Anal Experimentation – Juicy Sex Stories

I’d never done all that much ‘anal’ experimentation. I had, briefly, when I’d been a little younger but I hadn’t since then—until I decided one day, on impulse, to buy a cheap dildo/vibrator at a local adult bookstore. I admit that the experience of buying it was a little nerve-wracking, though. It was my luck that the person working behind the counter that day was a cute girl about my age; and I almost decided against going through with buying it, but I dared myself to do it anyway, and as I walked up and put the blister-pack wrapped dildo/vibrator on the glass counter, so that it could be wrung up on the cash register, I was acutely aware that the girl was smirking a little as she did so. But by then, I’d already kind of ‘outed’ myself, so there was nothing else to do than wait for her process the purchase!
I swiped my money card in the reader, punched in the PIN numbers, waited a few seconds for it to process, and then, as I was putting my card back into my wallet, the girl asked if I wanted my purchase in a bag; to which I said yes I did.
She handed me the bag, reaching across the counter to do so, and it was then she gave me a more obvious, bright and friendly smile as she let go of the parcel.
“Have a nice day,” she said, her smile slightly shifting to more of a smirk, as she said it.
I know I must have blushed at least a little bit, because she seemed distinctly humored; and then I left the store, got into my car, and drove back to my apartment. As I drove I felt pleased with myself for having had the courage to go out and actually by the dildo/vibrator; and particularly in such a public place as the adult bookstore! And yes, I did feel a little nervous and embarrassed dealing with the female cashier, and yet, I’d also felt strangely excited doing so!

As soon I was back at the apartment, I got the dildo/vibrator out of it’s packaging, gave it a was withe some warm water and soap, and headed to the couch to give it a go!
I had a partly used tube of K-Y Jelly in the medicine cabinet and so I got the dildo generously smeared in it. I undressed, put a towel down on the couch cushion, applied some of the lube to my anal passageway using my finger. Then, with my pulse thumping in my chest and neck, I began inserting the dildo!
It took a couple of tries before I got the aim right, and then, trying to stay as relaxed as I could, I pushed the rounded tip of the dildo inside of myself. It felt slightly strange to be doing that, but it also felt rather good, too; and so I kept working it in deeper.
The dildo measured fully ten inches in length. I’d thought I’d take it part way in, and then do some slow in and out strokes before switched on the vibrator; and I did that. I have to confess that the presence of the dildo felt a little ‘foreign’, and though it felt good, it was slightly uncomfortable, too; but I kept at it.
After I’d had the dildo inside of me for a while, I switched on the vibrator—and instantly, the experience took on a very different degree of enjoyment! The vibrator was fairly silent; surprisingly enough. But the biggest thing of all was how rapidly my penis began to respond by getting more and more erect with each passing second; and I don’t have what you could call a ‘big’ dick (rather a ‘penis’), but even though that was true, I had as impressive of an erection as I’d ever likely have! In fact, with the vibrator going, I started moving the dildo in and out more deliberately, and as I did I must have been massaging my prostate, because I began oozing a steady oozing flow of pre-cum; and that felt really good!
I ‘fucked’ myself like that for a surprisingly long time, too; and I didn’t have the typical sort of orgasm I normally did. In fact, I didn’t (not until the very end) even have an ejaculation—more like a very slow, but steady oozing sort of ejaculation! It was very enjoyable, but not in the explosive way that I had had done so before.

I found myself thinking about the girl behind the counter at the adult bookstore as I worked the dildo/vibrator in my ass, and recalling that playful(?), humorous(?) smirk she’d had as she waited on me; and for some reason, thinking of that excited me so much that I finally did have a more explosive sort of ejaculation (and without even touching my penis)!
The orgasm, at the end, was one of the most intense I’d ever had; and as I kept slowly thrusting the dildo in and our of my ass hole, I could feel the tip of it grazing across my prostate, and after doing that for a while, I just exploded, and I shot my final load of cum a considerable distance from where I was setting perched on the very edge of the couch!
“Ah, fuck YESSS!!!” I said aloud, over and over again until I had no more cum left to spurt! I let go of the dildo for a second, and as soon as I did, it slip out of my ass and landed on the carpet between my feel with a faint thud.
I laid back against the couch cushions and left out a long, drawn-out sigh of relief!
“Oh, fuck!” I said aloud as I felt my climax settling down slowly. I couldn’t believe how great that first-ever dildo experience had been; and I knew that I would definitely be using it again, and again, and again! Besides, I wasn’t having any luck finding a girlfriend; and so, I might as well find my sexual pleasures THIS way, rather than not!
I stayed laying back against the couch cushions for several minuets before getting up to wash off the dildo, and clean up the rather big mess I’d made on the floor coming! As I did, and for some time, I tingled all over from the orgasm.
I didn’t think of myself as ‘gay.’ I liked girls! I liked them a lot, actually; but none seemed interested in me! So, that had been one of the reasons I’d gone out and bought the dildo/vibrator!