The Black Dealer – Juicy Sex Stories

My boyfriend Dave had been getting me into interracialsex for a while now. I must admit, at first I thought itwas gross. But now, I find it as hot as he does. Thosemonster black cocks are so erotic, so animalistic. Sotaboo. I was beginning to have a true lust for a BBCexperience, well it’s what he wanted anyway, wasn’t it?
Soon, my bf had surprised me with a couple “lifelike andlife size” black dildos for us to play with. We wouldwatch hours and hours of filthy interracial porn androll play with me and my BBC toys. I actually fell inlove with both of them! They made me cum so much harderand so much more intense. If fake BBC made me feel sogood, what would the real thing be like? It’s somethingthat was always on the back of my mind.
I was beginning to get real good at sucking on them too.After a lot of practice, I was close to deep-throatingthese massive black cocks. Dave would ask me if I thinkI could handle the real thing and I would always answerthat I don’t know, but would love to try! This alwayssent us to climax after climax.
One thing that really helped me in all this was the useof some “smoke”. My bf and I would smoke and it wouldget us so horny. I would do almost anything he wouldsuggest. One night we were playing and drinking/smoking,having a sexy time when Dave told me we were out ofsmoke and he got up to get dressed. Dave always handlesthis on his own but for some reason, when he asked me ifI wanted to come along this time, I said yes. He wassurprised yet happy and told me it will be real quick.
We drove over to his dealer/friend T’s house. We bothactually went to high school with T. Typical black thug,gangster type with sagging jeans and gold around hisneck. I hadn’t seen him in over a decade but remember(itwas no secret) that he had a crush on me back in highschool.
Anyway, we walked in and T was in the middle of a hugefight with a very pretty brunette. After a few minutes,she stormed out. “Sorry about that you guys,” he says.He looked at me and smiled saying, “Kathy! Well goddamn!Long time no see, and you haven’t changed one bit! Stillas fine as you were the day I met you! Come here!” as hegave me a long tight hug and quick kiss. He shook Dave’shand and asked us if we wanted to smoke from hispersonal stash? We both said, hell yes!
We went to his room where he went into his closet and Isat on a couch and Dave sat on the edge of his bed. Tgot his stuff and sat down next to me on the couch. Hepacked a huge bowl and handed the pipe to me as he litit for me. After exhaling a huge cloud of smoke, I feltthat familiar warmth and happiness all over(not tomention a twinkle between my legs!). I had on a mid-thigh skirt and t-shirt and every time T would light thepipe for me, I would notice his eyes looking at me allover.
I began to think that we should leave soon because hewas making me hornier than ever and I wanted some actionfast! With my head in the clouds, I asked T who was thatpretty girl fighting with him. He told me it was one ofhis primary girlfriends and that made me laugh out alittle, not believing him. “What Kathy. Just cause younever liked me, even way back then in high school whenyou knew I liked you… doesn’t mean other fine whitegirls don’t find me irresistible!
“Actually, why am I lying… they find my smoke and myblack snake irresistible. But I don’t care. They fall inlove after I give them my black snake!”
I kept giggling and he tells me I don’t understand whathe’s talking about because I’ve never had any blackcock. I was kind of taken back and shocked at hisbluntness when I hear my bf Dave say, “Well, that’s notentirely true T”.
I look at Dave even more shocked as he smiles at me andgoes on.
“She has a big black cock every single night! Just not areal one.”
Even more shocked than I am, is T who can’t believe whathe’s hearing. Dave goes on to tell him what we do everynight after smoking and getting high at home. T tellsDave that he doesn’t believe him, and wants to hear itfrom me. I’m sitting there, not knowing what to say!Dave mentions that maybe after another bowl of hisprivate stash, I might open up a bit. I laugh again as Tstarts getting another bowl together obviously rushinghimself in hopes of getting me to talk.
Half way through our smoke session, T whispers to me, “Ibet those black cock toys make you cum like crazy, huh?”Talking to a black guy so openly like this… (aboutthis!!) …is so hot and beginning to drive me crazy! Iput the pipe to my mouth and whisper yes back to him. Hesmiles as he lights it for me and this time our eyes arelocked onto one another the whole time.
Just then, Dave’s phone starts to ring and he gets upand leaves the room to talk. Instantly T asks me how bigare my toys at home. “Show me” he says, and I show himwith my hands. “I’m probably that same size, if notbigger Kathy. You need to try the real thing, Kathy.”
I just shrug my shoulders as if to say, I don’t know?Then he screams out to Dave, “Yo Dave! Can I just showyour girl my snake real quick? Just to compare thosefake ones to my real one!”
I stare at him with my mouth open in shock again, as Ihear Dave answer from the living room, “Whatever shewants is ok by me, as long as I’m there.”
Before I can even get a grip of what was just said, Thas pulled his sweats down to his thighs and my eyes arelocked onto his hard black cock right in front of me!I’m just staring at it(probably licking my lips!!) whenT grabs one of my hands real quick and places it on hishuge black cock!
“I bet mine feels better, doesn’t it?” he whispers tome.
I nod yes to him. I love the way my toys feel too, buthis is so warm, so soft and hard at the same time… Soreal! My gosh I was going crazy with the dirtiestthoughts! I wondered if his cock would stretch me likemy toys do… And if he could make me cum as powerful asmy toys do! I was still staring at it with my hand onit, in a daze, when I heard Dave behind me asking me ifT is bigger than my toys. I was kind of embarrassed andtook my hand quickly off of his black cock.
Dave says, “Hey T. You don’t have any beer in yourfridge. I’m going to go to the liquor store real quickand get us some.” He looked at me and asked if I was okand I nodded yes.
He said he’d be right back and left.
I looked right at T and he looked right at me, both ofus smiling when he says, “Get your hand back on my blackcock slut…”
I keep smiling as I reach out and begin to grasp it,feeling it, and then slowly stroking on it.
“Bet you want to suck on a real black cock don’t yaslut?” he asks me.
I don’t even answer him this time. I got down on myknees on the floor in front of him and pulled his sweatpants all the way down and off of him. Then I grabbedhis thick black cock and licked the sides of it.
“Oh god damn, Kathy, that’s it!”
Then I went all the way up and put his juicy black cockin my mouth. I let out a, “MMMMmmmMmm…” and he laugheda little (I was embarrassed again!). “So mine tastesbetter?”
I pulled my mouth off of him for a second to say, “A lotbetter,” and continued sucking on his beautiful blackcock. All my practicing had paid off because T wasreally loving the sucking I was giving him. So was I.
“We don’t have very long baby. Why don’t you climb up onyour first real black cock and see how a real one makesyou feel.”
I would do anything he said at this point, but he wasright. I stood up and pulled my panties down and off,and climbed on him with my skirt still on. I was lookingdown at him as his wonderful black cock was already atmy pussy lips without any guidance. I slowly moved downon it till his fat cock head was in. Then I would keepsinking lower and lower on him.
When I finally took him all in me, I smiled at him andhe grabbed me from behind my head and brought my face tohis. Before I knew it, I was now fucking and kissing myfirst “real” black man(and loving it!). His handsroughly squeezed my ass cheeks as I was now bouncing upand down on him pretty hard! I started to explode!!
It was much different than with my toys because myclimax wouldn’t end! It kept rolling and rolling! Thenhe tells me that Dave will be back any minute and beforeI could tell him it was ok, he held me down on him hardas he emptied his fat balls of hot cum deep inside me.It felt unbelievable and my toys definitely couldn’t dothat!
A few moments later, we heard the front door opening. Irolled off of him real quick and he stood and pulled hissweats back on. I couldn’t find my panties and we justsat there as Dave came in with a six pack.
We drank and smoked more and every time T and I lookedat each other, it was with lust or desire, different forsure. We left soon thereafter and on the drive Daveasked me what went on while he was gone. All I had to dowas lift my skirt and show him I lost my panties!! Heloved it!
That wasn’t our last encounter with T, by the way.