The Incestuous Situation

This one is only for you incest lovers out there. I came across many stories on the internet which seemed false to me; so I thought If I change my name and tell you my true experience, it wont cause me much problems. Reading this incest erotica story, some of you might think I am a pervert; but this is true so don’t judge me without reading the whole story and kristen chronicles, if you like.

Some of the incest erotica stories usually found on the internet depict women to be voluptuous sexual animals, I won’t say that is true in case of all; just read my incest erotica story.

This occurred when I was 19 years old. I used to live at home with my parents and younger sister aged 18. The first incident occurred when she has just turned 18. Her birthday was previous day. She was quite young but had well developed breasts, not big as such but they were not bad (of what I could make out through her clothes.) She was about 5ft 2in, but had a good figure and god forbid, a very squeezable ass.

She was a little dark but had good features. Now at that time I was just waiting to lose my virginity so I used to masturbate very often. We had an uncle living with us for sometime who had told us all about sex and about the precautions we should take saying that it was necessary for us to follow the information. We both by now knew all about sex.

My sis at this time had just started menstruating and was let’s say crazy about sex. I had sometimes seen her watching adult stuff on tv. Of what I could hear of phone conversations, it was always about sex. incest erotica

One day my parents had to go out for dinner. They said they would be out from 7:30 to maximum 11:30. I was supposed to spend the time at my pal’s house but my sister refused to stay alone and I had to stay at home with her.

My parents left at about 7:30. I wanted to masturbate and left the room on the pretext of studying. After some time when I came out to get some water, I noticed her watching two people having sex on the television while tickling her pussy with her fingers through her skirt. I let it go at that time and went inside to continue my masturbation. I had my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes after what I was doing, I saw her standing in front of my bed giggling. I was trying to comprehend what happened when she said she would tell my parents, I quickly told her about what I saw her doing that time. She got afraid. After a few moments of silence, she asked me “Do you want to have sex.” I said “Yes I do.” She said “Will you have sex with me? I know mama has told me all about it; we don’t need to go all the way but please I would love you to.” She was pleading. I thought for some time and then I pulled out a condom from my pocket saying “Yes I will and you don’t need to worry.”

No more questions were asked. I suggested we go over to my parent’s room which had a double bed and she agreed. When we reached the room, there was some uneasy feeling in my head. I didn’t know who would go for it first, before I could finish thinking, she got hold of me and started kissing me flat on the lips her tongue going right through, touching and feeling everything it could. Her hands were feeling my back and squeezing my ass a little later. I thought what the heck if she wants it, shell get it.

I pulled her urging her to climb on top me while continuing the kiss and rubbing her thighs. I broke the kiss and started pulling off her t-shirt and as I did, I saw a crème colored sports bra covering her not too big tits; nipples could not be made out. She got into the action and started unbuttoning my shirt while kissing and licking the rest of my face. The shirt came off and I put her down as she bent down going to work on my pants. In a flash, my pants and underpants were off. She was sniggering holding my underpants while looking at my naked body with my dick standing firmly up pointing towards her. She said “I never thought you were so big. Now I like to see if you can do this to me” and started licking my underpants, hinting that she wanted me to lick her.

First I thought that was gross but then thought, she wants this so badly why not give it to her. I unclipped her skirt exposing a white cotton panty which was stained yellow. I pushed her on the bed and fell next to her as I pulled off her panty and started licking and smelling the sweet yellow odor. While I was doing this, she had climbed on to me just below my dick and started kissing my stomach using her tongue to lick my nipples and bellybutton. She also intertwined her tongue in my chest hair. During this I had moved from the yellow part of her panty to the brown stained one with some traces of red, this was even better than the first, while she had started playing with my balls and dick.

I turned her over and started kissing her on the neck while I almost ripped off her bra exposing ger taut boobs, not too big with not much of a cleavage but good looking all the same. Nipples were small and pointing but not too big. I went to work kissing her boobs while pinching her nipples at the same time. She screamed at this scared me but then pleaded me to do more of it. I went down and turned her over; her ass was pointing towards me. I started kissing, licking her ass cheeks all over. I found it hard to get my tongue into her arsehole. When I told her that, she stood up, I turned over and sat down almost opening her butt cheeks at my face. I gladly put my tongue through tasting nice sweet odors while finding small hair near the ass hole. As I put my tongue through her ass hole, she moaned and said it felt very nice.

She now wanted to do a 69; I said ok. I lied down and she climbed over me. She started taking my dick and balls in her mouth fondling them while I saw a great site that was her pussy. It was now slightly open, very hairy with long coarse hair some of them wet already. I went to work on her pussy hair licking them and trying to get through them as I tasted salty liquid on my way through. I found the pussy hole and put my tongue through the soft flesh. She moaned again. We both had now reached climaxes so I turned over and put on my condom as she climbed over me and started humping me. incest erotica

I held her by her hips and started massaging her ass as she screamed with my dick tearing through her hymen. I could feel her pussy stretching each time as I thrust further in. She was so tight it was as if someone was crushing my dick with a sponge. Then I put my hands back to those small breasts and felt the soft flesh. She was all this time bouncing all over me. Making me jizz inside her. After some time I climaxed letting my cum into the condom while her wet pussy muscles pulled me further in. It was now about 10:30 and we thought we should both finish this up. I then played with her ass and boobs and she played with my ass. We had a long kiss before we broke up.

Our parents never got to know what happened and we continued playing with each other till she got married and left, I used to often take her panties she has used to help me masturbate. It just was a happy ending to something horrible. incest erotica indiansexstories indiansexstories2 antarvasna2