The New Employee

A new employee started at my company recently. He is two years older than I am with one of the nicest ass’s I’ve ever laid my eyes on, the rest of him isn’t bad either, from what I could see in his standard office attire. His name was Jamie, and I decided I would have to get to know him. We would have the regular office chit-chat in the hallway or common areas, but I needed a more personal asstr approach.

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asstr sex stories just erotic storiesOne day he was in another friend of mine’s office, so I walked in. Jamie mentioned that he enjoyed playing computer games and I offered to lend him a new one I had just purchased. He avidly agreed and I left it on his desk the very next day, disappointed that he wasn’t at his desk at that time. I saw him later and he thanked me for lending it to him and gave me a delicious smile that I couldn’t resist.

The next few days since I had lent him the game, we really had minimal contact, except for a hello in the hallway, each time we would smile at each other, and I would get a thrill from seeing him, and I would catch him checking me out if he walked by me, and looking down my shirt or at my ass.

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That following Friday was dress down day, and in the morning I saw him in his blue jeans and polo shirt and I had trouble concentrating on work for the rest of the day. I was also wearing jeans and a short sleeve button down sweater. After 5:30 most people had left for the weekend, but I was still there, surfing the web in my office that I shared with two other guys, but I was the only one left.

Then Jamie appeared at my office door.

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He said with a devilish grin, “Wow, I’m surprised I found you still here, but very glad.” We then started talking and it somehow came up that whenever he wore jeans, he never wore boxers or briefs, but rather nothing at all. Don’t forget to read amazing show girl erotica on our website as well. Somehow I couldn’t get my mind off that fact and wanted to find out if it was indeed true.

I don’t remember why, but we ended up walking down the hall and ended up in a storage room that had a desk chair in it along with a desk amidst closets. He pulled the door shut while I was giggling and now hanging onto his arm.

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He then sat in the chair, and pulled me onto his lap, saying, “There seems to be only one chair in the room, guess we’ll have to share.”

I agreed and felt so warm inside as I sat down. I realized he had quite muscular legs and arms as well and I naturally leaned into him and felt quite at home.

We started to whisper about how we were in the office in a storage room and I said it is actually quite exciting and made me think about how we should be making use of the room, being that we were there together and all. I could feel how excited he was by it all.

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Then Jamie leaned his head down and gently pulled my neck towards him and we began to kiss hungrily darting our tongues in each other’s mouth and sucking on it.

I un-tucked his polo shirt from his jeans and slid my hands underneath in order to feel his warm skin and squeezed his chest. He did the same to me and then lifted my shirt and pulled my bra down and sucked both of my breasts with equal attention.

He then whispered to me, “Oh god, I just can’t stop touching you all over. Your skin is so soft, I want you so bad…”

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I felt tingles all over and an undeniable wetness. I shifted my weight on his lap and he then moved to kiss my neck and belly and then back to my lips. I could feel his hardness through his jeans and reached to unzip his pants. I then slid my hand in and caressed it, then rubbed it up and down, grasping the tip, it was so hard and one of the largest cocks I had ever gotten my hands on… I was having so much fun touching it and he started to breathe heavily with pleasure.

I stood up and pulled him up to sit on the desk, then unbuttoned the pants button, lowered his jeans and covered as much of his erection as I could with my mouth, covering the rest of it with my hands, and cupping his balls. Up and down my mouth went all the while he was moaning and holding my hair.

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At the same time his free hand reached to unbutton my jeans and unzip the zipper and he reached beneath my panties to begin massaging me, then he slid two fingers inside to where I was warm and wet and anticipating his touch. In response I moved towards his movement, faster and faster, and I could feel him constrict, getting ready to explode.

His touch deep inside me, the fact that we were not supposed to be in that room, his huge hard cock throbbing in my mouth and hand, and the fact that he was so turned on by me were all too much for me and I couldn’t wait any longer and I felt the orgasm fill my entire body and mind with ecstasy as I came.

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Jamie could feel me coming and as he stopped moving his fingers inside me, he also came in my mouth with a gasp and release of his breath.

I pulled my head away and the rest of his cum ended up on the carpet, leaving a stain, which to this day is still there.

We helped each other get dressed and he asked me if I was hungry and we ended up spending the entire weekend together, but that is another story.

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I was so happy and that was the best time I had ever had during a Friday right before I left work and indeed, Jamie wore no underwear with jeans.