Saw my mom and dad

Hello i am boy from karachi. We are a desi family. I have previously recorded my parents having sex but couldnt see alot you can see my stroy “watched mom and dad” and also “spooned my mom” “cummed in mom” but this time when i recorded them i saw everything. I will twll you.
So my parents were sleeping alone after a long long time so i knew they were about to have sex so i put my phone in their room and turned on secret camera. But as my brother was in the room they switched off the lights… i could hear the voices of my dad and mom through the video but didnt see anything as it was dark…
A few days after my brother was now sleeping in my room and my parents were sleeping togethor alone so i was sure they will have sex so again i put my camera in their room. So first i was in the room and after planting the camera i left. Then in the recording i saw that first mom and dad were lying togethor and mom was ciddling with him. But then my mom gets up and goes out of the room. She checks my and my sibling rooms and asks me so i told her i was sleeping.then like after 1 2 hours i go into the room and see that my dad is asleep and mom is using phone. Then i saw the recording. I saw that after she came back in the room with one dim light onn. She lays on the bed with my dad.
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They are cuddling then i see after a while my mom lifts here kameez and pulls down her pyjama a bit. My wildes fantasy came true. I saw her stomach and vagina omgg.. her vagina was hairy and she was showing dad something.i could partially see her boobs also. Then i see that dad kisses her vagina.
I was getting hrony asf watching the video…then my mom and dad start kissing and mom lifts her kameez up and dad starts sucking her boobs omg…then i saw that mom sits and takes off her kameez and bra…i saw her top naked….my wildest fantasy came true…she was so white….she lays back down. They are partially under the blanket…then dad starts kissing and foreplaying with her….i was going wild seeing my mom like that..then mom and dad have alot of sex under the blanket facing each other…it was a dream come true….then mom gets up and brings a moisturizer…she is totally i naked i could see her butts cagina stomach boobs everything…her boobs were soggt and slim like priyanka chopra..then she asks dad soemthing and applies moisturiser on her vagina…then dad half on top of her and rubs her vagina as they kiss and dad sucks moms breast. They were kissing like animals and sucking like animals..i also saw my mom getting orgasm as she breathes heavily. Then dad kept ribbing her and i wa sso happy i was seeing her naked….then they talk a bit now it seems they r about to have sex again…so my mom gets into spooning position. My dad days something and she says straigh and says no anal.
Then she again applies moisturiser on her vagina…then she lifts her legs and then dad comes on top of her and inserts his penis in her pussy this was my wildest imagination come true i saw my parents having sex fully naked…my dad was pushing it in and my mom was screaming like aah aah aah ah offfffbyahan offf ah ahhh…..then she calls dad towards her and then gets a bit low and starts kissing mom is moving upwards so she could get more of my dads dick this was so wild to watch as they were kissing and dad was sucking her boobs…then finallly dad cums in her and they lay aside.. then she asks dad to rub her pussy then dad masturbates her and then she again has orgasm and she cums. Then they lay for a while and then changed and slept.
This was my wildest fantasy come true guys. I saw mu moms white butt and breasts. Pls approve this is true. Cant believe my parents had sex like that.