Mother and Son real love

This story is entirely fictional. The characters in this
story are not real, nor are they in any way related to
any real living individual. The intent is strictly for
the enjoyment of all readers, and it is not an
endorsement of any theme and/or lifestyle.
My name is Shannon, and I work for an affluent collegejust outside of Chicago. I recently turned 30 years old,and have been single for the majority of my life.Admittedly, it’s been an easy way to go for me and myfinances since my parents were well off ever since I canremember. In fact, their large, charitable donations tothe college landed me the job five years ago. I didn’tsee the point in working since money was never an issuefor us, but now I clearly enjoy having a Monday throughFriday job in the bursar’s office on campus.
I’ve never lasted longer than a year in any of myrelationships, with both men and women. I beganexperimenting with other women when I was at college–the very one I work for now.
It was the typical “curiosity killed the cat” thing, yeta few relationships proved far more meaningful thanothers. Not to sound haughty, but I was very proud of myfeatures… Very busty, and lots of curves to explore. Mymeasurements have been virtually identical since Ireached my zenith at 25… 38d-30-38. I was given myraven tresses and eyes from my mother, and my abundantfeatures from my father. And I also inherited a shapely,full backside from my dear Mother, whom, even to thisday, is a complete and total knockout.
In the winter, my skin emanates an nice olive complexion,and in the summer, it turns to a nice, evenly tannedchestnut hue. Anyone who thinks plentiful and largerwomen are not attractive, then I say to them; don’t limityourself to just one type. Of the women I have bedded,the absolute best have been the ones who weren’t yourPeople magazine cover girls.
Being of an independent nature most of my life, I alwaystried avoiding any long-term commitments. I receive a lotof offers from both sexes, yet I try to be discreet andsomewhat selective in who I go out with. And consideringwhere I work, there are always batches of young men andwomen to gaze and admire. Yet one in particular caught myeye one day…

David was a fresh faced, handsome freshman that hadstumbled into the bursar’s office one day for some helpwith his living arrangements. My co-workers were all atlunch, and I was the only one there who could help.Immediately, my eyes noticed something different aboutthis young man. He was a tall, very attractive 18 yearold who obviously seemed out of place in his first yearthere. Yet his demeanor didn’t seem to reflect any typeof arrogance of self-assurance.
His features held the bluest eyes, almost like twosapphires staring right at you. His styled, light brownhair fit nicely into his boyish charm… a smooth, acnefree face didn’t seem too manly. In fact, his facepartially reminded me that of a woman’s. I didn’t make apractice of dating the students. If it did happen, itwould usually be with the seniors. That way if therelationship ended in disaster, I wouldn’t have to seethem the next year. But something about David made mewant to know more.
After a congenial, friendly conversation, David and Isoon had his problem solved. I could tell he was very shyand somewhat intimidated by my outward sexuality. I am avery outspoken and open woman, and blatantly complimentedDavid on his good looks. I was dressed in a revealinggray suit that day, one that hugged my voluptuous, curvyfigure. At times, I kept noticing David peeking at myfull, rounded ass when I was up walking around, or atanother desk. My senses could tell he too was intrigued.I soon bridged the opportunity by asking him for dinnerthat night. He accepted.
I decided to wear one of my black cocktail dresses todinner that night. I ended up taking him to one of myfavorite downtown restaurants in Chicago. He too dressedfor the occasion, and looked radiant as he escorted meinto the establishment. The atmosphere was perfect for aclassic seduction… and that, I will admit wasintentional. The thoughts and visions of him between mylegs kept swirling throughout my head, and before thisnight was finished, I knew I had to have him inside me.
Coming back to my home, safely located outside thesuburbs, I invited David inside. He knew as well as I didwhat we both obviously wanted. But I could tell he wasbashful and reserved about staring too long at me.“David, it’s okay to look at me. I didn’t wear this dressjust to be warm tonight,” I said as we sat in the dark,lowly lit den.
“I’m sorry. I just didn’t want you to think that’s all Iwanted tonight.” He said. I smiled, standing up in frontof him. What a sweet boy, I thought. His manners wereflawless the entire evening, courteous, respectful, andever the gentleman. Glowing with passion and appetite, myhands reached for the thin spaghetti straps that clung tomy tan shoulders, and pulled them slowly down myshoulders. My eyes on his the entire time, I watched ashe saw the thin material slide down my curvy body. He wasmesmerized.
Remembering his stares at my backside, I turned around asI continued to peel the dress down the arch of my back.With the material hugging the width of my ass cheeks, Iglanced back at David– intentionally swaying my widehips slowly… He was hooked, and I knew it.
“Tell me what you like about me, David,” I whispered asthe dress fell upon the floor. He stammered, obviouslyuncomfortable at verbalizing his desires– as most peopletypically are.
“It’s just… nice.” He managed to utter.
“What else, David? I see the way you’re looking at me–my ass. What do you like about it?”
I continued as I backed up, narrowing the gap between hisface and the softened texture of my cheeks. I could hearhis breathing swell.
“God, it’s… just…” he floundered.
“Round?” I said.
He sighed with appreciation. “Oh God yes. So beautiful.”
“So you like girls with a full ass?” I cooed as I inchedcloser to him.
“Uh-huh.” He managed to reply.
“Put your hands on it, David. It’s okay. I want you totouch me. Feel my ass in your hands.”
I said as his palms quickly placed themselves on eachsupple orb.
He was clumsy at first, yet his obvious appreciation soontranslated itself into a slow, careful massage. Myeyelids fluttered as David’s actions arrested my senses.A mere boy, yet I could tell he would be a skilled andthoughtful lover once properly educated. With my hairdangling freely around my neck and shoulders, I flung itback around my shoulder so I could see the look in hiseyes as his grateful caresses continued.
That was something I truly got off on… the look insomeone’s eyes as they were gently submerged into thewaters of lust. There he sat, not once taking his eyesoff my bronzed globes. His fingers pressing themselvesinto the plumpness of each orb… his pale ivory skinmatched against the mahogany hued flesh of my ass. Ishuddered.
Turning around, I began to loosen the constraints of myblack-laced brazier.
The look in his eyes was of disappointment, yetfascination as the bra fell to the floor, revealing mylarge, motherly breasts. Not to be presumptuous, but Idid feel good about my body. I glow every time I makelove to a man or a woman.
I know that each lover I devour, they are genuinelysatisfied with my healthy physique. I wasn’t going totorture myself or starve to be something, or someone I’mnot. And as David’s youthful hands reached up to cup mysavory breasts, I exhaled in elation as his face soonburied itself in my inviting cleavage. His moans becamemuffled between the deep valley of my bosom as my handsran through his thick, short hair. My knees soon sat oneach side of him as I easily straddled him… Nothingelse mattered at this point except the two of us…
I felt the smoothness of his actions, like heintentionally took his time so he wouldn’t forget. Whichcompared to any other young man David’s age, made nosense whatsoever. 18 year olds usually rip their pantsoff just getting atop a female… this was nothing of thesort. This boy had talent. He was going to make somewoman very happy one day. Except this night… he was allmine.
“I’m going to love pulling that seed from your cocktonight.” I managed to say as his hands (again) found myass. All he could do was moan once more. This was mycue…
Locking lips with David for the first time, I could feelthe shudders in his frame… There was so muchanticipation in his eyes. I smiled, knowing he was goingto have his first orgasm with me. The ever-growingprowler, I felt a wave of hunger wash over me… That wasall the inspiration I needed to fall to my knees, andrelease this young man’s cock.
Flinging the zipper down, he and I thrust the cumbersomematerial down passed his ankles. I typically liked for mylovers to be as comfortable as possible, so I whisked hisshoes and socks off all together. I hated those hastenedmoments of hunger when two people don’t completely shedthemselves of their clothing… For me, that made it evenless personal.
And then, as I crawled upward to his groin, my eyes sawthe length that he was given. My mouth about dropped whenI saw his massive, throbbing manhood. It must have beenten inches long, and a nice thick width. This was goingto be a beautiful night indeed.
After dousing his quivering penis between my breasts, myhead lowered and lips parted… It was then I felt a tugat my head– motioning me to look up.
“I’m a virgin,” murmured David.
I smiled, not because of his naivet�, but because I wasgoing to have the pleasure of taking this young man’svirginity away from him. Young men have so much energyand potency built up in them at that ripe age.
“And I don’t have a rubber.” He went on to add.
My response to that of my tongue easing out, and runningacross the tip of his trembling penis.
I didn’t care… he had to be inside me and soon.Besides, my tubes were tied when I was 26 after realizingchildren were in no way a part of future. As my tonguefelt the softness of his head, my lips parted further asa large amount of my saliva flowed out over his cock.That was my little touch to prepare the feast… like afly when it consumes its nourishment. David’s cock was mynourishment… All I needed was his seed gushing down mythroat.
Almost gagging, I engulfed David’s solid, weighty cock.It soon became sheathed with my torrid saliva. It nowglistened as I bobbed up and down on his incrediblelength. God it was so long… David’s hands soon restedthemselves upon my head, gently running his fingersthrough my lengthy strands.
I liked that… I liked that a lot. No forcefulmovements, no slamming my head into an unnatural rhythm.He gasped, I swallowed… He bucked, I swallowed more…I knew this was not going to last long. But that wasokay. I was his first, and it surprised me that he lastedthis long. There was a quick spurt of pre-cum juices thatpoured over my tongue. My low moans vibrated enough tosend him into convulsions… His entire body began tothrust and buck on the couch. His manhood almost fell outof my mouth, yet my hands now held David to the couch. Mypalms secured on his sweaty chest as I was bent on makingthis boy cum. And yet this was still not enough.
His manly strength consumed him whole as he cried out insheer rapture. David was cumming.
My lips held their lock, my tongue secured beneath thehead of his cock. A torrent of sperm jolted outward, andinto the dark confines of my mouth. His fingertips duginto my skull, and I wasn’t about to wince from the pain.
Another thick flood of David’s broth flooded my mouth. Iheld as much of it in as I could because I enjoy takingmy time in savoring every drop I can.
But this was simply too much. Contending with hisinvoluntary violent reactions, and trying to taste hislife-giving bouillon was all too much. Thick dribbles ofhis seed soon spilled down the length of his shaft. Itwas then I took my first whole swallow of David’s sperm.I groaned in utter delight as I felt his warmth descendinto my belly. Yet as soon as the flood of his broth wasingested, another was waiting for consumption. Idelighted in the feast… He was cumming for me. I madeDavid cum.
It was as if he wouldn’t stop cumming. There was so much.And despite how long it took, I made sure every trickleof his seed was ingested. The aftershocks soon set in asDavid began to catch his breath. By this time, my headwas tilted to the side, letting the tip of his penis pokeoutward through my cheek. The massive bulge caught hiseye as he now began to caress my sweat soaked hair oncemore. My movements slowed, almost to a crawl as I tastedthe last pulses of his semen ooze out. Much to myamazement, his cock had not lost its command as of yet.My mouth still felt the rigid texture, not yielding inthe least bit. I knew this was going to be a long, yetfruitful night.
After both of us shed the remains of our clothing, Iwalked David to the third floor of my home where mybedroom was. My fully nude shape entranced him. I too wasenthralled by his… so muscular and hard. Just like ayoung 18 year old man should be. There, walking hand inhand through the large, darkened hallways of my home wasDavid and I… about to mate like two unbridled animals.
I admit, I was mesmerized by his genuine thoughtfulnessand care. His actions were not rude or rushed in anyway.It could easily make any helpless woman fall quickly inlove with him… Staring into his eyes made me feel atplace– comfortable. And when we reached the doorway ofmy large bedroom, he surprised me completely by whiskingme off my feet, and into his arms. I laughed out loud,amused by the romanticism he seemed set on adding.
“What’s wrong?” he asked politely in his thoughtful,tender voice. My amusement faded, realizing this youngman probably had read this in a book somewhere in hisyouth.
“Nothing. Just never had that happen to me before.” Iwhispered back as I let myself enjoy the affection. Hestill carried me across my room where my king size bedawaited.
“I like the way you talk to me.” He quipped.
“Yea?” I replied.
“Yea. You don’t talk down to me.”
“I like hearing you have sex with me. Verbalizing yourfeelings and wants through words.” I said as he gentlyset my frame onto the bed. “It makes it so much morepowerful.”
“Yea. I like it.” He returned.
I echoed his sentiment by positioning myself comfortably,easing my legs apart as he motioned himself atop me. Myhands came to his lower back as he lunged forward to kissme. This by far was his most forward act of aggressionall night. Again, I had no complaints.
Our kiss matured as our tongues twisted together in amost passionate exchange. I could tell this boy was alover, not a fighter. I loved being seduced by his deeplyaffectionate and understanding heart. It was refreshingto say the least.
Inexperienced, David fumbled his still throbbing cock tothe outer lips of my quivering vagina.
With some helpful whispers and nudges, he soon mountedme, easing his eager cock inside me. I gasped as I feltevery inch move inside me. Recoiling on the bed, my lungsheaved in breathless foresight. He felt so good insideme.
“Oooh, David. You’re so deep.” I said under my breath.“So deep.”
“Shannon. I…” he tried to say. His senses were oncomplete overload, taking away his ability to structure asentence.
“Say it, David.” I said as I felt him shift inside me.“What do you feel?Tell me what you’re thinking of.”
“You’re just…” stumbled David as he slightly withdrewthe tip of his cock.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
“What else?”
“You… You’re so… beautiful.” He said as he pushed therest of his length inward.
This sent me into a complete state of delirium. All teninches of him had safely lodged deep within my cervix. Mylegs stretched outward, and came around to lock him intoplace. He wasn’t going anywhere. I took my left arm, andwrapped his neck with it to bring his drenched face intothe folds of my cleavage. It was there he floundered hisway into a steady rhythm.
“You’re so deep, David.”
He bucked… “Oh yes. I want to be… deeper.”
“You can be.”
He cringed in helpless awe. “You’re so beautifulShannon.”
“You’re mating with me, aren’t you?” I asked, trying toget him to open up more.
“Yea…” he said between thrusts.
“Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry… I want you to cum insideme, David.” The look on his face said it all.
It was if he wanted to say “Really? I can do this?” Itwas like I granted him his all time wish. I knew so manymen had been conditioned not to ever plant their seeddeep inside a woman’s womb. That stigmatism was sounfair, and once that old fashioned notion was discarded,he and I could truly begin to grow… I soon took noticeof his sweaty brow. The look in his eyes made me sohappy. I could tell he was once again close to cumming,and I began to chant soft words of encouragement. Thehope in that young man’s eyes… that look of longing andoptimism.
“So much hope, isn’t there?” I cooed in his ear. He headresting on my shoulder and his lips to my ear. He quicklyjolted, obviously responding to my words.
“Oh baby, you can say it. Say what you feel to me.” Isaid as his cock surged deep within my aching womb. Somuch hope.
“God Shannon. You have me… you have me.” He gasped ashe thrusts became more insistent.
He then sat up on his hands, and initiated all of hispotential. Soon, the slaps and grunts of us echoedthroughout the room as overwhelming authority took itscommand. It was as if that boy wanted nothing more thanto crawl inside me whole, and stay there forever. At thispoint, I would have allowed him to do so if it wasphysically possible… I wanted him that bad.
I decided to lay off on the verbalization of our passionsfor now, and let him focus on mating with me. To giveDavid some variety, I shifted to my side so that he couldpenetrate me sideways. He seemed to like that. But it waswhen I got on all fours that he truly found his home…With his hands secured to my wide comfortable hips, Davidbegan pounding away.
He began crying out now, as I did too… I knew he likedlooking down at my wide ass slapping against his nowsweaty groin. It was becoming too much again. David wascumming once again. And this time, it was inside thedeepest regions of my womanhood. That young man’s livingessence was coursing throughout my veins, and therewasn’t a thing I could do to stop it.
The night evolved from simple missionary style sex tomore curious, experimental copulation.
I had a few years of experience on David, and I dideverything in my power to show him the joys and delightsof great sex. And it was amazing. Not for six hours didthat boy go limp once… I began to show him the varioustechniques of foreplay… I showed him how to taste awoman’s vagina the right way. Using words and actions, Ishowed him how to fall into a complacent style all untohis own.
By the early morning hours, David’s longing for mybackside prospered as he tenderly experienced anal sexfor the first time. I gave him complete instructions onhow to do it, and do it with grace and understanding. Imade sure that he knew it was all about the woman, andnot him in order to feel complete euphoria during analsex.
Yet the pleasure he induced me with was nothing comparedto the joy of feeling his soothing warm semen permeate mylush rectum. He was truly a pro just waiting for his day.
The next morning came as we awoke in each other’s arms.Lazily waking up, I called in to work and said I was sickwith the flu. David merely flopped his head back down tosleep.
Both obviously not ill or stricken, we fell asleep in thecozy warmth of one another. David seemed to relish theafterglow… In fact, he was the first male I’ve everbeen with to not only encourage it, but foster it. Hecontinually amazed me. Yet I began to worry that he might(in some way) mistake this for love. I had to be careful.
I awoke around 3pm that afternoon and decided to stirDavid awake with a sensuous blowjob.
Again using no hands, it wasn’t long before David filledmy empty stomach with his life giving seed. To furtherhis open-mouthed wonder, I turned him over and begankneading his athletic, well-toned ass. If he liked my assso much, he just had to enjoy what I was about to do tohis.
Parting my lips, I smothered my face between his cheeks,and initiated an unmerciful tonguing of his asshole.David went into convulsions as my tongue skillfullytraced his opening, slowly easing inside him, and aroundhis sensitive cleft. He must have liked it because withinminutes, he was sporting a fully erect cock once more…and naturally, it found it’s way back inside me… wefucked all afternoon.
That evening, David and I eventually collapsed outside inmy Jacuzzi. We had just finished a lengthy sixty-ninewith myself on top. To amaze him even more, I decided tokiss David with a mouthful of his own sperm… somethingI had never tried with any man before. Much to my ownsurprise, David didn’t refuse or deny the kiss as hiswarmth trickled out into his own mouth. Encouraged, Iplaced my hands on the back of his head to ensure thestrength of this deed… We both swallowed his semenwithout any reservation.
Cuddling up in the steamy water, we began to share ourthoughts and feelings about the previous night and day. Ifound out that he was indeed a true romantic at heart,and was happy to hear that he wasn’t falling in love withme. He cared for me, just as I did for him, but he knew Iwasn’t going to be the love of his life. It was at thispoint, I grew curious about him.
“What’s your favorite fantasy, David. I mean, the mosterotic and taboo thing you’ve ever wanted to do in yourentire life.” I asked as my breasts nudged against hischest. “And don’t just say you wanna watch two women getoff. That’s too easy.”
“Well, that is what I’d like to see one day.” He saidwith that boyish grin I had grown so fond of.
“I mean you– yourself.” I continued. “Don’t be shy.Nothing is too outrageous or sick for me.”
He laughed once more, this time sitting up in the water.I could tell his interest has been piqued. “No, no, no.Trust me, mine are pretty freakin’ sick.” He answered.
I was now hell bent on finding out what this fantasy was.“And me licking your balls and ass isn’t sick? You cantell me.”
He looked off, knowing I was right. I could tell therewas some serious reservation about this.
Gee, this had to be really good. I helped him along byreaching beneath the water, and gently stroking hisalready stiff cock. I knew then he was aroused. In mymost seductive, tantalizing voice, I cooed in his ear…
“What is it you’ve always wanted to do, but never could?Who is it you’ve always wanted?
Hmm? David…” I whispered again… “David?” I said as mytongue slid into his ear.
“My.. my Muu… my Mother.” He said under his breath.
I sat back, truly taken by what he had just said. Thiswas truly unique, if not downright sick.
“What did you just say?” I asked, still trying to bereassuring.
“Hey– you asked.” He said, almost offended.
“I know, but… wow. I wasn’t expecting that!” I said. Ibegan to think about what he had just said. Consideringthe encouragement I preached to this boy since the nightbefore, I shouldn’t be so hard.
“What uhmm…” I tried to structure a complete sentence.“What– why you’re Mother? I mean, is she– was sheabusive or something?” I asked.
He quickly answered, offended yet again. “No. Never.”
“Okay. Well then, how long…. how long have you feltthis way?”
“Since I can remember.” He said gazing off into thedistance. I could tell his heart was sincere and open.Now I wanted to know more about this taboo desire.
After a long talk about his background, David’s motherappeared more and more like a self righteous, conceitedbitch. Leaving her child to be raised by her parents wasone thing, but to totally ignore her child was somethingI felt was wrong. From what I understood, his Mother cutoff all communication with her parents as well, exceptfor a yearly Christmas card with a picture of herselfenclosed.
After a few tears and a couple of glasses of wine, Davidrevealed that on some occasions, he would sneak herpicture from the fireplace mantle and take it to his bedso he could stare at her image for hours on end. A mostintimate heart to heart, he admitted to me that he evenfell in love with her in a certain way. These wereintimate confessions that would shock most, yet held mecaptive as I continued to listen.
The way he described it, the manner in which he spoke ofher was that of a lost lover… a soul who had held itsclaim on his own as true soul mates. By the end of thenight, I was convinced that the one true love in David’slife was his very own Mother.
After some much needed sleep, David awoke the nextmorning nestled beside my lower back. He seemed to fancythe comfortable warmth of it, and I wasn’t complaining.
Later I found out that he said that the first thing hewanted to see that morning was the high rounded globes ofmy ass. After a quick bite to eat, we parted ways with adeep soul kiss. We both had just spent over 48 hourstogether, yet it was time to go back to our “lives”. Yethis words and mannerisms held me captive. Not only thegentle, yet intense way he made love to me, but now thisscenario between he and his mother kept appearing in mymind.
I began contemplating what she may look like. I imaginedhow she would react to having David mating with her.Never before had I ever thought about the concept of it,nor would I have ever allowed this to happen to me oranyone I loved, but for some reason, it kept coming tothe forefront of my every thought. Could a young mantruly fall in love his own Mother? The way a man wouldhis wife, or girlfriend? I had to find out.
We arranged to spend that weekend together back at myplace. I told David to bring enough clothes for a stay,yet we both knew he wouldn’t wear any of them.
It was Wednesday, and I had two days to do someinvestigating. Having access to all the students’personal records, I pulled David’s up late that afternoonto get the phone number to his Grandparents. Gathering mycourage, I called and spoke to his Grandmother. Iintroduced myself as someone who was coordinating a HighSchool reunion for her daughter, and was wanting to getin touch with her.
She bought it, and happily gave me her number… I evenfound out her name. Sandra. My stomach quickly jumped.“Even her name sounds sexy.” I thought to myself. TheGrandmother concluded that they haven’t spoken in quitesome time, but did know how to contact her in case of anyemergency. I thanked her, and quickly planned my nextcall.
“Nelson Real Estate, this is Sandra. May I help you?”said the soft-spoken, elegant voiced female. I stammered,but quickly hatched a scheme.
“Hi Sandra. My name is Shannon Thompson, and I got yournumber from a friend of mine here at work. They said youwere the one to talk to, to find the best house around.”I said in my most enticing, flirtatious voice. I turnedon the charm all the way, and she immediately picked upon it.
After the cordial introductions, I found out she was justoutside the city, and had several million-dollar homes upfor sale. As I listened to her intoxicating, penetratingvoice, (just like the libidinous, edgy voice Demi Moorehas) I came to the conclusion that she was definitelyreachable, and quite flirtatious herself. The two of ushit it off, sharing quick stories of our lives, and howwe both came to our professions.
By the end of the conversation, I found myself oddlyattracted to this complete stranger. We set a time thatFriday to go look at one of her homes. And as I hung upthe phone, I could tell we were both looking very forwardto the meeting…
The situation now presented a problem. David was due inthat Friday evening, and my meeting with Sandra wasscheduled for 4pm. I quickly told David to wait for mycall that night after I finished my meeting. I told himnothing of what my plans were. Yet as all the possiblescenarios played out on my head, it soon became apparentI was setting all of this up for David to finally see hisMother face to face after 18 years. The fleeting thoughtsof a possible love affair between the two also tookshape… I had to stop. This was getting all too awkwardfor me to think about. I was becoming quite aroused bythe mere thought of it all… and I wanted to make ithappen no matter what.
Friday came, and before I knew it, I was face to facewith Sandra. We met at her plush office late that Fridayafternoon, and I was instantaneously struck by herprominent beauty and disposition. She was a sumptuous,full figured blonde who had an almost identical body tomine. Perhaps an extra two or three pounds.
She stood about an inch higher than me, and that wascertainly not a problem on my account. I could tellSandra was the ultimate professional. She had a gentleradiance of a rare beauty few words can illustrate. Isimply wanted nothing more than to swallow her wholeright there in her office. Dressed in a light tan, formfitting suit, I could tell she too loved to show off thecurves and features she had so generously possessed.
As I sat across from her in the entrance of her office, Isoon made the comparison that she looked almost identicalto Suzanne Somers. That wide, vivid smile… lengthyflaxen locks of hair that fell nicely around hershoulders. Eyes that caught yours no matter where yourgaze fell upon… And her irresistible aroma; that of aspring arrangement of the most exotic flowers. Her entirebody was that of a gentle Callililly…
steady, wondrous, and quite exorbitant. Her stirringaroma saturated my senses, Her skin held a most deliciousshade of bronze– not as dark as me, but certainly enoughto make you catch your breath. Her short skirt displayedtwo of the deepest of yellow thighs that made my heartflutter upon looking at them. And they were just theright thickness too– ample, yet not chubby– perfect toburrow my fingernails into as I brought her lips to mine.I admire women who don’t feel ashamed of their weight orsize.
In fact, I think most people prefer more fleshy women inmy honest opinion. Her large breasts were nicely shroudedin her blouse and jacket, yet the jacket dipped lowenough to reveal the top portion of her smooth, bountifulcleavage. I was finding myself aroused and drawn to thiswoman whose son just had intercourse with me two daysprior to our meeting. If she only knew that her own son’spenis had just been lodged deep inside me. I decided thenthat she was going to find out for herself.
Sandra and I drove together to a secluded subdivisionoutside the city. It was getting to be dusk outside, andthe setting sun was illuminating Sandra in a gloriouslight. She was truly a beautiful woman. The obviousflirtation between us flourished as she and I strolledthrough the empty hallways. Quite honestly, I didn’t paymuch attention to the details, except in rooms or areaswhere I envisioned she and I locked together in athoughtful, devoted kiss. Her smiles grew in successionas did mine… featherweight touches upon each other’sarms or shoulders hinted what was obvious. I could tellthat she was enjoying my company tremendously.
Perhaps she was thinking the same thing… perhaps shewas basking in the identical salacious thoughts of me.Our two bodies swathed together, completely unsheathedand bare… my breasts snuggled safely against hers…our hands entwined together… long, reassuring staresinto each other’s eyes as kisses ripened into bountifulfeasts of one anther’s most intimate hopes. Her soft,golden hips coming to rest above my head as my fingersgrip her thighs.
There truly is something to be said about a woman lovinganother. An unspoken trust, a mutual loyalty that onlytwo females can experience. A man can give us a thrill,yet a woman gives us the much-needed finesse. It’s arecipe that only two women can truly know and comprehend.And Sandra and I were about to mix our ingredientstogether.
My head was spinning. Not expecting such genuinefeelings, I simply had to say something to her… I hadto break the silence that was both evidently consumingus. After the tour, Sandra and I walked out the frontentrance as she turned to lock the door.
“So what did you think?” she asked in that edgy utteranceof hers as the keys flipped the lock.
“I really liked it, Sandra. You’re good at this.” I said,complimenting her.
Turning back towards me, she pulled her hair behind herleft ear in what I call a “beauty” move… Us ladies dothat, sometimes involuntarily, but she was doing it outof unabashed flirtation. I just knew it. And now thetwilight of the evening (what photographers call “magic”hour) glimmered behind her.
“Please, call me Sandy.” She said, flashing another oneof her enchanting smiles, which melted me right there. IfI made it with her, she would be the most magnificentcreature I would have ever bedded in my entire life. Istepped towards her, lowering my face to look at herthrough my brow. My face plainly had the “fuck me” lookacross it, and I wasn’t ashamed in the least bit.
“Wanna make out?” I said in a hushed tone. She hesitated,realizing what I just asked. It wasn’t so much of aquestion as it was a statement. I didn’t regress or backoff. My left hands reached to gently nuzzle hercheekbone. Her eyes immediately pulsated to a close as Itook this as her silent approval. With that, the gapbetween our lips dissolved as my lips smoothed out uponhers.
My eyes closed, allowing my sense of touch to cherishthis kiss. There was no retreat from Sandra at all… nodoubt, no hesitancy… just assurance. And as our lipsshaped themselves into a soothing, comfortabledisposition, I inhaled her now familiar aroma I had grownso fond of. She was so gentle. As with any first kiss, itis always memorable– treasured for all time.
I felt the warmth of those pouty lips move in sync withmine. A slight whimper of awe escaped from Sandra as myfingertips eased upon each side of her gorgeous face. Itwas like touching a priceless, rare porcelain doll.Sandra motioned first by penetrating our kiss with hertongue. Welcoming her advance, my lips promptly claspedit. It was then I exhaled loudly– a moan of absoluteastonishment. Sandra was inside me. If I ended the kissnow, I could at least say I’ve had a Mother and her sonboth inside me. I trembled by the mere thought of theimaginative concept.
Sandra’s hands found themselves safely tucked in minenow. Her tongue grew daring, and began running across myteeth. Her hands secured my face in place as I justrelaxed and relished her bold aggression. Now tracing mylips with her tongue, Sandra cast her hot breath upon myface along with a low hungry moan… I then felt herdripping tongue flatten itself upon my right cheek,whetting my entire face in long, drawn out laps. Taken byher primitive deed, all I could do was gasp.
Like a cat licking its milk, she lapped my entire face…my forehead, my jaw, lower neck, my nose… Never beforehad I experienced such a forceful kiss from anyone. Mymake-up was completely wiped away, yet I think Sandradidn’t care. I think she would have been happy with dirt-– as long as it was a part of me, she wanted it. Hertongue then fell into my left ear lobe as I could clearlyhear and feel this woman’s carnal passion reach itsundeniable crest.
“God you’re so beautiful.” Sandra groaned into my ear asa sloppy tongue filled my ear canal.
I smiled, falling into her arms as my mouth secureditself around her neck.
“Oh my God-Shannon,” She yelped as my hands reachedbehind her back for support.
I could taste her salty perspiration now, which was a bigturn on for me. I loved making a woman sweat. It was thenI realized we both were still on the porch, still dressedyet hungrily swapping spit with one another. In thebewilderment of the kiss, she somehow stepped back in anattempt to calm herself down.
“I just met you.” She uttered in a defenseless tone.
“Then let’s get to know one another better,” I whispered,soothing her doubts with an infallible kiss. I could hearthe hesitancy in her voice.
“Have dinner with me tonight,” I hissed as another wetkiss drenched Sandra’s ear lobe.
The tip of my tongue circled about, nestling itselfinside her ear as gave me the answer I was looking for…
“Oh God yes!” She said with a shudder.
I giggled as she did too, but our laugh was brief as ourmouths once again indulged themselves in an inspiringkiss. Her entire mouth opened as far as it would go…her lips falling just below my nose and lower chin. Myhands reached back to hold her head in place so thatnothing could break this kiss…
She amazed me. There is nothing more erotic than beingwith someone who truly wants you in every way possible…we both wanted this, and there was nothing to stop itfrom happening. We arranged for dinner at my house laterthat evening.
There was much to prepare for.
David arrived at the house much to his relief. Dressed inan enticing white cocktail dress, I greeted him at thedoor with a meaningful embrace. Always the gentleman, hecomplimented my dress, saying the ivory fabric made anice contrast to my mahogany skin. Little did he knowwhat plans I had in store for him that evening.
I had arranged for him to arrive two hours before hisMother arrived, that way I could prepare him for hisirrefutable destiny. We made our way into the living roomwhere David and I shared an expensive bottle ofchardonnay. Cuddled together on the couch, we made outfor the better part of an hour. I intentionally heldback, not wanting to let the petting to get out ofcontrol. Between the slurps of our ravenous kisses, Iasked David…
“Have you ever watched a woman seduce another girlbefore, David?”
With his hands on my bare shoulders, he groaned a low“no”. A sly grin came over me as I held his face in myleft hand, looking directly at his astonished expression.In a hushed, intimate tone, I began to inform David of myplans.
“I met your Mother earlier this afternoon, David.” I saidas he caught his breath… his interest was piqued.
“I’m sorry, but what you told me really moved me.”
He was at a loss for words. “You mean… you really did?”
I nodded yes, biting my lower lip. I was hoping he wouldapprove.
“She’s coming over here in about another hour.” I said,noticing his void and motionless state.
He approved all right. He entire being was seized withthe possibility that his dream could actually happen… Icould sense his growing apprehension and nervousness.With my finger pressed to his lips, I shushed himcarefully as I sensed he was becoming scared.
“I want you to watch me make love to her, David. There’splenty of hiding areas in my bedroom so you can see us.You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I asked as his eyes neveronce left mine… he nodded yes.
“But…” he began to say… “What does she… I mean…does she… you and her, I mean… like each other?” Heasked innocently. Again, I nodded yes. His eagernesscaused me to smile.
What a devoted young man.
I leaned over to softly kiss his lips. After doing so, Iwhispered; “I kissed her just like I did you now.”
I looked down to his lips, tracing them with my finger.“Her hands felt me just like yours did.
Her breasts against mine.” I whimpered just thinkingabout Sandra’s intoxicating beauty. And her irresistiblefragrance.
“Oh David, I can’t wait to make love to her– she’s sogorgeous.”
David moaned in delight. I could feel his cock growingbeyond the constraining material of his pants. I wasbestriding him by this point, and felt his growingambition with each breath we shared.
“I can see why you want her.” I said as his hands graspedeach of my full thighs.
“She’s so beautiful, David. I want her so bad.” I said asmy hair now fell around his face.
David moaned, this time louder as he hands snuck beneathmy dress so he could feel my ass.
“Want me to make love to your Mother, David– huh?” Iasked as my each of my breasts now enshrouded his face.
“Uhm-hum.” he moaned in approval.
“And you want her too, don’t you, David?” I asked.
“Yes.” He said in a suppressed voice.
With that, I quickly undid his pants and lifted mycocktail dress up around my waist. I went against mystandards, waiting to be fully unclothed, but this wassomething far too erotic and desirable… With a gentlenudge, my hips slowly came to rest over David’s groin…his anxious cock eased into my already dripping womb.
As I felt him completely inside me, my eyelids flutteredclosed as my legs began to lift myself up and down. Hisface still safely secured between my breasts, I broughtmy arms around his neck so he would stay there for theduration of the fuck. The sheer power of his actions saidit all… He wasn’t making love to me at this moment…he was making love to his Mother, and I knew it.
“We won’t be doing this anymore, David.” I said with mylips pressed against his head. “From now on, the onlywoman you’ll make love to will be your Mother,” I said ashe let out a boisterous moan of hope. His thrusts grewrelentless, like a wave of complete and total vehemencewashed over him. His fingers gripped the cheeks of mylarge ass, digging themselves in to make sure he couldn’tlet go…
I cringed, knowing full well that this thrilled David tono end. His thrusts grew more rapid as he shudderedbeneath me… I lost complete control of myself,surrendering my senses in the euphoria of thepossibility. Images of David and Sandra now came intoview as I could see him humping wildly against his sweatsoaked Mother… a savage animal unleashed, driven by acompelling force to mate…
“You two belong together, David.” I managed to say as Itook a much-needed breath.
“Mother…” He gasped, encouraging yet another fervidlunge deep inside me.
“Oh my handsome son.” I moaned, now matching his thrustswith equal intensity.
All that could be heard in the living room was theresounding smacks of our bodies and his breathless gruntsof compelling hope. I locked David in place, making surethere was no eye contact whatsoever between us… Ifthere was, the momentum of our primal act would loose allit’s strength.
“You’re home, David. You’re home where you belong.” Iwhispered lovingly.
With that, David cried out in absolute veneration.“Mother! My…” another gasp took it’s hold. “My dearMother,” he shouted as I felt a flood of his spermoverfill my womb. “I love you… God I love you somuch.” He proclaimed as thick jolts of his seedcoursed throughout my pounding womb.
“Oh David.” I replied, not once stopping my mercilessramming of his cock.
He threw his head back, summoning more of his seethingessence.
My arms quickly smothered his eyes as he continued toshoot syrupy, savory ropes of sperm deep inside me. Withall of his might, he brought my hips down to ensure thathis sediment took root. I could tell this boy wasn’tterrified of making a woman pregnant.
In fact, he probably longed for it in the depths of hisheart… then another torrid image filled my mind ofSandra’s bulging stomach, carrying her and David’s child.I trembled at the thought, and by the feeling of hissemen still pulsing inside me. This was becomingsomething far-reaching, and quite undeniable.
We lied together in each other’s arms as we did our bestto catch our breath. It was by far the most physicallyexhausting act of intercourse we shared, yet so rewardingfor both of us. I finally opened my eyes to gaze downupon the smitten young man. Already waiting was hismouth, wide open as I accepted his meaningful kiss. Hishands reached up, running his fingers through my auburntresses. With his gaze falling over mine, he kissed mewith the authentic delicacy this moment justified.
“I can’t believe you…” he said. “I’ve never told anyonethis before.”
“I like encouraging my lovers to be themselves.” I cooed.
“But, aren’t you jealous?”
“Why should I be? It’s what you want, David. All thoseyears. I want you to be happy… to be with the girl youtruly love, even if she is your own Mother.” I said,nestling my breasts upward, closer to his neck.
A keen sense of silence fell over us as David continuedhis slow, gentle caresses.
“I love you, Shannon.” He said, looking directly at me.
“I love you too, David.” I replied, meaning every word ofit. This intense, most fulfilling moment made me realizethis was going to be the most life changing occurrenceI’ve ever had.
The doorbell rang a little after eight pm that night.Answering it, my eyes fell upon the golden haired beautyI saw hours before.
“Hi Shannon.” Said Sandra in a nice, low tone.
She was dressed in an stunning, ankle length gown. It wasa strapless gown that hugged every ample curve shepossessed. The coal black velvet glimmered nicely in thesoft light from the doorway entrance. Sandra lookedfabulous. Her lengthy hair was pinned up carefully, hermake up was simple, yet perfectly accentuating thetwinkle in her blue eyes I so admired earlier that day.Us ladies do notice these things ever so carefully. Wewatch each other, critique the other’s choices and looks,and I was doing no different with Sandra. Yet I could notfind anything out of place on this female. And thatfragrance…
I greeted her with a smile, offering to take her purseand the thin shawl that clung to her evenly tannedshoulders. I could tell her sumptuous tan was allnatural. She didn’t have that leathery look that so manyladies have after sitting in a tanning bed for hours. Myeyes fell upon her shapely cleavage, which caused me tospeak…
“God you look so incredibly beautiful.” I said with agenuine smile.
“Yea?” she asked as she raised her arms outward, bringingherself in for our first kiss of the evening. Right beforeher lips discovered mine, I heard her whisper, “So do you,darling… so do you.”
God I had to have her… right then and there. But I hadto wait. This was a lady who required finesse anddelicacy, which I had no problem providing for her.
We walked hand in hand to the dining room where I pulledout the chair for her to sit. The room was lit with justtwo candles that sat on the table, creating the perfectromantic atmosphere I wanted. (David actually thought ofthe candles as he helped me prepare the setting anddinner.)
The ever-courteous woman, Sandra offered to help me withdinner. I told her no, and to just relax and let herselfbe pampered. I love to indulge women who radiatedelegance, grace, and pure charm. As I served her salad,Sandra and I exchanged a coy grin as she caught mepeeking at her distinctly visible cleavage.
“Be careful, darling. I might have those for dinnerbefore the main course.” I cooed.
Her unforgettable reply was; “I was hoping they would bethe main course.” With that, she added the prefect touchby cocking her eyebrow in one of the most seductive looksI have ever seen come from a woman.
I sat next to her on the corner of the table. I neverliked sitting across from anyone I ever shared a datewith. As we ate our salads, we began to share more of ourlives with each other. It was splendid. I loved listeningto her low, edgy voice as she spoke of her job, herambitions, and her hopes for the future. My salad maybehad one or two bites taken from it before I asked her ifshe wanted to take a walk with me. Her only reply wastaking her hand in mine as she stood up.
“I’d love to.” She whispered.
Our walk took us around my pool outside, and into thegardens nearby. It was a warm September night– perfectfor a gentle stroll. As we walked, Sandra apologized forher actions earlier that day at the house. She expressedher willingness to be with me, but felt it was all toosudden for us to be together like that. I agreed, sayingI was sometimes too aggressive in my pursuits. I foundout she had been bisexual since her days in High School,but quickly came to an end when she got pregnant at 16.
Playing it off, I thought to myself; “And now that childis upstairs, waiting for his dear sweet Mother.” I couldonly grin with delight as our stroll took us back to thepool. We poured each other a glass of wine as we both saton a lay out deck chair beside the water. With her at myside, I took notice of how the sparkling waterilluminated off of her golden hued face and neckline.Laying my head on her shoulder softly, I snuggled besideher as our evening evolved into more intimatecircumstances.
She in turn rested her head above mine, wrapping herright hand in mine.
“You’re so beautiful, Sandy. You just amaze me.” I saidas she delicately traced a circle on my bare, left knee.
“Not bad for trying to sell you a house, eh?” She repliedwith a hushed laugh.
“Bet you weren’t expecting that?” She said, repositioningherself so we could look at one another.
I slowly shook my head no as my hand lifted up to caressher cheek. Her eyes closed, moaning at the touch as herhand grasped mine. Before long, our hands were entwinedtogether as we stared into each other’s eyes for whatseemed to be an eternity.
“I want to make love to you tonight.” She murmuredquietly. “And I want to wake up in your arms tomorrow tosee your eyes looking at mine– just like we are now.”
I couldn’t take this much longer. She was saying all theright things– giving me all the right looks a girl couldask for. I lunged forward to smother my lips againsthers, enveloping my arms around her neck. Her reactionwas just as eager. In about one second, my tongue wasstabbing the inside her mouth with conclusive need. Hermouth once again swallowed me just as it did on the porchearlier… She was an incredible kisser. Her lips werethe softest of any velvet I have ever touched.
A loud suction sound was heard as my lips tried to inhaleher tongue into my mouth. Our nostrils pressed for airsince our mouths were obviously occupied in a scathingkiss. Realizing the need for privacy and Sandra’s questfor romance, I stood up quickly with her hands in mine.She knew all too well where I was taking her… With anaroused expression, Sandra stood with me as I guided herinto my house, hand in hand. As we strolled slowlytogether, I took it upon myself to express to her what myplans were.
“I’m going to make love to you all night tonight, Sandy.”I said with the most urgent gesture I could muster.
There was no silliness, no laughs, no giggles… only twowomen who were bent on becoming one.
“I’m going to taste you…” I said as Sandra’s eyesrolled back into her head, moaning in awe.
“I’m going to lick your thighs… your hips…” I said aswe continued making our way to the gigantic staircase. Icontinued the verbal coitus she seemed to bask in.“…Then I’m going to turn you over and taste every inchof that mouth-watering ass…”
“Oh God Shannon.” Sandra exhaled as she thrust herself atme for a kiss. I backed off intentionally as I wanted tocontinue my plans.
“Shush… Then my tongue is going to slide into thecleavage of your ass…” I said as I took a step backupon the staircase.
Sandra was mesmerized by this point. All she could do waslook upon me with utter astonishment. Like her son, Icould see the hope in her eyes. So much hope.
Together, hand in hand, we began pacing the stairway.Sandra wanted to go faster but I motioned for her to staywith me… Her eagerness was obvious, but then again, sowas mine.
“…Then you’ll feel my hands part your supple cheeks asmy tongue lays itself flat on your asshole. You’ll tellme how it feels as I make love to your ass for the nexthour or so, won’t you, Sandra?”
All she could do was hang her head, growling inunrelenting desire. She let out a loud moan offrustration and rapture, one that took me by surprise.
“Oh GOD Shannon, I’m gonna have you everyway I can.” shebellowed out, still grasping my hands with hers. We werealmost halfway up the stairs when she tried to kiss meagain… I held her back again with my arms firmlylocked.
“Tell me how you’re going to take me, Sandy.” I asked inmy lowest tone possible. “Make love to me in words.” Iquickly retorted.
She sighed, searching for any possible words that couldexpress what she was feeling at this very moment. I couldtell she wasn’t used to verbalizing her desires. And thatwas okay because most people typically aren’t.
“I just… I would taste you with my tongue… drink fromyou.” She stammered.
“You’re doing good. Keep going.” I said in a supportivetone.
“To taste those…” She sighed in fondness, staringdirectly at my own cleavage. “…Those healthy breasts.God they’re so beautiful– perfect.”
“What else do you want to do to my breasts, Sandra? Thinkabout it.” I said as we reached the top of the stairs.Sandra was about to burst at the seams. She was comingundone, and I could see it in her face.
“They’re so large… full.” She whispered as we neared mybedroom.
“Just like yours.” I replied. “Imagine our breastssmothered against each others.”
That was it. She lunged for me in the most commanding actI’d seem from her all evening. A scalding kiss quicklyensued as her face then dropped to my bare cleavage. Herhands tried to lift me from behind so we could get intomy bedroom faster, but my arms around her head twistedher around slowly so we could cross this doorsilltogether. Her face remained smothered in my breasts as weglided into the room… I motioned her away for just amoment as I stepped back.
“Stay there.” I said.
I knew David had to be somewhere in the room, but Ididn’t know where to be exact. Perhaps that was a goodthing at this point… I didn’t care. All that matteredwas this resplendent, voracious female in front of me. Atthat precise moment, I watched Sandra reach behind herhead to unleash her flowing saffron tresses she hadpinned up earlier. As it spread out across her shoulders,I cast a telling smile of wanton desire at her…
Our eyes locked together as she shook her head slowly,letting her hair fall completely free. Forget the songand dance… the hesitation… I raced for her rightthere, enveloping her entire being into my arms. Theclothes could be shed later… Her lips crushedthemselves against mine as my lungs slurped her impatienttongue inside my mouth.
We both came alive at this moment… the two of us litthe fire that would burn for hours… days… perhapseven an eternity. Both of our beings would come togetherthis evening in the most amazing act of affection andlust two women could ever live through. Our bodiesordained themselves into a new intonation as we easedonto my bed. This wasn’t to be a meaningless tryst thatwould end with a phone number on a crinkled piece ofpaper… No. Sandra and I both knew this was somethingmore eloquent.
Our actions slowed as she came to rest atop me… wesensed the stillness of our flesh… absorbing the warmthin each other’s skin– breast to breast… woman towoman. Her head stopped just inches above mine as ourgazes came together once more. Her eyes said it all… nosmiles, no doubts… a moment in time that would foreverbe remembered by both of us.
Her speechless intent seized my restless existence. Iwanted to say something… I wanted to vocalize myfeelings. My longing for verbal intercourse was equallymatched by Sandra’s desire for the silent moments ofunderstanding, especially between two women. I gave in, Icaved… she was seducing me with her utter serenity…and her soul. It was a language I wasn’t aware of untilnow. And when her lips came to rest upon mine, it was asif she poured herself down my throat.
Sandra moaned… I cried, letting my helpless resonanceecho throughout her wide-open mouth… I then answered bystabbing her mouth with my tongue. It was all I could dobefore completely surrendering myself to her… Sandrawas my first… the first to ever take me by completesurprise. It was as if we both were complete virginsuntil tonight. I was falling in love…
The night evolved as it should have… Sandra’s eagernessproved its merit by immersing me in her domain– keepingme safely submerged for what felt like hours. Allthoughts of time and the outside world vanished in thewake of Sandra’s merciless tongue. There was no curveuntouched, no crevice left cared for. Gentle criesflourished into gasping screams as daylight soonslithered through the windows, and I had still yet toreturn any gestures of my sweetening love for Sandra.
It was then I realized that her son was (or should havebeen) somewhere close by. We both didn’t hear a peep theentire time we made love. It was an exceptionally carnalnotion to think of… Sandra’s son, so close… yet sofar away.
Sandra’s wish was granted the very next afternoon. Sheawoke to find herself sealed in my arms– her head safelynestled against my left breast. Our hair was jumbled fromhour upon hour of swaying and thrusting. Our make-up hadvanished, hers due mostly to the tongue bath I bestowedupon her entire face hours before. I caught my breath,amazed by how beautiful she looked even without themakeup… but then I knew, as all women do about eachother.
My right hand reached upward, slowly so that my movementswouldn’t interrupt her peaceful slumber. Her roundedchin, forged deep into the fleshy mass of my breast… Mynipple just barely an inch away from a rapid sip. My gazejourneyed beyond her neck, down her curvaceous spine.There my eyes came to rest upon the voluptuous,heightened knolls of Sandra’s delicious ass. And thoseincredible hips…
I let a slight moan escape my lungs as my mind recalledwhat those hips were doing to me just hours ago. I madeit a point to lather her entire backside with mytongue… each leg was completely vanquished, both plumpthighs gently fondled as saliva glazed across her goldenskin… all before my lips and tongue found themselvesburrowed between the cleavage of Sandra’s resplendentbackside.
Feeling the weighty flesh pressed against the sides of myface, my hunger manifested itself as Sandra’s savorycleft soon fell victim to my prying tongue. Sandra’sentire body reacted to my tongue slipping passed her analring by inhaling as much air as she could… Her handsclinched my pillows– eyes sealed shut– mouth wide openin complete awe…
I could tell this was the first time any person hadbestowed her this enchanting assault on her ass. My handscame to rest upon each supple orb of her smooth, beigetinged ass. My tongue engulfed as my fingernails dugdeeper into her ass flesh… soon, my entire tongue washaving tender intercourse with Sandra’s asshole.
Again, I was inside Sandra… Yet this time, our fruitfuldeed of intercourse echoed a resounding truth in ourminds. Every gasp Sandra summoned, every ripple ofpleasure that washed across that bronzed ass… I knew.Sandra proclaimed between her breathless heaves; “You’reinside me.” My only reply was a deeper lunge into thatscrumptious ass. I knew then that Sandra and I would betogether for a VERY long time indeed.
Sandra later woke to find her lips being tasted by mine.I loved doing that, especially to someone I am fallingfor. Telling smiles were shared as our first kiss of theday proved to be the first of many. It was Saturday, andwe both had the next two days to do whatever we pleased.
“Can I use your little girls room?” she asked.
“Only if you promise to let me watch.” I replied with acoy grin. “It’s right over here.”
I pointed to my large private bath adjoined to my room.With a quick kiss of assurance, Sandra crawled out ofbed. I watched her, admiring her womanly outline… thatwide, shapely ass.
The way her back plunged in her spine to curve out thosetwo spherical cheeks. After closing the door, Iremembered David…
“Sweetie,” I said, whispering loudly. “are you stillthere?” I asked. “Hit something once for yes.”
A dull knock was heard from the closet nearby.
“Have you seen everything?” I asked.
A dull knock came again.
A smile quickly ensued. I couldn’t believe that I hadactually done this.
To allow a son to watch his Mother make love. I wonderedwhat must have been going through that young man’s mindas he witnessed our primal acts of lovemaking. I thenimagined the two of them making love for the first time.Seeing his hard cock gently ease into Sandra’s warm,inviting womb.
I then realized that these two would do far more thanmerely have sex together… they were going to spend therest of their lives together… as one. As husband andwife.
Sandra came back into the room– easing under the sheetswith me. A warm smile graced her face as she could tell Iwas hiding something. Her grin melted my tokenresistance.
“What is it?” She asked.
“Nothing” I replied, kissing her lower lip. Sandra wasn’tabout to give up, and I could tell. I caved. My heart wasracing… I was about to cross the point that wouldforever seal David and Sandra’s fate. What would happen?Would Sandra reject her son’s impassioned feelings forher, or would she accept them and allow a forbidden loveto flourish? The concept arrested my senses as Sandraleaned closer for another kiss. My lips savored herheartfelt efforts, yet knowing full well that the nextset of lips she would be kissing would be that of hervery own son’s.
“I have someone I’d like for you to meet.” I whispered asour lips tenderly broke their seal.
Sandra paused, unsure of my news. For all she knew, I wasto be her newly found love… her girlfriend, her lover.
“What do you mean?” she asked, leaning back slightly. Icould tell see the apprehension in her face.
“I mean that there is someone I’d like for you to get toknow. I’ve got a feeling that he’s going to be theperfect man for you.” I said.
“A man?” she said, not wanting any part of it. I saw thatthis would be a hard sale.
“Not like any other man you’ve ever known, Sandy.” Icooed in my most alluring, seductive tone. “This youngman is perfect for you. He was made for you. Trust me onthis.”
“I haven’t had much luck with men, darling. Why do youthink I’m here with you?” Sandra said.
My left hand tucked her saffron locks behind her earsoftly; “But I can’t give you another child like youwanted. This young man wants children– I know he does.”
Sandra realized I was right. She sighed deeply, andgrasped my hand with hers. “What’s he like?” she asked.
I cracked an evil grin, knowing full well I was about todescribe her son to her. “Why don’t you let me introduceyou two, and find out for yourself?”
“When?” she asked.
“How about right now?” I said, leaning back to get up.
The look on her face was bewilderment, but rather eager.I could see that she wanted to get dressed to make hermore seem more acceptable to a stranger. All she could dowas pull the bed sheet around her chest somewhatcautiously. It was now or never.
“First thing’s first.” I said, reaching under my bed tobring out my Velcro restraints.
“I want to make sure you don’t get away.” I said, givingher another one of my erotically charged looks as Isecured her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. The lookon her face was utter fright, yet zealous anticipation.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. It’ll all make sense soon. Trustme.” I said as I laid her back on the bed as I tightenedthe last restraint to her wrist. “He’s going to make youso happy, Sandy. I just know he will.”
With that, I climbed off my bed and approached my closetdoor. “David?” I said. “Why don’t you come out and meetyour soul mate?”
After what seemed like an eternity, the closet door beganto creak open tediously. I caught a glimpse of Sandra,who was now heaving in breathless curiosity. It was thenthat her eyes filled themselves with the semblance of herhandsome, vigorous young son. He had shed his shirt,obviously from sitting inside the closet all night long.I could tell he too was beleaguered with fright, as wellas guilt from seeing his disrobed Mother positioneddirectly in front of him. I strolled over to David,spreading my fingertips over his broad, handsomeshoulders… caressing him like a prize I had just won.
“David, this is Sandra. Sandra this is David. I know youtwo are going to just make the perfect couple.”
Sandra jolted in disgust, testing the strength of herrestraints. Trying to sit up, she began to panic.
“Shannon! Are you crazy? Oh my God!!” she exclaimed inoffense, profoundly repulsed by the idea. “He’s my sonfor God’s sake!! Have you lost your mind?”
“Mom please…” David tried to say.
“David, what has she done to you?” she asked, stilltrying to free herself.
“Nothing, Mom…” David said in shame as he tried hisbest not to look at his attractive, sumptuous Motherlaying there without a shred of clothing on. Herperfectly golden body, those abundant, motherlybreasts… that lustrous abdomen that begged for theright touch. Any man would die for just one touch of her,even if it was her very own son.
I had to step in. “I gave him the chance to express histrue self. To give in to his most forbidden wants. What’sso wrong with a boy loving his Mother like that?” I said,raising my voice to prove my point.
“You have no clue how much this boy loves you, Sandra.Maybe if you would have been around him more, you wouldhave noticed that.”
Ouch. I hit a sore spot in her. Once again, I had provedmy point. She withdrew slightly, only to catch Davidgazing at her marvelous body. She felt so ashamed likethis.
Nude, tied up, and nowhere to go.
“If you only knew how much he loves you. How hepractically cries every time he speaks of you…” I said,going over to her. Sandra snarled at me, virtuallylunging at me with the utmost hatred and wrath a personcould muster.
“This is sick!!” she barked, trying to get free. “Youcould go to jail for what you’re doing!” she said.
“I would gladly go to jail so this boy can express hislove for you.” I said, stroking her bare leg.
“Sandy, please… I know this is tough, but I truly feelthat you know deep in your heart that this is right.” Isaid as my voice lowered. “You’re not a fighter, orsomeone who hates… you’re a lover. I see that in youreyes. And that’s why I’ve fallen in love with you.”
Sandra halted her tirade, slowly glancing over at me.David stood motionless; still enraptured by the sight ofhis heavenly Mother. I placed my hand upon her face toprove my point… an affirmation… a pledge to her…
“I do, Sandy. I do love you. Just as much as I love yourson. I love you both. That’s why I know you two weremeant for each other.” Sandra began to sob heavily. Icould tell she was fighting this with all of her willpower. I then nestled closer to her…
“Who else would always love you unconditionally, withoutany fears or doubts… without any guilt. Just purelove?”
“This is so… wrong. I can’t.” she said, sparring withthe thoughts that were racing inside her head. “He’s myson, Shannon. I can’t do that to him.”
Murmuring into her ear, I said; “No other man will everlove you the way that David will. No one else will everstand by you like him. You know that as well as I do…”I retorted. It was then that my plan began to take shape.
I stood from where Sandra was at, sauntering over to herson nearby. Bare chested, I took him by the hands tosteer him to the bed. I could hear Sandra’s breathingswell as we got closer, not knowing what was in store forher.
“Come on, David.” I said, sensing his uneasy demeanor.“Let’s show your Mother what you mean.”
As the words fell out of my mouth, I ascended upon thebed next to Sandra with David hand in hand, inching alongbeside me. I motioned David onto his back, graduallyplacing him beside Sandra, who by now had turned her faceaway from us both in disgust. David eased back carefully,looking at his Mother for any sign of her approval, butnone came. As he found a cozy spot on the bed, my handsbegan to undo his pants.
“I want you to watch what I’m about to do.” I said,unzipping her son’s pants.
His already erect cock had made its presence known toall. My hands slipped the confining material beyond hisknees so I could free his aching cock. He was nowcompletely nude in front of his own Mother. Sandra stillkept her sights away from us, but that was okay. I knewit wouldn’t be long before she would come around.
As my fingertips gently blanketed around his extendedcock, I sighed in relief.
“Oh Sandy, look at this… Look at your boy’s cock in myhand. This is so beautiful.” I said as David unexpectedlyshuddered in breathless hope and wonderment.
It was so thick… so pure. My full breasts heaved as Itook a breath, lowering their weighty mass above hispenis. Releasing my mild grip, I straddled him as mybreasts swayed up and down across his cock. David was soready… so eager.
My hair fell over my face as I felt myself being sweptaway in the moment… I moaned slightly as David’s handstouched my shoulders gently, as if to motion me. I lovedhis touch…
“Oh Sandy. You made the perfect lover. Oohh… Did youknow how good he was going to be when you carried him inyour belly?” I said as David gasped aloud. I thenentangled a moan with a low chuckle… “Ooooh, Davidlikes that thought, doesn’t he?” I whispered.
“Yes.” he shivered in reply.
“David wants to be back inside his dear sweet Mother,doesn’t he?” I whispered again, this time aiming mycomments at Sandra. “To be where he belongs.”
“Yes.” David said in a higher pitch, obviously strickenwith overwhelming hope and heartfelt aspiration.
My breasts maintained their slow, gentle caressing of hismanhood. I could tell the mood was now turning in myfavor. The initial shock was over, and now the tonegradually set itself into motion. I could sense thatSandra was letting her wrath go, but she was far fromyielding.
“I’m going to taste David’s cock now, Sandy. And he’sgoing to imagine it’s you doing this to him, not me.” Isaid as my lips separated, allowing his thickness to easeinto my impatient, famished mouth. My scalding breathfell over his cock, sending shudders throughout his youngbody.
David cried out as my tongue glazed across its rigidtexture, enveloping his massive reproductive organ. Itfelt so good to have David back inside my mouth, but itwould be even better with it lodged down the throat ofhis Mother. With my hands at his sides, I began guidingmy lips up and down his length, allowing ample saliva tolubricate my feast.
I was lost in my own world by this point, and when Itasted David’s pre-cum, I knew I was close. It was then Ifinally glanced upward to see David’s head swimming inthe moment. His eyes clinched shut, summoning all of hiswill power to not yet cum.
I then noticed something that caught me completely offguard… Sandra was staring directly at him. I wascompletely stunned. It was as if she had a thousand yardstare, unaware of her surroundings, yet painstakinglyfocused on her boy who was getting a very wet andthorough blowjob. I couldn’t smile, but knew my plan wasbeginning to take root. His gasps commanded both Sandraand my attention. How could they not? Quivers maturedinto convulsions, gasps were now shouts of pureadoration. I had to act…
I quickly crawled up, much to David and Sandra’ssurprise, and grabbed his left hand. Undoing Sandra’sright wrist, I clasped both of their hands together as Ire-tied their hands in the restraint.
“I’ll convince you yet that you two belong together.” Isaid as I swiftly tied it back, yet this time, Mother andson were hand in hand. Sandra looked off again, ashamedof herself. With my lips back on David’s cock, I watchedwith gleeful delight as Sandra’s gaze soon came to myown.
More convulsions soon followed as David clutched hisMother’s hand… Sandra had balled her hand so that hecouldn’t hold it, but soon her palm openly accepted herson’s touch as the beginnings of an orgasm soon madeitself known. Sandra watched my actions with wondermentas I slurped away on her son’s penis.
I could see the dilemma in her eyes… the fear andanxiety that was ripping her heart to shreds. Her son’sgrowing cries of expectation captured Sandra’s attention.And as I tasted the first flood of David’s warm, lifegiving bouillon, Sandra now held his hand with the sameurgency that he did. David bucked beneath me as his semenoverflowed into my mouth. It was then I heard him cry outfor his long lost love…
“Mother… Oh Mother.” he gasped. Eyes still clampedshut, David’s head was now resting upon Sandra’sshoulder.
“Oh Baby.” Sandra replied with a most loving andcompassionate tone.
I could almost sense by her tone that she was somewhatenvious of my task, but I didn’t want to assume that justyet. All Sandra could do was watch her son thrustuncontrollably, and most violently. By all means, Sandrahad probably never seen a male experience such a powerfulorgasm before in all her life. Her expressions were thatof pure amazement… she watched his every move, everybreath with unwavering attention. Sandra glanced back atme briefly, as if to make sure I was savoring every dropof her precious son’s sperm… she had nothing to worryabout. I was.
I then decided to give Sandra a personal show. Somethingto make her think… Another flood of David’s spermgushed forth, and my swallowing came to a halt. Sandrawitnessed her son’s seed trickle down his entire length.With my eyes on hers, I opened my mouth as wide as itcould possibly go. Engulfing his cock in one fluidstroke, I then ingested his sperm as our eyes lockedtogether in the most thoughtful expression two womencould share. I could tell by the look on her face that itwould only be a matter of time before she too would befeasting upon her son’s cock.
After the last few spurts of David’s sperm seeped out, Ithen lifted my head to gaze directly at Sandra. I lookedat her, as if to say; “See what you could have had?” Mycum soaked lips and tongue held her attention as Imounted her slowly, leaning my face down to hers. Theinner conflict was evident as Sandra knew I wanted tokiss her… Turning her head away, I swiftly clutched herjaw with my hand to bring her lips to mine.
Still catching his breath, David watched with impatienceas I kissed his Mother. Sandra resisted at first,eventually abandoning her opposition with a deep soulkiss. I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth, hopingto savor any leftover drops of her son’s semen. We musthave kissed for an hour, immersing one another in ourpassion for each other. David watched from barely twoinches away as Sandra and I writhed our bodiestogether…
I was so in love with her… and the fact that I allowedmyself to admit it was a feat that I myself never wouldhave imagined. These two people meant the world to me,and I wanted the both of them with me for a long, longtime.
Sensing her hunger, I intentionally backed away fromSandra. I knew she didn’t want to let me go, but now wasthe time she needed to focus on developing herrelationship with her devoted son. I leaned back,stepping off the bed to see that David and Sandra’s handswere still bound together. They both weren’t goinganywhere unless I decided to let them go.
No. They were staying right where they were.
“I’m going to leave you two alone now. I think you bothhave a lot to talk about.” I said slipping on my whitesatin robe, walking out of the bedroom.
Both of their faces clearly begged me not to leave, but Iknew my time there had ceased. I glanced back at the bothof them as I quietly closed the bedroom door behind me. Iknew that David could set his Mother free with enoughconvincing, but something told me they both were going tostay. Their relationship would never be the same if theyleft now, and they knew it.
It was about mid afternoon when I came back in from arelaxing swim in my heated pool.
I felt so good as the warm water enveloped my unsheathedframe. Yet all during my swim, I imagined what couldpossibly be going on upstairs in my bedroom. Curiositygetting the best of me, I decided to quietly go backupstairs to take a peek inside. As I approached the topof the stairs, I heard their voices booming from within.They both were arguing over Sandra’s abandonment of Davidyear’s prior. Sandra tearfully explained her reasons whyshe left as her heartbroken son listened… I knew thento back away, and go downstairs. This was their time.
Tending to some business later in the day, I spent therest of the afternoon and early evening downstairs in mystudy. I will admit it was quite frustrating as Icontinually wanted to check on their progress– if any,throughout the rest of the day. I decided that I wouldmake them both dinner since it had been a very long dayfor all of us. I made them a zesty Italian pasta dish,and thought that serving them in bed might be a welcomeidea.
I began to fancy the notion of tending to these two. Itseemed that all three of us were venturing intounchartered waters in the last day or so. Sandra andDavid as lovers, and myself dealing with these fondemotions for them. I went back upstairs to check on theirprogress (if any) a few hours later. I knew that thiswould be a most difficult transition for Sandra. I wasasking for her to not only have sex with her own child,but to give her heart and soul to him as his lover. Thiswould not be easy.
I walked back in to see the two sitting on opposite endsof the bed. Both of them had my bed sheets covering theirnaked bodies in shame. Still dressed in my white silkrobe, I made my way to where Sandra sat, and knelt infront of her as I took her hands in mine. I could see theguilt on her face as she looked away from me.
“Please look at me, Sandra.” I said as quietly aspossible, clutching her hands cautiously.
The agony besieged her thoughts– fighting to make eyecontact with me. Her eyes were swollen from innumerabletearful episodes. I pacified her in sympathy as I fondledher cheek benevolently.
“I can’t do this.” She replied, still quite emotional.“It’s wrong.”
“It’s okay, sweetheart… It’s okay.” I retorted in mymost understanding tone. “But I’m only doing this for theboth of you. I know you want to be loved and to have arelationship that’s unconditional.”
“With my own son?” she quickly answered.
“Your son? Sandra… You haven’t had a relationship withhim in any way for how many years now?”
Her head dropped in remorse. She knew I was right.
“All he had was a distant memory of you, and anoccasional picture to stare at. Sweetie, all I’m askingis for you to think about it. Think about the joy you twocould have. He loves you so much, darling. He reallydoes. You should have seen how excited he was when werole played with me as his Mother… I’ve never seenanyone so thrilled.”
The deliberation in her mind was clearly noticeable. Iglanced back at David for just a moment to see himwatching Sandra like a sad puppy dog. He looked sohelpless.
“Look at him, Sandra. Look at how he looks at you. Can’tyou see the love in that boy’s heart for you?” I asked.
Sandra hesitated to look, but did so as she and Davidmade eye contact briefly before she looked off. Itightened my hands around hers.
“Sandy– answer this for me, okay?” I said, changing mytone. “When I was sucking David’s cock earlier, I saw youlooking at him. You were looking at him, weren’t you?Weren’t you?”
She wouldn’t answer. Without warning, I jolted her handsfor an answer.
“Yes.” she said under her breath in shame.
“And when I made him cum, you were holding his hand fordear life, weren’t you?” I said, persevering with myconvincing tone.
“Dammit Sandy– I know you loved what you were lookingat. I saw you looking at him with that longing in youreyes. Just like you did with me. And you loved it when hecame, didn’t you?”
“Yes.” she replied in awed silence.
“Do you realize that when he came, he came for you? Hewas thinking about you the whole time I was sucking hiscock. That was for you,” I said.
Sandra sighed, distraught from the impasse at hand. Hewas so attractive, and very much what she wanted in amate. But to make her son her lover was againsteverything she held dear to her heart. If she were tocross that line, her life would never be the same. Howwould she answer to this? How would she explain this toher friends and family?
I had to react before she went any further…
“Look, you two obviously had no relationship beforetoday. If you all can at least try, and then it flops,then you all can go back to being distant like before.You have nothing to lose. It’s a win-win situation… youcan be loved and adored like you’ve always wanted.
To have a committed, lasting romance with a man whoworships the ground you walk on.”
Sandra realized I had a point. No one knew of her son atwork, or in her personal life. She could easily pass thisoff as her younger lover– an older woman seeking the joyand stamina of a younger man. I saw the flickering gleamof possibility in her eyes… I knew then that there wasa chance. Fate was dealing with her heart, and Sandraknew this to be true.
“David, why don’t you come over here and help meconvinces your Mother that you’re the perfect man forher?” I asked, motioning for him to come closer. Hereluctantly did so, still draped in the sheet.
“Without that sheet.” I said in a more pressing voice.
He hesitated, but agreed as the cloth fell to the floor.Sandra glanced off, but not for long as I ordered her tolook at her fully nude son.
“No– look at him Sandra,” I snapped.
David sheepishly approached us as I could tell he wasalready beginning to get aroused. His incredible lengthsoon sprout to life as I positioned him directly in frontof his Mother. The tension between them was apparent, butI was resolved to break down those walls. This wasbecoming more and more of a personal quest for me…Could I really get these two in bed together? More thanthat, would they end up spending the rest of their livestogether? I had to know… I just had to.
David stood barely two feet from his Mother, sporting asemi-erect penis. His was so nervous, yet so was Sandra.She kept trying to look away, but something held herthere. She could have made a mad dash for the door, butshe stayed. This was all the convincing I needed tocertify that this love affair was well worth pursuing.Now was the moment I could utilize my prose with words…
“I want you to look at your son’s penis, Sandy. Look athis beautiful body with admiration.” I said as my lefthand began to carefully fondle David’s left thigh.
My right hand still grasped Sandra’s as I felt her holdtense up. Her eyes went from his feet– progressing tohis well-built legs and groin.
“Did you ever think your child would become so handsome?This perfect?” I said as my fingertips reached the baseof his cock.
By now, his erection came to it’s full potential. David’sbreathing decreased as my fingers cloaked his bulky,solid shaft–lazily stroking it with deference.“You see this, sweetheart?” I inquired as I looked to seethat same look on Sandra’s face as before… thatuninhabited expression of wonderment.
“I want you to think of him as your lover, not your son.Look at him as if he is your man,” I said.
I could tell my words were swaying Sandra as she satmotionless, watching my hand continued with its long,slow caresses. David’s lungs heaved with expectancy ashis cock protruded to it’s full ten-inch length. Sheblinked, sitting back as the last of her doubts sprangforth.
“I can’t.” She huffed as I ended her self-imposed tormentwith a full kiss on her mouth.
My tongue vigorously glided passed her own as her sonalmost fell over due to my hand job.
His entire frame was being riveted by early signals oforgasm. He quickly stood before we both caught him. Ismiled seeing Sandra immediately assume her Motherly roleas protector and safe keeper of her son… Her hands wentfrom mine to David’s sides, buoyantly touching his skin.
“Are you okay, baby?” she asked in a loving, concernedtone.
Her hands gingerly felt her son’s quivering stomach as helooked down at her. He nodded yes as she felt thesculpted texture of David’s lower body– his brawnyphysique fascinated her immensely. She loved a lean andfit looking man, and the movements in her hands said itall.
She hesitated as she sighed again, but this time the sighwas one of surrender. David balanced himself, relishinghis Mother’s inquisitive caresses with gusto. His cocknow stood straight out, barely an inch from his Mother’slips…
Sandra’s blank gaze went from her son’s chest to hissusceptible cock. I could see Sandra’s yearning, buthesitation soon demanded her attention. Her fondlingceased as David held his breath…
“Kiss it, Sandy. Kiss his cock.” I whispered as shestammered.
The thickness of her boy’s penis enthralled her so…What would it feel like inside her? Could she take all ofhis length in her womb? What would she do if she becamepregnant? The thoughts of incest and morality trickledinto her mind as she turned away from her son.
David’s hands then reached outward to hold her facetenderly as they gazed into each other’s eyes.
“It’s okay, Mother… No matter what– I love you.” saidDavid in a most serious, and mature tone.
I was taken by his words. It was as if he was speaking toher as her lover, and not as her youthful son.
“Tell me what you’re feeling.” He asked in an assuringvoice. Wow… even this was erotic to watch.
“David…” gasped Sandra as she took his hands in hers.“I don’t want to hurt you.” she said as tears began toswell in her eyes.
Her son graciously soothed her concerns by kneeling infront of her, keeping his eyes on hers.
If this was his way of charming her, it was workingbecause I was certainly falling under his spell too. Hequietly, “Shush,” her as his forefinger began to strokeher jaw line lightly. His eyes fell from hers to admirethe beauty of his Mother. With the back of his finger,David repeated his careful strokes as Sandra basked inthe affectionate display of his love. All Sandra could dowas look upon her son with awe…
“Shush… I just want to love you… Just want to loveyou.” He faintly whispered.
With that, his fingertip outlined her lower lip. Hismovements were painstakingly slow, yet just what we womencrave.
“So much beauty, Mother. You just… are so delicate–gorgeous.” He said, verbally seducing her with everyword. “You’ll never know how long I’ve been in love withyou.”
This was just what needed to be said to squelch Sandra’sdoubts and fears forever. Her son’s magical expressionsfilled Sandra’s heart, giving her stomach the butterfliesso many of us know and love. She hadn’t felt thischerished by a man since her teenage years… If all mencould only express themselves this way, then Sandrawouldn’t have to resort to having her son as her lover…But then again, having David articulate his feelings madeit even more of an emotional encountering for her.
“Do you know how long I’ve loved you?” He asked, nearinghis lips to hers. “How I used to stare at the picturesyou sent us at Christmas?”
Sandra’s trembling breath fell upon her son’s face… Herlower lip quivered as David soothed her anxieties withthoughtful dexterity.
“David…” She uttered helplessly as their lips scarcelybrushed against each other’s. Their eyes still open,David softly pledged his heart once more…“Let me love you… just love you.” Said her son.
Sandra’s eyelids fell as surrender encompassed herintellect.
“Just love you…” David whispered against her lips oncemore as she held her breath.
What would happen? Who would make the first move? Hisfingers combed her tresses, holding her head as he swayedhis lips around his Mother’s flushed face. His lipsplaced a soothing kiss on her cheek, then to herforehead… Sandra melted at his affection, keeping hereyes sealed from the light.
“All those men who could never give you what youcraved…” Said David as another pacifying kissaccompanied his high regard.
“I hated to see you suffer like that, Mother.” Sandrawinced, letting a low gasp flee from her lungs. He wasexactly right… She did have to suffer through severalfailed romances with uncaring and repulsive men. Perhapsthis would be the one– her own son. There would be onlyone way to find out, and that was to try…
Her face warily drifted in the direction of his lips,drawing in a long breath as she did. Their faces baskedin the warmth of each other’s proximity, grazing cheek tocheek. David cradled her head in the palm of his lefthand, feeling his Mother’s warm breath cascade across hisface. Their expressions were drenched in absolution…Sitting in crushing silence, I watched David and Sandrateeter in this breathless moment of expectation. A melodyof truth echoed in their minds…
Their first kiss lingered about, engulfing theirawareness in certain truth. David’s lips cautiouslyopened, bringing all of his aspirations and fantasiesupon his Mother. Their lips slowly brushed together,separating briefly before coming together once more.Sandra was still, mouth agape in awe as she felt herson’s lips graze over hers. Helpless, yet crippled withecstasy, Sandra whimpered as if it was her very firstkiss. In several ways it truly was… and as her son’slips eased closer, she accepted his devoted efforts withall of her heart.
It began with the finesse and grace of the most perfectcoupling. David cupped her jaw, holding her as their kissripened with ease. David held back, taking time to pamperher silky, glorious lips with his. God, they were soincredibly soft. For Sandra, his lips held the strengthand love that every man should have. The petting lastedfor several minutes as it was obvious David didn’t wantto rush this. He was clearly in charge, yet sensed hisMother’s uncertainty with every gesture of his gentlelips.
And when Sandra lifted her hand to rest upon David’sneck, he about collapsed in reverence. Her jaw slipped asshe inched forth, bringing their lips simultaneously in afull mouth-to-mouth kiss. A muffled moan came from hermouth as she fell into her son’s folds of flesh. She felther son’s saliva blend with hers as David brought hisarms around her lower back. Their flesh barely skimmedtogether as Sandra’s breasts patted David’s chest.
With fervor, Sandra brought her arms around David’s neckto embrace their emotional union. When she felt hisbrawny chest press into hers, Sandra lost all sense ofher surroundings. Her mouth opened full as she acceptedher son’s heated tongue with zeal. Her hands raked hishead, feeling his soft hair slide between her fingers…This was too good to be true. How could this feel sogood? So right? Whatever the answer was, Sandra didn’tcare…
All that mattered was this man’s unconditional love forher.
Her lips sealed themselves around David’s drippingtongue, drawing it deep within her mouth.
David froze, overcome by his Mother’s libidinousbeckoning. Her hands slid down his back in order to pullhim closer. He complied by letting his palms come to restupon her wide, golden hips. Their ample mass felt so goodin his grip… he pressed his fingers into her skin– asif to claim her as his own.
He groaned in euphoria, invoking his sheer will power tomake this woman his for all time. Her arms surrounded himwhole, motioning him back upon the bed…Their relationship crossed into another realm ofabsolution.
Her right hand began to fondle her son’s cheek. Watchingtheir love affair unfold… captivated me It was amazing.Two of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known, layingin each other’s arms… about to cross the point of noreturn. Sandra warmly soothed her son’s face with subtlefinesse as they stared into each other’s yearning eyes.All those years alone, cold… without one another, andnow their moment was upon them. Sandra commenced theirmoment by lifting her head toward her son. David’s gazefell to his Mother’s lips as he closed the gap betweenthem… Their movements were unhurried, and attentive.
I gasped as my heart jumped out of my chest… themerciless pounding in my chest along with my shallowbreaths… I watched as their lips gently savored thetouch and taste of the other… Long, sweet kisses wereheard as their slurps echoed throughout my ears. Motherand son, man and woman… two hearts so in love.
David now had the girl of his dreams… his very ownMother. Recalling his admission to me made me glow withappreciation as David’s arms curled around his Mother’sneck. Their bodies looked so perfectly matchedtogether… my eyes traveled the entire length of theirframes. His muscular build matched against her succulent,Motherly body. His hands now resting on each side of herface, David was hovering barely an inch above Sandra’strembling body. Their kiss unbroken, I could see David’svisible erection beneath him. He had his back archedslightly so that his penis wasn’t touching his Mother’ssmooth naked flesh…
He was careful and quite diligent in his actions, yet sowas his Mother. Her hands began to explore her son’simpressive build, feeling his back and strong arms. Moansechoed from her lungs as her mouth was still sealedagainst her son’s, yet I could tell this gentle foreplaywould only last so long. I sat completely still, watchingthese two become wanton lovers. I couldn’t speak, muchless act on any impulse I had… There was simply toomuch beauty to appreciate.
Sandra’s voracious palms fell to her son’s round ass,feeling their robust form as David cringed. Sandra tookthis as his endorsement, bringing him down upon herflesh. David could feel his Mother’s buxom chest againsthis now, skin against skin… they both shuddered inelation as David twisted his mouth around Sandra’s for adeeper kiss. Her hands went from his ass, to his fingersas she held them with powerful urgency. David took a deepbreath from his nostrils as did Sandra. That sound was sointoxicating to hear…
Sandra then extended her arms outward with her son’s ashis cock now pressed against his Mother’s thigh. Hermouth opened in delight, feeling his stiff manhoodagainst her. David’s hands now roamed the length of hisMother’s arms to her shoulders, bringing her in for anearnest kiss. His frame then shifted to where he wasbarely above her… I knew what was in store next.
Their kiss broken off, David took his right hand andseized his thick ten inch cock. He glanced down to seehis lover’s full breasts as a quick kiss followed. Sandraheld her son’s face against her breast as Davidpositioned his cock at the entrance to his Mother’swomb… Sandra buckled, feeling the tip of his youngpenis graze her pussy. They both instantly looked at eachother to make sure they knew what they were about todo… as if to reassure themselves that their act of lovewas a sure thing… and it was. Sandra relaxed her glossylegs so that her son could have more room… It was amoment both would never forget.
“I love you, Mother.” David uttered in breathlessassurance.
“I love you too, baby.” She said as she stared into herson’s eyes. She knew that from this moment on, theirlives would never be the same. If she allowed her son tohave sex with her, it would forever change theirrelationship. Yet she felt indebted to him for all theyears she had neglected him. She wasn’t allowing this tohappen because of guilt, but because of her unquenchablewish for happiness. And if it was her very own son whowould fill that empty void, so be it. It felt so right.
Holding his breath, David tediously motioned his hipsforward so that the tip of his penis penetrated hisMother’s dripping vagina. Their gaze didn’t falter as shetoo held her breath from the initial rendezvous. Sandrafinally exhaled in elation as David eased his cockfurther inside… her eyes rolled in the back of herhead, inhaling a deep breath as David’s cock sank all theway into her expecting womb. She couldn’t believe how farhe was going into her and he couldn’t believe howincredible she felt.
Every nerve ending in David’s cock was submersed in hisMother’s boiling juices. Hard, stiff cock blending withsoft, warm pussy. All ten inches of David was now safelylodged within his Mother as his body tried to find anatural rhythm. But as any lovers, it would be a whilebefore both would find that. Their uncoordinatedmovements were obvious, yet their love for one anothersmoothed their flaws.
All they could do was revel in this remarkable act ofintercourse. His hands wanted to feel so much of her, asdid hers. David quickly smiled as he gulped down hisanxiety.
Sandra observed her son’s eagerness, and quicklyencouraged him with an “I love you” as he plunged deepinside her. She let out a long, low groan this time asshe felt him go deeper than before. I had never heardSandra like this… like an untamed beast mating. Herhead thrusting back, she clenched every muscle in herupper body in absolute reverence. The veins in her neckbulged out as she cried out in complete bliss. Her armsjolted, coming to rest around David’s neck as he began tofind his tempo.
He couldn’t believe he was making love to his dear sweetMother… He had to keep glancing at her to make surethis was indeed true. All he could see was her long,beautiful neck as he began thrusting into his Mother. Shefinally looked back at her son with a face of untamed,wild lust. She lifted her ass to meet his push for thrustas she let go of all her fears and inhibitions. She waseagerly and willingly fucking her son now, and the lookon her face said it all so clearly.
Every breath she took bellowed throughout my bedroom asher legs wrapped themselves around her son’s waist,bringing him closer than before. It was all David coulddo to keep his composure. After all, his Mother wasfucking him like a salacious whore. His strokes grewrapidly as his cock stabbed her again and again. Hishands reached beneath her to clutch her wide hips asperspiration covered both of their faces.
Her ass felt so good in his hands… those broad,enticing hips that begged for his seed… He shut hiseyes, letting his mind relish the moment of nirvana. Hewas making love to his true love… his soul mate. Hisdreams finally coming true, and the concept of it allsummoned his sperm from the deepest regions of histesticles.
David bucked ferociously as Sandra felt her son’sthrobbing penis ram inside her. She knew her boy wasclose, and brought his face to her breasts to flood hissenses entirely. His hands still clamped around hershapely ass, David cried out from between his Mother’sbreasts. She heard his muffled wails as she lifted herhead to kiss his face… it was then she felt the firstsurge of her son’s semen inundate her pussy. Davidshouted out in pure heightened bliss; “Oh Mother…”Sandra heard this, and along with her son’s life givingseed coursing throughout her womb, she too succumbed to acommanding, self-evident orgasm.
“Oh baby.” She cried out, tightening her legs around herson’s brawny, sweaty torso.
Each and every pulse of sperm that filled her pussyinduced gasps of absolute rhapsody. Her son wasoverflowing her womb with his semen, and the feeling wasone of the most remarkable Sandra had ever felt before.His entire body snapped as Sandra watched her son lifthis chest– looking skyward– as if to rally every dropof his essence he could possibly give his beautifulMother. And he did. She felt her son’s swelling neck andchest as he shot rope after rope of his young seed deepwithin his Mother.
Sandra crumbled as another orgasm took hold of her. I wasnow watching both Mother and son share a resplendent,simultaneous orgasm together. It was the most beautifulact of intercourse I had ever witnessed first-hand.
Wow… I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. No wordscould express what had just taken place. David collapsedatop his Mother in exhaustion. His entire body was glazedover in perspiration, his hair soaked from the powerfulact of intercourse. Sandra kept her legs around David tomake sure he didn’t withdrawal his still hard cock… Ashis head came to rest on her shoulder, Sandra held himclose, softly chanting to him with words of support andlove.
“Oh sweetie. Oh my baby.” She whispered as her handsstroked his tasseled hair. David suddenly quivered in aseries of aftershocks from orgasm. His mouth begankissing her shoulder as they began reveling in theafterglow of making love. Lifting his head, David gazeddown at his Mother in disbelief. Their exhilarated stateintensified as David and Sandra’s eye contact capturedtheir growing love. Her son’s seed was now ripplingthroughout her inner most regions, and the emotionscarried the two lovers away.
“You’re so handsome,” she murmured as David caught hisbreath. He loved hearing her low, enticing voice.
“You’re so beautiful,” said David, running his fingertipalong her disheveled hair. “I love everything aboutyou… your eyes… your face…”
Sandra sighed deeply, hearing his words of guiltlessaffinity. She too was lost in the moment.
I then decided to step in, and make use of this verbalexchange. I leaned forward from the side of the bed asthey both looked at me.
“Don’t let me interrupt.” I said, motioning for them tolook back at one another. “Seriously. This is yourmoment, not mine. Focus on each other.”
Sandra smiled at me, then went back to her son. I was nowon the bed next to them about a foot away as I just satin amazement staring at the two still nestled in eachother’s arms.
“I don’t want you to acknowledge me, just listen.” Isaid, knowing now that it was time for words and languageto be put to use. “You both have just made love for thefirst time…”
David glanced at me as Sandra motioned him back. “Thereyou go.” I said. “Just look into each other’s eyes as Italk.” I said as Sandra took a deep breath, still feelingher son’s cock wedged up inside her. “God you two makesuch a beautiful couple. Just look at you… you shouldhave seen what I saw back there…” I said as my righthand eased out. I was resting on my left side as my handtouched Sandra’s thigh lightly. “You two were so lost ineach other, like animals in the wild. Two savagebeasts… amazing.”
Sandra leaned up from her pillow to kiss David full onthe lips.
“Yes.” I hissed. “Kiss your man, Sandy. He’s your man,isn’t he?” I said as she moaned her approval.
David fell into this kiss with all of his weight,bringing his arms around her neck.
“Who would have ever thought you both would end up likethis… as lovers.” I said as the words sent shiversthrough the couple, only to heighten their fervor.
“Oh yes… you two were meant for each other. The perfectcouple.” No sooner did those words come out that Sandraopened her mouth to gasp… a confirmation of what I wassaying.
I was intent on using my words to make them fuck oncemore…
“Oh Sandy… you made him for yourself all those yearsago.” I said, leaning to her ear as I whispered into it.All she could do was channel her anxiety to her son,inhaling his tongue down her throat.
“I bet you knew he would come back eighteen years laterand be the love of your life, didn’t you Sandy?” Her bodynow swayed in eagerness as she thrust up, motioning herson on his back… I liked what I saw. Her wide hipsstraddled her son’s groin, still holding his cock deepinside her… David didn’t know how to take his Mother’saggression, but offered no resistance.
His hands naturally found their way to Sandra’sillustrious, wide ass. I could tell he liked the feel ofeach cheek in his palms… I did too. She sat straightup, lifting her arms up to run her hands through her longflowing hair, giving her son one hell of a show… Ithink she knew what she was doing… Her large breasts infull view, the contours of her hourglass figure… “OhDavid, look.” I said with deep affection.
“See what she’s doing? That’s for you, sweetheart.” Isaid, enjoying the show as well. With that, Sandra beganto rock her body back and forth– feeling David’s stiffcock growing inside her once more. (Young men have thatunique ability to go again and again, and Sandra knewit.) Sandra looked like a complete slut with her hair amess– locks of her blonde hair dangling around herface… She brought down her hands around her face,lazily dragging her fingers across her lips as she andDavid shared another gaze.
“Look at her, David.” I said in a hushed tone. “She wantsyou again… and you’re going to give her what she wants,aren’t you?” Without thinking, he nodded yes as hetightened his grasp on her full ass.
“Explore her body, David. Feel her in your hands… feelyour woman,” I said as his palms came around to feel eachbeloved thigh. Her bronze hued flesh seemed to glimmer ashe squeezed its warm fleshy texture. His actions wereslow and gentle, just as they should be… He waslearning every inch of her flesh by heart… His stronghands began to feel her stomach and sides scrupulously,wondering what it must have been like to be in her womb.Sandra now cupped each of her breasts in her hands as herhead thrust back, flinging her mane of hair rearward asthe strands softly thrashed her backside.
“She’s so beautiful, isn’t she?” I pronounced, now layingbeside David with my head against his so I too couldshare the sight.
“Feel your Mother’s breasts, David.” I said, kissing hischeek softly. His fingertips entwined between hisMother’s as both felt the goodness of her full bosomedbust. Still swaying back and forth, Sandra again leanedher neck all the way back as she relished her son’stouch.
David couldn’t believe this… Not only had he made loveto her, but now he was adoring her in a manner that tookhis breath away.
“Oh, Mother…” he gasped as he lightly pressed each fullorb. Her hands fell from their grip to grasp her son’sarms.
“Tell her how you feel, David. Tell her everything.” Icommanded.
“Her breasts. They’re so big.” He said, somewhat unsureof his delivery.
“What else?” I said. “Make love to her in words, David.”
David swallowed rather nervously, and I understood hispredicament. A lot of people find it tough to describetheir emotions.
“I just… I… can’t believe we’re together finally.It’s just like I thought it would be.” He added. “I wantto taste her… taste every inch of her body.” He said,sending his Mother further into complete delight.
“Tell her you’ll never leave her, David. Promise heryou’ll be with her forever.” I said, touching Sandra’sbare thigh once more.
“You know I’ll never leave you.” He said with a gasp.
“How could I ever do that to you?” He said, feeling thegoodness of each supple breast once more.
“I’m not like all the other men in your life that usedyou, Mother… I’m your son.” He said, beckoning his hardmanhood.
Sandra was panting heavily by now, swimming in the verballovemaking she was hearing.
She could feel her son’s enlarging cock shift deep insideher Motherly hips.
David went on…
“We’ll always have that special bond. That’s why I loveyou so much…God, how could I NOT love you, Mother?” Sandra cried outin exhilaration; “Oh my God.” She shoved her bodyforward, falling atop her son for a scalding kiss. Shehad to reassure herself of this… David met her kisswith equal fortitude, embracing her as his armsenshrouded Sandra.
“Oh, look at this.” I said. “Look at this kiss. Thepassion… the hunger deep inside you both.” I said in adaze.
Sandra loved hearing me talk like this… I knew she did.She knew I spoke her every thought and wish… Herbreasts crushed against David’s chest as I saw her hipsbegin to dig themselves into her son.
“Look at you, Sandra. Your gorgeous ass rising andfalling atop your son’s cock. Your hips…” I said,moving down the bed so I could see their copulation upclose. I watched as David’s hands instinctively fell backto her ass, gripping her cheeks once more. Both weremoaning and gasping as Sandra gave her young man theworking over of his life… His glistening penis, dippingin and out of his Mother’s moistened vulva. It was soincredibly hard…
Mother and son mating once more like famished beasts. Iwatched as her son pounded her mercilessly. Each push andthrust sent ripples of gratification across Sandra’smagnificent ass.
His fingernails dug into her flesh, making sure shewouldn’t let go… The wet sounds of pussy and cockthrusting together made me shudder as their bodies loudlysmacked against each other. They both found a instinctivecadence to their emotional sacrament as I just sat andwatched… I began to murmur to myself quietly.
“Look at this beauty. This ass… his cock so hard. Shedid this to him. She made her son this way.” I said as myhand reached up to stroke Sandra’s backside. “He’s reallydoing it…
He’s mating with his Mother…”
David began bucking uncontrollably underneath his Motheras he thrust up at her with vehemence… Sandra knew herboy was close to spilling his seed in her once more, andthat notion made her even that more determined to makehim cum. I quickly sat up so I could see their faces asthey came… I had to see for myself the sheer strengthof their union.
David’s eyes were clamped shut as sweat rolled from hisbrow. Sandra had her forehead against his, occasionallykissing him as strands of her hair were completelydrenched from their intense lovemaking.
“Your Mother’s going to make you cum, David. Think aboutit, David.” I said as I positioned myself right besidethe loving couple.
“Think about all the times you wanted her… all thetimes you masturbated to her…” I said, chanting in hisear.
My words of encouragement only fueled his desire evenmore. Looking up at her, David readjusted his hands so hecould go deeper inside his Mother. Sandra saw the hope inher son’s eyes… the aspirations he had. Their mistyeyes said it all… Sandra cried out as he clearly tookcharge of their copulation, and she didn’t mind one bit.It felt good to be controlled by her own son.
“You like that, don’t you Sandy?” I asked.
Between her short huffs, she retorted; “Yes.”
Orgasm soon took control of her flesh as she lost allcontrol. David felt his Mother convulse as he took holdof her… Her eyes rolled back in her head as she let outa long, low guttural moan. David took this as a messageof hope, so he did all he could to bury his cock all theway inside his Mother… He wanted to make sure his seedtook root inside the very womb he was created in. Hisfingers pressed into her as every muscle in his bodycontracted all at once…
“Your son’s cumming, Sandy. Look. You made him do this…You did this.” I voiced as thick streams of David’s spermsaturated his Mother’s womb.
I jumped to my knees, grasping Sandra in my arms. David’sloud cries filled the room as she was disoriented fromher powerful, mind-blowing orgasm. His hands squeezed herass forcefully, bringing her down around his cock. I heldSandra as her son filled her with his life givingsemen… I could tell that with every discharge of hisseed sent waves of incredible delight throughout herMotherly hips.
“Your son’s cumming inside you, Sandy. It feels so good,doesn’t it?” I whispered as her head lay on my shoulder.Her low moans continued as David’s relentless thrustingcontinued.
“You made your man cum, who would’ve ever thought yourson would do this to you?
To feel his own sperm fill you? You love this, don’tyou?”
All she could do was nod yes as her son continuedshooting thick ropes of his cum inside her.
“I love you, Mother.” Exclaimed David as the last of hisseed trickled out.
Their second orgasm shook each of them to their verycore. Sandra couldn’t believe that her child’s semen wasnow coursing throughout her veins. Judging from my ownexperience with David, I could almost bet he doused herwith at least a half a gallon of his seed. With Sandrastill in my arms, I held her as she caught her breath asI caressed her drenched mane of hair.
She had probably experienced the most rigorous sex of herentire life in the last two days, and she was clearlyexhausted. I knew David could more than likely go again,but this was enough for one day. I didn’t want them tohave too much of a good thing, so I eased Sandra down onthe bed as we all fell asleep together in each other’sarms. It was the end of their first day of many aslovers. There was no turning back now.
The next day, I awoke to find my bed empty. Much to mysurprise, Sandra and David got up earlier for a swim inmy pool. As I got out of bed, I heard the two laughingand cavorting outside my window. I was somewhat jealous,but was pleased when I saw the two lovers swimming in thenude together. I could tell that their joy was somethingthey both craved, and found in each other. Sandra was asgiddy as a teenager with her first love… her smilesglowed with genuine candor as she and David frolickedabout, splashing each other with the water as sillinessand joy was the predominate mood. I grinned, thinking howperfectly matched they were indeed. Their games abruptlyended when Sandra quickly kissed her lover, embracing himas they spun around in one another’s arms. The humorevaporated briefly they exchanged hushed, ‘I love yous,’between a series of deep soul kisses. I was simply amazedby the sight…
Later that day, I greeted the two sunbathing in the nudewith lunch. David and his Mother were holding hands asthey greeted me with sincere affinity. The two lovinglyexpressed their gratitude for arranging their impassionedunion. David watched as his Mother and I kissed eachother tenderly for quite some time. Being the sexuallycharged creatures we were, Sandra and I soon fell backupon my lawn chair as our kiss matured into full blownsex. I crawled around her, like a lion to their prey aswe locked our bodies together in a torrid, steamy sixty-nine.
With my derriere hovering above Sandra’s face, we bothproceeded to intoxicate ourselves in each other’s flowingjuices. I sealed my lips around her beautiful vagina,swallowing the tart thickness of her womanly being. Mysenses were electrified just thinking about my tongue,and how her son’s cock was probably there just momentsbefore. Our limbs entwined as we rocked back and forthtogether; feeling her hands graze across my thighs, up tothe thick globes of my backside.
In that hazy moment, I felt David’s cock gently flow intomy ass. With my surprise, Sandra’s efforts multiplied asI was being double-teamed by Mother and Son. I feltabsolutely wonderful as both of my most delicate orificeswere being savored; it was the beginning of a new part ofmy life.
From that day on, David and Sandra’s relationship wouldnever be the same.
Both Sandra and I called in sick for the next two weeksas David took off from school. We stayed at my house,not leaving once for that two-week period. David showeredhis Mother with magnificent gifts and made us scrumptiousdinners practically every night. He was the most courteousgentleman a woman could ever hope for… He would leaveSandra intimate love notes scattered throughout the housefor her to see– a reminder of his undying love for her.
It was something to see… passion seemed to flow intheir every move together. Their lovemaking seemed tostrengthen their bond time after time– orgasm aftermind-boggling orgasm. I vividly recall one evening inparticular…
David had just finished making plans for a catered formaldinner for the two of them, which I gladly paid formyself. They were dressed in their finest attire withDavid in a sharp tuxedo, and Sandra dressed in astrapless, black ankle-length cocktail dress. She hadspent the entire day preparing for their special dinner,getting a manicure and having her nails done. Thecaterers arrived that evening along with two servants–following David’s instructions to the exact detail.Candles lit the entire dining room– red long stemmedroses garnished the table, and soft jazz music playedthroughout the house. It was the most romantic atmosphereI had ever seen anyone create for their beloved. Sandracame down from her room around 7pm.
At the bottom of the staircase stood her son; so handsomeand fair. Taking her elegant hand in his, he softlykissed the back of her hand as she was lead arm in arminto the main dining area. There the two sat down toenjoy each other’s company for the rest of the evening,relishing each other’s company over wine and ascrumptious seafood feast. The dinner staff had no cluethey were working that evening for a Mother and Son…for all they knew, David and Sandra were a normal couplecelebrating their love. In many ways they were, but ifthey only knew…
After the main course ended, both Mother and Son shared along, slow dance together in the parlor adjoining thedining room. Like the dining room, several candles litthe room to create the perfect ambiance. The two loverslost themselves in the moment– Sandra drifted away inher lover’ s arms. She had finally found the perfect man.
With dinner finished, David informed the staff that theirservices were no longer required, yet held Sandra at thetable, telling her that dessert was still on order.
Becoming a bit daring, David blindfolded his Mother andasked her to stay seated as he went to fetch her dessertplate… With darkness rampant, all she could hear werethe sound of wheels coming closer.
Soon, a fresh, delightful aroma filled her senses…oranges, bananas, tangerines, all of the wonderfulhealthy foods she loved to indulge herself in. Hearingthe grinding wheels come up beside her, she glowed with atelling smile as she felt her son’s hands gracefullycaress her soft, bare shoulders. His warm breath fellupon her neck for a kiss as he sighed in rapture.
“Are you ready for dessert, Mother?” He asked timidly.
“Uhmm, I am, sweetheart.” Replied his lover incontentment; turning her head to kiss him affectionately.
With that, the blindfold fell from her eyes to see melaying nude on a cart, resting atop a bed of healthy andexotic fruits. My entire backside was garnished with thesame… I was on my stomach, propped up on my elbows withmy knees bent upward. I had just shaved my legs, so myskin was soft and smooth to the touch. David had thoughtup the concept days earlier, and I was all for it.
With a grape dangling from my mouth, I coyishly raised myfingers to the grape as I clamped my teeth around it–all the while staring at Sandra with the finest seductiveexpression I could offer. My mouth filled with grapejuice, I ran my tongue along my lips– as if to douseSandra’s body with it. The look on my face said “Fuck me”all over it, and I knew she would gracefully comply.
Sandra’s look in her eyes was of pure hunger. Blushingafter I mouthed the words “I want you”, all she could dowas lean closer to me. She longingly gazed across mybackside, draped in several types of mouth-wateringfruits. My lower back was gingerly decorated withpineapple slices… from there, she noticed my bronzedass glistening with orange slices and bananas.
“I thought you’d like this, Mother.” Said David as hewheeled me closer to her.
“Oh, David. You’ll never know.” She said, taking noticeof my soaked mane of hair.
I looked like a animal from the wild; plucked away fromits habitat to mate with Sandra. David clutched twofreshly peeled oranges in both hands, applying steadypressure to each as trickles of sweet juice fell upon mybrown skin. I flinched, puckering my lips as the juiceran over my back, and across my full ass. Sandra gaspedas she watched the juice trickle down the full contoursof my shapely beige ass. A pool of the juice collected inthe lower dip of my back, right where my spine curvesinward to round out the top portion of my buttocks. Butbefore Sandra could begin her feast, David reached intohis coat pocket and knelt beside her.
In his hand, he presented Sandra with a tiny jewelry box.She immediately knew what it was.
“Will you marry me, Mother? Will you give my life thisone precious gift?” Asked David in his most serious tone.He looked into his Mother’s sapphire eyes with the utmostconviction and determination. Wow… I couldn’t believewhat he had just done. Tears swelled in Sandra’s eyes asshe caught her breath in complete shock. Not only had shemade love to her own son, but now he was asking for herhand in marriage. It was a lot to think about.
“I promise that my heart will be yours for all time. I’llbe there when you need me… You’ll be loved and adoredfor the rest of your life, Mother. That I can promiseyou… You’re the love of my life.” He said as he openedthe box, revealing an exquisite 28-caret diamond ring.
Sandra openly wept as he took the ring, and placed it onher ring finger. Her hands trembled as he did. Mine wouldbe too if I were in her shoes at that moment.
“Oh, David.” Sandra replied. “Baby, this is just…”
“What?” He said, leaning in closer to her. They bothgazed at her gorgeous ring as tears dripped from herlovely face. I smiled lovingly at the two… they were soin love.
“Will you, Mother?” He asked yet again, kissing her tearsoaked face with finesse.
Sandra quickly looked up, gathering her heart’saffirmation. She had to go with the deeply felt instinctsnow laced throughout her heart. It couldn’t be denied orhidden.
It was her ultimate destiny.
“Yes,” she said, choking back the flood of tears. Herreply was music to my ears.
A tear seized David as he embraced his Mother, sealingtheir fate for all time. They vigorously embraced oneanother as Sandra cried in her lover’s arms. Muddled inthe sounds of their cries, all they could say was, “Ilove you… I love you.”
“I guess this ended up being an engagement party?” Iremarked.
Sandra eased back from the hug as she excitedly noddedyes, showing me the ring. I took her hand to see formyself. It was beautiful. And I could hardly imagine howmuch David had spent on his lovely Mother– now Bride tobe.
“I think this calls for a celebration. May I kiss thebride?” I asked as Sandra happily complied.
I could taste the tears of joy on her pouty lips. She wasso happy.
“Thank you,” she whispered to me. “Thank you for findingmy son for me.”
“You mean your fiancee?” I asked with a telling smile onmy face.
She happily nodded yes as we kissed once more. I cradledher head in my hand; deciding to initiate their vowsright here and now. We typically would go to my bedroomfor such festivities, yet I knew we couldn’t wait forthat. Sandra’s eagerness in showing me her gratitudecertainly proved true as every slice of fruit wasconsumed, and/or slithered across my tawny flesh.
Still on my elbows, I put my best effort forward toremain on that cart as both David and Sandra savored eachglobe of my glistening derriere. I glanced back over myshoulder to see both heads fluttering atop my cheeks.Sandra’s mouth was parted as wide as it could go; lipspressed against my flesh in an attempt to inhale as muchof my ass flesh as possible into her raving mouth. It wasall I could do to keep my composure; what was left of itanyway.
David sensed his Mother’s growing hunger with each lap ofher tongue, and stepped back to watch. Delicate whimpersof delight escaped my lips as Sandra now had my backsideall to herself. He was used to seeing that appetitebestowed upon himself, but now it was all on me.
“She loves you so much, Shannon.” David whispered,catching me off guard. This was usually my tactic;verbalizing the moment at hand. My face splintered inecstasy and joy as a slight smile emerged.
“Your ass is so beautiful. God, look at her justdevouring it. Those plump cheeks…” He said, sittingdown in front of me as I felt Sandra’s hot breath soothedthe moist cleavage of my rump. I looked back once more tosee Sandra directly behind me; each hand resting uponeach malleable orb. Her fingers were spread wide, tryingto clutch as much of my flesh as possible as her facedescended between my heightened cleavage.
“God Shannon– look at your cheeks against Mother’s face.Do you know how beautiful this is? Can’t you see how muchshe loves this?” Asked David in his gratifying low tone.His Mother moaned in muffled agreement as her face wassmothered deep in ass. Her son’s words inspired her, andobviously so as I felt her tongue flatten itself againstmy anal cove. I shuddered aloud; clinching my fists invehemence… It had been way too long since Sandra and Ilast made love, and this was by far a welcome salutation.
“Her face looks so good in your ass.” Replied David ashis Mother’s tongue circled my forbidden realm.
“Yeeeesssss.” I whimpered in exultation. “Talk about myass, David.”
He leaned in, cheek to cheek as his breath warmed my ear.
“You like this, don’t you Shannon? You like having abeautiful woman like my Mother tasting your ass?” He saidsoftly.
“Uh-huh.” I retorted.
His view of his Mother over my shoulder gave David enoughto certainly talk about.
“Her fingers pressed into your cheeks… look at thosefingernails just digging into that tan skin.”
I cried out as I felt Sandra’s tongue slip into myrelaxed orifice. I opened to her, feeling the scaldingwarmth of her tongue swab my asshole.
“She’s inside you, isn’t she?” asked David.
“Uh-huh.” I replied breathlessly.
“Feel it, Shannon.” He said with encouragement. “Feel herdevotion and love for you… give your gorgeous ass toher.” David said as he saw Sandra’s palms part mymoistened spheres for a deeper thrust of her tongue.
“God look at that,” he added. “Look at her hands cuppingyour cheeks. God that is so hot.”
If he only knew how good this felt. My tonguing of hisbackside earlier was pale in comparison; completelydifferent between females. I felt her hands lightly patmy (now) trembling cheeks as David took hold of anotherpeeled orange.
Again, his grip burst forth more juice upon my ass aswell as Sandra’s face. The sensation of cold liquidmarinating my globes, mixed with her spicy hot tonguewedged deep in my ass was simply too much. My backsiderippled with wave after wave of joyance. I’m sure Sandraand David loved watching my glossy, full ass quake inpleasure; at least so they admitted later.
“Oh God my ass… my ass. So deep.” I cried out in open-mouthed ecstasy.
“She’s so deep.”
My muscles clinched her tongue; an involuntary action tohold her inside me perhaps?
Absolutely. Even my body wanted all she could give. Iwanted to absorb all of her at that moment. Of course, ifit would have been possible, I would gladly have let herfill me with her entire body; our union was that strong.
Her tongue quickly fell out from me as I opened my eyes.I didn’t want it to end. Looking back, I saw Sandra slipout of her dress in that seductive way that I had grownto love. That coal black bra and thong made her buxomflesh so enticing, and when she crawled on the cart withme, I had to bite my lower lip watching her shed thoseremaining garments.
David had to lock the wheels down on the cart so hisMother and I wouldn’t roll around the dining room duringour impassioned tryst. Her large breasts skimmed over myass ever so lightly. I could hear her coo with eachgentle sway. Breast against ass…
Oh my. She then eased her chest downward, watching herbreasts squash my skin… each of our knolls curvedoutward.
“Oh look at that, Shannon. Look at those breasts on yourass.” Remarked David as Sandra lifted her misty eyed faceto look at me gazing directly at her. Her mouth hung openas that untamed look of lust captivated my senses. Withthat, Sandra ascended up my frame, drawing her Motherlybreasts along my lower back. She reached my neck,clamping her mouth upon my neck as she mounted my ass. Icould hear her unintelligible moans of lust.
“Oh Sandra.” I gently uttered, feeling her pubic hairstickle my ass. Her hips began to grind against me as Ireached around to hold her head against me.
“You’re so fucking hot.” I said in a more authoritativetone. “You wanna fuck me, don’t you baby? Huh?”
“Uh-hum.” Sandra moaned, intoxicated by the possibility.
“You wanna fuck me like an animal, don’t you?”
Saliva drooled out on my neck as her teeth sank into myneck. I squealed as her hips thrust themselves into myass. Her slippery breasts smothered my back as her handsran up and down my sides. I was her hostage now… shecould do anything she wanted with me.
Her mouth plundered my neck, chewing my flesh hungrily asshe instinctively humped against me. I could tell sheliked this, as well as bringing herself closer to orgasmwith every thrust.
“You like humping my ass, don’t you?”
Her mouth broke off to exhale in short-winded agreement.
“You loved stabbing my ass with your tongue, didn’t you?”I said as her thrusts grew rampantly. “Like you weremating with me.”
Sandra wailed in bliss and disbelief. She loved the way Itransposed the typical male-female acts of copulationinto our entanglements. It was an effective theme that weshared from time to time, although generally we preferredsofter expressions of lovemaking.
But now we were like beasts wanting to mate.
I shoved her off me as I quickly came around toforcefully kiss her. The intensity between us sent Davidinto silence. All he could do was watch in bewildermentas his Mother became this unruly, wild savage. (It was tobe a theme I would explore later.) Our arms vigorouslyheld each other; mouth to mouth– bosom to breast. Ourbodies were now slick with the pulpy mass of fruit asseveral chunks fell to the floor around us. Sandra’stongue pierced my mouth as I swallowed it whole. Ourheads twisted hastily in an attempt for a deeper kiss.
“Fuck me.” I gasped.
Sandra’s only reply was her fingers clutching my hair,throwing my head back so she could consume my neck. Herlegs shifted so our pussies came in contact with eachother. We sat straddling each other, feeling the heat ofour wombs surge in affirmation. This woman’s starvationsimply amazed me… All I could do was encourage her withmy filthy tongue.
“You give me that you fucking animal. Make me your woman-– hump me like a man you fucking beast.” And did she. OhGod, did she.
My hands went to her sides, grasping her plump hips justlike David did. I don’t see how we kept on that cartbecause our bodies were pushing and pulling together incommanding strength. My arms pulled her in as she dug herpussy into mine… I could tell her clit was swollen as Ifelt it several times against me.
The three of us ended up in the bedroom that night, andexhausted ourselves for the next two days making love inevery manner possible. Sandra and I would pair off, Davidand his Mother would, or David and I… Sandra didn’tshow any resentfulness whatsoever when she watched Davidand I have sex. In fact, she would encourage us along asshe masturbated every time.
It didn’t matter… we all three loved each otherequally, yet I knew that my love for them would nevercompare to the bond that David and Sandra had. Theysimply felt a much more profound affinity for oneanother. Their lovemaking would often bring out thefinest in both of them. You could just tell it held apowerful meaning by the way they looked at each other,the way they kissed, the way they made love. This displaywas quite apparent one evening when I walked in on thetwo in my bed. They were of course having sex, yet Iheard both of their impassioned cries of enchantment onceI walked through the front door.
Once I entered the bedroom, I saw both Mother and Son inthe standard missionary position.
Naturally, I came to rest beside them as I concentratedon watching them. Both of their bodies were glazed insweat as David held his Mother’s wide childbearing hipsin his courageous palms. Sandra held her son’s headbetween her neck and shoulder; welcoming his solid, agileforay into her.
“Oh my son… give me a child. A child… make yourMother pregnant.” She whispered into his ear.
“Make… me… pregnant,” she chanted impassionedlybetween his unrelenting plunges. He sank into her withsuch subtlety and skill; he had become a flawless lover.Every time she begged her son for this prize, he buckedand rammed into his Mother even harder. My hunch wasindeed true… David wasn’t afraid of making a womanpregnant. In fact, he desired it as well. That plus thefact that he was going to make his own Mother pregnantmade the act even more compelling. The very womb he wascreated in was about to be lusciously inseminated.
“You’re gonna be a Daddy, David… You like that, don’tyou?” Sandra said, knowing she hit a nerve deep withinher child.
“Oh Mother…” he gasped, gripping those saffron hips inassurance.
He leaned back to look into her loving, sapphire eyes.His fingers entrenched themselves deep into her fleshythighs once more.
“I want… you. Be the Mother of my child.” He said,trying to submerge his rock solid cock as deep aspossible.
“Our child… OUR child, love.” she retorted, catchingher breath.
David shuddered in surreal prospect as his Mother placedher feet flat on the bed, forcing her son to the deepestpoint inside her fertile womb. I couldn’t believe what Iwas hearing, much less seeing. My eyes bulged out,sitting in complete shock. I knew they didn’t practiceany birth control, and often wondered what would happenif Sandra became did in fact become pregnant. (She neveronce mentioned to David that he couldn’t cum inside her.)
Now it was clear that she desperately craved a child withher lover– her fiancee– her own son. All that matteredat this moment was the resplendent conception of a child;a living symbol of their undying love for one another.
Every muscle in David’s body tensed up. His facecontorted in various shocking expressions as his lifegiving seed began its irrevocable surge. Sandra graspedher son’s head so they could stare at one another at theexact moment of climax.
“Give us a child, David… give us a child.” She huffedas her son affectionately pounded her.
“Oh Mother I will… I will.” He said, crying out with avicious shudder.
Then it happened. David’s body surrendered to orgasminduced by his Mother’s warm, loving pussy. Sandraquietly squealed to herself, feeling her son’s firststream of semen teem throughout her beloved womb. Eachclimax moved his body to it’s core… every thrust hecould muster dipped his manhood deeper and deeper.
Sandra locked up, strenuously kissing David as the orgasmcarried through. Her legs held the sweaty frame of herlover tight, making sure every burst of her son’sprecious, penetrating sperm stayed inside her. She wasgoing to be the Mother of his child. It was the mostpowerful orgasm I had ever seen two people experiencetogether.
Later that evening, the two pledged to me that theywouldn’t leave my bedroom until Sandra’s womb wascarrying she and David’s first child. And that was finewith me. I went out to the local drug store to stock upon EPT’s for the occasion. Arriving back home, I foundthe two engaged once more in breathless, meaningful sex.(They were like Honeymooners since they became lovers.)This time, Sandra was on all fours as David pounded herin a uninhibited doggy style position. Sandra heard mecome in, and extended her hand out to me.
“Hold me, love… Hold me.” She pleaded with sincerity.
I lovingly complied as I laid in front of her. Her armsmotioned for an embrace as I held her up for support. Itwas amazing holding a woman like this as her entire bodyabsorbed every thrust from her gorgeous son.
“Tell me I’m going to be a mother, Shannon,” beggedSandra. “Tell me he’s going to make me pregnant…please.”
I held my breath in awe, gazing up to see David’s robustbody hurl itself into his Mother. We locked eyes as Ithen found the will to give Sandra what she wanted.
“He IS going to make you a Mother, Sandra,” I said,kissing her unrestrained hair softly. She whined indelight hearing me assert this deeply felt hope.
David’s hands rested on his Mother’s ass, squeezing theirshapely form as his intent became clear. He glanced downquickly to see her moist flesh receive his stabbing cockagain and again. Every pulsating inch of that young man’scock sank all the way into his Mother’s vulva.
I knew he loved doggy style, but not this much. That boywas hell bent on making this girl pregnant; his face saidit all.
“Oh Sandy– he’s going to make such a good Daddy.” Isaid. Again, Sandra whimpered, this time much louder.“Husband and wife… your son coming back to plant theseed of life… back where he belongs.”
Sandra screamed into my shoulder, causing David to recoilwith another first wave of his boiling, yet welcome seed.
“Oh my GAWD– he’s coming!” Screamed Sandra. “He’s sodeep.”
“Oh darling– you’re going to be a Mommy soon. Yes,love… a Mommy.” I exclaimed as I watched David’s eyesroll back into his head. His body swayed in euphoria,still clutching that gorgeous, plump ass that seemed tosuckle the very life force from his flesh “A child…”plead David as he plunged again and again into hisloving Mother.
Sandra cried out in exaltation, surrendering to therelentless amount of sperm that filled her pussy oncemore. Her teeth clamped my blouse, grunting like aprimitive cave woman. My arms strengthened their hold…I knew this was it. This was the orgasm that was going tocreate life… a baby. I just knew it.
Two days passed, and every morning, I helped Sandra withthe pregnancy test.
On Friday, Sandra saw the results she wanted. She waspregnant.
Thrilled, she embraced me with a kiss as she raced out tothe bed where David was still asleep. Waking him with akiss, her excitement eased as she quietly (but lovingly)broke the news.
“David? David, honey… I’m pregnant. I’m going to haveour baby, sweetheart,” She whispered tenderly.
Tears stung Sandra’s eyes as she openly wept. Davidhappily basked in the news, tenderly embracing the Motherof his child as the two realized that their lives wouldforever be entwined.
“I love you, Mother. God I love you so much.” he said.
The tears crippled her reaction.
“I… love you too, baby. I just… I’m just so happy.”
It was the perfect moment that crystallized their newlyfound love. They no longer looked upon each other asMother and Son… they both were lovers who, withoutshame or guilt, embraced their inner yearning forunconditional, and endless love. Any other couple wouldhave been envious of the depth and significance of thisimpassioned coupling.
I couldn’t have been happier than at this moment… andsuch a powerful moment too; when two people realize that,as a result of their love, a child would be given tothem. Conceived out of love and eagerness… I held eachof them as happiness enveloped all three of us.
David Harsin married Sandra Williams on a beautifulspring day the following May. Two months prior, Sandrahad given birth to their first child, a healthy baby girlthey named Elizabeth Danielle Harsin.
The extravagant ceremony was held on my back lawn asdozens of David and Sandra’s friends attended. Since noone knew about their prior relationship, everyone thoughtthat David and Sandra were simply a couple; which by thistime they indeed were. I was asked to give Sandra away,which I graciously carried out with pleasure. Sandralooked so beautiful as the blushing bride. A true visionof beauty and refinement.
David’s college friends thought he was insane for gettingmarried so young, but once they saw the sizzling hot ladyhe was marrying, they were all incredibly envious. I hadto bite my lip several times throughout the emotionalceremony. If the guests in attendance only knew how farthe bride and groom had come to reach this momentous day.(The mere concept still takes my breath away as I writethis.) Tears were shed, smiles were given, and ringsexchanged as Sandra lovingly pronounced the vows to herson; “I do.”
Sandra joyfully took her husband’s name as they werepronounced man and wife; Mr. and Mrs. David Harsin.
Agreeing to watch the baby for them, David and Sandrawent on a two month long honeymoon in the Caicos Islands.My parents owned a secluded beach side residence theyonly used two weeks out of the year, so I sent thenewlyweds on their way. David had decided to sit out ofcollege for a year to focus on his marriage, and Sandraquit her job at the real estate agency.
That was fine with me since they both moved in with me amonth after they realized their love. That, plus Sandrawanted to focus on being the best Mother she couldpossibly be. (She was such a tender and loving Mother.)They had no expenses, no worries, nothing… and that wasthe way I wanted it for them. I didn’t want anything tocome between them; I loved them that much. I had decidedto stay in Chicago since this was their time, and notmine.
We kept in touch every few days during their honeymoon.Sandra would call me, gloating in fulfillment about whatDavid and she had done that day. Sandra had grown to lovesucking her husband’s cock immensely. She loved watchinghim tremble as she lovingly induced orgasm after orgasm,engulfing his precious seed into her awaiting stomach.Their sex became more assertive, exploring each other’severy desire with unbridled fervor.
David introduced his angelic bride to the variedpleasures of anal intercourse. Sandra found that sheenjoyed this passionate act of intercourse profoundly.(It didn’t surprise me since David adored both of ourbountiful backsides. It was to become a fetish we wouldspend many nights delving into.) It was as if she hadbeen awoken to her true sexual instinct in his arms.Nothing was taboo, no act was deemed wrong or shameful…
Upon their return, I was greeted by a very tan and tonedcouple. Sandra’s hair had turned back to its originallustrous blonde as her skin glowed with a deep brown hue.David too seemed to be more handsome than ever with hisbuff body and tan skin. Even after two months, theirromance had not died off the least bit. After ameaningful welcome home hug, Sandra took my hand; placingit on her stomach. With a telling smile, I felt a slightbulge in her abdomen. “Again?” I asked with a coy smile.
Sandra nodded happily. “It’s hard not to when you makelove over ten times a day, sweetheart.”
We laughed together, holding each other as we celebratedthe welcomed news.
Sandra and David recently celebrated their tenth weddinganniversary, and now have four beautiful healthy childrentogether. David became the doting Father Sandra and Ifaithfully expected. On their first anniversary, theyproposed to me on our vacation to Maui, welcoming me intotheir marriage as their wife. We arranged for a nativetribal minister to marry the three of us in a privatebeach side ceremony there in Hawaii. The ritual concludedas the three of us were submerged naked into the warmwaters of the Pacific.
It was the most amazing moment in my entire life.
The three of us raise the children as our own, and enjoythe comfortable lifestyle of a leisure, relaxed pace atour home. At forty, I now have a beautiful husband andwife I can call my own, and four sweet children that Iadore tremendously. David went on to become a successfullawyer, and Sandra and I began our own consulting firm,working together as woman and wife. It amazes to me thisday, even as I write this to you. All of my doubts aboutcommitment and devotion shattered when David and Sandrawalked into my life.
Through revealing a forbidden sexual taboo, my lifeprospered in all areas. It took the devotion of a Motherand her son to show me the genuine meaning of love. Itchanged me greatly… even to the point of having mytubes surgically un-tied last year so I could conceive achild with our loving husband.
I am due with David, Sandra, and my first child nextAugust.