Fucked my gf while sleeping next to her Friend in same room

Hello Myself Rahul, I am from Pune. I had gf while I was in collage and we had really intense relationship in terms of love as well as sex . We both were very crazy for sex and always tried to find different ways to have sex as she was staying at hostel and I was in PG. We somehow managed friends empty flats everytime.
But this particular incident happed when we were having exam break and due to exams we didn’t had sex for around 2O days and we’re so much hungry for it . My gf told me that her hostel trip is scheduled as exam ended and there will be no one at hostel so she invited me to her hostel so that we can have sex. We were very much excited, i went to her hostel she sneaked me in quietly.
We went to her room hugged each other and started kissing each other .We kissed for 12 min then I put my hands inside her pant and squeezed her ass gently, she moaned . Then again we kissed she slide her hand inside my zip and carsed my penis it gave me boner.
I started to remove her pant and kept kissing her on neck. Suddenly the doorbell rang we Both got shocked as no one was supposed to come she put her pant quickly and went to open the door and her roommate was at door who went to hometown but returned from railway station. Somehow she explained her that I was there to accopany my gf and as it was late can’t go to my place so will stay for night she agreed but she said me and my gf can’t sleep in different room .
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I got really sad but there was no other option. We sleep in same room . After an hour i tried to press my gf boobs , she quietly moanedned and started to storke my penis then suddenly she kissed me , i stopped looked whether her roommate was awake. Then I kissed her back slowly i slide down her and started fingering her , she was completely wet and I was also rock hard , i had condom in pocket of strawberry flavour i teared the rapper and put it on my penis the smell of strawberry went around and we thought her roommate might get us caught but luckily she was sleeping ,i entered my penis to mg gf vagina from side and slowly stroked her but this was very uncomfortable position so , i asked her to get over me , she got up on me , then I slowly stared to stroke this continued till around 5 min then we both got up slowly and went to bathroom and there we lied down had intense sex .
In morning her roommate apologize that she came and we even can’t kiss each other but she didn’t knew what we did sleeping beside her.