Circumstances led me to my Daughter

I am Ajay a 53 years old man who lost his wife a year ago. Before her death she was ill and bedridden so my sex life was restricted. Because of that, I got addicted to hashish. Under its influence I approached her sometimes. She allowed me to hug her and suck her boobs … Sometimes she let me ejaculate my semen between her boobs or in her mouth. She was beautiful despite her suffering. She had smooth white skin and her boobs were large. I was patient with her because of her permanent illness and my compassion for her suffering. I forget to tell that I had a daughter named Bindya who was married. She was a replica of her mother …. Color, complexion, and body with its large and small details … She got married to a man named Mukesh when she was 18. She was a obedient daughter as she accepted this marriage to please me only. I told her that I saw poverty in my early life so I don’t want her to suffer what I and her mother suffered. That was 10 years ago. In that time she became mother to two boys. Her elder boy was 8 and younger 6. A year ago tragedy struck her too. Her husband died in a road accident. First she decided to live on her own but when my wife died she decided to move in with me. This adjustment 0 suited to us both. I used to hear her crying long nights … I feel sad for her and what she suffers from the loss of a husband. She is only 28 and can marry again but she was not interested.
One hot, humid night … I was smoking hashish, my only medicine and my best friend … I heard some noise. I opened the door of my room and went out to the hall ….. I saw her siiting there alone. As she saw me she said, – You are still awake, Papa – … I looked at her .. I imagined my dead wife is the one talking to me … I said, – Oh, I was free today, I don’t know sleep – She said … I also sleep very little, the heat is very strong … I sat down near her on couch.
She said … do you want to nullify the promise you made to mother about not taking hashish. I said … I fulfil half of the promise by not taking it on working days but holidays and some black days are exception….. I blew a strong smoke towards her as I said that. She looked at me and coughed hard. She tried to clear smoke from her face.-It seems black days are quiet large in numbers- She said and both of us laughed …
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She leaned on me while lying on the outstretched leg, hiding her shyness while laughing … I blew one more and she came closer to the smoke more boldly … and pulled out a long breath … she did not cough like the time before … I had always looked upon her as my little girl. Though she was the mother of two cildren, it was for the first time I realized that, she was a fully grown woman! … She looked so much like her mother … with her charm, beauty, youth, and plump body … and her full chest, her proudly erect nipples were piercing the light fabric … I discovered that she was wearing the cotton shirt like her mother.

Due to heat or night her legs were bare. While she was hiding in my chest, she tucked her hand into the opening of my robe, wiping my chest hair with the comfort of her soft hand … as she sighed she raised her leg, holding it to her stomach. The front of her shirt moved up to reveals her ass cheeks .. that set a fire in my body. Without thinking much, I extended my hand and placed it on her bare thigh … she groaned … “Aaaaaaah” and stuck to my chest more. she planted her nipples like a bullet in my chest and her soft hand massaged my naked flesh … and she tilted with her head looking into my eyes … and her lips were trembling.
One strap of her shirt slipped at her shoulder … and a large part of her left breast was exposed … my whole being was struck so I raised my hand and squeezed her chest with my hand and fingers … she groaned “aaa aaahhh aaa aaaahhh” as she approached me with her face… I blew a few lustful kisses on her cheek and neck … She was swaying and moaning while she was burning with desire and lust … and she tried to say, no, no, but feebly… My lips are sticking to her lips, sucking in them as I know … and she is swaying … I do not know whether she wants to elude my bosom, or she was writhing from ecstasy and excitement … finally she said in a hoarse voice .. No Papa … No, not that … Aaa Aaa Aaa … but her voice it boiled from deprivation and lust ….I felt her hand creeping from under the gown… approaching between my thighs … and I was as usual not wearing any underwear … and my cock was tightening and erecting quickly …. she caught me in her small palm, suffocating my cock hard … and moaned … Aaaaa aaaaah. She crawled sitting on my lap massaging her ass and rubbing her deprived pussy in my gown ….We had come to a road with no return.. … our inhibition fell in seconds … I lifted the shirt she was wearing and saw only a little pantyhose under it .. it was drowned in Clear wetness … perhaps she was touching her before my coming in room… she shook her big boobs swinging on her chest … sexy … lethal …I got rid of my gown … She tried to turn her body the other way but I pushed her face to couch… she lie down in surrender without resistance … with her naked back to me … the domes of her high, soft white hips appeared …. I pulled her panty off quickly … and rode on her back … I let My cock go between the domes of her hips … and she continues to say ‘… papa … . Ahoooh … I am not able … Aaaaah Aaaaah … your cock is entering me … I am unable … Ooooh Aaaaah’.
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With my entire strength … I rubbed the swollen head of my cock in the incision of her puffed pussy … it all slipped in one push … in small seconds it was completely hidden… I saw her bite her hand, silencing her cry … and she held her hand to mouth for a few seconds before she fell on couch. With all the years I was deprived … my mind was drugged … and the body lying beneath me with all the details of my wife’s vows … all my longing for her, my lust and my desire for her … I forgot that I was fucking my daughter Bindya … I pulled my cock from the fire of the blazing fawn … I gripped her. … she raised her head and howled, oooohhhhh aaaaaahhhh. my hands are in pain… uffff. On pretence of pain she writhes and lapses into my cock more … and hits the ground with pleasure and distraction …My body was all numb … especially my cock was fitting like a wedge in her cunt … and I did not feel that I wanted to answer her now … With all the deprivation of the past years and my longing for my wife … but then I realised Bindya was Not like her mother … she was neither as soft nor as old… the important thing was I kept pulling my cock and inserting it slowly and with little violence … I was enjoying the feel of her wet pussy … it was a feeling I had forgotten for a long time …I was like I heard words from afar .. distant forces .. Enough papa Jani …. Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh, I am Bindya I can suck you if you want… I came to senses and pulled out quickly. I crawled on my hands and closer to Bindya’s chest .. Her boobs were sweet and strong … She was shaking … I emptied my milk on her boobs and on her neck … She tilted as she raised her body on her elbows and grabbed my cock with her hands .. She sucked it and licked it. I was shaken by the ecstasy and the sudden pleasure. Although I was not a groom on honeymoon .. I felt that I was flying in air and feeling very light… I dont have the courage to face Bindya. I returned naked to my room with my back to her … Sure, long time passed while I slept.
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When I woke the The morning light was illuminating the place .. I woke up to myself .. I was sleeping naked .. stained … But my gown was covering my belly and my cock … Sure, this was done by Bindya in the night. It worked like that … When I found this scene .. I was afraid of her children that they might come there … I leaned around with my eyes searching Bindya or her childern… the house was quiet .. with no one … I got up and entered the bathroom … I took a shower and went out. I made myself tea and ate bread. I longed to see Bindya and ask for pardon. But at the same time I was afraid of this meeting … I was afraid of her reaction from what happened last night …

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