The Best Vacation in My Life with Mom – Part 1

Hello, Readers welcome to my story that happened in my real life. Let me introduce myself. I am Vivek from India. I am 24 years old and studying in the final year of college. I am a fitness freak so I have a muscled body. And my dick is 8”. Ok enough of me let me introduce my mother. Her name is Jhansi. She is 36-32-34. He is a Christian and white toned skin. I was very attracted to my mom. But she didn’t know about this. My Father is a Businessman and he also a work addict. So many times he will not come to our home at night.
Let me move on to the story now.
My Dad and My Mom has planned for a trip long back ago and informed me just on the morning of the trip day to surprise me. My Dad and Mom are sitting in the hall, waiting for me. I took bath in my room, dressed up, and came down to go to college.
Me: Hey Mom and Dad. Good morning. What happened Dad you are not going to office today? Why are you late?
Dad: We have been waiting for your son. We need to say something.
Me: Haha…. (Smiled a little and sat near my mom) What mom what is the matter? Are you both planned anything for your anniversary that happening tomorrow?
Mom: It’s a Surprise Vivek your dad will say that to you.
I was seeing dad what he is going to tell me.
Dad: Hey Vivek. We have planned to go on a trip this anniversary.
After hearing this, I think in my mind “Oh God yes so this weekend end we can have so much fun in the house. My mom and dad will not be in the house, so I can call an escort and have fun as I wish for the whole two days”
Mom: Vivek what’s up what are you thinking?
Me: Ohh nothing mom. So when you both will be back home after the trip?
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Mom: Vivek you too coming for this trip. We need you too to join this trip. Our happiness is always you. So how can enjoy the trip without you?
I don’t know what to react after hearing this. My face becomes a little sad.
Me: But why me mom it’s your anniversary right?
Dad: Yes son of course. But you will be excited by hearing where the trip was.
Me: Really? Ok, tell me where it was?
Mom: It’s your favorite place. The Maldives.
I was existed a lot and got up and dance a little.
Me: Really dad we are going there? It is my dream place until now. I am more excited to go to that place with you both.
Mom: We too excited Vivek but before that, you need to go to college today. It’s late now. Go and come soon.
Dad: Ok Vivek I have to go to work now. Bye, see you in the evening.
My dad kissed my mom’s forehead and leave the house. I went near the door and said to mom.
Me: Bye mom will see you in the evening.
Mom: Bye Vivek I will be waiting for you and she kissed me on the forehead.
I felt nothing when she kissed me and went to college. I told my friends about the trip and they all asked me the same question “This trip sounds like a couple’s trip. Why are you going?”. I don’t know what to say. I just reminded silent. The only thing striking in my mind was “Couple’s”. As I was a Milf addict from before I started to remember some sex stories that I read about Mom and Son previously. I started to gain some attraction towards my mom. I planned to do something to mom on this trip and make her realize that I am attracted to her from earlier. While returning home I was thinking of it continuously about seducing my mother but I have little fear in myself. I reached home now.
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Me: Hey Mom. I am home now. Where is dad?
Mom: I don’t know Vivek, he said he has some little work and will be back soon in an hour.
Me: Ok mom. I will pack my stuff in my room. Call me if you need any help.
Mom: Ok Vivek. I too have to pack some stuff. I call you if I need you. Go pack your dresses now.
I went to my room and started to pack my stuff thinking about my mom. I opened my self-door and found some unused condoms. I thought this will be useful on the trip but had a fear to take it with me. So I closed the door and went out. I heard a sound from my parent’s room. It was my mom.
Mom: Hey son can you come here to help me?
Me: Yes mom coming.
I went inside the room and got stunned after seeing my mom. She was wearing little shorts and a top with only strings in it. This dress was so tight and her whole body structure was visible clearly. I was thinking in my mind “Ohh my god what a dress she was putting on? I can’t believe she can wear this dress even it is tight. It makes her body structure to clearly visible for the strangers.” I started to stare at her boobs
Mom: Hey son can you hold this for me a little bit?
She handed over me two sexy lingerie one in black and one in red. This makes me horny more and my dick started to raise a little by little as I was imagining my mom in that lingerie. In my mind “Oh my goodness what a lingerie does she have? I could get a chance of seeing my mom in this lingerie in the trip.”. My mom saw me as I was continuously watching her lingerie that too in the boob cup part.
Mom: Hmmmmm Hmmm. Vivek what are you looking at?
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Me: Hmm nothing mom. I was looking at that lingerie. Do you like to wear this mom?
Mom: Hahaha no son I haven’t tried it. It is your father’s gift for this 25th anniversary. So I think I need to try on this to surprise you, dad.
Me: So I will be having a chance to see my mom sexy in this outfit (In a low voice).
Mom: What did you say? (By asking me as she can’t hear me)
Me: Nothing mom I said the lingerie was nice.
Mom: Ok son now give that to me I need to pack it.
I handed over it to my mom and mom started to pack it in her suitcase. While she packing I gave a peak in her suitcase. I was totally in an amazing state. She was packing some bikinis too and that too they very were colorful. My dick started to get harder inside my underwear and it started to give pain. I turned back and adjusted my dick, as my mom should not see that. I started to plan to talk dirty to my mom to make her fall towards me. Suddenly a voice came near my mom.
Mom: Hey Vivek. Thanks for the help.
Me: Mom just shut up. Don’t thank me like these silly things, but you can thank me for some big things.
Mom: What do mean by a big thing?
In my mind “(It means my dick)”.
Me: Nothing mom. Just like taking good care of you and dad on the trip.
Mom: Ohh so kind of your son. By the way, where is your dad? He is always being late for every trip. Just call him and ask where he is?
Will see you soon in the next part. What the dad going to say and what all going to happen after that.