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This is the madhan,22yrs, it is the real incident happened to me, when I was in my first year of my college. I stay in Bangalore, interested females can reach me out in your privacy will be hidden.
So lets come to the incident, it was 2018 and I was new to this place, I know hindi as I was in North part of country for many years. I met a girl named Isha (name changed), to describe her, she was pretty good looking with a average body.
At first we were just casual friends and as she saw from North and most of the people were from South part , she was not comfortable with all of them. As I know hindi, she was always closed to me.
It was the time of December, where the winter was at peak, one night as we stayed in hostel, I got a call from Isha, she asked me to come near her hostel. So within 5mins I reached there, when I went outside her hostel, she was already there waiting for me, I asked her what had actually happened, why she was looking tired. She told me that she is not feeling well, she need to visit the hospital, so I took her to the near by hospital and it was just a regular fever.
Then I took her back to her hostel and told few of my friends who stay in the hostel to take care of her and I said came to my hostel saying to take rest. It was nearly 1am I got a call, it was ishu. I took the call and she told was feeling better now, I was happy at that time that she is fine now.. and told her to get back to sleep and take little more rest..but she told she wasn’t sleepy anymore and she continued to talk. But In the other side I was feeling Soo tired and my poor body was not getting the much needed sleep it needs. But as the next day was Saturday, which was leave. I was fine talking to her late night as I would sleep the next whole day.

We kept on speaking all rubbish things happened in our life. The time was running and I was 3 am by now. She felt sleepy by now and we both slept. The next day morning I got a call from Isha, I barely opened my eyes and attend the call, she screamed my name loudly.. with that screen all my sleep went off. With shock I asked what happened? She with laughing told this was the ninja technique to wake up people. I was actually pissed off with this but didn’t showed it. She planned to go out with her friend to some restaurants, but as her friend changed the plan, she now wanted me to join her. I told yeah fine, I’ll join you I told her. We went to the restaurant and had our meal, then we went for a movie in the forum mall. By now it already late, we had no clue how much time we spent in her clothing purchases. And all the people in Bengaluru will admit about it’s unpredictable wether.
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It started raining and we had to travel a long distance. So we planned to stay somewhere till the rain stops. But the rain didn’t stop, Isha asked me let’s take a hotel room as she was feeling cold. I agreed to her and started to check for the hotel rooms with good ratings. And I found one and showed that to Isha and she was fine with it. As we went to the hotel room we booked a single room. We went to the room and the room was neat and warm. We dried ourselves with the towel and I ordered pizza as Isha likes it. The time we were waiting for the dinner, I told Isha to inform this to her roomates. Her dress were completely wet due to the rain, as she had fever yesterday I told her to take bath with warm water. She agreed and went to take shower, till that time I was watching TV.
After sometimes, I got my pizza, and waited for Isha to come from shower. Isha came from the bathroom with only towel covering her parts. She felt little shy but was comfortable with me. She got excited looking at the pizza and we started having it. As time went the the pizza got over. Now we were blank, what to do next. Now I went to the bathroom to take bath, and I saw her dress there, her innerweres were there and I got arrosed seeing that. Now I got some dirty thoughts flashing in my mind. When I came out of the bathroom only with towel tied up , I felt uncomfortable because she didn’t looked the same way for me. I controled myself had to not get tempted with her. She was able to know the sudden change in me after coming out of the bathroom, and she got that she had left her cloths inside the bathroom itself. She the went and tried to keep it under the fan to let it dry. We both were on bed under the blanket watching TV and talking random things. But still something was running in my head. Suddenly inside the blanket, she grabbed by hand and I felt the warmth. I didn’t know what to do next, she just held my hands. Then slowly she turned to my side and she put her one leg on me.
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Now I can’t control my emotions, the bulge was already started to grow. She put her hand on my chest and was seducing me. Now it was my time to backfire it. I hugged her inside the blanket and kissed her neck. She responded it with a soft moan. She was showing her neck and I was constantly kissing it and was smooching it. Our towel be and loos In this activity, when I released the hug, and stood up, my towel fell down and I was naked, she felt shy and she turned the other side, I was excited with her shyness. I came closed to her and took off her towel from backside, now I was able to see her bare backside body. It was Soo good looking l, I raised her and turned her to my side, I could see her covering her two boobs and pussy with her hands.which was hardly possible. Now I raised her face and started to smooching it. In this process , I lifted her arms away from those gorgeous site.

My hands were playing with her big balls and constantly sucking both of them. I could feel her body becoming hot, I made her lean in the bed facing me. Then asked her to spread her legs to which she did, her pussy was clean shaved and it was wet. I went near to her pussy and was able to scene the aroma of that liquid. I put my finger above her pussy and was teasing her. I opened her vertical lips and inserted my finger to which she moaned and I was fingering her for some time. After some minutes, she told now she want to do something, now I gave her chance, she neel down and she took my cock and started to move it forward and backward.. I was feeling Soo good, she then took it in her mouth and she gave me a amazing blowjob. After some minutes I told her I am about to come, and removed my cock from her mouth. Now I again spreader her legs, licked her pussy hard, she was breathing heavily, she hold my hair and pushed it downward. And she lifted her back to let me eat her fully. She was having much pleasure as I could see her enjoying. She came after some minutes. By the time, my cock was hard, she guided my cock to her pussy. I asked her that is it fine to do without protection. She told it was fine as she will take the pill. So I inserted my cock into her pussy, it was right and hot. My cock was inside that hot pussy. She gave a loud moan.
We were doing In doggy. It was hard for me to get inside her, the. I applied some saliva as lubricant, then with a hard push I was inside her. I was moving with a flow, where she was in full pleasure. I held a constant speed, at a point she was about to come Soo she told me to increase the soeed., I increased the speed and we both came at same time one after another. It was a long night, as we did 4 times that night. And in morning before leaving the hotel room.
Now as she got a boyfriend we don’t spend much time together as she wants to be loyal to her bf.That’s all about my story. Any girls interested in a hook-ups contact me