My best friend’s son – Juicy Sex Stories

MY name is Rashmi and my age is 38 years. It had been 1year since I became a widow. I cannot go back to my parents because of my job. I live in Sangrur with my daughter, I have very few friends but my best friend is Neha which is very close to me.
A few weeks back he went to a hill station with her husband but her son (Mohit) cannot go there due to his exams so I referred her to leave him with me.
The next day his exam got over and he was with me for 2 days and at night he slept early because he was very tired. I was looking at him because he looked very sexy.
The next morning my daughter went to school and I have to go to work so I went to use the bathroom but when I opened the gate he was standing naked for a bath I was shocked to see his big dick his dick size was nearly 8-9 inches. He got scared when he saw me I just told him not to worry I will bath further.’You have a very big dick’ I mentioned.
Later I started washing dishes, I was in my mexi and he came from behind and lifted my mexi and put his big dick inside my pussy. He started fucking me It was the wrong thing but I could not resist him because I have never felt that pleasure in sex in my whole life. In passion, he tore my mexi and opened my bra we were whole naked near the washbasin doing sex.

Then he started sucking my breast, it was so nice and lovely. After some time he shot his cum on my ass. I watched the time and realized I missed my bus, so I took holiday from the office and I know I can fuck Mohit the whole day.
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We started kissing each other and we are all in juices of each other. Mohit took out his dick and I started giving him the blowjobs. His can be dick felt in my throat that lovely juicy dick. I was so passionate that I took his dick in my anal, his dick made me scream so much louder that I have never felt that much pain.
He was fucking my ass, a lovely experience. It looked like he is taking viagra in his meal.’Oh my god’ ‘Fuck me’ ‘Don’t stop’ I was speaking when he was fucking me. We both are covered with sweat.
After continuous fucking for so much time he told me he wants to shot cum on the face and I also wanted the same, he shot cum on my face, my was covered with cum and taste good, and now its afternoon is time for my daughter to come home. I washed my face and got ready to make lunch but one thing I don’t like was he tore my favorite mexi.