An intimate morning while showering outdoors

I slowly stepped into the shower, following an earlymorning jog and some stretching. Saturdays are a lightexercise day, with Monday through Friday being moreaggressive in my attempt to increase my level ofconditioning rather than just maintain it. Sundays are afree day, left totally unscheduled… well, at least intheory they are.
I had a shower built on the rooftop of the building, anopen air shower with the offset entrance and the topbeing left open, allowing for the feeling that I’mshowering in the elements. I find it to be a wonderfulsense of freedom being nude and outdoors.
The shower had high stone walls and a stone floor, withan oversized shower head, designed and fabricated by afriend, that delivered water like a modest rainfall,wide enough for two to easily shower together. A longcedar bench allowed me to stretch out and listen tomusic and watch the clouds pass by, when time allowed.
At night, when the fog rolled in, it would swirl throughthe entrance and out through the top. With the mutedlighting it created somewhat of an ethereal world. Theshower became as much a retreat to rebalance from theactivities of the day as it was a place to cleanse mybody.
She would arrive in about ten minutes, so I had time tobring my heart rate down and relax for a moment – justfeeling and listening to the water cascading over mybody and hitting the stone floor. At this time, it wasnecessary for me to focus on my breathing and not on hershowering with me within a few minutes.

We enjoy a very uninhibited sensual relationship, andjust the thought of us together would easily cause me tobecome aroused. She had requested that I be soft whenshe arrived. She likes to see it grow, to watch itbecome engorged and fully erect to the point that a beadof milky pre-cum would show itself and begin to slidedown my shaft.
I don’t know if this desire is a fetish or not; it�sjust something that we both enjoy when we�re intimate.Focusing on our breathing does block all of the randomnoise in our minds. An ancient Asian technique practicedfor centuries but often overlooked in the west. Itsounds easy enough, but in practice it becomes somewhatof a challenge.
When my focus failed me and my mind drifted to her. Ithought about other things; such as baseball, grilling abrisket, rotating the tires on my vehicle, anything toaid my efforts to remain soft.
The security system sounded; the tone assigned to herwas gentle, somewhat faint, and pleasant. It would takeanother few minutes before I’d hear the rooftop dooropen, close and her footsteps sounding on the stone pathleading to the shower entry.
The stepping stones themselves are surrounded by thymewhich acts like ground cover. When the air moves justright the scent wafts from leaves crushed under foot. Ofcourse, when she appears, our eyes don’t meet as she’slooking down to see if I’ve complied with her request,all in our playful manner.
I watched as she slowly undressed. I could feel thechange take place as she was watching – soft smooth fineskin, her breasts small but beautifully shaped, nipplesjust ever so slightly pointing up.

By the time she slipped her finger tips into the waistof her panties, I stood nearly straight up and couldfeel my cock waver with each heartbeat. I watched thesilver threads of her wetness break away as she loweredher panties. She slowly touched herself as if she werealone and masturbating to erotic thoughts. There was areason for this pause before stepping in. She waited formy pre-cum to show itself.
Finally smiling and looking into my eyes, she enteredand while standing very close, reached down, gathered mypre-cum on her finger tip and brought it to her lips. Weboth enjoyed a long slow kiss. I liked feeling her softfull lips and her breath on my face. I liked tastingher.
Every woman has her own special scent and taste.
Our bodies pressed together, her nipples hard against mychest were in stark contrast to the softness of theflesh of her breast. I just barely could make out thetexture of her areolas surrounding the hard nipples. Mycock stood up between us, feeling noticeably hot.
Long drawn out foreplay is typically part of ourintimacy, nothing rushed, movements sometimes stronger,sometimes more powerful, but the moments togethersavored.
I hadn’t cum for three days. Another of her playfuldemands was that I be able to cum more than once and involume. She loves to see it shoot out, the long whiteribbons of fresh, pure white hot cum, or to feel itreleasing inside of her, or to taste it, wherever ourdesires take us at the moment.
We broke our kiss. She reached down, slid her finger upthe length of my cock and brought her glistening fingerto my lips. It�s a taste that I like, faintly salty.
I find it quite erotic when she feeds me my own juice.
I gently turned and pressed her against the wet, smoothstone wall. The length of my cock now pushed into herass’ soft cheeks. It felt so good. I could stay thereforever. But I was driven to satisfy her in other waysthat morning.
I slowly slid down her body until I knelt on the showerfloor – such an erotic view from behind, the soft smoothskin and her tender pussy lips just peeking out. With myhands on her hips, I leaned forward and let my tonguefind its way between her cheeks to rim her puckered,tight little anus. Instinctively, she pushed backwanting more.
She loves me doing this to her. She tells me that I’mbeing “deliciously naughty”.
Again, the textures of her body, the soft smooth cheeks,the puckering, all I find intoxicating.
I moved my hands from her hips to spread her cheeksfully exposing her. I brought the very tip on my tongueto her anus and pressed harder. A soft moan… sheexpected more, wanted more. But I didn�t give it to herthen. I just continued to lightly lick her asshole whilereaching through her legs to caress her clit with myfinger tip. I could feel that her clit was already fullyswollen, easy to pull on, to pinch lightly.
When she’s ready, as she was then, her clit is the sizeand shape of an eraser on a wooden pencil – just bigenough for me to get a hold of with my lips and suck on.But that was for later. Right then I was enjoying otherdelicacies.
I pulled back to look at her pussy. As expected, she wasvery wet and starting to open up. It looked like abeautiful flower blossoming. I needed her to be fullyready for my cock this time. I slowly stood up, stillbehind her and positioned the head of my cock at heropening. She pushed back and took the head in.
Usually, I’ll work it in slowly, but I had a surprisefor her. In one slow, continuous upward motion, I thrustthe entire length of my cock into her. She gasped insurprise and rose onto her tiptoes in an attempt tolimit my entry.
I imagine that standing on tiptoes for fifteen secondsin such a situation may have seemed much longer.
Finally, she eased on down until only my balls wereshowing. With sensual rhythmic movements I began fuckingher. I withdrew until the head of my cock just startedto show and then thrust back in. I used my full lengthto ensure that both of us were being fully stimulated. Ilost track of time. But when I saw one of her handsleave the stone wall and slide down to caress her clit,I knew that she was getting close.
I moved in and out of her faster, now thrusting in withmore force, my cum-filled balls slapping against her. Ifelt her first spasm, the beginning of her orgasm, herhot, wet cunt tightening around my cock. That was enoughto trigger that deep feeling in my balls.
At its peak it�s on the threshold between pleasure andpain.
I could actually feel my cum surging through the shaftof my cock and then its heat as it spilled into hercunt. I kept shooting with each thrust, and could nowfeel its warmth oozing out between us and coating myballs. It was as if her pussy was milking every drop ofcum from my body. We finished at the same time. I keptburied in her.
She likes that, my staying inside after cumming.
We were both panting, hearts beating fast, enjoying thatwonderful feeling of being fully spent after a sharedorgasm.
I’m not sure how much time had passed when I eased outof her. I was still hard. I squatted down, wanting tosee the stream of fresh cum running down the inside ofher thigh. I knew that I had released a lot into her.Even before looking, I could pick up the fresh scent ofman cum in the air. I stood up, helped her to the cedarbench and laid her down. Then I sat on the stone floornext to her.
We rarely speak at these times. We communicate, but onlythrough our eyes, our touch, and our breathing.
It would take some time for my cock to soften, and allthe while the cum would be seeping out. She reached downand gathered some of my seed on her fingertip. I watchedas she took it into her mouth.
In time, we began to shower and wash each other. Thetouching was stimulating for us both, but we resistedthe temptation. We wanted to enjoy the afterglow of ourintimacy before starting again later in the day.