I am a Show Girl

Hello everyone. I am a “Show Girl”. I’m 23 years old, 5’5″ tall, 115 pounds, and my measurements are 36C-21-34. I’m a natural blonde, with blue eyes and I’m into sexy talking and sexy ideas.

Actually, my show girl & bondage fantasy is to be on a stage with a lot of people watching me dance naked. In my fantasy, the guys hoot and holler, making very lewd and suggestive remarks about what they’d like to do to me in bed. I dance alone for a while, shaking my huge boobs in their faces, or bending over in front of them close enough for them to try to lick my wet pussy. They all chicken out at the last minute though, and this makes be bolder and hotter the longer I dance.

I have in mind one of those semi-round stages, with a short, straight runway straight out from the stage. I start out dressed in a skirt and blouse, and quickly lose my clothes to stand completely nude before everyone.

While I’m dancing, my pussy gets wetter and wetter, and I feel my pussy cream mixing with the sweat that covers me from dancing under the hot lights. Faces are blurred beyond the edge of the stage, but the men are all intent on checking out my body. As I dance, I get more and more suggestive about what I want. I’ll lay on my back with my legs spread and rock my hips as though I was being fucked hard and fast.

Then I roll over and spread my legs and thrust back, showing everyone my wet pussy and sexy ass. This I do with a nice looking guy of about 27 sitting at the edge of the stage. I shove my ass and cunt almost in his face several times. When I get up and dance by him, I can see a thick bulge in his lap, and I know he’s hot for me.

Finally, I see a pretty woman about my age sitting at the edge of the runway with her boyfriend across the table from her. I dance down towards her and lay on my stomach, pressing my large breasts against the floor. I am a show girl so I know how to make men want to eat me. I look her in the eye and run my tongue across my lips sensuously, then flick my tongue up and down, showing her I’d like to eat her pussy too. To my surprise, she give me an air-kiss, and runs her tongue around her lips too.

Excited, I sit up and spread my legs wide, with my ass at the edge of the stage, gyrating my hips lewdly right in front of her. I’m daring her to show me. Then she leans forward, and I hear the crowd hush. Her tongue lightly licks my soaking pussy, and she runs it over my clit, taking me closer to a climax. She leans back and fingers my vagina, and then licks my cream from her fingers, smiling up at me.

I stand up, a little weakly, and continue to dance. But now, I’m dancing for her, enticing her to let me join her for the night. Instead, when I dance in front of another handsome man, she climbs up on stage and walks up behind me. I’m squatting down, legs wide apart for this handsome man to inspect my pussy, and I’m leaning back on one hand. The woman comes up behind me and reaches around to cup my tits, then shake them and squeeze them for the handsome stranger.

Her touch is electric, filling me with a fiery passion. We both rise, and her hands take mine to the buttons on her blouse. I undress her on the stage, with the guys cheering us on. She’s wearing no bra, and her firm breasts are pointing straight out at mine. I lean close and rub my nipples to hers, and we both feel the sensual heat in our breasts. Quickly I remove the rest of her clothes, and we kiss, pressing our bodies together. Being a show girl has it’s perks. I was feeling it already! Her soft flesh presses to mine, and our hands explore each other. I pull her cheeks open to show her off to the men in the room, and she does the same to me a moment later.

We dance together a little, down to the end of the runway. She pushes me to the floor, then kneels over me, lowering her beautiful pussy to my mouth. I get my first taste of her cream, and greedily lick her juices up. She is holding on to my large breasts, pulling on my nipples. I feel a hand exploring my thighs and then my pussy, knowing it belongs to one of the men in the audience who is bold enough to try.

She leans forward and pulls my legs up, and a mouth covers my vagina, juicy vagina of a slut show girl!, licking and sucking as only a woman would, bringing me to the apex of arousal. I am filled with fire, a wild, burning passion for more, for more of her tasty pussy, her erotic touch. I feel something warm and thick press against my opening, and I know some man has his prick out and is going to fuck me. And I want to be fucked, fast and hard while everyone watches me.

The woman’s pussy is flowing like thick honey all over my face. Her cream is sweet and warm. The prick begins moving in me, sliding easily in my soaked pussy. She continues to lick me near my clit, and she keeps me close to the edge. My body reacts to the man inside me, squeezing and trying to wrap around him, but my hands have her cheeks spread wide, and she has my legs held back. Her breasts press against my belly, and slide in my sweat, feeling so erotic and sensual.

Now I see a man standing over my head, his hard prick standing straight out of his pants. He kneels and presses the head against her opening and slides in easily. His invading cock spills more of her sweet juice into my mouth with every stroke, and I’m licking at his large balls as they sway and slap against her cunt.

I feel the man in me start fucking hard, fast, urgently. His body slams against me in a rough assault on my pussy, until he shoves himself deep inside and squirts his come deep in my body. He withdraws quickly, leaving my pussy to contract after he’s gone. My fantasy woman begins licking and sucking his sperm out of me, and she’s thrusting back against the man in her pussy too. I’m so close, so very close myself, and I rock my hips on her mouth, wanting her to make me come too.

I feel and see the man above me press deep into her cunt, and I can almost feel his cock throb and spurt inside her. He too withdraws, and then presses her sweaty ass down, shoving her cunt against my face. Her pussy oozes his sperm out into my mouth, and I drink it all down, swallowing her cum mixed with his. I was liking it. My show girl instinct and feelings were over the roof!

I feel a warm liquid running down my pussy, and then a warm splat near my anus. Our sweaty bodies slide and slip against each other, as she licks up the sperm that someone spurted on me. Another man stands over my face and her rear, jerking himself furiously. I can barely see two others over her body, doing the same.

More warm liquid runs down my pussy, warming my labia, matting my hairs. Her tongue seems to be everywhere between my legs. The man standing crouches down and squirts his thick, white sperm on her ass. I watch the thick white drops running down her cheeks, towards my mouth. The next man kneels next to us and I feel his hand on my breast. She lifts up slightly, and then he presses his long, hard cock between us, just in time to come. I can feel his thick shaft throb as a large, wet warmth covers my breast and her stomach. The third man presses his short, thick cock against her anus and I watch his thick sperm flow down her pussy, just as he shoves the head into her asshole. His cock thobs again, and he pulls out and leaves.

When we sit up, most of the men have their pricks in their hands and are pumping up and down. She turns around and licks the sperm from my nipple and chest, then begins sucking on my nipples. Her boyfriend stands up on stage. His trim, lean naked body has a nice cock, and he walks forward and holds it to my mouth. The woman slides her fingers in me and begins to lightly bite my nipples. I lean my head back and let her boyfriend fuck my mouth. The men are cheering him on, urging him to cum in my mouth, or on my face. Some even calling for him to cum on my tits. The woman releases my breasts, and begins to suck his balls, looking up at him and telling him to come. She tells me that he comes a lot too.

I can feel him ready to shoot, and she pulls him out of my mouth, and pumps his sperm all over my face and hers. She holds him and then kisses me, her tongue licking his cream from my chin. Then she licks his head, and pulls him around to fuck my show girl pussy. He rolls me over and presses my hips to the floor, pushing my legs together. The woman slides in front of me and spread herself for me to lick her.

He presses his cock against my opening and shoves hard, driving his still hard flesh deep inside me. The woman pulls my head against her pussy and he begins to fuck me hard and fast. I’m starting to come like crazy, and the crowd cheers. I moan and shake my head wildly, and arch up against his every thrust. The woman too is coming, her pussy soaking my face all over again.

Suddenly he plunges deep inside me and I feel his cock throb as his thick sperm rushes into my hot, wet cunt. I’m almost screaming into her sopping wet pussy, and shaking all over. Her legs wrap around my head and she bucks against my face, pulling my hair hard.

The two of us lay there, sweating, slippery, and soaked. Her boyfriend pulls out and climbs down to get dressed. My legs are still spread as his come flows out of me and spreads a wet pool on the stage. The woman now unwraps herself from around my head, and pulls me up and kisses me again. The audience is cheering and giving whistles. We both stand and bow, and then walk backstage to clean up. Behind the curtains, she stops me and spreads my legs, licking her boyfriend’s sperm from my thighs and cunt.

She and I enter a dressing room, and she can’t stop sucking my nipples. Her fingers are driving me wild again, and then she moves to the door, pulling me along by my cunt. We go out the back door, still naked, sweaty, and wet with come. Her boyfriend has the car out back with the door open. She pulls me in, and we drive off. In the back seat, she kisses me again, and licks my cum from her fingers. Her boyfriend drives his two naked ladies home. As we pull into the driveway, we’re still naked in the back seat. She turns to me, her hand on my left breast.

“That was fun sis. Can I do the dancing next time?”