Birthday night fun with my lovely neighbor Anitha Aunty

Hello friends,today i’m going to share my lovely real sex experience with my neighbor anitha aunty happened during this lockdown.If any girl’s or auntie’s looking for secret fun please do mail me .
So without wasting much time let’s get into my story.
Myself Akash working in IT company.This incident happened during the lockdown when i was working from home with my neighbor anitha aunty around 30 years with awesome and dick raising asset 34-32-36 any one could feel aroused and feels like fucking her once in life time.She lives in the same apartment where i live but stays in the different block and her husband is also an IT professional he was on travel ,so aunty was staying alone with her 10 year old kid.
Me and anitha aunty was not close but we usually talk and chit chat for a while when we usually meet morning during walk in our apartment . Everything was going asusal but i never got a chance to fulfill my desire towards anitha aunty but luckily a day came that’s anitha aunty’s kid birthday. Anitha aunty invited me to the birthday party of her kid . I happily agreed and said will definitely come and my mind was giving me dirty thougth’s to make use of this party and try my luck. So i dressed up and attended the birthday party in the evening and i asked anitha aunty that i dont need this normal treat as you gave to everyone i need some special treat. She smiled and said what treat you want and aunty was wearing salwar and she was looking gorgeous and my dick has already raised seeing her beauty.
Again she asked what treat do you want then i said i will ask when needed now we are in lockdown situation not able to go anywhere she laughed and said yes . Then we had dinner together at her home and did some chit chat with her and we were trying to know more about eachother. Then i asked aunty if she can give her number in case i need some help i can text you or call you instead of coming here. She happily agreed and said feel free to ask anything anytime i would be happy to help you and then she gave me her number.

Then i left for the day and we used to chat daily and we became very close now . Now i planned to get the treat from aunty i texted her and said let’s have some biryani party at your home she happily agreed and to surprise i her i went with a cake and made her kid cut the cake.She asked what’s all this i said a small surprise from myside and she was very happy. I suddenly put some cake on aunty’s face and even she put some on me we were enjoying.She was wearing an transparent nighty looking gorgeous and she said i will wash my face and change the dress and come.By this time we were very close and just tried my luck by saying let me know if you need anyhelp she giving nauthy smile went to bathroom to clean herself.
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After cleaning herself she went to bedroom to change her dress again dirty thougths came in my mind i was peeping through the hole of the door she was full naked changing herself wow what an amazing body she had my dick already raised seeing her size her boobs were awesome it was so big and tight.Suddenly she turned towards me she noticed that i was looking into her after few minutes she changed her dress and came back and was feeling shy and i came to know even she i interested in me and we were talking and suddenly she asked what were you doing near the door. I was suddenly shocked by hearing this and tried to pretend like which door and what are you talking i am not understand. She came close to me now and said don’t lie you were not looking me when i was changing the dress. Now i made some courage and said yes i did. She asked did you like it and i said obviously yes.
She still came close to me and now i was very tensed and my dick was raised when her body touched mine she noticed that and gave a naughty smile ,I was feeling shy of my situation i was not knowing what to do and she suddenly put her hands on my dick and started kissing me on my lips. I totally lost myself now , she wispering in my ears would like to get the actual treat now. Hearing this i also grabbed her and started responding to her kiss and she was slowly rubbing my dick it was becoming bigger and bigger in size.
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She said let’s go to bedroom and i followed her and hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck from backside and she was enjoying it.Then she started kissing allover my face and started biting my cheeks and kissing my lip very hard and it went for around 10 minutes.Now both were out of control and i started kissing her neck and she was enjoying it and moaning slowly and she removed my t-shirt and started kissing my chest and i was feeling too good and she slowly removed my night pants and underwear and my dick has already raised to extent and she was shocked and happy at the same time to see 7 inch big hard dick. She holded my dick and slowly started stroking it and playing with it after few minutes she went down and took my dick inside her mouth and started giving blow job ,it was one of the best feeling i was in heaven she was the best dick sucker she toll the whole dick inside her mouth and gave the best blow job for 10 minutes .After that it was my turn now to enjoy her to the fullest and make my dream get fullfilled to the fullest. I slowly pushed her on the bed and went on top of her hugged her and started kissing all over her face like and hugry lion.I was already lost see her sexy expressions while kissing made me much more horny and started lip kissing her i was biting her lips and kissing it hard for around 10 minutes.
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She was enjoying and moaning like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyy i am all your’s please satisy me i am missing all these so much . Hear this made me much more horny and continued kissing then slowly i removed her nighty now she was only in bra and panty in from of me and her big melons were already trying to coming out of her bra she was in full mood i slowly removed her bra wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it’s the first time i was seeing boobs and it was so huge suddenly she grabbed my face towards her boobs and was pressing against it. I was enjoying it and i slowly started pressing her left boobs and sucking the right boobs and her nipples were getting hard when i started sucking her boobs she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh darlinggggggg akash eat it it’s all your’s ahhhhh baby go slow aww ahh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh i can’t control one of the best feeling dear please suck it hard.
After few minutes i grabbed both the boobs together and started sucking hard she was moaning and enjoying to the fullest. Seeing this i started sucking it and pressing it harder we both were enjoying as if there is no tomoorrow . By this time her pussy was already wet and she totally lost her control and i slowly removed her panty and smelled it wow it’s the best aroma in the world.
Again slowly i was sucking her boobs while sucking slowly i put my fingers inside her pussy and was fingering she was moaning ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh babyyyyyy ahhhh ahhhhhh you are so awesome baby i can’t control please fuck me hard sweet heart please fuck me she was literally begging me to fuck her hard.
Now i slowly started kissssing her stomach,thighs she was out of control and slowly i spread her legs and started licking her clean shaved pussy, I started licking her pussy and was eating like any hungry animal. She was enjoyinnng my lick and moaning ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahh go slow baby please after few minutes she reached the point where she lost full control and was in full mood of getting fucked.
Now i slowly rubbed my 7 inch thick hard dick on lips of her pussy and slowly pushed it inside it was very tight she has not had sex for very long then i applied some oil on her pussy and on dick and try to slowly push it inside now it went inside and she shouted in pain like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhhhh now i slowly started giving the stroked front and back for few minutes and she was enjoying my fuck and moaning aahhhhhhhhhhhh ahh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh yes yesssssssssss fuck me fuck me hard baby please yeahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh i’m all your’s please fuck me hard baby ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh our room was filled with her moaning and seeing her expression i started stroking hard and fucked for almost 15minutes and i was about cum and she said to load it inside her pussy only as she need to experience that feeling of real fuck i agreed like kid and loaded inside only and now both were tired and i can see her happy face of full satisfaction in her and we hugged each other and slept for a while.
She gave me a give and thanked me for satisfying her for which she was waiting for a very long period and even i thanked her for giving such an wonderful treat and she laughed hearing this, we hugged each other and again we lip kissed eachother and by this time it was almost 5 AM in the morning we don’t want anyone to suspect us so i wanted to leave from her house. Before leaving we had one more session in the bathroom which i will share in my next story. Again she thanked me and i said you can text or call me anytime i’m always available for you baby any day any time she was happy hearing that and kissed on my cheeks.I left from her house and from there every weekend we enjoy to the fullest and try differnt styles and positions and enjoying the most as much we can and both are now living like newly married couple.
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So friends this was birthday treat story with my lovely aunty hope you all enjoyed the story.If any girl’s or aunties intrested or looking for secret fun and i even give you body massage which is complete relaxing all these will be confidential and 100% privacy guaranteed because your safety is my first priority and if you want to try out my 7 inch thick and hard dick can mail me at or chat on hangouts at myselfakash875[A][t]gmailDotcom .Will be waiting for your emails and chat .And yes,please don’t forget to comment or write down about how you felt about my story. Let’s meet soon thank you.