A man describes the ‘Great Fucks’ in his life

There are boob men. There are ass men. Men who lookfirst at shapely legs or eye color or hair length. Forme, life is not nearly as simple as that. What I prizeabove all else is not something visible in the publicwoman. What I prize is the secret between her legs.
A lover once opined, “Women may have different bodies,but pussies are basically all the same, right? Warm andslippery?” There is but one safe answer to thisquestion. The truth is more complex.
Every woman is different, of course, though only a trueconnoisseur appreciates the delightful rich reality ofeach woman’s uniqueness. You have to explore her withyour fingers, learning her shapes and folds, how shelubricates, the size and shape of her clit and how itwants to be caressed. Your fingers discover the textureof her walls and the sensitivity of her G-spot.
You have to explore her with your mouth to bring more ofyour senses into play. Her musky aroma that penetratesyour nose and makes your head spin with lust. Her taste,mild or moderate or strong, tart or delicate. Thecoloring of her labia, how her vulva flushes and bloomswith her arousal. Whether her inner labia remain thinand only barely separate with a hint of what liesbetween, or whether they fatten and yawn fuck-me wide.
And then the ultimate is exploring her with your penis.With it you can reach farther into her mysterious sheathand learn the variations of her internal heat andslickness, assess the nuances of her labia as youstroke. You marvel at the subtleties of her texture andher degrees of snugness inside. You edge your bodyhigher to scratch your shaft against her clit, and drivein deep to nudge against her cervix. You rejoice at theclutching snuggles she can apply that tell you that youare welcome within her body.
Sometimes you encounter a vagina that is seeminglydisconnected from its owner. As good as it may feel tothrust into this passive clasp, as satisfying as it maybe to romp forward to your orgasm, there is always thenagging question in your mind about whether the faceyou’re looking at has any intimate relationship with thevagina you’re fucking.
And then there are those women who can best be describedas Great Fucks. If you’ve never met one, then you haveno idea what I mean. If you have met one — two, a dozen— you’ll never forget.
A Great Fuck. How can one best describe such a woman?Her vagina is alive. It has muscles with which she canexert at least some small measure of control andacknowledgement of your intruding hardness. She has hipsthat can move, a body that does more than just lie theredispassionately, and she also knows how and when tosurrender to you.
A Great Fuck knows how to entice you into her body andto keep you there. She knows how to get you to scrubyour erection up one side of her cunt and down theother, how to get you to penetrate her deep or shallow,quick or slow, whether you are on top of her and pumpingaway, or whether she is on top and in control.
A Great Fuck loves to fuck. Loves to be fucked. Loves tofeel your stiffness rooting around, stretching andrubbing. Loves to be penetrated, to feel your cockheadprodding past her entryway “O”, again and again. Sheloves to be held, to be desired, to feel your passionigniting hers and hers igniting yours. She loves toclimax, as many times as she and you can manage.
She loves you to climax. She loves your deep, ruttingthrusts that press your pubic bone against her inflamedvulva and her solitary soldier that stands at attentionand just wants to join in. She craves your frantic finallunges and the long, pulsing releases of your white-hotseed into her cunt as she clenches around your stalk andsquirms her hips against the paralyzed rigidity of yourbody.
As vaginas go, the first truly memorable one Iencountered belonged to Kris, a married woman in hermid-twenties with a sexually apathetic husband. I foundhis disinterest to be unfathomable. I was the third manshe’d slept with — her husband, whom she’d been withsince high school; and a brief extramarital fling with abartender, the year before me.
Kris had an athletic body, compact breasts and strongupper legs and a round, muscled butt. Her cunt wasequally athletic. Brown fringes and a tender, tasty pinkcenter. Its outer Kegels had a firm, constant grip thatencircled my shaft with the width of a man’s thumb andforefinger, and further inside she was modestly snug andlightly textured in a wonderful contrast to the muscledentrance.
That glorious opening just demanded repeated, full-length thrusts to friction her distinctive grip up anddown every inch of my cock, from base to tip and backagain.
I learned early in the relationship that Kris onlyorgasmed from oral, from my tongue slathering up anddown and side to side while my fingers pressed rhythmiccircles on her G-spot. Afterwards, when we fucked, Krisremained highly aroused, receptive and amiably giving.Most of the time we’d do it Missionary. Her wide-openeyes would lock onto mine, she’d beam a joyous smile,and her hips would pump upward in an eager, get-that-cock-IN-there urgency.
Kris was a marvel to fuck. I’d go shallow for a fewtantalizing teases, then when I couldn’t restrain myselfI’d plunge hard and deep, eliciting squeaks from theprotesting bed and a loud, happy moan from Kris.“Again!” that moan would call out its demand to me,“Again! Again!”
Sometimes I’d prop myself up on my elbows and watch hereager face and her erotically dancing breasts, andmoments later I would press my furry chest against thosehard-tipped breasts and stab into her marvelous cunt atdifferent delicious angles, just to sample everything ithad to offer.
Nothing seemed to make her happier than when my climaxhit. “Tell me when you’re going to come,” she’d demandwhen she sensed I was close.
When my cock signaled its impending launch and Iaffirmed it with a gasping “Now!” I would bury myselfand her ankles would pull tight at my thighs, and Kriswould exhale a squeal of pleasure at my first powerfulspasm. Then, with my hips frozen in paralyzed pleasureand my cock spurting release after release, Kris wouldundulate her hips beneath me, and her grippy little cuntwould tug around my shaft just a little bit tighter tourge out every last drop.
I can only assume that Kris’s naive husband had no ideawhat a gem he had in his bed every night.
And then there was Lynn. Single, almost thirty, with ahistory of intermixed long- and short-termrelationships. Lynn had a cunt that was quite differentfrom Kris’s, yet just as satisfying. Whereas Kris’s bodyas a whole and her cunt in particular had a muscular,dynamic feel to it, Lynn’s body and cunt were softer andmore femininely graceful and delicate.
She had a gentle mouth, small hands and thin fingers,tiny breasts, and wider womanly hips. Her vaginal wallswere remarkably smooth and uniform, with no discernabletexture or variations in width as I penetrated, and thisuniformity was exaggerated by her voluminouslubrication.
Whereas Kris’s cunt made me want to drive into her withstrong, deliberate thrusts, Lynn’s creamy snatch insteadcalled for smooth, almost sedate lovemaking. I wanted tocaress her, inside and out. She cradled my body atophers, pressing the soles of her feet against the outsideof my calves and softly stroking my back with herfingertips, and I gently stroked her cunt with a steadyrhythm.
She sighed happily as I slid inward to arrive at a softlanding, and on each equally languid withdrawal shegathered a breath for my next return. As her excitementgrew, so did the pace of her breathing and theremarkably creamy slickness of her cunt. Our mouths, ourtongues, regularly connected in long, wet kisses.
Lynn had a predictable orgasm, an inexorable rise ofarousal that clearly signaled her approaching crest. Bythen our fingers would be intertwined above her head andher happy sighs would have turned to gasping, quiveringvocal tremors. Only when she was irreversibly near did Iaccelerate my thrusts and leap with her over the edge.
When she climaxed, Lynn’s cunt emitted no detectablepulsing clenches, but her soft, delicately feminine bodydid arch and stiffen for a most wonderful dozen seconds,and I would just keep stroking, stroking, stroking myspurting erection into her slippery sheath, breathing amoist “Oh! Oh! Oh!” into her ear.
And then there was Kathleen, an Amazon of a woman,taller and heavier than me, married to a man even largerthan she and just as apathetic as Kris’s husband.Kathleen had heavy-lidded, smoldering Italian eyes andan intensely passionate soul. Pendulous breasts withsoft, sensitive skin and perky nipples. A rounded body.Wide hips, sparse pubic hair and a pussy that nestledbetween thick thighs. And what a pussy! Kathleenpossessed chubby outer labia that I pried apart toexpose tiny inner labia and a moderately sized hoodedclitoris.
My first surprise was the remarkable way Kathleen’sclitoris swelled in size a few seconds before orgasm.Five minutes of delectable cunnilingus was all sheneeded. Her climax was like a missile launch — agradual start that seemed to be going nowhere fast, thena rapid acceleration that almost left me behind. A fewseconds before her peak, Kathleen’s clitoris swelledbetween my lips, growing in length and width to almostthe size of the last joint on my little finger, and thenshe crested with straining, noisy groans and ripplingtremors of her tummy and thighs.
My second surprise, days later, was discovering thestrength of her vaginal clench. I had two fingers insideher cunt, busy with her G-spot, while my mouth wasfinishing its work. Her clitoris did its familiar,magnificent swell, but this time her initial orgasmicspasm literally expelled my fingers. It was no gentleclench, no friendly nibble around my two fingers.
No, it was a fist-strength, all-out wet clench thatlasted several seconds. I was startled. Stunned. Whenthat first intense spasm relaxed, I thought to tryinserting my fingers again, but before I could act,Kathleen’s second spasm hit and I discovered it wasimpossible to force a reentry in mid-clench.
I was, of course, now curious how this would feel aroundmy cock. Kathleen and I had fucked on two earlieroccasions, but she hadn’t climaxed during intercourse.Call me selfish, but that became my goal. The next timewe were together, I brought Kathleen close to orgasmwith my mouth, and then I mounted her.
I settled between her thighs and notched my erectionbetween those meaty outer labia, stroking against hershy, crinkly inner labia and monitoring her clitoralorgasm temperature gauge with the bottom side of myshaft. Her heated cunt eventually beckoned beyond myability to refuse, and with a small downward pressurefrom my fingers I aimed true and pushed inside.
Her cunt was, as always, a delight. I gave her half-strokes, trying to control my own impending orgasm, andmassaging her clit with my thumb. That seemed to do it.Her orgasm jumped out and caught me by surprise, andalas I was only half-inserted when it struck. Halfwaywasn’t deep enough. Kathleen’s massive clench expelledall but the tip of my cock, and I had to struggle tomaintain even that minimal penetration.
My concentration, however, was distracted by what I wasseeing above her neck. During Kathleen’s previousorgasms, my face had been busy between her legs. For thefirst time I was witnessing the effects of the orgasm onher face. For the whole of those intense several secondsof involuntary clench, Kathleen’s face turned a brightred, frozen in grimaced pleasure, exhaling a loud,dramatic groan that I knew could be heard in theadjacent hotel room. Her neck muscles stood out likestiff ropes. I truly feared for her heart.
When the spasm relaxed, Kathleen’s face lost most of thecrimson and she began to breathe with quick littlepants, and her cunt gave me an open window ofopportunity. I seized the moment. I jammed back insideher, again barely halfway, just in time for the secondspasm to rip through her body. Once again my cock wasalmost completely expelled and her face returned to thatalarming color and frozen grimace. Was this normal forher? Should I continue thrusting? Was she having aseizure?
There was no time for rational thought. When the thunderof this second spasm calmed, I dug my knees into themattress and stabbed my cock in as best I could to joinher orgasm with mine. I managed two healthy spurtsbefore her third clenching spasm struck with that samefist-tight cunt, epileptic-like straining body, and redface, though thankfully less frighteningly intense thanthe previous two. I shuddered a few more deliciousspurts through the tightness, then finally a morelengthy calm that allowed me to finish my ejaculationswith some final, satisfying thrusts.
There have been other memorable women, of course. Plump,busty Karen, a divorcee with two kids, who sporteddistinctively small nipples and small labia and a tightcunt. Then there was voluptuous, promiscuous Mary, whowould straddle my hips and swirl her juicy cunt aroundmy stationary up-thrust cock, roughly scrubbing herinflamed clit against my pubic bone while I palmed herbreasts and pinched her nipples and watched her enjoythe ride.
Petite Nina, who was a mother of three with droopy A-cuptits and narrow hips, with big suckable nipples, largekissable lips and meaty labia, long and thick and pouty.Nina had a short cunt barely long enough for myplundering cock, a desire to have me bump against hercervix, and discernible episiotomy scar tissue thattickled against the bottom of my shaft on every one ofmy many juicy, inward dives.
Elaine, whose lower-than-normal body temperaturecombined with my higher-than-normal temperature,combined with an extraordinary tactile sensitivity ofher vagina, produced a woman who orgasmed when she feltthe sensations of my ejaculations splashing against hercervix and filling her cunt.
And Terry, long-waisted and short-legged mother of twowho had convinced herself that her vagina was loose anddry and uninteresting. The reality was that her sweetvulva, framed by lush pubic hair, and it summoned mewith a heady lick-me fuck-me fragrance and taste. Insideshe was slick and silky, and her honeyed little piece ofheaven called out for as many repeat visits as I couldmanage every time we got together for a few hours.
Don’t misunderstand me. I have never met a vagina that Ididn’t thoroughly enjoy. Each and every vagina — eachunique, delightful cunt, owned by each unique,delightful woman — has been special and satisfying.Each is different, many are memorable, and a few areremarkable.
I propose a toast: May your lover know what is downthere between her legs, and may she know how to use it.And may she want to share it with you.