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Hii friend I m abhi kumar from kolkata…I m new hear …plz co operator I do silly mistake … But my content will make u cum.
This story is about my mom mamon
So in my family there is dad , mom and me stay together I leave in hostel …in delhi my dad nam is naveen he was doing a job in marketing so …he most of the time stay out of station .my mom stay at home Alone with her sexy hot figure
My story main actress my mom. She is mature women with pornstar look like moriah mills.big boobs big ass but no fat in stomach and she use to wear saree blow her nevel . She look hot as she like to wear sleaveless blouse with exposing her deep neck …and boobs .in our society there are mane uncle and older man has a dream to fuck my mom so when every they get a chance they trys to talk to her … Or seduce here
Mom use fb so that she can chat with me in free time ..but whenever I come to home and regularly I use to check my mom mobile I found that …our society uncle msg her and try to seduce her cracking naughty joks mom enjoyed but don’t give any one to come close …I m happy with this.

Now my summer vacation came I came to home mom became very happy …. And we get bored at home …I decided to watch movie at theater mom also want to go to theater …so we decided to watch a movie.
Now we decided to watch a Hollywood romentic love story movie … Dubbed in hindi . We went to hall and asked for ticket but . It was house full …we became sad at that point. One man is starting my mom as mom wearing a sleeveless deep neck red blouse . And stamped any black saree deep uncdel nevel.. pubic hair r seen little bitMan seeing my mom rub his dick.
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Man is black completion . With beard and muscular.any women can get attracte to him.
We wear going to home at that time . The man came and said do u want ticket . I have ticket in black would u like to buy . I doesn’t agree to that but mom was ever as she first time came to hall. So I took that and send to hall ..
I say both the sit a corner sit and every dark no one can see us but the thing is both the sit is in different row… I told my mom to sit the uper side becz there is only two sit ..but screen is visible every clearly .. I came down row .. but few min lated I found that man camping to the hall.. and my eyes move to him he came and sat at my upper row inside my mom..
I was shocked that he can give me that sit but he did not have it …and the corner sit r so dark that I only can see there face ..I was worried so I play a trick… I always carry a small wireless mike with me connected to my phone … I use to speak with my sir or friend with this .
So I came to my mom place as movie is not yet started ..that man stated to chat my mo…and my mom was innocent she just met that man out side so she also enjoy chatting …I came and asked my mom for water and put that mike on my mom bag so that I can here there conversation.t hn came to my room
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I put my headphone immediately and try to listen ..Man-this is your son.Maa- yes .Man- I thought this is your boyfriendMaa- smiled and say no noMan- but u don’t look like a mother u r so young hot and sexy.Maa indeed of angry she smile and say nothing this is becz of fb I guessMaa- no no I m not so good lookingMan- immediately say r u serious I have never seen hot and sexy like u everMaa smilledMaa- haat u say anything.Man- I must say u r romentic..tooMaa- howMan- u came to see a romentic love storyMaa- no no I never came to hall I don’t no this type movie..Man- don’t tel u don’t no this type movie..u r mature women married hour husband must love u very much and was realy lucky movie is of same kingMaa- ooo I cMan- y don’t u came here with your husband thn both can enjoy in corner sitMaa did not understand the meaning and saidMaa- no my husband always go out of station she never came with me..Man- he is so idiot how he can leve her hot wife like this … If I wear your husband I would definitely enjoy the movie with uMaa- ooo realy howMan- let suppose I m your husband thn I will tell the summery of movie and that romentic seen…Man- I also enjoy the romentic seen looking your eyes …and make u feel owsm out of worldMaa- wow so romentic it look like … I realy miss that if my husband do that..Man- if u want I can be only 3 hr husband movie end our relation endMaa- smilled and said ok I also want to enjoy becz I will not get chance to came hall or notMan got excited by hearing this and I m shocked by my mom words.
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Movie started
Man came close to mom maa said nothing…now plot begin with a man looking her wife in hospital… And story statedMan started explain my mom story …Maa enjoy the momentMan- so my hot and sexy wife how is my explanation..Maa- it’s very good my husband and laughedMan slowly come more closer to mom and put one yaad on my mo west .Maa- what r u doing …Man with naughty smile.. you sat I m your husband today so I m making u feel romentic what your husband will miss to do thisMaa- oooo okMan didn’t remove her hand and he touch my mom whole west and enjoy the moment mom also like it …Man place one hand on mom thigh mom did not got bould and came closer to my mom ear…. That time I did not eating movie at all I only liyen to the conversation of both and looking back to imagine the situation…At that time a seen came boy in movie came close to girls ear and said a romentic sentence…Man came close to my mon ear and said same word my doing this his breath cane to my mom back it is warm….mom like it and close her eyes…
Next movement kissing and intimate seen start in movie…
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