She cheated her husband for look alike lover – part 5 ( Making way towards swapping )

Hello friends,Hope you are enjoying my wonderful series. Thanks for appreciating my writing skills of my sex journey.Took much time in writing this part as I had penned every incident after it just happened .Please read the earlier parts before getting into this part since each and every part of the story is interlinked. Those who haven’t read my previous parts, here is the link
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So lets get in to the story immediately.In the previous part me and snigdha fucked and enjoyed and made her husband anil cuckold. After I informed anil he slowly entered the house and hid himself under the bed. I was a bit shy as I was fucking her wife nude but still was eagerly waiting to go for another round. Time was 11 pm now. Snigdha came out of the bathroom full fresh and clean and nude as well. Seeing her my dick saluted. She stood near the mirror and was cleaning her hair and body with towel. Now I started the conversation…Raj: baby, were you virgin before marriage?Snigdha: no raj, I had a boyfriend in college. We used to fuck almost every week.Raj: does anil know about this?Snigdha: yes but he doesn’t knew I fucked himRaj: do you like to cheat him ?Snigdha: what do you mean?Raj: I mean to say get fucked my me secretly and cheat on him regularlySnigdha: I never had such intention. But when you kissed me, I liked your touch. I got wet and aroused. So I thought of getting fucked by you.Raj: hehe thanks a lot. Do you mind if anil also cheats on you?Snigdha: shockingly!!! Is he cheating on me?Raj: no no. I was just asking what would be your reaction.Snigdha: if it is just fuck and leave I may allow him because this is all what I also did.
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I thought now she will accept anil fucking pavithra and one way was clear. Now to satisfy anil who his himself in the room, I went near snigdha, turned her towards me and liplocked her. She tried to say something but I never listened to her and started sucking her lips. With one hand I was rubbing her clean shaved pussy. I pushed her to a well adjacent to the bed so that anil can have a clear view what I was doing. I was soo hungry for her even after 2 rounds. I sat on my legs and started licking her pussy.

She was moaning ummmm lick me raaaaj ummm slowly aahhhhhh. While licking her pussy I jusy had an eye contact towards anil he was smiling and signaled me to continue. I licked her pussy for 10 minutes and asked her for a blowjob. Now she sat down took my dick like a lollipop and sucked it like a pro. I pushed her on bed and pulled her legs out of bed and her pussy was in the corner of bed. Now I signaled anil to come out slowly and have a look. I took my big rod penis and entered her pussy in one go. She shouted ummm aaaahhhhh raj chodo mujhe jhor se auuurrrr jhor seee. Mere chut ko thodo aajj. Anil was seeing her pussy being drilled by me with wide eyes. Seeing him I got more excited to fuck snigdha. I was penetrating very hard for 15 minutes. She was enjoying closing her eyes. I asked her I have fantasy to fuck you with eyes closed and tied to bed. She agreed and I closed her eyes with cloth. Now anil came out and stood beside me and opened his dick and started masturbating seeing snigdha getting fucked.
After almost 100 strokes in her pussy she said she is cumming and asked me to do it fast. I rammed her pussy heavily and she had heavy breaths and she cummed. I told ummm what a cum u made baby let me lick it. But instead I signaled anil to lick her cum without touching her. He was excited and sucked her pussy and made it dry. I told snigdha that I will go to washroom and come. Meanwhile I told anil to enter the house normally and catch snigdha and me red handed. I acted as if I was pissing and flushed the toilet. Meanwhile anil entered the house and shouted what the hell are you doing. Who tied you ? he untied her on bed and asked why are you cumming. Who fucked you bitch tell me who fucked you. And he started beating her and she started crying and covered herself with bedsheet. Meanwhile I came out of bathroom and acted as if I don’t know anything and started to rum. He caught me and pushed me on bed.
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He scolded you rascal you fucking my wife. How dare you touch my wife? I acted as if I was trying to convince him. He asked both me and snigdha to get out of his house. She was crying without knowing what was happening. I went away and we talked on phone that our plan worked well. Then they both didn’t talk for a day. She felt very sad and snigdha didn’t answer my calls or messages. The next day evening conversation between anil and snigdha on dining table..
Snigdha: please anil im very sorry for what I did. He seduced me and I surrendered. It was my mistake please forgive me.Anil: how can you cheat me? Will you allow me to bring a whore and fuck her in front of you?Snigdha: im really sorry please forgive me for one last time. I don’t do it again. Please..Anil: silent and eating…Snigdha: please talk to me anil. Im feeling lonely.Anil: ok then if I had to forgive you, you should obey to what I say. You should not say anything if I fuck any other womenSnigdha: cryingly!! I want your love. I will allow you to do anything. But don’t leave me.Anil: he rubbed her eyes and asked her to forget everything and sleep.
Now snigdha felt relieved and she never talked to me. Next day anil took me to his home and asked singdha to fuck him in front of him. She was shocked and didn’t understand what was going. She said she will not fuck anyone other than anil. But anil ordered as per your promise you should obey what I say. Snigdha unable to deny him, became nude in front of me and anil. I was happy seeing her and going to fuck her in front on anil again. And then without any oral sex I directly penetrated in front of him. She wasn’t able to cum because she was afraid of him. I cummed in her and she didn’t reciprocate it from her body. Seeing this anil told snigdha that till you cum he will be fucking you non stop. So snigdha tried to cooperate this time and I fucked her very hard till she cummed heavily.