Banged by bf (bestfriend) – 2

Hey peeps. It’s me Harshitha again. If you don’t know me read my previous story Banged by bf (bestfriend). This starts exactly where the last part ended. Brace yourselves, this one’s long too. After our … Read more

Sister and mother in law

I did not care for denise’s family that much. Almost all of them have been married more than one time and i believed you marry for life.So when her sister left her husband i was … Read more

A Dirt Party – Juicy Sex Stories

A twenty-two-year-old secretary, Kerry, very pretty,very blonde, disappeared one Friday in Los Angeles. Fora fee she had been abducted. It had been simple, a drugged drink and the next thingshe knew she was in a … Read more

My wife the black tranny

My name is Allen. I am a black man, 6′, 245. shaved head, cock and balls, 9″ cock, very thick with huge balls. I am married to a beautiful black woman. Her name is Heather. … Read more