of Fanny’sstunning, captivating pussy, never dreaming it wasFanny’s stunning, captivating pussy shaved of all hairwith a gold ring through the clit.
You just don’t see dancers actually fuckingthemselves, but she was, and she leaned back on thepole with her legs wide and stood in a half squat,watching herself fuck herself. She was fucking herselfin full strokes with a damn horse cock dildo withballs. I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes.
Not only that, but she has about six guys right at herfeet, feeling up her legs and ass. You just don’ttouch dancers. That is never allowed. Their hands wererunning all over her as far as they could reach. Theyhad to stay low so as not to block anyone’s view, butthree other guys on the side were okay to stand talland feel up her tits.
She stood right there in a sea of brawny male handsroaming all over her body and fucked herselfsensuously. I never saw anything like that, ever,anywhere. I never saw anything that fine do a dancethat vulgar in any kind of club.
I finally look to her face expecting to see a real dogpuss. It’s Fanny, looking pretty as ever. I go,“FANNY!” Her head pops right up at the sound of myvery familiar voice. Her face turns red and falls asshe cried, “JEFF!”
I could see where she might think we needed to getaway. Especially when she took off on the day we weresupposed to get married. She left me a note and wasgone, and no one ever heard from her since then,unless her family was in touch and keeping it from me.That was possible. If she asked them to, they wouldplay dumb. We had some issues.
And she still had a dildo up her twat. Her dildo had asnap clip on a strip of elastic that was attached tothe balls that she could use to snap to the ringthrough her clit to hold the dildo in, or wrap aroundthe pole and snap back to itself, allowing her to useboth hands on the pole or herself as she made love tothe pole. This was a professional exotic eroticperformer’s dildo. I was sure she didn’t get that fromDildos R Us. That was classic Fanny being creative.
She snapped in before throwing on her silk robe andstepping off the stage. She was prepared to leave theclub that way after getting her purse, which she got.She was leading me out when I said we didn’t need togo. That did come as a shock, and I soon saw that shetook that as a pleasant shock.
She smiled and said, “We can talk here if you want.Are you sure you don’t mind, because we can also go tomy place, which is three blocks away. It’s up to you,but if I stay, I have to be naked and be using mydildo, and be where the patrons can see it. I can snapin to walk around, but if I’m on stage, or off andstanding still or seated, I have to keep it moving. Iget paid extra to abide by those conditions. If I’m inthe bar, I’m bound by the conditions.”
“Fanny, I’m fine with it, so we may as well stayhere.”
She smiled big and said, “Well, if you’re fine, I’mfine. Beer’s on me. Have a seat. I’m going to tellMatt that I’ll be working off stage for a while, andI’ll have Wendy keep the beer coming. Won’t be aminute.”
She trots over and loses the robe and purse, thengives me a naked wave as she trots over to the bar,then leans half over the bar to French kiss with thisbig bruiser as another licks her bare ass. She is nowtwenty, but still looks sixteen because she’s still acute little blonde, built hard, compact, and tight,like a European sports car. She looks like a bundle ofenergy and she is. She also looks sweet, soft, anddelicious, which she is.
The guy licking her ass is joined by another. Theydecide to lift her ass and slide a barstool under herknees. She’s still kissing or talking to thebartender. She now has three guys fawning all over herass. They have unsnapped her dildo and are using it onher, but that doesn’t seem to bother her, nor does allthe licking and fondling, and the seated patrons arereaching in from both sides to play with her hangingC-cup tits, and the only reason they hang is she ispointing them straight down.
Fanny is ignoring all of this fawning attention whiletalking with and kissing with the bartender. She iskneeling on a barstool with her forearms resting flaton the bar top, presenting quite a profile to me. Itseems that everyone has the right to feel her up, butthey must do it reverently and use the dildo easy, theway she does.
I was seeing the same activity as I saw on stage. Allshe had to do was stay in one place and she’d soonhave her fan club. She soon had them all back, andthey decided to place her knees on two stools, so theydid that.
She had one guy squeeze in between her and the bar sohe could lick her pussy. She had two on their knees,and each had a foot. One kneeler was sucking her bigtoe. The other was a foot lapper. Four others werefeelers, body lickers, and dildo movers, with Turkstanding off to the side keeping a watch on all thatactivity like a cop seeing that house rules wereabided by.
Actually, he was a Pussy handler. She was his job.They all seemed to know the rules. One seemed to bethat the dildo couldn’t come all the way out. Thedildo guy came a little too close and got a warningbop from Turk.
Her just-a-minute was already five. She kept lookingover and giving me the one finger just-a-minute sign.I’m sure she meant to be just a minute, but thebartender kept kissing or had to tend the bar. Shespent several minutes just waiting while letting thepatrons enjoy her body.
I could see where a girl like Fanny would find herselfin a place where she could work naked and be fawnedover by so many hunky guys, where the rule was, youhad to keep fucking yourself with a dildo she wasliterally attached to. I do know Fanny, and she mayhave been dragging this out so that I could see howshe had it made before we discussed why she never madeit back.
I was wondering if she’d ever come back from the bar,and when she came, would her fan club come with her.The bar had at least thirty patrons. Most seemed moreinterested in shooting the shit with guys, grabassingthe help, drinking at the bar, shooting pool, orwatching a big-screen TV. Fanny had seven who wereonly interested in her.
I assumed all the others had had their fill. Shewasn’t the type to ignore unless they were so familiarwith her that other things meant more, although no onepassed by without giving her a friendly stroke, lick,or feel of tit. She also kissed with anyone when hermouth was up for grabs. Anyone could grab it and enjoya French kiss that she welcomed and enjoyed.
She always did love French kissing. That alone wouldmake this job a dream. She even Frenched with thewaitress who brought my pitcher over. I engaged Wendyin conversation and learned that Pussy – PrincessPussy – came to work there about four months ago, andhad been working under conditional contract for three.Everybody loved her, and there were strict rules.Everybody knew the rules. Wendy ran the rules by me,and that was what she did for any new faces.
I heard all the rules I had been observing, andlearned that there was no penetration allowed exceptby tongue or dildo. The dildo had to stay in the pussyof Pussy, and you could put your tongue in her pussyif you can get it in alongside the dildo. You couldplay with her pussy ring but not lead her by it, andif you hurt her, you get bounced hard. I was seeingthat and some asshole tonguing. Fucking amazing.
She really did have it made, was in very tight withthe owner, was well protected and very well paid. Noone knew how much but she was loaded and drove a newCorvette Stingray that she owned free and clear. Shealways wanted one of those. So much for getting herback.
She finally came back and was snapped in. She took aseat right beside me and faced her chair out towardthe seating area where her fans took seats and facedtheir chairs her way. She made them a beaver,unsnapped, then settled back and began moving her dickin and out, sensuously, just as she had been doing onstage, only she could take it out and did severaltimes to wet her nipples and lick it.
Just as she did on stage, she watched herself fuckherself without saying a word to me with me lookingright down on it. I am right beside her, looking atthe same sight she is, and that was a sight,especially when the dildo was out of the way. She isdoing a seated rolling grind, and she is slow, deep,fucking herself. Un-fucking real.
She gets herself going good, then she looks to me andsmiles, then says, “I promised them a good show ifthey would give me room to talk with an old friend.Sorry, but it takes me a bit to get myself started. Iknow this must be very distracting. We can still go tomy place if you want.”
I finally looked to her beautiful face and said,“You’re as beautiful as ever, Fanny. Now, you’resexier than ever. We can talk here. I’ve seen younaked before.”
“You were the first.”
“Yes, and the first time I saw your twelve-year-oldbody with no clothes on, I said to myself, ‘That girlis going to go far.’ I figure ten miles if you cutthrough and don’t take the loop.”
She laughed and said, “I went all the way to the leftcoast for a while, but I came back. I found myselfhere, Jeff. When I found myself here, and loved ithere, I could never face you, or tell you. I prayedyou would never find out where I was and what I wasdoing. You see what I do. You see what I am. I amPrincess Pussy.”
“But everyone calls you Pussy.”
“At first, they called me, Princess. I am everybody’sgirl, and nobody’s girl. The pussy belongs to the baron a month by month lease. Anyone in the bar can touchit, lick it, play with it, because the pussy betweenthe legs of the Princess is bar pussy. I welcome anyand all sexual attention by the agreed upon rules, andI must keep showing and fucking the bar’s pussy or letsomeone else do it.”
“May I try?”
“I was hoping you would…and hoping you would stillwant to kiss me.”
I most wanted to kiss her, so I did that first. Shemelted into my kiss. The feelings were still there.She kissed everybody good, but she kissed me with aburning passion – a hunger for a lover’s kiss. Iforgot all about the dildo. She took my hand andplaced it there while we were kissing. I fucked herlike I missed her, and she responded like she missedthe way I made love to her.
Turk bopped me and said I couldn’t fuck her like that.I drew her cock out and slapped that big motherfuckerright across his gorilla face. I shouldn’t have donethat.
That damn dildo really hurt my ass. I came-to in anice bed being attended by Fanny doctoring my injuredfanny. My face hurt bad, too. It felt like I stubbedmy face. I ached all over, but my ass was killing me.Fanny saw that I was aware and groaning. She said,“You dummy. I can’t believe you slapped Turk with adick. You are so lucky to be alive, Jeff. My god, whatmade you do that?”
“Love, Fanny, frustrated love.”
“How can you still love me?”
“Tell me you don’t love me.”
“I won’t ever lie to you. I never stopped loving you,and that’s why I left you.”
“You left me because you loved me. Well, I’m glad youdidn’t hate me. Your love almost killed me.”
“I couldn’t bear to hurt you. I knew how I was. Youdeserve better.”
“I think you deserve better. Fanny, I still want youto marry me.”
This is where she tells me to sleep on it and askagain. Well, I slept on it and asked again, but Iwanted her to leave that job and try to live a regularlife. She figured the job would have to go, so shesaid she’d give Jake two weeks. He wanted four. Theycompromised at three, but she had to work the lateshift. She agreed and ended up working six weeks.
With Jake, it was always one more week, Pussy, justone more week. She hated working the late shift, butshe always gave in until I said enough was enough. Wewere husband and wife and were supposed to be on ourhoneymoon, and she was fucking a bunch of dipshits,sluts, and mutts, and willing to give him a seventhweek of fucking dipshits, sluts, and mutts. She reallydid hate it, but felt she owed him and had a hard timetelling him no more.
She did quit, and we did go on a honeymoon to Hawaii.She was loaded, like six figure loaded. We spent twoweeks in paradise and went first class all the way,did everything, and had a dream honeymoon. She onlyfucked about a dozen guys while on our dreamhoneymoon, but for her, that was cutting back from adozen a day. She said she was being real good andtrying real hard to keep the cheating to no more thanone a day.
When she went a whole day without cheating, she was soproud of herself that she could actually go a daywithout cheating, which wasn’t really cheating sincewe had a marriage where her fucking other men wasallowed. It wasn’t cheating but we both called itcheating. I called it cheating because that was whatit was; she called it cheating because I called itcheating. She didn’t care what I called it, but whenshe needed the bed, sometimes all night, I needed tofind something else to sleep on or in.
I didn’t recall agreeing to that. My understanding wasthat she could not promise to remain faithful. That’sdifferent than having the right to fuck whoever shewants whenever she wants. I would not have agreed tothat, because you can’t live as man and wife with anunderstanding like that. I don’t know what that is,but it isn’t marriage, which was what I was proposingand she accepted.
Our honeymoon wasn’t all dreamy. We had arguments butnot fights. We disagreed on a few minor points. Aftermany negotiations with Fanny, I gained a greaterrespect, understanding, and admiration for Jake. Healso had my sympathy.
When you enter into negotiations with Fanny, you mustbe prepared to give up everything you entered thenegotiations to get, and then some. By the time weleft paradise, not only did she have the right tocheat with anyone at any time in our marital bed, butI had to change the sheets and make the bed.
She did grant me one concession. She agreed to buy abetter couch and let me pick it out, since I would bethe only one sleeping on it – every fucking night allnight long. Fuck 🙁
Fanny and I made our love in the daytime. She lovedher love making with the only man she ever loved, butnights were for fucking all kinds of men – IF, shecouldn’t work for Jake and do all of her fucking onthe job.
Fanny cheated me into submission. Three weeks afterthe honeymoon, two hundred cheating acts after thehoneymoon, I cried UNCLE and let her enternegotiations with Jake. I thought, that poor bastard.
Fanny got everything she wanted. In exchange for atwelve-hour shift that went from four in the afternoonuntil closing, she did no carnival acts, and allfucking was free and at her discretion in a Princesspleasure palace built over the bar that could only beused by the princess and her prince, and their guests,available and accessible twenty-four hours a day,seven days a week, all utilities paid and cable TVwith all the movie channels.
He fucking built it, and I ended up living over and ina sex circus where my wife was the queen of all thefucking acrobats. For me, this was Heaven. I lovedLegs. Legs was a guy’s wet dream, and I got to callLegs home, eat and drink free, play with and befriends with all the performers. I got to do all theshaving I wanted to do.
I massaged the sluts between acts and between legs inLegs. I took care of the animals. I watched everythingfor free and got to stay up late every night, even onschool nights and work nights, because I didn’t have ajob or go to school. I just did what I fucking wantedto do, because I was Da Prince.
Jake and I became good friends. I was a big help, afree handyman, do anything to help the bar – the bar’sgo-to guy. Jake very much appreciated having aPrincess with a Prince-ofa-guy.
Turk and I were buddies. He had great respect for me.I was a ballsie little fucker. He liked me a lot. Iwas Da Prince. “Nobody messes with Da Prince. Anybodymesses with De Prince, you point me at ’em.”
“I appreciate that, Turk.”
Turk liked me too much. We became the very closest ofbuddies, bosom buddies, real pals, inseparable. Turkliked fucking me. I mean, he really really enjoyedfucking Da Prince. Working me over with that dildo didsomething to that gorilla. It wasn’t a homosexualromantic thing, no kissy kissy mushy mushy shit. Thiswas a very manly thing.
He just was nuts about my smooth, muscular, slim,trim, almost hairless boy-body. He loved holding mynaked boy-body to his very masculine monstrosity ofhairy male flesh. Mostly, he loved fucking my sexyass, or fucking my sexy gullet, or jacking off into mysexy sucking mouth, and he loved watching me eat cumor lick his cum off his manly cock and balls, then eatit.
I lived a wet dream within a wet dream, for I wasTurk’s bitch, his fucker boy, his punk, his boy toy,Turk’s Prince. My wife, the Princess, thought we madesuch a cute couple. Her idea of Heaven was a big dickup her ass, a bigger one in her pussy, one in eachhand, while sucking another, and still being able tosee Turk enjoying his Prince. Turk was welcome in myonly sanctuary anytime, day or night.
Fuck 🙁
I could end this story here and leave you feelingsorry for me. I gotta tell you the truth. Yes, atfirst, I hated Turk’s affection. There is nothingqueer or effeminate about me, but his manly affectiondid start to feel pretty good, and his semen did tastepretty good.
The man does have a very strong masculine cock, and,well… I kinda liked the way he held me, caressed me,possessed me, and… made me feel like a very sexylittle girl when he fucked me. I liked being owned,and I was, because the Princess gave me to him. Turnsout, I like being pussy whipped and manhandled. Putthe two together, you have my kind of exotic eroticthing.