Husband’s four buddies – Juicy Sex Stories

My name is Kirk. I have four buddies that I’ve knownsince the first grade. They’re Bill, Cal, Daryl, andEric. They were quite a crew as we grew up together. Atthe time, you couldn’t ask for a better set of friendsto bum around with. They got a bit rowdy at times, butat heart they were a great set of guys.
In high school, people told me I was nuts to stick withthem. Many called them losers because they drink toomuch beer, partied hard, were into all the sports, andof course chased skirts. They each always had the bestlooking babes in high school and also in their adultlife. They were truly studs in their own rights. Theyconstantly talked about their conquests.
I on the other hand am just the opposite of them.However, I did get a chance to go on to college, thengraduate school and landed a good paying job as at anadjacent town about 35 miles away from my hometown,where they lived.
The guys stayed in the hometown and all had entered intorespectable blue-collar trades. In addition to my mainjob, I was also a part time instructor at a small,nearby liberal arts college.
I didn’t find much interest in sports and I never seemto have much luck with the girls. In that department, mybuddies seemed much better equipped than I in pleasingthe women anyway. They were all rather well endowed. Iwasn’t. Even though they occasionally teased me aboutthat aspect, it was all good-natured and in light fun.
However, they know I tend to be an eternal optimist andlook for the good in people, so they teased me aboutthat also, saying I was naive and easily fooled. Idiscounted their claims. I figured I was as alert as theaverage Joe, even though I tended to look for the goodin folks.
I shrugged off their comments and told them they tooshould not be so cynical about life and people. It wasafter I met Kay, that my life changed. However, myrelationship with my buddies also changed in ways Inever could’ve predicted, in my wildest dreams. Kaymarried me. We were very compatible, close, and verymuch in love. She was just my type and with a sharp mindtoo. She said my idealism and optimism intrigued her.She said she fell in love with me easily because I wasan easy going and not a pushy type person.
She was just a plain, but moderately attractivebrunette, nothing like the knockouts common for mybuddies to be seen with.
She didn’t care for my buddies coming by to see me atfirst, but after a while, she warmed up to them and evenencouraged them to come by more often. At the time, Iwas glad she was learning to tolerate them.
My buddies were no dummies, in fact they were all quitesharp, but lazy in the get-up-and-go department. They’dprefer to party rather than do any thing mentallystimulating.
At the college where I worked part time, I ended upgiving a speech on the long-term societal benefits ofPro-Choice policies and how it would be wrong to stoplegal abortions.
At the time, I never knew how volatile this subjectwould be and how my humble contribution to this causewould impact me, my marriage, and also my lifestyle.
I received a couple of strange phone calls warning me tonever speak on the subject again. Over dinner, I told mywife and buddies about those incidents as I laughed themoff as prank calls.
I was surprised at the interest my wife, and Bill, oneof my buddies, took in the detail nature of the call.Things like, whether the caller was female or male andthe exact wording used.
“I appreciate your concern, but I’m reasonably certainthe caller was just a prankster.” I told them.
Just a week later, I literally had to eat my words.
It was Thursday evening, and my buddy Bill was over fordinner. he doorbell rang. We weren’t expecting anyone. Iwent to the door.
As I opened it, three men rushed in and literallyinvaded our home. My wife, Bill and I were immediatelyheld at gun point as one of the men grabbed Kay toprevent her from screaming.
They proclaimed themselves as the “Gang of Three”. Theyindicated they were a Pro-Life Advocacy Group. Once theypositively identified me, I was tied up. Then my wifeand Bill were ordered to strip.
I couldn’t tell if the men were black or white as allthere features were covered up and it appeared they hadsome type electronic devices masking their voices.
All three were extremely nervous and I was scared out ofmy wits at what was happening before my eyes. I next sawone of the men reveal a camcorder. It appeared they weregoing to videotape something. I was fearful we all weregoing to be killed.
I was sure my wife was going to be raped, but I wasn’tsure of the reason for Bill being stripped nude.
It was even more bewildering when Bill and Norma wereordered to be amorous and to have intercourse. The menwhispered into the ears of my wife and Bill. It was fromtheir repeating the gunmen’s demands that I determinedwhat was going on. I was shocked.
I was scared. It was painful to be tied in bondage whilemy best friend was forced to enjoy my wife. I must admitfor both of them to have been scared, they put on aremarkable job of pretending. I was also surprised thatBill became so easily erected and that he slipped hisrather large erection slipped into my wife so easily.
Even more strange was that Bill came in her twice and Ilost count of the number of orgasms she had – I believeit was four or five.
After their forced public display of intercourse, I wasuntied and led over to my wife’s parted legs to see themessiness of her sex. I was horrified, surprised andimpressed, all at once at the quantity of semen my buddyhad shot off in my wife’s cunt. I was thankful she wason the pill.
“Now Mr. Pro-Choice, it’s time to show your appreciationfor what your friend has done for you. Get over here!That’s it crawl!”
I wasn’t sure what was in store for me as the gunman,who was doing the talking, guided me toward where myBuddy Bill was now sitting – that is after havinguncoupled himself from my wife, who sat nearby. Sheappeared to be in what was, I’m sure was a state ofshock, even though she looked more mellow and glassyeyed, than in shock. However, I quickly turned mythoughts back toward my situation as the gunman pushedme roughly toward Bill’s feet.
“It’s fitting you show your friend that you’re pleasedby his efforts at pleasing your wife. What better waythan to suck his cock clean. Do it!”
“W-What!” I blurted out in an unbelieving tone of voice.
“You heard me pip-squeak! Suck dick or get your teethbashed out!” The gunman shouted as he raised the weaponbefore my eyes. Terror filled me.
Scared to death, I did as I was told. My humiliation wasgreat as I slid my tongue over my friend’s long, thick,languished penis coated with fuck slime. Expecting anunctuous taste, I was surprised that the taste wasn’tworse than it was.
As I glanced up at him out of the corner of my eye, Icould tell Bill was embarrassed too, for he had aneerie, dazed, and sort of “out of it” look on his face.After I had licked everywhere the gunman had directed –Bill’s balls, his large dick head, along and around hiscock shaft and finally, around the dense pubic hair base– the gunman finally directed me away from my friend’scock, after my forced “lick cleaning”.
“Now, hubby, it’s time for you to do the same for yourwife.” The man said in a whizzy electronically generatedvoice, as I was pushed to my knees before my wife’sparted gamy smelling, jism smeared, oozing hairy crotch.
“Now cock sucker, it’s time for you to eat some cream ofpussy. You better do a damn good job of licking andsucking her clean.” I heard the man bark.
“W-What?” I stammered. The next thing I saw was a gunbefore my face. I got the message.
I girded my self mentally and proceeded to do asordered. Knowing what I had to do, I wondered if thetaste would be similar to the slimy traces on the prickI’d just lapped clean. I braced myself for the firsttaste of my wife’s jism soaked muff. Again, to mysurprise, after a few seconds of having my face in themessy sloppy snatch, I found it had a slightly strongerflavoring than the slime coating on Bill’s dick. It alsohad more of a musk odor and a creamier consistency tothe taste.
To my surprise, my wife got another orgasm as I finishedmy forced task in her slimy hairy crotch. Then, justsoon as they’d come, the masked gunmen were gone. Wewere warned not to call the police, otherwise theincriminating video would be released on the Internet,including my forced actions. They also threw an envelopeon the table as they quickly departed.
I was alarmed and surprised at what was on the note inthe envelope. It said we were to get a copy of the videothey shot. Then if we didn’t abide by their wishes,excerpts would be released on the Internet with namesfrom our driver’s licenses, which they’d looked at uponentering. The note was signed simply “GO3”.
I was still kneeling, my face wet and smeared with adrying mixture of my wife’s and Bill’s fuck juices.
“Oh darling, that was awful of them to do that to us andto you.” Kay said as she sat up on the sofa and pulledmy head over to her. She held me to her breast as wecomforted each other after the ordeal.
We three got cleaned up, and after a while discussed theincident as well as details of the note left behind bythe three intruders.
We three were all very embarrassed, especially me. I wasreally surprised at well my wife, and Bill for thatmatter, endured the ordeal so calmly. I couldn’t helpbut commend them. I was a nervous and emotional wreck.Who wouldn’t be after having licked a dick in front oftheir wife? I was devastated.
I also went along with my wife and Bill’s decision notto call the police. After all, none of us wanted to beInternet rape celebrities. The more I thought about it,I too was glad that the other two agreed on this courseof action. After my anger and fright had subsided a bit,I thought of my regular and part time jobs and how Iwould have to deal with folks if news of the incidenthad gotten out.
Days later, another note was received from the GO3. Itwas followed by a phone call. The same electronicallyaltered voice made it very clear as to what would happenif I didn’t follow their instructions to the letter. Tosay I was in shock was truly an understatement. Theother shock was how well my wife received it.
“Honey, they could ruin us. Your buddies don’t have muchto lose, but you have your professional jobs to beconcerned about.” She said to me in a calm and collectedtone, which amazed me.
“B-But Kay! T-They a-are talking about y-you getting p-p-pregnant f-from…”
“I know darling, but don’t you think it’s better for itto be Bill than some stranger? After all, this can onlymake you and Bill that much closer. After all, you toonow have the knowledge of having shared me. It’s only abit more of an extension of that for me to have his babyand for you to share that with him.”
Reluctantly, I had to admit my wife’s logic was right. Icalled Bill and told him everything. After a brief pauseof silence, he agreed.
“Even though I wouldn’t ordinarily fuck a close friend’swife, in this case it’s an emergency situation. I’ll beover to fuck, er, I mean sleep with her tonight.” Billreplied to me in the phone headset.
When I tried to let him know that he didn’t need to comeover so soon, since it would take a while for Kay’sbirth control pills to wear off, my wife intervened andasked if she could talk to him. They at first exchangedpleasantries and minor small talk. Then she went silent.Apparently Bill was talking. She briefly walked out ofmy earshot with the cordless phone. She returned amoment later just in time for me to hear her close outthe call.
“Yes, yes, you’re right Bill. That’s a good idea. Byenow. See you in a little bit.”
She hung up before I could get the phone back.
“Honey, I need to get accustomed to his size and styleof sexing.
I can’t just rush into this, even if I’m being extortedinto doing so.” My wife Kay said, with a strange smileon her face, which seem to say, `It was dumb of me toeven question her about her desire to do so.’
The group’s instructions also demanded that I suck mywife’s pussy each time after she was fucked. That was soshocking to me.
Bill arrived a couple of hours later. We three againtalked about the entire situation. I was still quiteapprehensive about the whole situation and doing as theGO3 demanded.
I tried getting out of doing any clean up duty at all,but my wife persuaded me to do so to avoid incurring thegroup’s wrath in the event they discovered she, or I, orBill lied and didn’t follow their instructions.
What hurt more than anything was that my wife admitted,in a cavalier tone, that it made her feel good for me tohave sucked Bill’s thick cum from her pussy. I was soembarrassed because she said so in Bill’s presence.
Bill also chimed in and agreed with my wife, about itbeing the best thing to clean her pussy after hefinished fucking her.
“It’s nothing personal old buddy, I’m just thinking ofyour best interest here. After all, we don’t knowwhether they may come back and give us all some kind oflie detector tests or something.”
Browbeat and failing to counter their logic, I hung myhead and agreed with my wife and buddy. I committed totongue clean her messy drippy slimy cunt up after hefilled her with his heavy load of dick cream.
“Look at the bright side honey, at least they didn’trequire you to lick Bill’s dick clean this time.”
It was a small consolation, but I had to nod inagreement with my wife’s comment.
I prepared to sleep on the couch as Bill led my wife toour master bedroom. They would call me when they wereready for me to do clean up on her pussy between fucks.
Additionally, my other hurt was that I wouldn’t be ableto have intercourse with my wife until she was pregnantwith Bill’s baby.
As it turned out, until then, I ended up having to besatisfied with my wife’s occasional blow job and manybouts of her jerking me off, while my buddy had thepleasure of fucking and enjoying her luscious pussy raw,wet, and to his heart’s content.
During this time, I began to get worried about how closethey were becoming. They were like teen lovebirds.
My wife was announced pregnant in a little less than 3months after the gang invaded our home. Now that shewas, I’d assumed that all the deep French Kisses andhugging and groping between she and Bill would end. Theexcuse before she was pregnant was that they had to doall those type of things to get use to each other inorder to facilitate getting Kay in the mood for sex.
“Kirk, we just can’t turn our feelings off like a gardenhose. These things take time. We’re dealing withemotional ties here. After all, Bill and I have ignitedthe process of creating a new life. He and I just can’tbreak off our bonding that quickly.”
My wife’s words came as a surprise to me. I tried tocounter the position she was taking. It failed.
“Kirk, I love you. Don’t forget that. Bill and I willhave to work on breaking the tight emotional bond that’sbeen established between us. Us having sex is a part ofthat bond. Unforeseen circumstances created thissituation, and like many things in life, it now must runits course. Kirk, if you truly love me, you must acceptthis situation and be supportive, not creating emotionalturmoil.”
We talked and talked, but there was no deterring mywife. I got the same type of response from my good buddyBill, when I confronted him on the same subject. To makematters worse, even without it being brought up in theconversation, I was sheepish and thoroughly intimidatedby the fact that I had been orally cleaning up after allthe messes he’d made in my wife’s cunt.
The bottom line, I had to live with and endure Billbeing the other man in our household even after my wifewas pregnant. To make matters worse, my wife insistedthat I continue to lap her cunt clean after their sexualliaisons, which lasted until the beginning of her eighthmonth.
I found it humiliating, even if I had become accustomedto the slimy creamy taste of pussy fuck juices. Ieventually made up my mind to try and rebuild my esteemas a man and a husband.
“Kirk, honey, I need you to do that for me. Your sweettongue is the perfect compliment to Bill’s much largerdick. I can still feel your smaller prick in me, but notlike before. Darling please continue to eat me out. It’dmean so much to me, since you’re giving me somethingBill can’t, and Bill is giving me something with hissturdier, long lasting dick that you can’t. Besides,Bill is not a pussy eater. He told me so.”
I picked up loud and clear on my wife’s message. Ithurt, but I knew I’d have to put rebuilding my manlyesteem on hold, just to please the woman I loved and notjeopardize my marriage. I was concerned now about hermaybe having fallen in love with Bill.
Fearful of possibly losing her, I conceded to herrequest. I was to remain her “pussy eater”, throughoutthe rest of her pregnancy.
Even though she and I were also having intercourseduring her pregnancy, that is up until the eighth month,I could tell it was much more utilitarian and not withmuch enthusiasm. Her enthusiasm was always higher withmy head between her parted legs as compared to my prick.She was always more excited about sex with Bill and hismuch bigger cock. The bad thing for me is that she had adifficult time hiding it.
Bill and my wife’s liaison produced a son for us. Mywife thought it fitting to name him William. I cringedand tried to get her to change her mind. She resistedsaying it was only fair to Bill for the baby’s firstname to be named after him, since the last was to bemine. She dug in on that point and I ended up concedingto her once more.
I also assumed our lives would return to some degree ofnormalcy, after the baby was born, but again, I wasslightly wrong.
Within weeks after “our” son was born, she and Billbegan dating openly, while I remained home baby-sitting.I went out with them from time to time, but often I feltlike a fifth wheel, in a manner of speaking. Many timesmy wife also discouraged me tagging along with them.
Bill was a much better dancer and party person than I. Ihad to admit, he was funnier and more hip when it cameto being a party type.
On many of these dates, my other 3 buddies were alongwith them most of the time. This made me feel better.That is, with 3 other guys around, it made Bill’s datewith a married woman, my wife, a bit more sociallyacceptable. At least in my eyes anyway.
As my wife had said, I accepted her philosophy andassumed that the situation with Bill, and theunfortunate and strange, circumstances we foundourselves in, would run it’s course and our marriagewould return to the routine we were in prior to the GO3invasion incident.
How wrong I was.
When William was eighteen months old, the three maskedbandits returned. Just as before, they broke in. Thistime it was Cal that was the forced stud for my wife.Again I was tied up and forced to watch and to do cuntclean up duties. It was dejavue all over again.
The big difference this time, Cal’s cock got hard as Iwas licking his thick slimy cock clean. The three maskedmen insisted and forced me to aggressively suck him tocompletion. They videotaped the entire act close up. Itwas so embarrassing to be captured on video obviouslyswallowing gulp after gulp of Cal’s powerful spurts ofviscous jism, including my involuntary licking of hissemen from my lips after he pulled his softening dickfrom my lips.
Even though dazed after what I’d been forced to do, Iwas amazed at the volume of cum Cal had injected into mymouth, even after the copious quantity of the frothymess he’d deposited in my lovely wife’s cunt.
Again, I had been forced to experience another of mybuddies fucking my wife as well as being assigned thejob of impregnating her with our second child. Andagain, I had to lap, and suck up the spermy froth fromher drippy oozing crotch from the moment of the invasionthrough her pregnancy.
I was extremely sad about this whole incident. However,the idea of me being seen by millions with a second cockin my mouth overruled any other thoughts I had aboutreporting it to the authorities. Especially since thissecond cock sucking scene was far more incriminatingthan the first.
A year later, we had another baby in our growing family.It was a baby girl. My wife insisted on naming herCallie.
During this second pregnancy, my humiliation was madeeven greater. I ate a lot of pussy juice and dick creamduring this period of time. You see. After Cal hadimpregnated Kay, I had to frequently eat Cal’s heavythick dick slime from my wife pretty pussy, as well asBill’s. My wife insisted that it was okay for both mento have intercourse with her and paid no attention to mycomplaints.
Neither did Bill or Cal.
Additionally, my wife insisted – no the right word isdemanded – me to suck her fucked cunt out routinely.Cowed by her changed personality, and my apparent,unspoken, lesser masculine status, in her eyes, I did asshe desired.
Cal and Bill seemed to always be over at our house andconstantly had their big dicks in Kay.
No matter how I tried, I couldn’t seem to deter my wifeor the guys, that is Cal and Bill, from their lustyactivities. Part of the problem was that it’s hard tosound manly and commanding, when I’ve had my mouth onboth of their dicks and even sucked one of them off tocompletion.
It’s also hard to portray myself as master of the house,that is, with my wife, and my buddies, all four of them,insisting and reminding me to suck out her slimy, semenfilled pussy, after Bill and Cal fucked her. Theirconcern, that the GO3 would discover I didn’t do as Iwas told. Cowed by everyone’s repeated nagging andbrowbeating of me, I conceded and put my lips and tongueto work, rather than risk my professional career.
Something I found it hard to believe was how cheerfuland available my wife made herself available to Cal &Bill.
With me, she wasn’t always in the same cheerful, upbeat,sexy mood, unless I was going to be tonguing her twat,especially when it was wet and messy with Bill’s orCal’s spent ejaculate.
Even though she was warm and affectionate to me, it wasclear that the role I played with my head and tonguebetween her legs gave her the greatest pleasure.
It was rather humiliating when the guys, even though ina good hearted way, made an off hand remark about mesucking my wife’s creamy cum soaked cunt. Even worse washer also joining in on the snickering and smirkingsmiles with the guys.
I was always red in the face on this subject. But, itwas common knowledge that this was the only way I couldcompete with the guys and their much larger tools.Especially since they had essentially ruined my wife’spussy for me and my much smaller member.
Once when we were alone, my wife, in a loving wayexplained why she joined in with the fellows making funof me eating her creamy hair pie.
“Kirk, honey, I did it not to hurt you, but to helpdesensitize you to being uptight about eating my creampie. I want to help you get over your macho concernabout eating another man’s spent jism from my pussy. Youshould not feel ashamed of sucking semen from yourwife’s cunt, especially when the men who deposited itthere are friends of yours. Men who were forced intothis bizarre ordeal, the same as you and I. Here baby,come here, you look like you need a hug.” My wife addedas she could tell from the expression on my face that Ilooked dumbfounded and dejected over her explanation.
The hug did feel good, even if I didn’t like what I washearing.
After a brief hug and a kiss, my wife resumed ourconversation.
“Darling, you can’t help it because they are bigger thanyou and I delight in their bigger rods after having beenexposed to them. You also can’t blame yourself becausethe only way you can be comparable to them pleasing meis with your lovely tongue lapping action. No, Kirk, youhave nothing to feel humiliated about. I want you tofeel just as comfortable talking about sucking out mywet snatch as Cal and Bill discuss how well they got offin me.”
My wife went on to make me try and understand thatwhatever we did within our marriage was okay, since itwas a part of our legal conjugal marital relations.
I wasn’t totally convinced by this and otherconversations we had on this subject. Neither did myconfidence come about to openly feel comfortable toopenly talk of my eating her creamy hair pie, especiallyin the presence of the men who deposited it there.
However, the guys, all four of them, continued tomention something from time to time about my gooey muffdiving. My wife, even though well meaning in her attemptto desensitize me on the subject, did continue to bruisemy feeling as she failed to not criticize their jokesabout me. However, despite all this, I continued to suckout my wife’s fucked and frothy slimy snatch because Ihad no other way to compete with these more well endowed“sperm depositors”.
This bizarre ordeal had made a complete wimp out of mein my own home. It was further difficult to control thecoming and goings of Bill and Cal, since my wifebrowbeat into me getting them their own house keys.
As if it wasn’t bad enough to have two guys, Iconsidered close buddies to be fucking my wife, it wasrather by accident that I discovered that my other two“close” buddies, were also getting into my wife’spanties too.
I confronted my wife.
“It sort of just happened dear.”
“H-How long has Daryl and Eric b-been i-intimatewith…”
“I’ve been fucking them since I was pregnant withCallie.”
Then it dawned on me that I was probably sucking up andeating the output of four dicks, versus two. I was tooembarrassed to ask her about that aspect.
“K-Kay, I-I don’t know w-what to say. I-I never thoughty-you’d be deceitful to me.”
“I know darling, I was wrong, but it was sort of unfairfor only two of your buddies to be sharing me, and theother two not to do the same. Yes, I was wrong not totell you, but I thought I was doing the right thing foryour friends. They would get so hard up from hearing Caland Bill talk about how good my pussy was. You should’vefelt how hard Daryl’s and Eric’s dicks were when theyfirst showed them to me.”
I looked at her wild eyed.
“Kirk darling, please forgive me for deceiving you, eventhough it was for a good cause, that is of helping yourfriends with their hard-ons. However, honey, you shouldalso look at this from another angle also.”
“What angle is that?” I replied.
“That you should be flattered that Daryl and Eric werearoused enough to want me, your wife, just from hearingCal and Bill talking about how good my pussy was tothem.”
“K-Kay I-I can’t believe you’re saying this. Y-You’renot the same woman I-I married.” I stumbled as I triedto respond to her unbelievably assertion.
“I am, but just more sexually satisfied than everbefore. I feel, so…so, I guess the word is womanly,yes, like a real woman now. You know, with all thesexing you and your buddies are giving me.”
I started to reply to Kay, but a passionate kiss andembrace from her silenced me. My wife’s hugs and openmouth kisses had the same effect, as my mother’s hugswere when I was a toddler and had a hurt finger. Her hugand kisses were comforting, but I was still emotionallyhurt by all that had been revealed to me.
It was obvious from my wife’s affinity for them, that mybuddies, and definitely their 4 dicks, were a part of mymarriage, whether I wanted it or not. I was saddened byher announcement of that at the dinner table oneevening, when all four of my supposedly buddies, werethere with us. After putting the kids to bed, my wifereturned and made her startling declaration.
“Guys, I have an announcement to make. After discussingit, I have convinced Kirk that it makes no sense to hideit that I’m common pussy for all you men, and of coursemy sweetie pie husband.”
“YEAAAAH! Three cheers for Kirk! For he’s a mighty goodfellow!” The guys rang out, almost in unison. However, Iwasn’t in the mood to be cheerful. Neither by my wife’ssurprise announcement, or her overt, even if it was notintentional, put-down of my masculinity. I didn’t knowhow to take her not saying we were all men, rather thanher emphasis on “men” and then letting her voice loweras she spoke “sweetie pie husband”.
My wife was basically saying that she had four men and ahusband.
“Now guys, since all of y’all are going to be poking mypussy regularly, you need to give me some kind ofschedule. After all, I’m a busy mother and housekeeper.”My wife said with a gleeful look, but also exhibited aslightly smirking face. The guys all chuckled. It wasthen that I saw Daryl and Bill reached over and gropedher tits openly, which sort of added to her declarationshe was a common woman for us.
I was again saddened, since it was obvious my wife wasdirecting her statement on “scheduling” to my fourbuddies, and not including me. It was almost like shewas saying, she would schedule them, but work me in asan after thought.
Of course the reality of it was that I would getwhatever leftover intimacy she had. There was more truthin this as she’d let me know, point blank, that this newopenness wouldn’t affect her need for me to tongue andsuck her slimy, drippy, jism laden snatch after she wasfucked by the guys.
With my 4 “close” friends fucking my wife’s pussy sooften, many times she was too tired and too sore, thatis after putting out for them. However, she stilldemanded I do my share of lovemaking to her with mythorough pussy licking and sucking. But, she was tootired after that to let me put it in, and enjoy whatpleasure I could from her well fucked and stretchedslit.
Occasionally she would give me a blow job, but moreoften she would wank me off. It became more frequentthat she would tell me; “Honey, I’m all sexed out, howabout beating your meat off for me? Thanks.” She’d thenturn her back to me and fall instantly asleep. Shedidn’t seem to have the slightest concern for my relief,as I was left holding my aching hard prick as I wasposed to slip it in her well licked and sucked muff.
Another major turning point in our restructured marriageoccurred at dinner one Friday night when all four of theguys were over.
As my wife cleared the table, and at her request, Ibathed, read them stories and tucked our two little onesto bed.
When I returned to the family/dining room, I noticedthat the toddler lock had been engaged on the door. Itwas apparent the group didn’t want the young onesbursting into the room un-expectantly. I thought theymaybe watching a XXX video.
It was worse. It was more like the making of a XXXvideo.
When I returned to our family room, I walked in onbeginnings of an orgy in process. Not only was my wifethe star attraction, she also seemed a very willing andeager participant.
She was topless and it seemed all four of the guys weregroping her simultaneously. Eric was suckling onedelicious tit, while Daryl was kneading the other. Kayand Cal were obviously having a passionate open mouthkiss, while Bill and Cal both had hands under her raiseddress fondling her shapely bush.
Something inside of me snapped. How could she be soblatant and brazen, and right in front of me to boot? Itwas bad enough she seemed to always be more accommodatingto my four big dick buddies than me.
“Kay! This is an outrage! I demand you stop acting likea tramp and show me some respect! After all, I am yourhusband!” I said angrily.
“Kirk! Whatever is wrong with you! Don’t talk so loud,you might wake the kids. And what do you mean calling mea tramp?” My wife spoke firmly and with an annoyed tone.
I had gotten her attention. This was goodness, or so Ithought.
“Kay, it’s bad enough you deceived me about putting outfor all the guys, but to do this right in front of…”
Kay walked up and without warning slapped me so hard Itumbled backward a step or two. My face was burning.
“K-Kay! W-What d-did you do that for? A-Are youlosing…” I started to speak but was again cut off midsentence – this time with words not with a blow from herhand.
“Daryl! Eric! Grab him! And be sure and hold his mouthshut while I find some tape.”
I was Stunned by how quickly Daryl and Eric restrainedme. I wasn’t sure which one had his hand over my mouth.By the time I did, my wife returned from the kitchenwith a strip of wide wrapping tape. Before I realizedit, my mouth was taped shut. She told Daryl and Eric tocontinue holding me.
“That’s better. With that on dear, you have less of achance of waking the children. Better yet, we’re goingto the basement. I want you to explain calling me atramp, especially after all me and the guys have done toprotect you.” My wife said in a huffy voice. It wasobvious she was very upset.
Daryl and Eric guided me toward the basement doorbasically lifting me up when I was slow to propel myselfin that direction. Being that I was of much smallerstature than them, they easily picked me up for the tripdownstairs. Before I cleared the door, I heard my wifecall out to Bill and Cal.
“You two stay up here and watch out for your kids wakingup, while I tend to my smart mouth husband.”
Her emphasis on “your” was a bit of insult to injurywhile all this other was going on. It was an obviousreminder of my cuckold status.
I was carried down the steps with my wife behind me. Iheard the door closing in back of her. I was beginningto get even more worried now. What was to happen to me?
“Hold him right there.” She said to the guys on eitherside of me, who had a firm grasp of my arms.
“Now honey, what is this all about you call calling me atramp?
Here I’ve delivered two babies to protect you fromprofessional ruin. OOOOHHHHH! It makes me so mad tothink you called me that.” Kay said in an emotional,almost screaming tone.
“You have to apologize to me and it must be done in away that I know you really mean it. Additionally it mustbe done in a manner that will remind you not to makesuch an outburst again or even think such a thing. Ipartially understand that you’re under some stressbecause of the circumstances you’ve been thrust into.However, those same circumstances have also thrust yourfriends’ big dicks into me. You must understand andaccept that. I’ve become pleasurably accustomed to themnow. That’s a fact of life you must live with. You mustget use to that, without getting flustered or upsetabout it, just like you’ve done in regard to licking mypussy after I get fucked.”
Even though speechless in my bound condition, I would’vebeen speechless nevertheless. As I let her words soakin, now I was sure my wife was possessed. However, I wasnow worried what type of apology she may be cooking upfor me.
My wife silently held her chin as she pondered andwalked a short distance away. It was obvious she wasdeep in thought.
I tried to speak through the tape over my mouth, but Ionly made muffled and muted noise. She ignored me anywayas she continued to ponder.
“I’ve got it! I’ll just have to address you on the samejuvenile level that you’re acting at.” Her proclamationmade no sense to me as she spoke and went over toanother part of our basement rec room.
“Ah! This should do just fine.” Kay said with a smile asshe returned. She was carrying a ping pong paddle andswinging it back and forth.
It took me a bit to associate everything. Finally, itdawned on me what was on her mind as stood before mewaving the paddle and smacking her hand with it.“Yes Kirk, I believe a spanking is the answer to yourunwarranted, shameful, and hurtful outburst. I’ve readsomewhere a little pain helps the mind to gain humility.Let this spanking be a reminder to control youremotions, and for us to have civil and orderlydiscussions about any issues in our marriage.Understand?”
I didn’t acknowledge her statement by nodding, butsimply looking at her wild eyed and unbelieving what I’dheard spoken. The impending action of what was about tohappen still hadn’t registered with me fully.
“Okay guys, position him such that his butt is where Ican get at it. Here, let me get his pants and shortsdown. He doesn’t need any layers of clothing to get inthe way. He needs to feel the full treatment.”
Before I knew it, I was bent over the arm of an old, bigeasy chair. The reality of my situation finally hit homewhen I felt the cool air on my raised ass cheek, as wellas the strong arms and hands of Daryl and Eric holdingme down securely.
Per my wife’s instructions, they each used one of theirfeet to brace my legs in my bent over position. In theposition they had me in, all I could do was wiggle andstruggle, and make muted mumbles, which were to noavail. My wife was driving this train and it was leavingthe station.The next time reality hit home for me was when Kayswatted me with her first blow.
“UUMMMPPP” Was the only sound I could make as she talkedand swung the paddle with a force I never associatedwith her.
“Darling… WHAP! … just as … WHAP! … your …WHAP! … mother probably… WHAP! … told you… WHAP!… when she … WHAP! … had to … WHAP! … punishyou… WHAP!… like this… WHAP!… when you… WHAP! … were young… WHAP! … Thishurts… WHAP! … me more … WHAP! … than you …WHAP!. But what … WHAP!… needs to… WHAP! … bedone … WHAP! … Must be … WHAP! … Done!”
My butt was stinging and burning as my wife continuedher staccato like onslaught to my battered bottom. All Icould do was struggle in vain as the searing hurt fromthe repeated paddle smacks intensified. I was sorelieved when she finally stopped. She was gasping forbreath after the strenuous exertion of her paddleswinging.
“Now… GASP! … do you… GASP!… better understand… GASP! … how to treat … GASP! a-and respect …GASP! … your wife… GASP! … after all I’ve …GASP! … Been through for… GASP! … for you and …GASP! … the family?” My wife spoke exhausted as sheyanked the tape from across from my mouth.
“Y-Yes … SOB! … Kay. I… SOB! … I do!” I repliedcrying and weeping profusely.
Needless to say, I was very meek and mild after thevicious spanking my wife imposed on me, with the aid ofthose who were suppose to be my “good buddies”. Now theywere more like “my tormentors”.
Later after I’d regained some semblance of composure, Iwas ordered back upstairs and directed to clean up thedinner dishes and the kitchen.
“This little chore will take your mind off your red andbruised bottom. Mop the floor too honey when you’rethrough with the dishes. While you’re doing that, I’mgoing to spend some quality time with the fellows. Don’tworry, I’ll call you when my pussy too sloppy for themto enjoy.” Kay said as she left to join the guys. I knewthey were probably going to start up exactly where theyleft off, when I started complaining about her lewdbehavior with them.
In retrospect, I now wished I’d just minded my ownbusiness and let them be. At least I would’ve had moreof my self respect and esteem in tact. Now, I suspectedthat it would be hard for me to exercise any controlover my wife, and my tormenting buddies, after thisincident. I suspected that once they’d run over me –which they had – things would never be the same again.
For once I was right.
When I didn’t think things could get any worse, over thenext four years, the GO3 returned twice more. Theirvisits and the enforced inseminations of my wife byDaryl and Eric resulted in us having our familyincreased even more. With Daryl, there were fraternaltwins, which Kay insisted on naming Darren and Darla.With Eric, a daughter named Erica.
Additionally, the forced sex at the time of eachinvasion, seemed to get progressively more nasty andsloppier upon each occurrence.
These third and fourth times, I was forced to have myhead under the coupled genitals of my wife and Daryl, aswell as when she and Eric fucked.
Each time, the fuck juices from the action of theirjoined sexes splattered down upon my upturned face.Besides having to endure that, I also had to suffer theheat and fuggy hot lusty smell of their sexual coupling,as well as have my face beat mercilessly by both men’slarge low hanging, bouncing balls.
The only positive thing about the position was that itmade it easier to suck down the thick warm fuck slopthat oozed out of my wife’s fuck slit, after each guypulled out their long tools. After each sex session wasover, my face was drenched with cream colored sex dripand ooze.
After the birth of Erica, I was informed that the GO3’sreign of terror over me, was over. However, themysterious group indicated that if they ever hear of megiving another pro-choice speech, I should count on morechildren to my family, possibly by my friends or othermen, and of course, the exposure of us all on theInternet. They also warned me that I was never todivorce or leave my wife or impregnate her myself. “Sheis only to have children from other men, not you. If wefind out you didn’t heed our warning, we’ll be back.Remember, we know all about you and you can’t escape us,no matter where you move.” The intimidating note fromthe GO3 read.
I felt extremely dejected and put down by such a direwarning. However, I guess it didn’t really matter, as wecouldn’t afford any more kids anyway.
For sure, I don’t talk about anything related toabortions anymore.
Another thing is that I’ll always wonder and remainpuzzled at how the Gang of 3 intruders managed to targeteach of my old high school buddies, one after the other,without repetition, for the forced insemination of mywife Kay. However, now it’s a moot point. No matter thatI didn’t actually father our five kids, they all call me“Daddy” now and are legally mine, despite that they allclosely resemble their biological fathers.
I guess in a way I’m still lucky Kay didn’t leave me forone or all of my buddies. Even though I wasn’t happyabout the whole turn of events, I’ve resigned myself tomy situation, including still being her “licker up man”(one of her nick names for me now).
I still don’t talk openly of my creamy pussy eating,even if my wife encourages me. She routinely comments onwhat an exceptional job I do sucking her out, and off.She does so openly in front of the guys – to my utterand continuous embarrassment.
I also say nothing when the four guys make quips and offhand comments about me consuming most of the fuck juicesthey shoot off in my wife.
There was another sad development in my sad saga, whichI was reluctant to mention. However, since I’ve revealedso much, I might as well tell you readers about it.
At the respective forced sex sessions between Daryl andEric and my wife Kay, the GO3 forced me to lick cleanDaryl’s and Eric’s slime coated dicks after they’d beenforced to fuck my wife on separate occasions.
It was during each of these events, where each alsobecame very aroused and erect. As a result of thathappening, the GO3 forced me to orally caress them tocompletion, which of course resulted in me swallowinggobs of their hot semen in addition to what I had tovacuum out of my wife’s well fucked gaping drippysnatch.
This further added to my total and abject humiliation.When I’m in the presence of the guys, as well as mywife, I cringe at the slightest mention of my “cleaning”role in any of the above mentioned incidents.
If that wasn’t bad enough, as has been discerned by now,Kay became much more dominant in our marriage. If Iraised the slightest bit of a fuss or challenged hersuggestions – which in reality were more like tasks orassigned chores – I could find myself under the threatof being punished, usually with a spanking.
Knowing she had four helpers who’d already helped in herinitial corporal punishment of me, I usually capitulatedto her desires, no matter how small.
Paddle pain was not my thing. As I write this account,to date, Kay has imposed corporal punishment on me threetimes. She’s broken one paddle on me and another crackedafter her last paddling of me. She’s let it be known sheplans to buy more.
I was horrified at her threat to transition from paddlesto something sturdier for me, since, in her words, Ioccasionally insist on “being uncooperative and causingemotional turmoil in our marriage.
My four buddies have taken advantage of my wife’sdomination over me and used it for their convenience.
It started when my wife was away from home a few dayswith her Mom, who’d had some minor surgery. The guys andI watched the kids by us each taking a day off fromwork.
Kay phoned to let us know she wouldn’t be coming homewhen she’d originally planned, but would return threedays later.
It didn’t bother me that much, but I was unprepared forhow it would bother the guys. Little did I know howthey’d become so dependent on my wife for their pleasureand sexual maintenance.
The Friday night Kay was to return, Bill and Eric wereover. The kids were all bedded down and we three werewatching TV and guzzling some cold ones.
“Kirk, I really miss your wife. I was counting on boningher good tonight. It would really feel good to have mydick in her juicy pussy right along now.”
“I know how you feel Bill. Damn! My dicks hard too, justfrom thinking about her sweet lips, juicy cunt, and fineass.” Eric replied to Bill’s out of the blue comment.
“Huh… er, well, she’ll be back Monday.” I replied toBill, after he broke my concentration on the show wewere watching. I was upset at both of the guys talkingabout my wife as if she just a piece of meat and apleasure object for their desire. Unfortunately, that’sthe way things were now in my house and I had littleinfluence to change things.
I was hoping the guys would leave, but they stayed andlamented even more crudely, I might add, about missingmy wife and her luscious pussy. A pussy they all knewthat was more available to them to fuck than me.
I was even more upset at Bill and Eric grasping theirobvious erections, which were now clearly, and lewdly,outlined, and straining against the fabric of theirtrousers.
“Kirk, Kay has been away almost a week now. Why, youhaven’t eaten right for the last 6 days.”
“Yes, I miss her cooking, but it hasn’t been to bad.I’ve done pretty good with the frozen foods fixing mealsand snacks for me and the kids.” I replied to Bill,thankful that the conversation had changed focus.
“What I was talking about was the hot cream filled hairpies we made for you and she feeds you in the bedroom.Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
I turned red faced at Bill’s comment and subsequentlaughter.
Eric joined in too with a smirking smile.
“D-Don’t you guys have somewhere to go?” I repliedcurtly. Even though upset and pissed, I tried to remaincalm at their put down of me.
“No need to get testy Kirk. Maybe you need something tocalm your nerves, and I believe I’ve got just thesolution you need right here.” Bill said, as he stood upgrasping the large outline of his very aroused penis.
“You’re on a regular diet of our dick cream from hercunt. We all know that. Kay likes feeding it to you. Shetells us that all the time as she tries to get all shecan from our dicks. She really can milk my dick with hersqueezing pussy.”
“I second that.” Eric said as he grasped the outline ofhis erection.
“And for you to have continued eating it so long, youmust like the stuff. Right?” Bill asked as he lookedover at me.
“T-That’s not true! A-And y’all know so. It-It’s just t-that… Well… Why am I trying to explain anything toy’all. It’s none of your business what Kay and I do inour bedroom. I-I don’t have to explain anything.” Ireplied in a flustered tone and state. I was angry abouttheir assertion. I didn’t like the idea of being a cumeater, but I had gotten accustomed to the taste, sinceI’d basically been forced to endure it.
“True, you don’t, but you have been missing a key partof your food group since Kay is not here to feed you ourjism mixed with her pussy juice.” Said Bill.
“He’s right Kirk.” Eric interjected.
“And I’m sure Kay would want us to be sure you wereeating right if we could help out, and I think we can.”Bill spoke with a wicked smile on his face, as he stillgrasped his erect penis.
It dawned on me where he was headed with thisdiscussion, but before I could say anything, he wasstanding directly in front of me and starting tounbuckle his belt.
Mortified at the brazen boldness of his action, I justsat there spellbound of what was occurring before me.
“Yes, Kirk, as a cream pie eating husband, you shouldnot have any problem sucking the cum cream out of ourdicks. Besides, we all know you’ve sucked dick before –remember? And for sure, you’re use to the taste of dickmeat and jism cream. In this way you get your keydietary ingredient, and we get off too.”
“And go home with satisfied dicks.” Eric again addedonto Bill’s words.
Bill’s logic was flawless, even though humiliating,disgraceful and perverted to me.
“G-Guys y-you know I-I was f-forced to do-do thosethings. I-I can’t…” Bill not only cut me off, butpushed me back down as I attempted to move from my seatdirectly in front of his now exposed and jutting swollenmember. From my seated perspective, the sight of hisimmense and rigid meaty tool was impressive, yetfrightening.
“Eric show him our welcome home presents for his wife ifhe doesn’t cooperate and eat right.” Bill said directinghis comments to Eric.
From behind the sofa, Eric pulled out a long black case.It looked like a case for rifles.
When Eric opened it, I was surprised at the contents,which were neatly placed in cut outs, which had beenmade in the foam inserts which lined the top and bottomof the case. Never had I seen us an array of whippinginstruments in one place.
“We got this from a Dom who was selling off her stuff. Ibet Kay would have fun trying some of this stuff out onyou. Don’t you think Kirk?”
“Especially this weighted leather paddle.” Eric said ashe removed a large stiff leather paddle from the caseand described how the perforated stiff leather face wassurrounded by ball bearing weight that had been stitchedin the surrounding edge of the paddle face. The purposewas obviously to increase the impact to the victim’srear with a minimum of effort on the whipper’s part.Eric revealed they were going to give this to my wifeanyway, to replace the cracked ping pong paddle.
However, Bill and Eric made it clear that if I didn’tcooperate and suck them off, that they not only wouldgive Kay the entire collection, but may take me to thebasement and use one or two of the items on me.
“Besides, I’m willing to bet if we tell Kay, youwouldn’t help us out, she might take a paddle to youanyway.” Bill said with a chuckle. He might’ve beenjoking, but with the way my wife had been acting lately,I was afraid that indeed there was more truth to what hewas saying than I wanted to admit.
I knew my options were limited. Despite my begging andpleading, both men were too full of lust, and the needto appease that lust, to be reasoned with, or honor mypleas. My eyes were watery and my voice cracked. I wasliterally defenseless. I was a broken man in a corner,and without any real options. However, I continued totry and reason with Bill, since he appeared to be thelead perpetrator in this.
“Close that door and go check on the kids to make surethey don’t come in here.” Bill said to Eric, as I wasstill pleading for mercy for them not to imposethemselves on me, or to whip me.
When Bill turned around, he swiftly grabbed my head andthrust his bloated shiny dick head right between my lipsas I was talking. Before I knew it, my mouth was stuffedfull of hard dick.
“You better not bite either! If you do, a paddling won’tbe all you get!” Bill said as he moaned slightly all thewhile making a fist with his other free hand. His dickwas so hard that I doubt he’d felt it if I did try tobite.
“Now suck it! Just like you did when the gang had a gunto your head!” Bill added. I saw Eric looking in mydirection as he was preparing to walk away to check onthe kids. He had that all too familiar smirk on his faceas he saw me capitulate to being the cocksucker that heand Bill desired me to be.
I was a beaten man and we all knew it. I followed Bill’sinstructions as he had me hold his big balls, suckle hisdick head, and slide my mouth back and forth along hishuge, rigid, and long dick shaft.
Finally after about 10 minutes, bill erupted a very warmgusher of gooey and very slimy semen down my throat as Idesperately strove to swallow it all without choking. Iwas successful, and amazed at the copious quantity ofthe volume of jism he shot off in my mouth.
With my tongue and gums still coated with Bill’s jismslime, Eric pushed his large dick in my mouth as soon asBill pulled his out.
Eric inundating my mouth and throat with his viscousload of warm slimy dick cum.
I was amazed at the attitude of both men as they satdown and finished watching TV after emptying the causeof their hard dicks down my throat. It was as if theyhadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.
“The least you two could do is apologize for what y’alldid to me.” I spoke out loudly, as I returned to theroom after composing myself. Both men looked at me as ifI crazy and returned their gaze back toward the screen.They said nothing as I stood there. I was fuming.
Little did I realize that their actions would end upbeing more ordinary than I’ve ever dreamed. For you seethe next night, Saturday, Cal and Daryl, forcedthemselves on me also. Bill and Eric had told them abouttheir experience with me and I essentially wasbrowbeaten, into sucking their very hard dicks off also.
Upon my wife’s return, the guys, to my relief and asthey promised, said nothing to her about their use of mymouth as a surrogate for her pussy. However, after sheopened the welcome home gift – the heavy thick leatherpaddle – they presented to her, the look on her face, asshe looked at me, sent a shiver through me. It was clearshe couldn’t wait to use her gift on yours truly.
I knew I’d better be careful in my dealings with mywife, so as not to upset her, as I’m certain theslightest excuse would trigger her to use it on me.It took about 4 weeks, but Kay did find an excuse to useher new paddle on me. And I must tell you, it reallyinflicts pain. Even with the guys holding me down, I wassquirming and shaking after each heavy blow.
I was so angry with the guys for getting it for her. Butalas, there was nothing I could do about, for the paddleand its use on me became another fixture and routine inour marital relationship.
Speaking of routines, I found it easier to stopresisting the guys when they demanded more blowjobs ofme. What brought this about was that the last time Irefused them, they gave my wife a riding crop from theirhidden collection.
It didn’t take her long to find a reason to use it onme. It hurts much more than the leather paddle.
From then on, I gave in and cooperate with the guyswhenever they get the urge to coat my tonsils with theirhot semen. It’s a perverted and disgraceful way to keepthe peace with them, but what can I do?
Needless to say, I’ve also had to permanently accept my“close” buddies continued borrowing of my wife for sex.Besides, with her refusing to refuse them, and hersaying she’s become accustomed to, and need their bigtools, it’s a hopeless cause for me to try and stop heranyway.