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The Sleepover Pt.1
“Damn… right… I’m…going… to… cum!” Alex has abandoned any inhibitions she might have arrived with and is unabashedly fucking my face with her pussy. Her fingers are entwined in my hair and she’s rocking so hard against me that I’m having trouble breathing. Just when I think she might suffocate me, I go in for the kill shot, gently biting her clit between my teeth as I push my tongue hard against the tip of it.
“OhhhhhhhhHHHHHH FUCK!” Alex screams as the floodgates open and pussy juice gushes from her wide-open fuck hole. Her clit is too sensitive now and she pushes my face away and tries to close her legs. I pull my finger from her pussy as I block her thighs from closing so I can lap up her freely flowing cream. Fucking delicious!
I raise my eyes to see her face but they stop at her luscious breasts and her dark nipples, thick with arousal. I reach for those black nubs, pinching them between my fingers as I continue to devour her soggy pussy.
“Unfuckingbelievable!” Kylie says as I release Alex’s nipples and lower her legs down onto the couch. She still hasn’t caught her breath as I sit back and wipe my face with my arm. The other three girls are flush with arousal, their legs pressed tightly together as they watch their friend recover from her orgasm.
“I need to wash up,” I say to no one in particular as I stand up and head to the bathroom. Fuck! One down, and two to go. My face brightens into a wide smile. Or maybe three to go… we’ll see.
I wash my face and hands, brush my teeth and get myself presentable for my next contestant. This has turned into the wildest night of my life… and to think it’s with my sister and her friends! As crazy as we got at some of my college parties, I’ve never experienced anything like this.
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As I walk back to the living room, Alex is giving the other girls a detailed description of how she felt during the whole thing. I listen for a minute before I go in.
“No one has ever eaten me like that!” she says. “The guys I know just stick their tongue in a few times and then want to fuck.” She lets out a big sigh. “Thank you, Lauren, your brother really knows what the fuck he’s doing!” This seems like a good time to make my entrance.
“I’m all cleaned up and ready for my next contestant,” I smile as I walk over to the couch.
“Thank you, Brandon,” Alex says as she stands up and gives me a hug. I squeeze her ass checks and hold her against me, my hard cock pushing into her stomach.
“The pleasure was all mine,” I tell her.
“Not hardly!” she answers, kissing me lightly on the lips and trailing her fingernails along the length of my erection as she moves over by the other girls and Kristina jumps on the couch.
“I’m ready,” she declares, assuming the same position Alex was just in and spreading her pale legs as wide as they’ll go. The two pussies couldn’t be more different. Alex’s labium was thick and meaty while Kristina’s is thin and delicate, like a flower. Which is exactly what I tell her.
“Your pussy looks like a delicate flower, waiting to open with the first ray of sunshine,” I whisper as I brush my fingers through her tuft of blonde pubic hair.
“More like waiting to be pollinated,” Kylie laughs.
“Hey, I thought you liked me being poetic,” I smile, laughing with them. “What do you want me to do?” I ask Kristina as I use two fingers to spread her thin pussy lips. They are slippery with arousal without any stimulation.
“I want what Alex got,” she says pleading with her eyes.
“It will be a pleasure,” I answer, turning to my audience to add a few comments. “Every pussy is different,” I tell them. “Look at how delicate Kristina’s looks compared to Alex’s. Her aroma is different, too,” I say, taking a big breath and filling my nostrils with her sweet scent.
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“Your scent is intoxicating, Kristina,” I tell her as I gently lick all around her pussy before sucking her outer labia into my mouth and flicking my tongue along the sensitive edge.
“Oh God!” Kristina cries. “I’ve never felt anything like this!” I remember she didn’t raise her hand.
“And we’re just getting started,” I breath as I smear her juices around her pussy with my little finger.
I take my time licking and sucking on her delicious pussy, enjoying the less pungent flavor of her steadily flowing juices. I keep teasing and then pulling back until she’s almost whimpering with anticipation. Finally, just like with Alex, I push my finger deep into her tight pussy while I suck her clit through to her orgasm.
She’s not as wild or out of control as Alex but when her orgasm hits, it nearly drives her through the roof. She arches her back all the way off the couch, pushing her pussy so hard against my mouth that I almost lose my balance. I stay with her and when she lets out a long whimpering scream, I know we’ve arrived.
“OooooooooooooooooooaaaAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!” she cries and I’m rewarded with a thick creamy release of sexy syrup that tastes just like heaven. I retract my finger and lap at her pussy as she settles back down on the couch. Her nipples look gigantic in their fully aroused state and I pinch them more gently than I did Alex’s. For some reason Alex invoked more aggressive sex from me than Kristina. Kristina just exudes delicateness throughout her whole body.
By the time I sit up, Kylie is moving towards the couch. “Give her a minute,” I tell her. “Besides, I have to clean up first anyway.”
“Sorry,” Kylie says. She appears to be in such a state of arousal that any touch might set her off. I’m going to have to calm her down a little if I want her to have the same experience as the other two. The question of Lauren is still on my mind as I head to the bathroom to wash up again.
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Kylie is already in position when I get back but there doesn’t seem to be any of the chatter that followed my romp with Alex. Kristina is sitting on the floor, away from the couch and I’m wondering if she’s okay with what happened when she beams me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. “Thank You,” she mouths as she spreads her legs so I can see how much juice is still dripping from her flower-petal pussy. I stop and kiss the top of her head on my way to the couch.
“I’m going to need a new tongue when this night’s over,” I joke.
“Can I have your old one?” Alex cackles, making us all laugh hysterically.
“Kylie,” I say, staring at her porcelain smooth pussy. “You’ve seen two different approaches to eating pussy. What about each one excited you the most?” I ask, hoping that by getting her talking in a more analytical way it will prolong her pleasure once we get started.
“I liked the way you had Alex moving around so wildly,” she answers as I run my fingers over her smooth pubic mound. “But I also liked how long you took with Kristina and how overpowering her orgasm was.”
“Well, let’s see what we can do for you.” I continue trailing my fingers around her bare pussy as I lean in to sample her scent. She’s like a cross between the other two girls. Not quite delicate but not as strong as Alex. “You have a very distinct aroma, Kylie. Enticing without being overpowering.”
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