Black(maled) Librarian – Juicy Sex Stories

Christina worked as the Librarian at the local highschool. She worked there since graduation from college.She and her husband Dan moved to this town after thebirth of their first child. Christina was 27 and kept her5-foot, 4-inch frame in excellent shape. Eleven monthsago she had her third child and continued to breastfeed.This helped Christina maintain her low weight at 135pounds. Christina felt that most of that weight was inher 38D breasts that had grown to 42DD since breast-feeding.
Her husband Dan loved her extra-large tits and when theymade love, Christina’s breasts spewed milk with herorgasms. Dan was a little older than Christina andalthough his cock was small at 5 1/2 inches, Christinahad never been with any other men and did not know thedifference. Dan knew that his small size was a good fitfor Christina, especially three months ago when shefinally let him have her ass for anal sex. Dan now fuckedChristina’s ass on a regular basis. Even though Christinaalways protested when Dan started to enter her ass, shealways experienced her best orgasms with anal sex. Danand Christina perfect life include good jobs, three kidsand great sex.
Christina loved her work at the library, but resented theinventory that was required at the end of each schoolyear. The only thing that made it bearable this year wasthat Dan agreed to meet her there after school and help.Christina dressed in relaxing clothes for the day. Shewore a long, black skirt with flat shoes. Underneath herdress Christina wore a pair of black thongs. It was herway of feeling “sexy” all day working at the library.
Since she was still breastfeeding, Christina wore acotton blouse that buttoned up the front. This enabledChristina to easily access her breasts when they werefull and pump milk to relieve the pressure. Because ofthe size of her breasts, Christina wore regular supportbras instead of the nursing bras. This required her topull the bra up over her breasts or take it off to pumpthem.
Although inconvenient, the regular bras provided bettersupport when her breasts were full. Christina was anxiousfor Dan to arrive as her breasts were very full and shedesperately needed to pump the milk from them to relievethe pressure. Christina wanted to wait for Dan so hecould continue the inventory while she pumped.

Dan arrived after about an hour dressed in jeans and atee shirt ready to work. Christina let him in and toldhim of her discomfort due to her full breasts. Danreached out and squeezed Christina’s full breast and shewinced in discomfort.
“Damn, they’re hard as rocks,” Dan remarked as theywalked back to Christina’s desk at the back of thelibrary.
“I’m just going to pump here,” Christina said, “so Idon’t have to go all the way back down the hall to thefemale locker room.” And with that, Christina sat behindher desk and unbuttoned her blouse. Dan watched intentlyas Christina pulled her bra up over her swollen breasts.Dan was amazed at how large his wife’s breast became whenfull of milk. He could see the veins underneath thestretched skin of Christina’s breasts. Dan especiallylikes the half-inch thick nipples that stuck out almostan inch and rested on dark, brown areolas the size ofsmall saucers.
As Dan watched Christina pump her breasts he felt hiscock growing inside his jeans and his desire for his wifereaching a point of no return. Dan put down the books hewas inventorying and walked toward Christina’s desk withan evil grin on his face. Christina looked up and smiledback knowing what Dan had on his mind. Pumping herbreasts always made Christina horny and she could alreadyfeel the wetness between her legs as she finishedemptying her breasts.
“Right here, Dan,” Christina asked, “are you crazy,” asher excitement at the prospect built. Christina hadalways wanted to “do it” in the library and now it lookedas if Dan had the same idea. She could see the bulgestraining behind the crotch of Dan’s jeans as he walkedaround her desk and spun her chair around to face him.Her shirt was still unbuttoned and her bra pulled aboveher breasts. She felt her nipples harden in excitement asDan lean forward and planted a long, wet kiss on herlips. His hands moved to both breasts and Dan gentlypinched and tweaked Christina’s sensitive nipples.
Christina shifted her weight in the chair as the wetnessbetween her legs grew and Dan’s mouth moved from her lipsto her right breasts. Dan took Christina’s firm nipple inhis mouth and gently sucked the erect nub. A moan escapedChristina’s mouth as Dan took more of her breasts in hismouth and increased the suctions finally extracting milkfrom her nipple. Dan sucked until his mouth was full ofChristina’s milk and she was begging him; “Please fuck menow,” in a low-whisper. Dan released Christina’s breastsand pulled her to her feet leading her around to thefront of the desk. Dan pulled Christina’s shirt off overher shoulders and reached behind her to remove her bra.

Naked from the waist up, Christina reached out andsqueezed Dan’s erection through his jeans. “Pleasehurry,” she pleaded as Dan turned her around and pushChristina down over the desk. Dan cupped Christina’s firmass in his hands, teasing her before pulling her longskirt up and pushing it around her waist. Christinaspread her legs slightly as she felt Dan pull the thinstrip of her thong to one side and slip two fingers intoher wet hole.
Dan dropped his pants and underwear around his knees,freeing his painfully hard cock while continuing to sawhis fingers in and out of Christina’s cunt. Christinareached back to pull Dan toward her as he lined his cockup with her opening and easily slid all 5-1/2 inches intoher cunt. Christina’s cunt molded perfectly around Dan’shard cock, a perfect fit.
Dan began pounding Christina’s cunt, his balls heavy withsperm slapping up against her clit with each stroke.Christina’s grunting and moans echoed through the libraryand increased in volume as Dan reached under her chestand pinched her nipples tightly to prevent milk fromleaking out onto the desk. Dan and Christina were lost intheir sexual frenzy and never thought that anyone wouldhear, as Christina quickly approached orgasm.
Elijah and his fellow gang members were enjoying thebounty of breaking into the audio-visual supply room nextto the library. Elijah was the leader of the Bad Bloods,the most feared gang in the high school. He had waiteduntil the end of the school year to break into the audio-visual room, full of video camcorders, stereos,television, and VCRs just waiting to be fenced. He andsix of his gang members now stood against the supply roomwall that was shared with the library and listened to themoans and grunts coming from the other side.
“Sounds like someone is getting some,” Elijah said,“maybe it’s that snooty librarian, you know the bitchwith the big tits.” He pointed to the door and the sevenboys quietly exited. Cole picked up a camcorder, checkedthe battery and made sure there was a tape as the boyscrept toward the library entrance. Elijah was surprisedto find it unlocked and they slipped inside undetected.
Elijah gave a firm look at the other six as anadmonishment to be quiet, he pointed to Cole who beganvideotaping Christina and Dan just as Dan push the thinstrip of thong aside and shoved his cock into her cunt.Cole continued to videotape as Dan fucked his wife lyingacross the table. Christina exploded in orgasm just astwo of the boys pulled Dan away. “Don’t stop,” Christinabegged, not realizing what was happening to Dan.
Mickey and Eddie pulled Dan from Christina and pushed himagainst a wall. Mickey held a switchblade and Dan’sthroat while Eddie held him tight against the wall withhis hand over his chest. Christina opened her eyes to seeElijah standing in front of her. She started to jump upand felt strong hands suddenly holding her shoulders.Christina looked around and saw that these were olderboys from the high school and they all wore the distinct“colors” of the “Bad Bloods.”
“What are you doing, let him go, let me go!” Christinascreamed at the two boys holding her tightly against thedesk.
Cole continued to videotape the action from the side ofthe room. The librarian was a tempting sight with herbare ass sticking in the air, cum leaking from herswollen cunt lips and her tits smashed into her desk.Christina could see Dan’s predicament being held againstwall and realized they were in real trouble. Shestruggled some more and finally collapsed across thetable to the laughter of Elijah. Dan was terrified andjust stood helpless as Mickey pushed the tip of his knifeinto Dan’s throat drawing a trickle of blood.
“Looky what we got here,” Elijah announced to the group,“seems the Librarian bitch likes to be fucked.” The boyslaughed.
Christina looked around and recognized Elijah, Mickey,Eddie, Cole, William, Lawrence, and Ronald from school.William and Lawrence had their weight against Christina’sback holding her down while Ronald stood to her side.They were all large for their ages and looked like blackmen instead of seniors in high school. Christina shiveredin fear as she saw each of them rubbing their crotchesand the look of lust in their eyes. Christina watched asElijah walked over to where Dan was being held. Dan’s nowlimp dick hung out of his unzipped jeans, flaccid fromfear. Elijah stood in front of Dan and pointed at hisdick, Christina heard a zipper go down.
“You got that pathetic little thing a dick,” Elijahchided Dan, “this is a dick,” and he turned and Christinacould see Elijah’s penis sticking out like a log from hispants. Christina could not believe the size, it was atleast three inches thick and ten inches long. Christina’sfear increased as she realized what the boys intended todo.
“We’re going to fuck your pretty little librarian wifewhile you watch white boy, and when were done, she’ll beso stretched out she want even feel that little thing yougot there,” Elijah informed Dan then drove his fist intothe pit of Dan’s stomach knocking the air from his lungs.Dan collapsed onto the floor and had his feet and handsquickly bound by Mickey and Eddie. As a final insult,Eddie took walked over to Christina, grabbed her thongand ripped it from her body, returned to Dan and stuffedit into his mouth effectively gagging him.
Satisfied that Dan was secured with a full view of hislovely wife, the seven boys turned their attention toChristina. Elijah was back in front of Christina slappingthe size of her face with his rod. “I’m first,” Elijahannounced and walked behind Christina, “hold the bitchstill.”
Christina started to scream and was confronted withEddie’s cock, standing erect pointing straight at herlips. Christina could not believe the enormity of these“boys” penises. Eddie’s rivaled Elijah in thickness,though not as long. “Scream again, bitch,” Eddie informedChristina who clamped her mouth shut. Christina, stillheld down by William and Lawrence, turned her attentionto keeping her legs shut.
She felt Elijah’s meaty hands trying to separate her legswith little success. Christina felt the pain in her assbefore she heard the smack as Elijah firmly planted ahand on Christina’s left ass cheek. Christina let out ayelp that was cut off by Eddie shoving his dick into hermouth about three inches. “Don’t bite me bitch, just suckit good,” Eddie ordered.
Christina struggled to breath through her nose as sheheard Elijah direct Mickey and Ronald to find somethingto tie her legs apart. Christina began to thrash about upand down against William and Lawrence, her ass bouncing.“That’s it, practice till I can get my pole in that cuntof yours,” Elijah said with a laugh. Christina’s protestswere muffled as Eddie grabbed the back of her head andbegan forcing his cock in and out of her mouth.
Dan lay bound on the floor watching the beginnings of hiswife being ravaged by the teens. Mickey returned withtape Christina used to repair books. Dan’s eyes widenedas he saw Mickey and Ronald painfully stretch Christina’slegs out pulling them to their limit and then taping themto the legs of the desk.
From his position of the floor, Dan could see Christina’snow exposed cunt slightly open with the remains of hissemen leaking onto the floor. He looked at Christina’sface and saw her fighting to breath while she was beingface-fucked by Eddie. Dan tested his bonds and found themsecure. Dan wanted to close his eyes as he saw Elijahline his massive cock at the entrance to Christina’scunt, but he was fascinated by the size and thickness andthe small opening and wondered how it would fit.
Elijah grabbed Christina’s hips and tried to force thehead of his cock into her cunt. Christina felt thepressure against her cunt lips and renewed her struggles,but it was fruitless with her legs pulled wide apartthere was little she could do to prevent the intrusion.Eddie was quickening his pace in her mouth and Christinawas actually feeling his cock slide down her throat witheach thrust. Elijah continued to push hard with thiscock, but Christina’s opening was too small and would notexpand to accommodate it.
Christina’s grunts of pain from the pressure seemed toincrease Eddie’s excitement. “Here it comes, bitch,swallow every drop,” Eddie ordered.
Christina felt the first glob of sperm strike the back ofher throat and she quickly swallowed before the next globcame. Christina fought the urge to gag as trickles ofsperm leaked from the corners of her mouth. Eddiereleased her head and Christina’s chin dropped on thedesk with at thud.
Dan’s eyes were still glued to Elijah’s massive cocktrying to force its way into Christina’s hole. OnceEddie’s cock was out of her mouth, Christina began to begto be released. Elijah and the others just laughed andCole continued to videotape the scene.
“We need to open this bitch up,” Elijah commented, “but Idon’t want to stick my hand in there with all that littleprick’s come it. Bring his to me!”
Dan tried to scoot away from Mickey and Ronald as theygrabbed his under each arm and dragged him behind hiswife dropping him on his knees. Dan was now eye level washis wife’s crudely opened cunt. He could now easily seehis seed pooling in her vagina.
“Now, little prick, you’re going to clean this bitch outso I can open her up,” Elijah ordered as Mickey grabbedDan on each side of his head and pushed his face intoChristina’s cunt. Christina moan as Dan began to use histongue inside her cunt, tasting his own sperm and tryingto clean his wife up as ordered. Dan tried not to thinkabout what he was doing, but felt his dick growing hard.He did not understand how these events could be excitinghim, but soon Dan was fully erect again.
“The little prick likes having his wife fuck by us,”Elijah commented. “Look! That pathetic little thing ishard again. Get him out of the way.” As Dan slurped atChristina’s cunt one last time he was abruptly pulledaway and shoved onto the floor just about six feet away.He heard Christina’s screams as Ronald and Mickey pulledher cunt lips east and west trying to open her cuntfurther.
“Shut the bitch up,” Elijah commanded to the others.William nodded for Eddie to help Lawrence hold Christinaand hurried to her head, unzipped his pants and shovedhis eight inch cock down her throat to silence her.Christina’s eyes were large as saucers as she was forcedto suck her second cock while her cunt continued to beabused. Elijah rummage through the drawers of her deskand found what he was looking for, a jar of Vaseline. Hereturned to where Ronald and Mickey continued to tug onChristina’s cunt lips.
“This should do it,” Elijah noted as he coated hisfingers and hand with Vaseline.
Dan watched, helpless, fascinated, and sporting a painfulerection as Elijah started working his fingers in and outof his wife’s cunt.
Christina felt the intrusion of two fingers into hercunt. With the lubrication from Dan’s fucking and theVaseline, it was not uncomfortable. Actually, toChristina’s surprise and disgust, she felt a tinge ofpleasure. Elijah inserted a third finger easily and beganto open and close his fingers opening Christina. Elijahtook his thumb and firmly placed it on Christina’s slowlyenlarging clit.
Christina felt the pressure of her clit and let out aslight moan around William’s cock. As Elijah massaged herclit and saw his fingers in and out of her cunt,Christina began to feel different. Before she realizedit, Christina was slurping and sucking William’s cocklike a pro. William noticed the difference, “Keep it up,man,” William said to Elijah, “the bitch is getting intoit.”
By now Elijah had worked his entire fist into Christina’scunt up to the wrist. While Elijah worked his fist aroundinside Christina’s cunt, Ronald and Mickey took turnspinching and massaging her clit. Christina was lost inthe pleasures she was deriving from feeling her cunt sofull. William continued to work his cock in and out ofher mouth and Christina hungrily sucked hard hoping hewould cum soon so she secretly could suck someone else.
Elijah’s plan was working as Christina’s cunt was nowsloppy wet with her own juices and stretched open wide.Dan could not believe his wife took the teen’s entirefist and he desperately wanted to grab his own cock andjerk off but his bonds prevented it.
Elijah pulled his fist from Christina’s cunt with a “pop”and Ronald and Mickey stood back. “Now let’s see if itwill fit,” Elijah announced staring down at Christina’snow gaping cunt. William started slamming harder intoChristina’s face as Elijah coated his cock with Vaselineand this time easily slid into her cunt. Just as Elijah’sheavy balls smack against Christina’s clit, Williampulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed his seed allover Christina’s face. Christina did not care as shereached back to pull Elijah in tighter. She experienced amassive orgasm before Elijah was even half way into hercunt.
“God, I am so full, I can feel you so deep inside of me,your huge dick is stretching me, oh my God, I’m cummingagain,” Christina screamed as Elijah slowly pumped in andout of her cunt. Lying on the floor Dan could not believehis ears. He could see his wife’s swollen cunt lipsstretched thin as threads around the massive black polebeing worked in and out of her cunt.Dan looked at Christina would was gripping the front ofthe desk tightly with both hands and throwing her headfrom side to side. Dan could see the sticky cum Williamhad coated her face with and Christina did not seem tomind at all.
Christina’s second orgasm caused her tits to fill withmilk again. She was still smashed against the desk byEddie and Lawrence whose erections were straining forrelief. Christina’s tits were full and smashed painfullyinto the desk. From his position on the floor, Dan couldsee Christina’s tits sticking out from her sides full ofmilk. Christina could not stand it any longer.
“Someone, please suck my tits, please suck my tits,”Christina begged and tried to push herself upward. Elijahreached around and grabbed Christina’s arms and pulledher back toward his chest lifting her tits off the desk.“Shit, this bitch is full of milk,” Lawrence said when hesaw the puddles of white liquid on the desk. Christinathought her tits were going to explode. The cock in hercunt was plunging deeper than anything she had ever feltand the size was rubbing her clit unmercifully. “Youblack bastards, suck my tits,” Christina demanded.
Ronald standing to the side pushed Eddie out of the wayand locked his mouth squarely onto Christina’s left tit.Lawrence proceeded to start sucking the right tit. Elijahheld Christina’s arms back arching her back and makingher 42DD tits stick out any further. Christina moaned andexploded in another orgasm shooting milk into Ronald andLawrence’s mouth as they swallowed quickly. “Can’tbelieve the milk this bitch is producing,” Ronald yelled.
Elijah gave a loud grunt; Dan looked just in time to seehim pull his gigantic cock from Christina’s cunt andsprayed her asscheeks with what seemed like a gallon ofsperm. Dan’s dick was rock hard and aching as he watchhis wife ravished by the teens.
Mickey replaced Elijah and shoved his dick into Christinaand so it went for over an hour. Dan watched asChristina’s tits were sucked dry and she was fucked toorgasm after orgasm by the youths. They all laughed asthey watched Christina’s breasts fill quickly with milkfrom her orgasm and took turns sucking those heavy titsdry. Dan struggled against his bond with each scream ofpleasure from Christina’s lips. She was now covered indrying semen and each of the seven boys had fucked hercunt, and sucked her tits dry. Dan saw Christina lyingacross the desk somewhere between unconsciousness andsleeping from exhaustion.
Cole continued to videotape as Elijah told the group hehad an idea. Dan was ignored up until this point withElijah stood over him now pointing at Dan’s dick. “Thislittle white boy got a hard on watching us fuck his wife,he must like us fucking her,” Elijah said. He thendirected Eddie to bring him a rubber band, which hecoiled around the base of Dan’s hard penis. “That’ll getyou from cumming and keep you hard, you goin’ be in thisnext scene.”
Dan was confused and the pain in his cock intensifiedwith the rubber band in place. He watched as Elijah cutChristina’s legs loose and stood her up facing him. Hertits were dripping milk down her chest and Christina’sthighs were caked with semen as more leaked out of hercunt.
“We goin’ have a seven-way gang-fuck,” Elijah announcedand then directed Eddie and Ronald hold Christina. Elijahwalked behind her and bent Christina completely over soher hands rested flat on the floor.
Dan watched, the pressure building in his cock as Elijahkicked his wife legs wide apart, took Vaseline andsmeared it into her ass. Dan realized at the same timeChristina did what Elijah intended to do. Dan twisted andturned trying to escape as Christina struggled againstEddie and Ronald.
Christina was too weak to fight and just moaned a weakly;“Please not there,” as Elijah pushed the head of histhree-inch thick cock against her asshole. “Nooooo,”Christina screamed as she felt her anal ring openingslowly to accommodate the massive intrusion. Christinatried to concentrate on relaxing her anal ring, as thepain increased with the expansion.
“Got the head in,” Elijah announced, “damn she is a tightbitch.” Elijah continued to slowly work his cock intoChristina’s ass. When he was about half way in he laidback on the desk pulling Christina on top of him. Dancould see Christina impaled on Elijah’s 10-inch dick andher weight slowly pushing her down to his pubic bone.
Eddie knew just what to do and shoved his cock intoChristina’s pussy. Elijah told Ronald to let Dan go, buthold the knife on him. Dan was released and was slowlyled to where Christina’s head hung down over Elijah’sshoulder. “She’s goin’ suck you while we fuck her, butyou ain’t going to get to come,” Elijah informed Dan.
Dan’s little dick was right at Christina’s lips as Elijahordered her to open her mouth. Dan was shocked asChristina looked up at him, licked her lips and took hiscock into her mouth and started sucking. Ronald andWilliam each started sucking Christina’s tits again.Lawrence and Mickey stood on each side of Christina andwrapped her hands around their once again erect tools.Christina did not even hesitate as she started pumpingtheir dicks, jacking them off.
Dan was in agony. He wanted to cum so bad but the tightband prevented any released. Elijah and Eddie poundedaway at Christina’s ass and cunt while Ronald and Williamdrank down Christina’s breast milk. Slowly Lawrencestarted shooting his load into the side of Christina’sface. As if on cue, a large lump of sperm from Mickeycock hit the other side of her face. Eddie gave out ayelp and jerked his cock out and cum spew all overChristina’s belly.
Elijah was the last and he buried his cock deep inChristina’s ass when he started cumming. Christina waslost in orgasm after orgasm which caused her to suck evenharder on Dan’s cock. Dan could not stand the pain anylonger and jerked his cock from Christina’s mouth andtried to remove the rubber band. He was struck again inthe stomach and fell to the floor curled into a ball.
As Christina collapsed, Elijah pushed her off and shefell onto the floor covered in semen. The seven teenswalked over to Dan and stood around him. Elijah began“Your wife is our bitch now, we got the whole thing ontape. You can fuck her, but I doubt you can please herwith that little dick you got. Now, you make sure sheshaves that hairy pussy of hers and will be over nextFriday night to get her. Tell her to be ready.”
Elijah and the others walked over to wear Christina wason the floor, barely conscious covered in a mixture ofsweat and cum, her cunt and ass gaping open. “Please, nomore,” she moaned as Elijah pointed his dick at her. “Noproblem, we just want to christen you as our bitch,”Elijah said and then the seven started to urinate inunison covering Christina in warm piss.
As quickly as they came, they were gone.
Dan heard the door shut and quickly removed the rubberband from his cock. Dan ran over to wear Christina laidon her stomach in a pool of piss, cum dripping from herass and cunt. He knew he shouldn’t, but he could stand itany longer. Dan crawled on top of Christina and shovedhis dick into her well-stretched and lubricated ass. Hecould barely feel the walls of her rectum, but he hadwaited so long, Dan came hard after only four or fivestrokes.
Christina never moved or said a word while Dan fuckedher. When he finished, Dan helped her clean up. He wentto a janitor’s closet and filled a bucket with water forher to wash the piss and semen from her body. Christinadidn’t appear angry; she just smiled a satisfied smile.
It was nearly midnight when Christina and Dan left thelibrary. When they were in the car Christina finallyspoke, “I wonder when they’ll be back?” she said withanticipation.