A young white couple decides on a honeymoon in Africa

Kyra’s honeymoon to Africa has taken a horrible turn.After witnessing her husband’s death, she narrowlyescaped into the jungle. Having survived the ragingriver, with the last of her strength, she collapsed onthe muddy riverbank.
Hours later, she woke up to find herself in someone’shome and bed. The décor was strange to say the least.Cooking implements were piled against the mud walls.Once on her feet, she gingerly made her way outside.Kyra found herself in a clearing with a magnificentwaterfall emptying into a lagoon. It almost seemedmagical with the rising mist and the lush greensurrounding. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticedsomeone coming towards her.
He was a tall dark man about 6’2″ and certainly anintimidating fellow. Wearing nothing but a loincloth,beads of sweat glistened off his muscular build. In hishand, he wielded a machete and his eyes transfixed onthe beautiful stranger. She kept her eyes on him,genuinely afraid of him. There was no clue to hisintentions. As he moved closer, she retreated alwayskeeping a distance.
“You have nothing to fear. Welcome to my home.” Hegreeted her.
“You speak English? Who are you?” Kyra asked with aconfused expression.
“I am Kouassi and you are?” replied the African.
“My name is Kyra.”
“That is a most unusual name,” Kouassi said.
He offered some smoke fish and a potato-like vegetablethat have been boiled. But she was still apprehensiveignoring her empty stomach.
“Do you live here alone?”
“Now I do. My brother once shared my home until a yearago,” Kouassi said. “Where is your home?”
“Well it’s pretty far away…” she began before trailingoff.
Kyra felt uneasy lying on her bed, staring aimlesslyabove her. Across the fire, Kouassi’s attention was onthe woman. His eyes locked on her breasts, rising andfalling with each breath in the soft amber firelight. Hebegan to reminisce the moment he found her on theriverbank. Now whether it was the gods’ doing or fate,Kouassi wasn’t sure but he was glad to have brought herhome. She was truly a woman of caliber and a perfectbride, although his mother wouldn’t approve at all.
The next morning Kouassi woke up full of excitement andanxiety. He was to bring some medicine to his mother,who was staying with his sister. Kyra was still asleepand when she shifted, her tank top slid down. The top ofher breasts, nestled inside her black lace bra becamevisible stopping Kouassi in his tracks. He was drawn toit like a moth to the light, but just as reached hishand out, Kyra began to stir.
He quickly pulled his hand back and went on his way. Ashe trekked through the jungle, mind was on his guestback home. Kyra woke up to find she was alone. Shepicked at the smoked fishes left beside her bed and atesilently.
After breakfast, she went down to the lagoon to wash herhands and face. Looking at her reflection, she wasappalled. Her blonde hair was a tangled mess and herclothes as well. She smelled like a dirty laundryhamper. It has been several days since she had a showerand she was overdue for one.
The pristine water looked so refreshing and inviting. Ofcourse there was the matter of prying eyes but she wasin the middle of nowhere. The only prying eyes thatworried Kyra were Kouassi’s. She had no knowledge whenhe left or when he would be back. Prompted not only byher odor but also the unforgiving heat.
Kyra decided to take a dip in the pool. Throwing cautionto the wind, she began to undress. She pulled her mudstained tank top over her head and cast it aside. NextKyra unclasped her bra and let fall to the ground. Thenshe unzipped her shorts and panties down her long legsin one smooth motion. Slowly Kyra waded into the pool.The water was cool and a relief from the relentlessheat. It was truly relaxing.
Meanwhile having dropped off the medicine, Kouassi washeading back home. He was glad to have left because hismother pestered him the whole time. His mother told himof several suitors in his brother-in-law’s village.However it matter not, there was only one woman on hismind, Kyra. Upon arriving home, he found the hut empty.Kouassi’s fear that Kyra may have run off or somethingworst happened to her. Then he noticed tracks leadingdown to the lagoon, so he followed them. Kouassi couldmake out a pale figure against the dark cliff face.
It was a beautiful sight. There was Kyra, fully nude andbathing in waist deep water. Quietly and cautiously,Kouassi got closer and closer. With her back turned, shewas completely oblivious to his presence. He could seeher firm, rosy butt through the clear water.
“What do think you’re doing?!” Kyra cried as she turnedaround. She quickly covered herself as much as shecould. There was a huge smile on his face, his whiteteeth flashing and that’s when she noticed his crotch.
Pushing aside the loincloth was the biggest, black cockshe’d ever seen. His python-like member stood erect,acknowledging the naked beauty before him. Kouassislowly waded into the pool and towards her. Kyra was ata standstill.
There was nowhere to hide in her current predicament.She could only wait as he stopped in front of her.Kouassi could see that Kyra was trembling, but he wasn’tgoing to harm her in any way.
“Do not worry. I won’t let any harm come to you.” Hebrushed her hair away from her face.
Then he gently grasped her wrist and pulled her armaway. Kyra turned away, embarrass for only one man hasseen her naked, her husband. Now she was completelyexposed to this stranger, this primal African man. Hecupped and squeezed her breasts, and playfully tugged onher hard nipples.
She couldn’t deny the sensation on her breasts. With onehand on her breasts, his other hand caressed down herflat tummy, past her neatly trimmed bush stoppingbetween her legs. As he started to massage her mostsensitive area, a soft moan treacherously escaped herlips.
Kouassi began kissing the nape of her neck heighteningthe experience. Returning the favor, she wrapped herhand around his shaft and stroked it. Kouassi groaned,enjoying the stimulation of his manhood and just when hecouldn’t hold it, he stopped her.
Taking her hand, he led Kyra onto a bed of grass just afew feet from the water’s edge. Kouassi got on top ofher: he loved the contrast of his dark flesh against hercreamy pale flesh. He lowered his head to her breasts,his lips finding her hard nipples and suckled like aninfant. Kyra held his head tightly on her breasts.
Kouassi slid his python-like shaft against her mound,emanating a burning sensation between her legs. Thengazing deep into her blue eyes, he slowly pushed hisdark meat, inch by inch into the gorgeous woman’s pussy.Kouassi began thrusting his tool slowly, once findinghis rhythm, he increased his pace.
As her vaginal walls loosen to accommodate his cock andthe two of them lubed up, his tool slid smoothly andeffortlessly, building the impending orgasm. With allher inhibitions gone, Kyra moaned softly at first thenlouder and louder, echoing through the jungle. She wasgetting fucked like never before and she was enjoyingevery bit.
Kyra wrapped her legs and tighten onto him as an orgasmsurged through her. His lips found her soft, lusciouslips and in her lustful state gladly accepted histongue.
Their bodies convulsed as another powerful orgasmovertook them. Like a beast, Kouassi groaned loudly as ajet of his black seed splashed her pussy, overfillingher womb and streaming from her slit. After emptying thecontent of his balls inside Kyra, he pulled his limpdick and collapsed on her.
“Stay with me, Kyra,” he said.
Kyra kissed him again. “Yes, I will.”
In nine months time, she gave birth to a healthy babyboy. Never before in his life has Kouassi experiencesuch happiness. Under the shade of a tree with herinfant son suckling on her breast, Kyra looked on as hernew husband sowed their garden.
Although she still missed her family back home, Kyraknew this was where she belonged.