Poker night with Mom – Juicy Sex Stories

I love my Ma, but I’ve only lived alone for a short time and like spending my spare time with privacy. I know I only use it to look at porn and play video games all day, but what can I say, I’m a horny guy with needs. What I don’t need is to blow a weekend hanging with my Ma. Especially after just getting my freedom from under her roof. But what can I say? Sorry Ma, but I have plans to beat off this weekend. Ha.. Knowing my Ma she’d probably tell me to just jerk it off already and come over.
That’s just how she is. She’s not the deception type. She puts it to everyone hard but true. People put up with it though, because she’s good at what she does. She sells. How do you make a good saleswoman from a straight-shooter who won’t deceive you into buying something? Her tits and legs probably help, but I like to think it’s because people just know she’s brutally honest. She’ll let you know when you’re over paying, but then she’ll remind you that it’ll make the Mrs. back home happy so it’s almost better to over pay. Hell, she’s selling sparkling shiny rocks for thousands of dollars. A rock’s a rock, but that’s just not how women think.
So anyway, dad takes off after I turn 18 and get my own place for college, and now she’s lonely. So, I lose my weekend. I try the usual excuses. I’m so busy. Cars only doing so so. The weather’s not suppose to be so good. I hear there’s a lot of snow coming. Well, fuck me, but the last one wasn’t bull shit, and here we are snowed in on day 3. College canceled and I’m stuck at my old home with Ma. And you’d think after years of having a young adult male living with you, that she’d have learned to wear some clothing around the house. I know we’ve both been living alone, but running from the laundry room to her bathroom topless because she forgot a towel was a bit much. Then walking around in nothing but that towel wasn’t much better. Aren’t I considered a guest at this point in life?
‘Nothing you haven’t seen before,’ she’d probably say. Well, it doesn’t help when I’m deprived for sexual relief days on end. I have a tendency to masturbate at least 4 to 8 times a day, and 0 in nearly 3 days is getting to me. I may not have an impressive manhood, but I have a crazy libido. I can literally go back to back almost all day.. but I’ve learned the hard way that 12 is too many. Not being able to relieve yourself because it hurts to be hard is just no fun. And, not relieving myself is just not an option. I’m not one of those freaks with endless gallons of cum in his balls or anything like that, but if you’ve ever seen 40 Days and 40 Nights, then you’ll know what I mean when I say my senses start freaking out. Unlike the guy from the movie, I can’t go more than 2 days before everything I touch just starts to feel good. The texture of my denim jeans sends shivers through me. The texture of the wall or the carpet. Every little thing sets me off. Cold showers? I wish. Maybe my ancestors were Eskimos, because my manhood couldn’t give a shit if it’s in ice water. You’d think physics would kick in or something, but somehow that blood keeps flowing.
Sorry, I tend to get side tracked, and you’ve probably heard enough about my dick. So, after two days of shooting the shit, catching up, and watching old movies on netflix, my Ma decides she wants to try something new.

‘I’m getting bored. Can we play something?’ she asked.
‘I didn’t think you had any video games?’
‘No no, god, those aren’t the only kind of games you know. I don’t want to play something for kids. I want to play something mature like poker,’ she said as she fiddled with a couch pillow.
‘Sweet. You don’t stand a chance, but I do love poker.’
She had a nice little poker set. Some knock off clay chips, and some nice cards with fancy covers. I set us up at the kitchen table, making sure we had an array of colorful chips worth easy to remember values, while she poured us some drinks and grabbed us a bowl of pretzels. I’m not sure what she was drinking, but it was Dr. Pepper for me. No booze at home for the ‘boy’ under 21.
Booze or not, she didn’t stand a chance. We played a couple of games, and I quickly took all her chips again and again. I’m glad she was willing to keep playing despite losing so badly. I guess I could have thrown her a bone, but I’m a competitive show off and what boy doesn’t want to show off for his Ma? OK, maybe it shouldn’t be at her expense, but this was at least taking my mind off of sex.

‘Well, I’m getting bored,’ she said as I was re separating out the chips.
‘Well, that didn’t take long,’ I thought. Not that I didn’t see it coming.
‘How about, winner gets to ask the loser truth or dare?’
‘OoooK.’ I replied as I shuffled the deck. I didn’t really give a shit if it meant we could keep playing. Not sure what I’d ask, but whatever.
I folded my first hand, not thinking anything of the low blinds at this point, when Ma said, ‘OK, truth or dare?’
‘Huh? I thought we were going to do that after losing all the chips?’
She waved her hands and shook her head, ‘That would take way too long. Truth or dare.’
‘Alright. Truth. What would you like to know Ma?’ I expected something silly, or for her to call me out on something I did in the past and denied. I’d probably still deny it. Have to stick by your lies or eventually people will learn your tells.
‘So, I know you jack off a lot.’ She took a drink. While I’m just left thinking what the fuck? ‘I’m your mother, and have lived with you your whole life, I obviously know, but my question is, did I ever come into your thoughts while you played with yourself?’
I’m immediately thinking exit strategies. Where’s that random doorbell, phone call, tornado, exploding car.. I’m not picky.
‘Well? Pay up, you lost,’ she said looking all cocky and popping a pretzel in her mouth.
I sighed. ‘Gross Ma. I usually don’t think of people in particular.’ I half lied. ‘But, I suppose the random person I’ve thought of has looked like you a time or two.’ Half lie plus half a compliment?
‘Good to know. At least, you’re honest.’ She blushed a bit and winked. ‘Let’s play some more and be prepared to get embarrassed I plan to play mean!’
I think I was still flustered from the previous hand, because I lost a lot of chips to her with the next hand. I had three of a kind and lost to her flush. The odds of which for a two player game were ridiculous. ‘Ouch. Alright truth but keep it above the belt or I’m going to half to call for a ref.’
‘Nuh uh!’ She argued as she finished a pretzel. ‘I won! I get to ask whatever I want, so NYAH!’ She stuck her tongue at me and giggled. She then looked me up and down, touching a finger to her chin. ‘Hmmm.. speaking of below the belt, how big is it?’
‘How big is what?’ I’m not playing stupid. I just don’t think I could honestly believe she’s asking me what I know she’s asking me.
‘How big is your dick, DUH?’
Like I said, she’s brutal. ‘I don’t know.. between 6 and 7 inches.’
‘You’ve never measured your dick?’ she asked in disbelief.
‘I have, but .. I mean, it grows, and it depends on..’ I was cut off by her laughing her ass off. ‘It’s not that small.’ More laughter. She’d probably die from lack of oxygen soon. I was a bit annoyed now.
She caught her breath, ‘it’s just so funny hearing you say that hunny, phew.’ She got out a few more chuckles and said bouncing up and down excitedly, ‘come on! Next hand! I’m having fun now!’
I had a good hand this time. Full house, so I was going to win, but I wanted to get more out of it. I went all in.
‘What? You think I’m just going to fold, so I can’t ask you any more questions? I wasn’t born yesterday.’
I smirked, ‘Actually, I just wish I could raise more to put you all in, but not enough chips.’
‘So bet your clothes.’ She said matter of factly without batting an eye.
Boy was she in a weird mood. ‘So, what? My shirt for the rest of your chips?’
‘Sure, why not?’ she said with a Hell, of a poker face all of a sudden.
‘OK, I raise my shirt.’
‘Call!’ She threw down a busted straight.
‘Ugh… you don’t have anything.’
‘I do too! I have a stra…. oh… shit.’
My turn to laugh. ‘I would have beat you anyway. Nyah!’ I tossed down the full house.
‘Fine, truth.’ She said nonchalantly.
‘Mmmm I dunno, I won all the chips, I should get to dare you to do something.’
‘Uh..’ She didn’t look like she was having as much fun anymore. ‘OK, but that’s a rule from now on.’
I immediately thought, ‘Sweet, that means more poker.’ Then I teased, ‘Well, now that I own your ass.’
‘Pfft. Keep talking boy.’
‘I wanna see it.’
‘See what?’
OK, to be fair, I wasn’t as clear as she was before. ‘I wanna see the ass I own.’ I crossed my arms acting all dominant. OK, this WAS fun.
‘Weirdo..’ she took another drink and stood up, ‘Fine.’ She turned around facing away from me, pulled down her pajama pants, showing me her panty covered ass, and said, ‘There you go! That’s all you get, cause you weren’t more specific!’
Not like I wanted to see more, just enjoying the domination. ‘Nice ass Ma.’
‘Whatever’ She said as she pulled her pajamas back up and sat down, and started rushing me to set us up again.
Chips separated and hands dealt again. I raised, she re-raised, I raised again, she re-raised again, ‘This is getting silly. Now that so much rides on each hand.’ I said as I tossed in another raise.
‘I just wish I could raise more!’ She said mocking me from earlier.
‘Well, you could always bet your clothes.’ I said mocking back.
My cock throbbed and I felt fucked up as my Ma replied by pulling her pajamas top off, revealing a plain bra, and saying ‘OK!’ All chipper like. I stared at her in disbelief, until she said, ‘Concentrate on the game, or I’m gunna own your ass next.’
I only had two pair… pair.. I swear something about the way clay chips feel in your hand is just so sexy.. I was definitely losing it. ‘Call.’
‘THREE ACES!’ She showed her hand, and started boxing the air all excited.
I just mucked my hand. ‘Alright.. Truth.’
‘Nuh uh! I bet my clothes against the rest of your chips, like you did.’ She retorted. I was just confused. We had the same number of chips. Man it’s hard playing poker against someone who doesn’t know how to play poker. It shouldn’t be.. ‘Soooo since, I lost my top, and now I own your ass… I want you to lose your bottoms! And, by the way I said bottoms! Not just BOT-TOM. Oh, and we can see if you were telling the truth earlier about how big your dick is!’
The first thing to drop was my jaw. Unfortunately I knew what was next as she started cheering ‘take it off’. I stood up and undid my belt as she wooed and awed.. then I gave Ma her prize, and pulled down my jeans and boxers in one fell swoop.. My cock sprung out as I kept my head down and eyes closed in embarrassment. She surprisingly went silent for a long time before saying, ‘well game back on’.
I sat back down without my bottoms. I was glad my chair was warm from my body heat, but not so glad that the kitchen table was glass. I wasn’t really focused on where my Ma’s eyes were the whole time though. Now I was concentrating on the cards.
The next few hands were innocent enough. She actually did ask a few questions about my past mischiefs, and I lied. Hey, I might be baring my manhood, but I’m not baring all. Then, as she bled chips, I asked her boring questions about her past. Along the lines of when did she lose her virginity. How? Who too? I don’t know why I stuck to a sexual theme, but the answers were actually surprising. Losing her virginity to a group of guys during a dare was not the answer I was expecting. I had to then ask if my dad was really my dad, which had her rolling her eyes before they went back down, focusing on her cards..
She probably wasn’t having as much fun now that I was beating her again. I guess having my dick out in the air was clearing my head for some reason. Giving my balls room to breath or something. I took all her chips and now it was time for revenge! ‘Alright, my turn! This time I’ll be more specific! Everything off! Including your underwear!’
Her turn to have her jaw drop! ‘Oh Ho, well, you asked for it now! I’m definitely going to have to up the stakes next time!’ I think I was partially in shock as I watched my Ma strip in front of me. Her tits sprung free as she lowered her bra, but I’d seen them just the day before and several times in the past. What really caught me off guard was when she pulled down her bottoms, revealing her shaved bald pussy, clenched tightly between her legs, and clearly wet. She threw her panties at my face, which just dropped, as I was too stunned by what I saw. My cock clearly rock hard beneath the clear glass table, saluting with approval. ‘Game on, Mr. Pervert!’ she said as she said back down.
She won the next hand and I called out Truth. ‘Actually.. I kinda want my panties back.’
I laughed. ‘That’s fine.’
‘But, I want you to put them on.’ She said kinda sheepishly then stood up to wait for me. I didn’t think much of it, but as I knelt down I realized I was really damn close to her naked body now. My fingers barely touched her legs as I pulled her panties up for her, but the feel of her skin was driving me crazy. I couldn’t help myself. I know it’s my MA, but for some reason I just wanted to start eating her pussy right there. I love eating pussy, and there was a pretty bald one right there inches from my face, after nearly 3 days of not touching myself. It was torture. Things were definitely heating up. I finished and tried to keep a straight face as we returned to the game.
I won the next hand, and before I could think of a question, she had one of her own. ‘How about a dirty lap dance?’ I was once again thinking, wow what the fuck Ma. She hopped up and put on some music with a soft beat in the living room, then came back with some candles and start grinding against them between her legs. I hid my eyes trying not to laugh. I didn’t want to watch this. Then I had no choice but to acknowledge her as she straddled my lap. My NAKED lap. She start grinding her pantie covered pussy against my hard on and start swaying her big tits in front of my face. ‘No touching’ she reminded me, as I sat there in shock, trembling from both the sensations her body was sending through me and something that felt like fear, but could only be adrenaline. Pure adrenaline coursing through me as my Ma’s body was more than seducing me.
She then bent over and started rubbing her butt in my face. Both of us laughing now as things cooled off a bit. She even pulled her panties down a bit to shove her bare butt in my face. I stuck my tongue out teasingly, but at just the wrong moment as my tongue made contact with her pussy. She froze, and I froze. I was lost in the taste of her juices. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her hips and started lapping up the juices from her bare bald pussy. She started shouting wildly, but I didn’t stop. I smacked her ass and tongue fucked her tight little hole. The hole I was born from, but right now I didn’t care. It was just one sweet tasting cunt. I tried bending her further but couldn’t get a good angle. I stood up behind her, and she took a few steps forward. She looked at me full of what looked like concern. I led her to the living room couch, laid her down, knelt between her legs and started sucking her clit as I probed around her entrance with my fingers to tease her.
I think she was as shocked as I was. She was speechless, her body bucking and trembling against my oral attack on her pussy. She then seemed to scream in reverse, taking deep breath as she said ‘Dear God’ when I inserted my fingers and began finger fucking her furiously as I kept my tongue flicking at her clit. Soon she was trembling beneath me. Her pussy soaking wet. I lined my dick up to her entrance and she jumped away. ‘No no no hunny…’ She took some deep breaths. ‘Thank you for… that was the most intense..’ she placed her hand on her forehead, shaking her head back and forth.. then placed her hands over her face in shame.. ‘too far.. too far..’
I was just on my knees on the couch. Body straight up, cock straight up, and to be honest, in pain. It was like torture. I needed release so badly, and I think she knew it as she lowered her hands slowly from her face and looked at my cock and at my tense body. She pulled her lips back in quiet contemplation, ‘I guess we need to take care of that huh..’ she said quietly. She then gently wrapped her fingers around my rock hard cock and start slowly jerking me back and forth. It felt amazing. It was like I was having an orgasm that didn’t end. I wasn’t cumming, but it was just so intense. She sat me down, got a good grip and started picking up the pace as she stroked my cock. ‘Come on hunny.. cum for mommy.’ My head was on fire. It was too good. ‘Come on.. I know you need this.. I know you need your release too.’ She switched hands and continued stroking me furiously. She started tickling my balls as she stroked my cock, focusing on the head, then giving nice long strokes, as she desperately jerked me off to make me cum. ‘Does it feel good?’
‘Yes, Ma’ It’s amazing.
‘Well, then cum for me.’ She said, then blew a cool stream of air over the head of my dick, wet from precum.
‘I want to Ma. I need to. I need to cum so bad.’
My Ma switch hands again. ‘I need you to cum too. I can’t jerk you forever.’
I looked at her through teary eyes. I didn’t just want to cum, I needed too. She gazed back into my eyes and I think she understood my need. She kept stroking me as she gulped back some air, and then bent down and took my cock down her throat. She roughly bobbed her head up and down. It felt incredible. And, I think she must have been trying to lose herself in the act as she wildly and sloppily licked my cock and balls all over, before deep throating me again and again. After nearly ten minutes of the most mind blowing blow job I’ve ever received, my Ma laid back on the couch breathless. ‘I ca….’ tears were in her eyes now.. ‘I can’t.. not without.. oh my god..’ She covered her face back up with her hands again and spread her legs.
I sat there guiltily staring at my Ma and her pussy, blossomed open and offered to me. I didn’t dare budge. I didn’t want to rape my mother.
‘Do it.’ Ma said behind her hands. I barely moved and she squealed, ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!’
‘Ma, if you don’t want..’
‘No… Do it hunny.’ She reach out with her arms, her eyes still closed, and I moved toward her. She embraced me in a motherly hug, with the exception that my hard manhood was pressed against her stomach. We stayed like that for sometime before she shifted her weight and I felt her hand grab my hard dick. Her legs then came up around me and I felt myself pulled deep inside my Ma. Her pussy clung tight around the full length of my cock buried balls deep inside her. It was amazing. I didn’t want the moment to end. I slowly started to slip from her but wanted so desperately to stay inside her and pushed back deep into the folds of her pussy. She yelped, and it sounded so beautiful that I had to hear it again. I pulled back intentionally this time and shoved in again. She yelped again, and again.. I couldn’t help myself now.. I was fucking my Ma for all I was worth. Her yelps turned into screams and I could tell I was riding her through multiple orgasms, but she held on as I drove her ass into the couch with all the force I could muster. I kissed her deeply, and she returned the kiss like a lover as our hips gyrated in unison, mashing our privates together in lustful abandon. She then pulled away from my kiss and whispered in my ear as I fucked her, ‘Cum in mommy baby.. Cum in mommy.. Cum in mommy..’ She repeated it like a mantra, and I couldn’t hold back any longer as my balls tensed and I shot load after load of hot semen deep inside my mother. Her legs wrapped even tighter around me, pulling my cock deep inside her while it throbbed and spilled its seed into her womb. ‘Good boy hunny.. Fill mommy up..’ I continued pumping my pent up seed into my Ma before finally collapsing in a hot mess with her. We fell off the couch, and the laughter began again.
‘So, you had enough of your mom yet? Ready to go home?’
‘In this weather and with my car in such bad shape? I think I better stay here a while longer.’
She laughed. ‘Well, I promise to keep you busy.’ And, with that my cock swelled again, and my Ma learned just what a horny little bastard I really was. And, I guess I might know who I got it from.