Fear Of Women – Juicy Sex Stories

I’m a practicing psychologist in a large professionoffice of psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists,Internal medicine specialist Holistic practitioners,massage therapists, and hypno-therapists. We haveinexpensive evening and weekend classes on yoga,meditation, and other exotic therapies, we even havea priest, a minister, and a rabbi that we can referpeople too. We seem to have all bases covered. Butevery year we usually add one or two more therapists.
We pride ourselves on the fact that we are open mindedin the attempt to cure or at least comfort patientsgoing through difficult mental ordeals. Often my rolein taking care of patients seems to be triage. That is,I talk to them, analyze them and then decide which typetreatment would benefit them the most. They may see meseveral times in a long course of treatment here. Idon’t have much time to do therapy. But I do sometreatment on a weekly basis, just not as much as when Ihad in my private practice downtown.
One after noon I was greeted by a patient namedPeaches. I sat in my office analyzing her statements.What I concluded was that since she had several roundsof drug therapy over the last 2 years for depressionand alienation, she might benefit from touch therapy,modeling therapy, and perhaps hypnosis.
She also had counseling. So I decided to pair her witha roll model for “Modeling therapy”. That is, she wouldspend up to 3 hours a day 2x a week with an adultcounselor, usually a college student or a psychologyintern, both in and out of our facility. We needed toreconfigure her negative thinking and show her how todo things in a confident way, out in the real world ofshopping, doing chores around home, interaction withpotential friends. Peaches said this soundedintriguing. For touch therapy I recommended therapeuticmassage twice a week (with aroma therapy).
This comprised a large part of touch therapy. But thebest was yet to come, and she didn’t even know it.

I asked her to wait while I ran to the Xerox room tomake copies of her report. I heard strange noisescoming out of the tiny 8′ x 8′ room. I pushed on theslightly ajar door, and saw Ron and Tia necking. Herskirt was hiked up, and I could see she wore nopanties, just stocking and a garter belt. He wasfeeling up the globes of her ass.
Then he turned her that she was sprawled over the Xeroxmachine. She was whining and mewling eager to beserviced. I watched as his finger and played with herbodily orifices and clit. I heard him unzip his slacks,he turned sideways listening for footsteps, and it wasthen I saw his massive prick, it was not only long, butvery, very thick. I much prefer a fat penis to anoverly long one.
I began to get wet and twitchy between the legs as heturned to Tia — bent over the Xerox — and asked, “Youwant it now baby?”
“Yes now Ron! Hurry before we get caught. I’m dying forit, I cant wait any longer!”
He obliged her. His hand grabbed his cock and guided itinto her pussy opening while the other hand was playingwith her clit, and pinching nipples. She wiggled,seeking an orgasm. “Ron hurry,” she implored, “someonemight walk in, the door doesn’t lock!”
Suddenly the beast was all the way inside her andstroking in and out like an animal in heat. He had bothhands on her hips to help spear her even deeper.In just a few moments they came in unison, panting, andgasping for breath.

Tia pushed him off her and pulled down her skirt andsmoothed it. Ron put his penis back in his pants andtucked his shirt in and they stood holding each otherfor a moment, trying to control their breathing andbasking in the afterglow. This is when I took off.
I don’t like to get involved in the private business ofour staffers. Especially funny business.
I went up to floor 2 and made my copies.
Returning to Peaches, I suggested we try some hypnosisthis afternoon to plant suggestions in her subconsciousthat might help her. Some call this, suggestiontherapy.
Peaches was a college freshman – 18 and not a virgin,according to my questionnaire. She had volunteered thatshe’d had intercourse only once with a boy in herEnglish class. He had even used a rubber without hereven having to nag him.
She said that they still have lunch sometimes, butneither of them ever brought up trying it again.Peaches said there were so many nice boys in her class,she wanted to be “united as one” with each and everyone of them, life was so exciting she wanted toexperience them all. I of course told her it might notbe such a good idea and actually dangerous, then said.“Don’t you have any female friends? You just named 5male friends. What about other girls?”
Peaches replied, “Well, just my roommate Lollie we’repretty good friends, and then there’s the girl acrossthe hall. Some say she is bisexual, but I don’t believethat. I only see mostly boys going in to her room. Theonly girls I see go in there are the ones who ask herto help with assignments.”
She made some nasty remarks about her mother and womenin general.
So finally I said, “You really don’t like women doyou?”
“No. I guess I don�t.”
I thought this might explain her urge towardpromiscuity. She needed to compliment her circle offriends by having some female friends to balance thingsout. I thought about what be best. Then I remembered anexotic treatment that hadn’t been mentioned much in theliterature. It was nebulous as to legality, but if itcured my patient, it was worth it.
I called the massage therapist and asked if she had anyopenings. She did.
So the next session we had I said, “Peaches, I want youto go down the hall to room 16 for a massage.”
She looked a bit uncomfortable, so I asked her what thematter was.
“C-can I leave my socks and panties on? I’m shy.”
To which I replied, “I doubt it, but ask the therapist.Her name is Jean. I’m going to give you a hypnosissession afterwards and I want you to be completelyrelaxed.”
Well, an hour went by, and sure enough, Jean did havePeaches remove everything so she was completely nude.But Peaches loved the massage and the beautiful scentedoils, and that made up for it.
Out went Jean, and in came me.
“How do you feel? I want you to look at that shinyplace on the ceiling and the sound of my voice willmake you feel even more relaxed than ever before. I dida guided visualization, and told her subconscious:women are nice, they care for you. Your mother caresfor you. And other positive things. Women are allies,that sort of thing.
Now came the new therapy I wanted to try on her. Ipulled her down to the end of the massage bed andremoved the sheet from her lower half. With my fingersI rubbed her tummy in big circles. Then I rubbed hermound very gently, my finger delicately stroked herclitoris and went all the way in her vagina. I partedher legs and pulled back the labia and delicately wentdown on her. Her little clit was straining out.
Giving her an orgasm would not be easy I know, but shemoaned and whimpered her satisfaction and approval,still under hypnosis. I asked, “Does that feel good? Doyou like how you feel?
She eagerly nodded her head, eyes still closed, a smileon her face.
I slowly turned her on her side and began working myoily-slickened finger into her rectum, massaging herinternally behind the uterus, while flicking my tongueover her throbbing clitoris until at last her bodystiffened and she writhed in orgasm. She softly criedout her release.
My point in going down on her was to plant thesuggestion in her mind that women are nice and can makeyou feel good and can take care of you and they aren’tat all frightening, so you shouldn’t fear women. Thisseemed to be one of her big hang-ups.
Letting her rest a bit, I covered her and then I calledher out of the trance. Jean came back to get Peaches upand help her get dressed. I went back to my office andcharted worked on my file notes.
I have to admit that I was so horny from all I had seenand done that day that I locked my door and rubbedmyself until I came, I had to be careful not to groanout loud when my climax hit. Thinking about Peaches’young tight body and how she’d gasped when I’d givenher orgasm, made mine all that much better.
It was just what I needed. I lay there for along timesavoring the feeling and the relaxation it broughtbefore I could get up. Then I heard a knock at the doorand knew Peaches was standing on the other side,waiting for the rest of her therapy session.