A Confusing Moment In Bathing

“See you at school tomorrow,” I said. My date, Brian,was a nervous mess. He wasn’t accustomed to being inthis scenario.
“Oh, um, ahhh…” He sputtered. Normally, I would’vekissed him. But I haven’t ever kissed anyone. Not evenRick (I don’t know why). I didn’t want to start withBrian.
“Good night,” I said and stepped inside my house andclosed the door, leaving him outside. He’d leave afterawhile.
I didn’t really care about Brian, I was trying to getover my old boyfriend Rick. Rather, my first boyfriendRick. He broke up with me about a month ago because, “Ijust wasn’t where he is socially.” What a jerk. It’sbecause he was going out with me that he got where heis. (I only went out with him in the beginning becausehe helped me through my mother’s death) Now, I’m notextremely popular, but if I want I can get just aboutany boy (below Rick’s precious “social level”) to goout with me.
Brian for instance. Mainly it’s because of my looks.I’m rather tall (5’10”), I have long legs but I’m notstalky, blonde, and slightly more busty than most myclassmates. Most guys say I’m “cute,” cheerleadermaterial, but I’m not that preppie. I think my facelooks better than most girls, and I’m pretty humbleusually. My Dad says I look like Heather Locklear.Maybe I do.

I took off my shoes and put them by the staircase, andran up to the second floor. My Dad, who is a littlehard-of-hearing, was sitting in the easy chair in hisbedroom reading the Saturday Evening Post.
“Dad,” I said, he didn’t hear me.
“Dad!” I yelled. He looked up. “I’m home.”
“Oh, hi Julie. How was your date?”
“Fine,” I said loudly. He nodded and returned to ThePost.
I turned and went up the second flight of stairs to thethird floor, which consists of my (large) room,bathroom, and landing. I love my room. The landing hasa lockable door, and I’m the only one with a key. It’ssoundproof, so I can blast music as loud as I want andhave no one can hear. I have a heated waterbed that’sthe big enough for four that I can’t live without (Ijust got it just yesterday, tonight will be night #2)The bathroom is spacious and has something fun: acustom made Jacuzzi bathtub.

The couple who lived in our house before us were a…err, romantic couple, so had a bathtub made especiallywith them in mind. First, it’s deeper than most baths.Like 3 feet. Second, it’s wide enough for two people tobathe or do you-know-what in. Third, it has something Ihaven’t told anyone but my best friend Vicki about(I’ll get to Vicki later): the jets are positioned tostimulate the more sensitive parts of a woman’s body.I’m lucky I’m almost exactly the same size as the ladythat lived here before, or else it wouldn’t work right.Remember, I’m a virgin and haven’t so much as kissedanyone, but I know that this Jacuzzi rivals evenmediocre sex. I’ve tried it more than a couple times.(Once a week I allow a little masturbation)
There are two jets on either of sides, one under yourass, and one in front you. The front two side jetsshoot across your chest with a strong current thatmakes your nipples hard. The one under your ass makes athick stream that goes right up and in you. The bottomtwo side jets and the front one stimulate your pussyfrom a distance. It’s a teasing feeling, and hard toget to turned-on by. There’s more jets for moreconventional purposes, and a detachable hose withremovable shower nozzle.
I slipped out of my skirt (the long one for Brian) andmy blouse. I closed the door to the bathroom and lockedit. I was looking in the full-length mirror behind thedoor at my 8th grade self. At this point I was wearingjust my bra and underwear. I giggled and made aPlayboy-like pose; pushing my hair up, winking my eyehalf way, opening my mouth ever so slightly, andcrossing my legs… God I’m sexy. I have just enoughbody-fat to be cute, and no more. Perfect curves.
It was so funny looking at a girl this way (even thoughit was me). I just broke down laughing. It unsnappedthe bra and kicked off the undies. It took me a minuteto get the water the right temperature, but I got ithot enough. I slipped into the tub, and got centeredover the jets. I reached over to hit the jet switchand…
Ecstasy. For some reason I just really enjoy havingsomething in my ass, it’s just so pleasing. That jetwas just so soothing. I let out a soft moan. I pictureda naked stud making love to my ass, it was sooooo good.I closed my eyes and moved my hands slowly up to mybreasts, circling to nipples with my fingers andfeeling the softness of myself.
I continued to squeeze the left breast while I moved myhand down my tanned stomach. A shudder went through mybody. Even with the scalding water, I got goosebumps.The water was flowing through my anus. I rubbed my clitwith my thumb while sticking four fingers into mypussy. I pumped my hand, getting a rhythm. The stud wasfucking me from the front now.
It was very exciting, but for some reason tonight Ijust wasn’t getting anywhere. I blanked my mind andjust focused on the water going up my ass. Right thensomething strange happened — an image flashed in myhead. A sexy 14-year-old girl in the same Playboy-likepose I had tried in front of the mirror.
She was winking at me and blowing kisses, makingprovocative moves. I tried to clear it, but it wouldn’tgo away. The strangest part: it was more exciting thanthe wildest fantasy I’d had about a man. I climaxedalmost instantly, and it was huge. I nearly hit myhead.
At first I just sat there in amazement at my hugeorgasm. Then in confusion. Why had that girl turned meon so much? I was almost scared. Usually after Iclimax, I just forget my fantasy and if I do rememberit, it just turns me off. I remembered this girl veryclearly, and what’s more I was still turned on by her,but in a different way. Oh I was so confused! I satthere for ten minutes with my juices floating aroundme. I was still scatter-brained. I had more questionsthan answers.
I decided to think it over after I got cleaned up. Idrained the water out of the Jacuzzi bath, refilled itand cleaned myself for real. I was in a complete daze.How long had I been in the tub? It seemed like days.Soon I was done, and I got out and toweled off. I blow-dried my long blond hair and brushed my teeth. When Iwas done, I turned and looked at myself nude in themirror again. Seeing a perfect female body made mehorny again.
As aroused as I was, I was scared out of my mind. Ithought I might be sick. I had never heard of a girlliking other girls. I must be sick.
I unlocked and opened the door and left the bathroom. Ithrew on a T-Shirt and some soft shorts and got in bed,throwing the light switch on the way. I stayed up allnight wonder what was wrong with me. When I finally didget to sleep, I had dream that I was making out withthe drummer from U2.
The next morning I woke up and felt better because ofmy more normal dream. Actually, I was in denial that Iever got turned on by girl and thought it was all anightmare. I got ready for school and walked slowly tothe bus stop. I waited alone at the stop for awhile,and when the bus finally came, I nearly missed itbecause I thought I might just walk…
When I got on, I nodded to some of the girls I knew andwent and sat next Vicki VanDerael, my very best friendin the whole world. Vicki is a BABE. Totally hot inevery way. She has no body fat at all. She’s my heightwith jet black hair and a very large bust for a 14 yearold. She has perfect thighs and a FLAT stomach. She’sjust a boy magnet, a little more than me. Vicki is themost feminine person in the world.
“Hey, Julie!” she said.
“Hi Vic,” I said with a smile. Vicki was grinning. Shehad the attention of maybe 5 guys. Vicki leaned overand whispered in my ear.
“These boys are all over me! I think it’s my newskirt… do I look like a slut?” Vicki was wearing arather short skirt indeed, but not too slutty.
“Nope,” I said. She grinned and winked.
Once at school, we did our regular classes. At lunchthis stud named Jake said “Hi” to me and I felt waybetter about this whole “liking girls” nonsense.Sometimes I wish so much I could experienceintercourse, I nearly burst. Now was one of thosetimes. I managed to get through the day without runningto the WC and masturbating. It was Friday, so Vicki andI planned for her to come over to my house and stay thenight. We were going to watch some movies and stay upand girl talk and gossip and the like. It was going tobe fun.
On the way home, Vicki and I talked about boys, boys,boys. The whole way. That’s all Vicki has on her mind,and I don’t care. She’s not sex-crazed, just reallydigs guys a whole lot. Vicki’s great. When we got home,we found a note from my Dad that said he had to leaveon an emergency business trip and would be back onMonday.
Vicki and I hit the books, wanting to finish ourhomework before it would become a burden. We finishedaround five, and got some leftover tacos to eat fordinner. Over dinner, Vicki and I talked about sex.
“So,” said Vicki, “how old are you going to be beforeyou have sex?”
“I would have sex now, but I don’t think anyone wouldwant to fuck me.” Vicki seemed to get excited at this.
“Oh, but baby!” she said, doing a lame imitation of aboy, “You’re so sexy! I could do you right now!” Ilaughed. She is so funny. By now I totally forgotten mylittle episode last night. Vicki went on, walking overto me from across the table. “Oh! Oh! I’m getting hardjust looking at you!”
I laughed again and stood up too. “Come’ere, babe!” shesaid. She grabbed my hips and pretended to fuck me.“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I was laughing so hard I was crying.Lately Vicki and had pretended one of was guy andmaking moves on the other as a joke. It was hilarious.She stopped and giggled. “C’mon, let’s watch themovie.”
So we did. I can’t remember which one it was, though.But during the sex scene in the movie, I had one ofthose cravings for sex. Right then, I had my idea:Vicki and I could please each other, just as anexperiment. It was the craziest thing I’d heard of. IfVicki accepted, what if she took it for more than anexperiment? What if she refused? She wouldn’t be myfriend anymore. I wanted sex so bad, it clouded myjudgment.
“Hey Vicki, how about we give each other oral sex?” Isaid. Vicki laughed, and looked at me. I looked deadserious, and she looked hopeful. It might have worked,but I chickened out.
“Just kidding!” I said. Vicki looked disappointed,almost hurt, but tried to cover it up. I knew it rightthen: Vicki wanted the same thing. Ever since wepretended to fuck each other, we secretly hoped theother one wasn’t joking.
“Oh god,” I thought, “I might actually have sextonight.” I had wanted it my whole life. Actually goingone-on-one with another living, feeling, loving person.We knew each other well enough. We both wanted it, andbesides, I don’t think we go so far as to stop likingboys altogether. It was just for pleasure, not love.
Right then, I thought I was the only girl to ever dreamthis up, and that Vicki just happened to know me andwant it too.
“Vicki,” I said uneasily, turning off the TV, “let’s goupstairs, I want to ask you something.” Vicki lookedhopeful again. I think she could feel what I was goingto ask coming.
“Okay,” she said. Suddenly right then I wanted to holdher hand. I reached over and grasped it as I stood up,and pulled her up. She didn’t try to let go. We staredinto each other’s eyes. It was so confusing, exciting,scary, and romantic at the same time. I broke the spelland led her upstairs. In my room, I sat her down on mybed beside me.
“Oh, god,” I said, “I don’t know how to ask this, um…Well, you know how much I have wanted to have sex.”
“Yes,” said Vicki sounding as anxious as I felt, “Ifeel the need also.” My heart fluttered. I reached outand put my hands on hers. She smiled.
“Okay,” I said, letting out a deep breath. “Well, I wasthinking; since we both want sex so much, we could,well, experiment on each other and we could, well…” Itrailed off. She nodded.
“It’s a good idea, I think, um…” said Vicki, “and itwould be just for the sake of pleasure, not foranything else.”
“Yeah!” I said, really excited. She knew exactly what Iwas talking about.
“Julie,” she said, “I’ve wanted this ever since lastyear. I got these urges — well, you know what I’mtalking about. I could never get the nerve up to askyou. I didn’t know if you wanted it or not. That’s whyI’ve been kind of playing with you, just to see how youreact. But this is still just an experiment, you know?Just to see what it feels like…”
“Right,” I said. Now I didn’t know what to do. I wasshivering all over, but not cold shivers, hot ones. Iwas just quivering with excitement. Luckily, Vickiseemed to have this all planned out. She pushed me backon my bed, slowly and carefully.
“Are you ready?” she asked. I could only nod.
Vicki had me laid all the way back on the bed, and shelied down on top of me. Oh, god. It felt so intense. Icould feel her soft breath on my neck and face. Shemoaned a little, and I spread my legs a little so shecould get in between them.
Vicki moved down my body a few inches, then pulled myblouse over my head. She looked up at me and grinned,then pushed her hands underneath me and undid my bra.My breasts bounced free. I was overcome by a wave ofecstasy, and reluctance. I was just now I realized Iwas really going to fuck another person, and not onlythat, a woman.
“Are.. you.. sure.. we.. should.. do this?” I saidbetween breaths. Vicki answered by putting her mouthover on my nipples. My chest heaved with excitement. Icouldn’t help a moan. She sucked the whole top of mybreast and tongued my nipple without removing hermouth. She kept sucking and licking and tonguing… mynipples were rock hard.
She finally removed her lips and dragged her tongueacross my breast to the other one, where she did thesame thing. I was getting so horny, I had neverimagined sex being this good! I grabbed her ass andpulled it up me.
This gave Vicki an idea. She dropped her pants, andremoved her panties beneath, revealing the mostbeautiful shaved pussy I have seen in my entire life,dripping wet. She removed the rest of my clothes, andgot on top of me again. She thrust her hips in and outlike a man, rubbing her clit against mine. It felt sogood, I forgot where I was. She kept pussy grinding mewhile a grabbed her ass and rubbed her harder againstme.
Before long, she came all over between my legs. Thegush of fluid made me climax as well, multiple times.She kept grinding a little, then slowed down to stop,collapsing onto me. I was lost in pleasure, even aftermy orgasm I was feeling like it was still going.
“OooOooOooOooOoo,” I moaned. Both of our bodies wentcompletely lax. I was swimming in ecstasy. My wholebody was tense and at peace at the same time. I wasflying… the only feeling I could compare this to wasthe descriptions of the acid trips in “The ElectricKool-Aid Acid Test.” I didn’t even feel those either.It was the best fuck I’ve had. Ever, even to this day,that first one with Vicki was the best.
Vicki made a “mmmmmmmmmmmm” sound. She was lying withher hips in between my thighs, our breasts pressingagainst one another, her arms out to the sides crossingover mine, and her head on my shoulder. It was a goodfeeling to have Vicki there so close to me. It wasn’texactly sexual, more of a safe, happy, romantic evenfeeling. It was the aftermath feeling.
I managed to crane my neck up to kiss her on the cheek.
“Do you realize what we just did, Vicki?” I asked. Shejust kind of made an “Uh-huh,” sound and said,
“That was great.” Better than any experiment, but whatI kept telling myself was that this was just anexperiment, and that we weren’t weird social misfits.Vicki lifted herself up on one elbow and then rolledover onto her back, groaning as she did so.
No we were lying side-by-side on my waterbed, with ourarms around our shoulders. I curled my leg aroundVicki’s, and rubbed it up and down a little bit. Vickismiled and closed her eyes.
“Vicki, you know what I fantasize most about?”
“What’s that?”
“Well, most people fantasize about having sex withsomeone, and having it be really wild and stuff. I dothat when I’m finger-banging myself, but I have day-dreams of something else.” I stopped for a moment whileI turned on my side and curled up a little in Vicki’sarms, which were around me know. She felt so warm, andclose and loving… I reached my hand up to trace theoutline of her lips with finger-tips. She let me do it.
I gently pressed between them and Vicki sucked the tipand ever so lightly. I giggled softly and removed mynow moist finger. I put my hand on her breast and shetook in a sharp gasp. I started tracing my fingeraround her nipple and continued while she moaned inpleasure under her breath.
“Anyway, my fantasies have do with just being in bedwith someone and having them hold you…” I sighedhappily, my fantasy was coming true, “and just lyingthere with them all-night in a half-asleep state,cuddling.”
“I like it,” she said.
“Mmm, let’s not get wild, just stay here in bed andcaress each other.”
“Okay…” said Vicki, trailing off. I pulled up thecovers over our beautiful naked bodies and cuddled upnext to Vicki, who did the same to me. I was all hotfrom the heavy blanket and Vicki right next to me, butI had goose-bumps anyway. It was just as good as thesex. But it was still just an experiment, right?
I was so confused, so happy, and so ashamed. But why?There were so many questions. I didn’t love Vicki, thatwas set, but I did admire her so much… “my lover canhelp me answer my questions” I thought.
And it was just then I realized; I wasn’t a virginanymore, I had a lover I didn’t really love… and itwas a girl.
I drifted off to sleep feeling a little bit of myselfmelt inside, and another part awaken.
* * *
When I did wake up in Vicki’s arms, she was stillasleep. Daylight poured through my open windows andspilled out onto the floor and over the walls. Isighed. I was just going to stay right there in Vicki’sarms forever… I reached over and massaged her breastssoftly. I could hear her purring almost.
“Hey, Julie,” she said sleepily, and squeezed me. Oh,it felt good. She had totally enclosed me in her.
“What are we Vicki?” I said. I didn’t mean to soundsharp, but I think that’s how it came out. Vickiloosened her grip. I didn’t like that.
“Well,” she said, “we’re just experimenting with sex,you know.”
“Yes, but what if you were my boyfriend? Or girlfriend,I guess.”
“Women that love women are called lesbians, Julie.”It’s the first I’d ever heard that word. It soundednatural.
“Are we lesbians?” I asked.
“Well, no. Not exactly. You still like boys, right?Yeah, and we don’t love each other like that, we justplease each other sexually. So the answer is no.”
“I guess,” I said.
“Actually, Julie, I have a confession to make.” Shesounded unsure of herself. “I am a lesbian, and haveloved you since we met.” I was shocked. All this time,and I had never known. She continued. “Julie, I didn’tthink you even knew what a lesbian was, so I kept myfeelings to myself and surrounded myself with boys. Ijust denied it. But just recently, I have fullyrealized I can only love women.”
“Vicki, I-I…” I didn’t what to say. “I wish I couldfeel the same, but I just don’t know, it’s all so new.”
“I know, I know. Let’s just lay together for awhile.”
And we did. I thought about boys. I thought about themlong and hard — a full two hours while we lay insilence massaging each other lightly. I thought aboutlove, marriage, sex, everything. I thought aboutkissing, and when I did, I knew I had never kissed aboy. It wasn’t right. It just didn’t feel right. Itjust slapped me in the face, that thought. It hit mewhen I was down. But it was good for me, I knew thatmaybe I still liked boys a little, but I loved Vicki. Imust have for some time.
“Vicki,” I addressed her. She looked over at me,somewhat sad. Her eyes were watery. She had been cryingsilently. “Oh, Vicki.” I said, and hugged her tightenough to squeeze the sad out of her. I pulled down thecovers a little. It was cold outside, and cold in thehouse. But Vicki was warm.
I got up and kneeled over her pelvis, in the sameposition we had been in last night, when she fucked me.But now wasn’t the time for sex. I bent down and gotface-to-face, lying on top of her. I stretched my legsout down hers and she shivered. I put my arms aroundher neck and looked into her moist green eyes, justinches away.
“I love you, Vicki,” I whispered softly.
She smiled.
“Kiss me,” I said, and meant it. I wanted to seal mylove with the most sacred of things I knew — the kiss.I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against hers. Shemade that purring sound again. I opened my mouth alittle and pushed tongue in past her teeth.
She pressed forward hard, getting my tongue as far downher throat as she could. She massaged it with hertongue and sucked on it lightly. I could taste her, andshe tasted better that anything I had ever tasted,ever. I pulled my tongue back and sucked hers into mymouth, doing the same thing.
After a while, she pulled it back in and we sucked oneach others lips, finishing the kiss off. When Iremoved my lips finally, she exhaled hard.
“Oh god, I love you too,” she said.