She Likes It Nasty – Juicy Sex Stories

Angela really turns men’s heads without really trying.I’m proud of this fact and like her to tease men whenwe’re out, then I take her home and we fuck our brainsout while I tell to her all the things I’d like to watchher do with other men. At this point in our marriage, sheknew exactly the things that turned me on.
Finally, after years of coaxing, I convinced my gorgeousbrunette wife, to live out my fantasy of watching hergetting down and dirty with another guy. It had alwaysbeen a fantasy of hers too, but it took a few yearstogether before she would believe that it wouldn’t leadto problems in our relationship.
As soon as she agreed and I saw her in action I realizedthat I had released the nymphomaniac in her. The veryfirst time we picked up a guy was in a porno theater. Sheselected the only black man in the theater, because sheliked the fact that he was nasty enough to be jacking offa big cock (in semi-public). Plus she felt that having mewatch her suck and fuck a black cock and would make theact that much more nasty. She was right.
At one point as she was pointing her slightly parted legsstraight at his gaze, to get me more excited she leanedover and whispered to me that she wanted to touch andtaste what he was holding in his hand. As he stroked hiscock, she went up and sat in the seat behind him, reachedover his shoulder, wrapped one of her dainty hands aroundhis member, squeezed, and whispered something his ear.
He must have liked what he was feeling and hearing,because he quickly zipped up and just as they headed upthe aisle past me, my wife’s new friend looked over at meand nodded for me to come along. Obviously, she let himknow that I was part of this.

We piled into our van and as I began to drive to asecluded spot, I heard our dark stranger comment on howfine my wife was, then I heard kissing and the rustle ofcloths behind me. It couldn’t have been more than 30seconds when I looked back to see my normally shy actingwife slurping and slobbering, loudly, all over anenormous steel black cock.
It was like she was in a trance.
I told her not to make him cum before I could park andget into a good viewing position. But, our black strangersuddenly gripped my wife’s head to hold it still andbegan face fucking her and as he looked over at me hesaid, “too late, your wife is too good of a cocksucker,so she’s about to eat her first load of my cum.” Then helooked back down at her and as he fucked away between herpouty red lips he said, “Ain’t that right, slut? Are youthirsty for some of my black cock cum?
Come on, tell your old man what you want.” He then pulledher head back by her hair until his cock head poppedloose from her vacuum like grip, with a loud slurpingpop. As she moaned and licked her lips, my slut wifeanswered his question by grabbing his massive 8 inch polewith both of her petite little hands tipped with brightred nails, and began jacking it off and talking straightto it.
“Mmmm, your cum tastes so good. Do all black cocks tastethis good?”
Just as I got parked and turned around I saw her look upinto this nameless black man’s face, and with his pre-cumcoating her entire face below the nose, she begged in themost sensuous tone “Please let me eat it now, master. Iwant you to fill my stomach and cover my face with yoursweet warm cum.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and how she wasacting. She was calling this guy Master. It was obviousthat she wanted him to dominate her, because she knewthat I would be excited by it. My cock was tearingthrough my pants as our new domineering friend suddenlypulled her head back and told her to open her sluttycocksucking mouth and stick out your tongue. Just as shecomplied, his dick began to spurt thick white globs ofjizz onto her outstretched tongue.
She held her tongue still as he painted it and her facewith spurt after spurt of what looked like hot paste.What she didn’t catch right in the mouth, she scooped upwith her fingers and licked them off, with loud smackingnoises and moans of ecstasy. Then he ordered “lick myjuicy black cock clean, my beautiful slut,” which she didwith pleasure, all the time moaning, “Mmmmm, so good.Here’s some more,” as she’d find another wad of cream tostick her tongue into.
Finally, when she decided that she had lapped up all ofthe cum that had escaped her mouth, she rocked back onher knees, looked over at me to show me how much of herface was juiced up with cum residue, and as she rubbed itinto her face with both hands she said “I could getaddicted to black cock cream real quick. Damn, I can’tbelieve how good it tastes. We’d better go now, beforeit’s too late.”
Her new Master had other plans for his new whore. Hegrabbed her ass and pulled her to him, sticking histongue into her receptive cum coated mouth. When shebegan responding to the passionate kiss, which took about2 seconds, he pushed her back and told me, “Stay whereyou are. This cock hungry bitch ain’t goin nowhere untilI prove to her that once she’s tried black, she can nevergo back. Now slut, turn around and show me where you wantme to put this, next,” as he grabbed his cock.
I would have stopped everything at this point if I wouldhave detected from my wife that she didn’t want to dothis. But, she looked at me and said, “I want you towatch while I fuck my hot pussy up and down on my blackmaster’s big cock, until we both cum. OK, honey?”
She wasn’t really looking for permission from me, becauseshe turned around, bent over the bed and reached back tolift her miniskirt the rest of the way over hips toreveal her perfectly shaped ass. Her white G-stringbarely covered her wet cunt. I knew by the look on thisguys face that he couldn’t believe his good fortune tohave such a beautiful woman wanting to be his sex object.
She then looked back over her shoulder at her new loverand began begging him “fuck me deep and hard with yourbig beautiful cock. Make me cum with it. Please, master.Make my husband watch while you turn me into a black cockcraving whore.” Now, I wasn’t about to interrupt theshow, so I chimed in, “yeah, fuck that tight pink pussylong and hard. I want to see her cum around your cock.Make sure that you shoot your next wad deep in her cuntwhen she cums.
“Did you here that slut. Your husband wants you to enjoyyourself and fuck me until I shoot my big black baby-making load deep in that tight white pussy of yours. Whatdo you say?” She just reached back with both hands,grabbed his hips and pushed herself back on it until itwas buried all the way to the balls in her sloppy wetcunt; all 8 inches. As soon as he hit bottom, he pumpedit in and out about five times and she came screaming. Ashe blasted her pussy full of another load of jizz, shemoaned, “Oh, God! What’s happening to me,” and floppedforward on the bed, shivering in ecstasy. “I need more.Give me more, baby. I’m not going home until I get somemore black cock. That was the hardest I’ve ever cum in mylife and that only took a couple of pumps.”
Our new friend proposed that we go back to his housewhere he lives with two other guys. Both black. Togetherthe three of them would feed my wife more cum and fuckher until she begged them to quit. The only thing my wifeasked was if his friends cocks were as big and full ashis was. “Do you want to find out?” he said. She lookedover at me for approval and when I told her it was up toher, she asked Derrick (his name) if he was going to makeher do nasty things for his friends.
“Here! Lick my cock clean. Then we’ll go.” My hot wantonwife proceeded clean every remnant of cum off of his cockand balls with her tongue, for the second time thatnight. “How’s that Master?” she said, smacking her lips.“Fine, cunt. Now lay back on the bed and play withyourself while your old man drives us to your destiny.”
As soon as we got inside his apartment, he introduced usto his two friends. “This is Mack, and this hot lookingwoman with my cum drying on her face is Angela, his wife.
She blushed, but did nothing to wipe her face off. Infact, she ran her tongue over her lips to see if shecould feel any when he said that. Our two new friend’schins were hanging open with disbelief as they stared ata truly beautiful white woman in a spandex mini skirt,licking her lips. Derrick then ordered my wife to takeoff her skirt and leave on her short blouse, sopping wetG-string, and her highA9heels. By the time she hadcomplied, she was so excited that her nipples were sohard with excitement they were trying to tear through thematerial. She truly looked like one of those porno slutsin the XXX movies. I felt a great pride in the fact theyall knew that no matter what she was willing to do withthem, she was still coming home with me.
Darrel told her to go her new friends and tell them whatshe wanted.
It was like he hypnotized her. Here’s my gorgeous wife,standing nearly naked in a room with me and 3 strangers,all very black skinned, asking them if they would pleaselet her suck all the cum out of their beautiful blackcocks and then fuck her tight, wet pussy.
Damn straight, baby. Let’s go! They picked Angela uprather roughly, carried her into one of the bedrooms, andtied her legs apart to the bedposts. Her hands were leftfree. I assumed so that she could use them. I wascorrect. One of her black lovers immediately climbed upand straddled her heaving chest. He grabbed the back ofher head and lifted it with one hand while grabbing hishardon with the other, then smearing his already drippingcockhead all over her mouth and lips. My wife was up tothe task. She puckered her lips and flicked her tongueall around as the big black cock head painted thinstrings like cob webs all over her open mouth. Damn, itwas the nastiest sight I ever saw.
Then the other ebony stranger got between my wife’s legs,tore off her G-string and threw it at me. “Here, holdthis while I fuck your wife till she can’t walk,” thenpulled her toward him until her knees were fully bent andhe plunged his massive dick into her pussy. She gruntedin lust, but no words could escape her cock stuffedmouth. He began to thrust all the way in and out and soonAngela was pumping back at him, grinding her pelvis downto get him in deeper. Then, suddenly he pulled out of hersopping cunt and shoved his big black member into hervirgin asshole. “Oh, God!” she screamed, but never pulledaway from the onslaught of his burrowing cock. I couldn’tbelieve how fast her asshole accepted and got comfortablewith a big cock pumping in and out of it.
Me and Darrel were getting an up-close view of the actionwhen Darrel suddenly climbed up on the bed next to mywife’s head, started jacking off right next to the cockthat was stuffed in her mouth, and said to his buddies,“Let’s fill her stomach and ass with nigger jizz. She’lllove it and won’t miss a drop. Watch!” He grabbed herhair and pulled her head back so that her mouth poppedfree of the cock that was filling it, and proceeded toshoot great gobs of white cream across her tongue anddown into her gullet. As my wife smacked her lips toswallow, the other cock at her face began to spurt also.
It was coming too fast for her to eat all at once, butthrough the onslaught of jizz that was totally coatingher face, she managed to beg for all of their cum. What anasty slut she had become in one evening. Her tongue wasflailing all around in a feeble attempt to catch it all,as she was having an amazing orgasm around the cock inher ass.
Then her butt-fucking lover ripped his member out of herass and shot it all over stomach. Some of the thick whitecum, puddled up in her belly button. She scooped up thegobs and sucked it off of her fingers, slurping andsmacking her lips as she cleaned her hands of the goo.
By the time those three black men were done with her thatnight, they had fucked all three of her holes at least 2more times each. I’ve never seen or heard of a womantaking so much cock and cum in one outing, let alone itbeing my beautiful sexy wife.
As we were walking out the door of their apartment,Darrel said “Your wife is our Whore now, and when I callyou, you bring her over to empty our balls or I’ll comeand take her for good. So, enjoy her whenever we don’tneed her. Got it.”
Before I could object, my new ‘Black cock Whore wife’rubbed my cock through my pants and whispered in my ear“Don’t fight it baby, I can handle all of you with a lotmore practice!” Then she looked over her shoulder at hernew lovers as we were walking out the door and winked atthem, “Yes, Masters. We understand. Call soon.” Then wewent home and slept for 1 full day. That is, at least,until the phone rang and woke us up.