Sex with cousin – Juicy Sex Stories

Hello readers these is my true story and i wanted to share with you all.
My name is Hiren and i study in delhi 4th year degree.
I stay with my cousin sister , hemali, she stays here alone in her home she rented .she is doing job here.I need to tell , my sister is little bit busty with figure of 36 30 34 and is fair and white and of my height .her age is 24 and i am 19.So from when i started living with her i had fantazised her many times in my dreams .Within my mind i wanted to fuck her but i couldn’t.i really want to fuck so i bought many condoms.
And these started with buying condoms only. I bought it online and by chance it came thw day when my sister was at home. She took the parcel and she started opening up. She saw it were condoms and ahw called me and i told that those were mine but i was still virgin and told her some story for that.
She said ok and leftNext day i took one condom and i masturbated on my sisters pic in the condom trying to figure how it feels and thrown the condom in the dustbin.The next morning my sister found out and asked me about it , i said my friend came and did these like story and made it and she said now not to do.The same night i was watching tv and some noise came from my sister’s room. It was a moaning soundI went to see what was going there.What i saw i couldnot believe.I saw my sister was just wearing bra and she was masturbating,and i went directly inShe gpt shocked and covered herself and i asked what was it and she told she could explain and gave me some story . I knew she was horny , do i didn’t want to miss the chance

So i went and bought the condom and went back to her she was just like that and i removed my shirtShe asked me what was i about to do.I gave no answer and went near to her and first i hold her and then i came close to her and i started liplocksI could feel her hot body and she got in mood and i had boner and i couldnt resist anymore so i removed her bra and so that amazing viewI saw those huge boobs getting ready to suckI started playing with those hug white soft milky boobs and played with her tits .they got stiff and suddenly she got upI told what happend and she told she cant do it. She wore her tshirt and went to bathroom to clean herself .As soon as she entered i came from back and gave her kiss on her neck and she was like moaning now i removed her tshirt and gave her tight hug .I removed my pant and put the condom on and i inserted from the back.She got horny and we started fucking hard .She was moaning ah ahh ahh and i started fucking her faster.Then i took to the bedroom and i i pushed to her on the bed and i went upon her started sucking her titsThen i fucked her and i was about to cum i knew , so i remlved the condom , and i started fucking and i came in her pussy , she was so satisfied and exhausted like she had her orgasm .
Thats all guys