True Fem Dom – Juicy Sex Stories

It was a warm spring day. I had just finished work andI was driving down the highway, when I spotted agorgeous cream-colored Benz. It was very clean andshiny like it was new. Inside of this vehicle sat aslender woman with brunette hair.
As I passed her on the highway our eyes met. Her blueeyes went through my entire body, like the cold steelof a dagger. For the past two years I had been insearch of someone who was just like me, what am I?Kinky, and very much into consensual slavery, or assome know as BDSM.
On the outside I look like an everyday good girl, onthe inside I consider myself to be a total submissivefem, and a lover of the dark side. As I continued todrive down the highway I noticed the cream colored carwas still behind me. I continued driving until I sawthe sign for my exit. As I drove off of my ramp I saw ahuge traffic jam. It was outrageous and traffic wasonly moving about two miles an hour, and I still had todrive at least twenty more minutes before I could gethome.
I continued to sit in traffic listening to my stereoand looking in my mirrors, when all of a sudden Inoticed the cream colored car approaching slowly on myleft. Traffic had started to pick up. As I continued onmy route towards home, I noticed that the cream coloredcar had moved into my lane, in front of me. When westopped for the red light I noticed the woman inside ofthe car looking at me through her rearview. I didn’tpay this any attention. I just turned up my stereo andcontinued to listen to music.
When I started to approach another stoplight it wentfrom green to yellow. I didn’t have time to stop againand I knew that I could make it, when all of a sudden,the cream colored car slammed it’s brakes. I slammed mybrakes as hard as I could. Suddenly I saw my car smashinto the back of the cream colored car. My heart waspounding like it never had.

Before I had a chance to get out of my car, the womanfrom the cream colored car was coming toward me, andshe was not a happy camper. “Look what you’ve done tomy fucking car.” She screamed, almost to the top of herlungs. I got out of my vehicle and asked if she wasinjured. The look that she gave me could kill a snake.I noticed that she was tall, slender and very dominant.“You’re going to pay for this, do you hear me?” Shekept saying over and over again. The police came andtook down our information, and we went about our way.
About two months had past after the car accident, whenI had attended one of those gothic/ bdsm dance clubs.As I socialized with some friends I sat down at the barand noticed a familiar face. it was the lady from theaccident.
Just as before, our eyes met and I started trembling.She started walking towards the bar area, and boy did Iwant to piss my pants. Up close she was very hot. Shewas dressed in a black leather bustier top, with a pairof black leather pants that revealed the sides of herlegs from her ankle to her waist and last, but notleast she had on a pair of stilettos. “Hello there, hitanyone’s car lately?”
With a submissive smile, I shook my head and said,“No.” She extended her hand to me, and said, “My nameis Shawna, what’s yours?”
Trembling I said, “Brianna, pleased to meet you.”
We talked for at least an hour, and from thatconversation I assumed that she was over the mishapswith the car. That night I gave her my phone number,and we parted.
Off and on for a couple of weeks we spoke on the phone,becoming better acquainted with each other. Shawna soonasked me out on a date. we both were trying to feeleach other out. One Saturday night, I arrived at herhouse around eight o’clock. The house was as huge asall hell. When the door opened there was somethingabout her that I could sense.
After we had a couple of drinks, she started fondlingmy thighs, but who was I to say no, but I did, and shewas not pleased. “If you were smart you would be a goodlittle subby and give me what I want.”
I became nervous. “What is it that you want from me?”
“I want you to take off your clothes and come with meto the basement and I will show you.” Her eyes werepiercing and cold. Her entire basement was a fetishdungeon. “Tonight you belong only to me, you will do asyou are told and nothing more, is this understood?”
“Yes,” I said trembling.
“I’m not your mistress so you will refer to me asGoddess Shawna, is this understood?” It took me toolong to answer, when suddenly a long single tailed whipcame lashing across my backside, I didn’t know what hitme.
The dungeon was cold and dreary, like a dungeon issupposed to be, but as I looked around, I wondered whatshe had in store for me on this night. Goddess Shawnadisappeared into the darkness, but she soon returnedwearing a shiny black cat suit with a black strap-onaround her waist, a black cat mask and several types ofwhips. With a cold sound in her voice she said, “Cometo me, and get down on all fours.”
I threw myself down as quickly as possible, but maybenot quick enough, she grabbed a flogger and lashed meon my ass several times. “Whenever I give you an orderyou will do it quickly and you will do it gladly isthis understood?” “Yes Goddess Shawna.”
She then made me stand, and she shackled and cuffed myarms and legs around a pillar that was in the center ofthe room. Everything was silent when suddenly, I felther behind me. Her breath was hot but soothing. In myear she started to whisper. “Mmmm, do you remember thatlittle fender bender slut?”
“Yes Goddess Shawna.”
“Remember when I told you that you would pay?”
“Yes Goddess Shawna.”
“Well my sweet slut your payday has arrived.” Suddenlyshe rammed the thick eight-inch dildo into my ass withall of the force that she had, and I let out a long,loud scream that almost shook the walls of the dungeon.“Shut the hell up, do you want to wake the fuckingneighbors?” She pulled the dildo out of my ass and wentto the table and got a gag for my mouth, and ablindfold. She proceeded with fucking me in the asslong and hard, until tears filled my eyes.
Once she was done she continued whisper in my ears.“Mmmm slut you are very anal, it’s going to be so muchfun paying you back for the thousands of dollars worthof damages to my new car.” She then disappeared again.
When she returned she removed the blindfold from myeyes, and the gag from my mouth. “I’m going to takethis out now, but you will be punished extremely if Ihear a peep from you, is this understood?”
“Yes Goddess Shawna,” I said softly as tears were stillstreaming down my face. My pussy was on fire by thistime, but I knew that she would not please me and norwould she let me please myself. When the blindfold waslifted she was standing in front of me naked.
She had a large, shaved pussy. I craved for a taste ofher sweet juices.
She came up behind me and bit down hard on my neck, andthen on my back. I wanted to scream but I rememberedwhat she had said. Tears were coming down my face veryfast now. As she continued biting me on different partsof my body, a warm and creamy liquid started runningdown my legs. As she fondled my inner thighs she feltthe warmth of my cum and angrily said, “Did I give youpermission to cum, huh? Answer me now you little cunt.”
“No Goddess.”
“Goddess, Goddess what?”
“Goddess Shawna”
She then went to a table and got a large wooden paddle.She drew back and smacked me hard on the ass with forceseveral times. My screams wanted to come out again, butI took control of myself, this was punishment enough.The lashings kept coming over and over again until shegot tired. There was a chair in the corner, she draggedit over to where I was, and sat down in it spread-eagle. She then unshackled me, and made me get down onmy knees. She took my head and forced it toward her hotpussy lips. They were very wet.
She controlled my head by pulling and tugging on myhair. I started stroking her love bud. As I licked itstarted to enlarge. It became so very large that I hadno other choice but to suck on it. “Mmmm come on slutsuck it harder, give it to me,” she said as her eyesstarted to roll back into her head.
I knew that I must have been doing something right. Hermoans and movements started to quicken, when suddenlyshe pulled my hair very hard and thrust her hot wetpussy so far into my face, I couldn’t breath. I thoughtthat I would surely suffocate on that night. She pumpedher hips uncontrollably until a burst of juices arrivedfrom in between her legs. She then rubbed my face intoit, and I licked her dry. I could tell that she wassurely pleased, or at least I thought.
As I remained in a kneeling position in front of her,she raised my head up and began to kiss me in a verysensual way, this had me creaming all over myself. Ihoped that she wouldn’t put her hands between my legsagain. She slightly pushed me out of her way as shewent for the blind fold again. “Come to me, and closeyour eyes, I’m about to test your sense of smell andtaste.” She said to me softly. “Do you understand?”
“Yes Goddess Shawna.” I had no idea what was about tohappen to me. The room became quiet for about tenminutes or so, and then suddenly, I was being tested ina lot of different ways. I smelled and tasted fruit,candy etc., but suddenly I smelled something that mademy heartbeat very fast, and my clit throb.
“Mmm, do you like what you are smelling?”
“Yes Goddess Shawna,” I said curiously.
“Would you like to take a lick of it?”
I didn’t know what to say, but I knew that it should bethe right answer. “Yes Goddess Shawna.” I was sonervous, I knew what she wanted me to do, but I hadnever rimmed anyone before in my life, I’ve alwaysthought of it as being gross.
“Well what are you waiting for? Get started.” She saidin a low voice as if she was hungry for it.
She started pushing her ass into my face, and movingback and forth. The first taste of it was kind ofbitter tasting, so I pulled back as if in protest, thiswas not a good move.
“What in the hell do you think your doing? You will dowhatever I want tonight and you will do it gladly slutis this understood?”
“Yes Goddess Shawna.”
She then smacked my face and made me continue, as shebent over in front of me. After getting the hang of mytongue going in a circular motion, it was like thebitter taste had disappeared and turned into nothingbut honey, I could not get enough, and nor could she.
I found myself pushing my tongue deep within her, andthis is when she started to moan. “Mmm, yes cunt youare learning very well mmm.” I could feel her bodypushing my entire head back as she tried to get moretongue, so I shoved my tongue in as deeply as I couldpossibly get it. This is when she moaned the loudestand I could feel a watery liquid burst onto my tongueand mmm it was extremely satisfying. When she wasfinished cumming, she removed the blindfold andsensually kissed me again, this sent a warm pleasingfeeling throughout my body.
When we finished it was about 3am, and we both weretired. She invited me to sleep with her upstairs in herbed after we showered together. Once we were in hersoft king-size bed, she rapped her arms around me andheld me in the spoon position, and we drifted off tosleep.
I had awakened about 10am and realized that I had toleave, because I had to prepare for a meeting firstthing on Monday morning. When I sat up, so did Shawna.“Hey good morning, where are you going,” she said in acurious but sleepy sounding voice. “Well I have thishuge meeting tomorrow morning, and I’m not prepared forit, so I must get started, if that’s ok with you?”
“And what if I say that it isn’t.” My submissivenesswas standing at full attention again. I didn’tunderstand why I was acting this way, she did not ownme, and she was not my mistress. We had only playedtogether last night, or was it play? “Umm.”
“Umm what Brianna, can’t you speak when you’re spokento?”“No answer from you, mmm that’s what I thought.” Hereyes became piercing, it was like she could see rightthrough my weak piece of flesh. “Okay, go if you must.”
I quickly jumped up, and ran downstairs for my clothes.She watched every step that I made. When I was ready toleave she didn’t get up to walk me out; she just lay inbed naked with her luscious body calling my name.
Within the next couple of weeks my job become verybusy. I was a researcher for a major law firm. It hadbeen two weeks since I had seen or heard from Shawna. Ithought that either she didn’t like me, or her job wasmaking her life really busy. She was a big time realestate agent for a large real-estate firm, who cateredto the filthy rich or something. I didn’t want to calland bother her.
Eventually a month or so had gone by without me hearingfrom Shawna. On one hot and lonely Saturday night, myphone rang. When I picked it up it was Shawna. Thesound of her voice made my voice tremble. “HelloBrianna how are you, I’ve missed you. I apologize fornot getting back to you for so very long, but I havebeen busy with work, and I had to leave town for acouple of weeks.” Her voice sounded stern, but sincere.
“I more than understand, I’ve also been very busy.” Myvoice was sounding shaky, and weak.
“Are you busy this evening?”
“Ah no, I’m just hanging out here watching a movie.”
“Mmm, what type of movie?”
“It’s an S&M movie, it’s pretty much ok.”
“So what’re you really into personally?”
It was like it was my very own secret, but I answeredher with a timid, soft voice and said. “Well I enjoydomination, submission and mild masochism, along withother forms of BDSM.”
“You know I enjoy the same things pretty much but I’mjust the opposite. I enjoy dominating, and I’m intomild sadism.” She said with a certain type of longingin her voice. As for me, this is something that I havebeen searching for in a person for a long time, and Iknew that Shawna was not one of those want to be typeof people, for she was a true female dominant.
Shawna then said, “So when would you like to test myskills again?” I really didn’t know what to say.“Brianna speak up baby you can do it.”
“Well I’m here all alone as usual, what about tonight.”
“I’m always ready, how about in an hour or so?”
“Yes that would be fine.” I could hear a certain typeof calm in Shawna’s voice; maybe she had been yearningfor some of the same things that I had been yearningfor.
About an hour or so later Shawna’s cream-colored Benzpulled up in front of my house and she rang the bell.When I opened the door, she walked in and it was like abreath of fresh air. My heart was pounding but why? Shehad this look of pure lust in her eyes.
“Brianna, go to the car and get the black bag that ison the back seat for me please, I forgot it.” I wentquickly to the car to get it, and rushed back inside.“Thank you, now where can we go to get started,” shesaid impatiently. “We can go upstairs to my bedroom, ifyou’d like.” “Sure that’ll be just fine.”
My bedroom was pretty spacious for a house of its size.In the past, I had the wall that sat between my roomand one of the guestrooms removed to make one verylarge room, it served more then its purpose.
I was dressed in a black latex corset with buckles downthe front with a matching latex thong and heels. Shawnaonce told me that she loved for women to dress within ascene but they should always keep themselves as sexy aspossible. This was a huge turn-on for her.
Once upstairs Shawna dropped the black bag where shestood. A weird look came over her. She then grabbed meand kissed me hard on my mouth, burying her tongue downmy throat.
“Mmm, baby I have a lot in store for you my littlepussy.” She said, as she grinned. “Drop,” Shawna saidwith great demand as she snapped her fingers loudly.
I knew exactly what this meant, so I did exactly what Iwas told, and I did it gladly. Shawna started takingoff all of her clothes, and boy did she have a body tokill for. She then put on her famous strap-on andcommanded me to come over to her. “Come to me andremain in a kneeling position.”
I did what she asked without question, but I had noidea of what she wanted of me. She grabbed my head andshoved the eight inches of hard rubber dick into mymouth; at first it was hard to breath.
“You’ve never swallowed a dick before have you?”
All that I could do at the time was shake my head no,and she understood this time, because my mouth was kindof busy. She then slowly coached me and told me howeasy it would be for me to eventually take it all inand after about fifteen minutes or so it started towork.
After that part was done, without warning she pushed medown onto the floor with force and began to rip mythong and corset off of me. She then began to shove thedildo into my pussy. I thought that she would split myclit for sure. She must have been really in needbecause her scent filled my whole bedroom instantly; itwas like taking a breath of fresh air.
As Shawna pumped my pussy faster and faster, shedecided to lift my legs over her shoulders, so that myass would be revealed. She then took the dildo out ofmy pussy and shoved it clear into my ass without anylube. I accidentally let out a very loud moan, and thatmade Shawna push the dildo into me even harder.
“I told you before about being so loud didn’t I, huh,huh?” Shawna was very angry and I was scared. Sheeventually got up and reached for her bag. She pulledout a lot of rope, very thick rope. “Get up on the bed,right now, hurry up.” I climbed onto the bed veryquickly, and I lay on my back as Shawna grabbed mywrists and started to tie them to the head post.Afterwards she grabbed my ankles and tied those too,and she also tied a blindfold around my eyes.
Shawna pulled out a black leather strap similar to anold-fashioned razor strap, and began punishing me withit. I dared not scream, but tears fell from my eyeseach time my body twitched from the lashes. It seemedthat maybe the strap was a little too large for myslender body after a while, Shawna switched to a smallsingle tail whip. This had a sting that was reallyunbearable, but I could feel my pussy getting wetterand wetter with each thrashing that she administered.
Once Shawna was tired of whipping me, she then crawledon top of me and placed her hot pussy over my face andcommanded me to lick and suck her graciously until shesaid to stop. As I licked and sucked, Shawna or ratherGoddess Shawna became hotter and hotter. I could feelher sweat dripping onto my breast, this made my clitthrob out of control, I wanted to explode. Shawna wasalready out of control as she fucked my face withforce.
As I continued to suck her clit, she began to moan, andpull my hair. Suddenly a burst of hot creamy liquid wasall over my face. Eventually when Shawna regained hercomposure she climbed to the end of the bed and said,“You have been a very good subby tonight, do you thinkyou should be rewarded?”
“Yes Goddess Shawna.”
“So be it,” she said with satisfaction.
She began to suck on my clit, and pussy lips, mmm itfelt so good. She had never touched me in this waybefore. I was melting. She then began to bite my clit,which hurt, but it hurt so good. Suddenly I began toexplode and Shawna bit down much harder, on my clit,moving her way to my thighs. What a long night we had.I wore the evidence of her passion for me to work foralmost two weeks the bruises were pretty bad, but good.
She always made sure that any evidence of her signaturemarks were well hidden, because I did have a job to goto.
Shawna and I began to see each other frequently, andthen one day she came to me, and asked me to be hers inownership, she wanted to become my Mistress, and me hersubmissive sex slave.
I immediately said yes. About six months or so later, Imoved into Mistress Shawna’s house, and began to pleaseher in whatever way she wanted me to, 24/7. Her everycommand was my wish. One thing that remained the samewas my career. I was still getting up going into thelaw firm each day looking like the innocent, good girltype.
The only difference was that I had an amazing glowabout myself because I was in love with MistressShawna.
She would throw parties with her kinky S&M friends anduse me for the human buffet. She showed me off like Iwas her trophy. Her friends would sometimes want toshare me, but she would say, “Absolutely not.”
This made me happy, because she was the only one that Iwanted to use and discipline me. Mistress Shawna becamevery strict with me.
She showed and taught me things that I’ve never heardof. She turned into a pure bitch, when she would gether period, She would get upset if I were to breathetoo heavy, she wanted quiet.
One rainy Saturday, I was doing my weekly chores ofcleaning the house. I was in the kitchen doing thedishes by hand, because this is what she wanted thoughshe had a dishwasher. A couple of wineglasses fell ontothe floor and broke, she heard this and yelleddownstairs. “Brianna, what in the hell are you doing?”
“Umm Mistress two wineglasses fell to the floor byaccident and broke.”
“Which two glasses?” She yelled with a roar in hervoice.
“Mistress two of the clear ones with the black stems,and gold rims.”
She came running downstairs to take a look, I could seethat she was terribly upset with me, and I immediatelystarted to cry. “Brianna, look at this fucking mess, doyou know that these are the glasses that I got fromGreece last year. Now instead of six there are onlyfour. How will I replace the glasses huh, do you knowhow fucking expensive these are for just one?”
“No Mistress, please forgive me, please.”
“No Brianna not this time.”
“When you get paid you will not be allowed to keep asmall portion for your allowance, you will turnover thenext three paychecks to me, is this understood?”Mistress Shawna’s eyes were turning red she was soangry. Each glass was made of crystal, with a diamondcut, and fourteen-karat gold around the rim.
“Brianna, clean up this mess, hurry up, do it quickly.”Mistress was not feeling well, and I was in deeptrouble. I was so scared of the punishment that I wasabout to receive. As tears streamed down my face, Irolled my eyes at Mistress on a sly, or so I thoughtand she slapped the hell out of me. “Brianna, are youdisrespecting me? Are you getting angry with me, afterall that I’ve done for you?”
“No Mistress.” I threw myself down on my knees.”
“Brianna, I’m very angry with you. Your punishment willlast for the rest of the weekend, go to the basementright now.”
I did as I was told. Mistress walked behind me quickly.Once we were down in the basement, Mistress made mestrip, it was time for my punishment. “Come here, andbring the pussy whip with you. Now lay across thetable, and be quiet, don’t let me hear a fucking soundfrom you.”
Mistress strapped my arms down first, and then my legs,I couldn’t move if I tried. My legs were spread apartso that my luscious pink lips were showing among otherparts.
Mistress brought her arm back as far as she could, andshe took the small leather whip and swung it over andover as hard as she could, down on my wet pussy. Mytears were streaming like a river. My pussy became verywet, and very swollen. The burning sensation felt goodfor an instant. Though Mistress was on her period, I dobelieve that she was turned on, as she saw my pussyswollen and wet. She started unstrapping me.
“Stand up right now, hurry.”
When I went to stand up, my pussy felt as though itwould fall to the floor. The pain was intense. Mistresswalked into the bathroom. I suddenly heard the waterrunning I had no idea of what she was doing. She thencame over to me, and removed her black satin robe. Herbody made me so weak. “Brianna, do you love and cherishyour Mistress?”
“Yes Mistress very much so.”
“Good, you will do what ever it takes to please me,correct?”
“Yes Mistress.”
Mistress Shawna then made me lay on the cold marblefloor. She knelt down over my face with her pussy overtop of my mouth. “Open your mouth wide and you betternot spill a drop.” Mistress’s voice sound low sensual.
Suddenly a warm stream of gold tricked from Mistress’spussy directly into my awaiting mouth. She had donethis to me several times before, but it never tasted asgood as it did on this day. Maybe her time of the monthadded a little more flavor.
After Mistress was finished, she laid her pelvic areaslightly on my mouth and started humping my face. I gotthe hint right away. My tongue was her slave. She wasgrinding her clit onto my tongue harder and faster,until I heard her moans of ecstasy.
When she was finished, she got up and walked away fromme, and placed on her black satin robe. “Get up slut,go over to the corner and get into your cage, this iswhere you will spend the night. If you are a good slut,I will take you out in the morning.”
The marble floor was very cold, but when I had awakenedin the morning I notice that there was a blanketcovering my naked body. In the months and years thatfollowed, my relationship with Mistress Shawna got evenbetter. I learned what to do and what not to do, how todress, and how not to dress. Mistress kept me under herstrict and complete control. Almost everywhere shewent, I went too, I was always a foot or so behind her.
One thing I do not regret is hitting the back of hercream colored Mercedes Benz on that warm spring day.